Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 47


Okay I have decided to give each chapter for each ritual of all the couples. And some people also suggested to keep all of their marriages together but I don’t know I will be able to do that. As their friendship is special if I make the marriage at same day they won’t enjoy their friends marriage which is best part of anybody’s life. So your RagNit is getting extension of Romance. Hope you will like it. Thank you guys for your immense love. I’m really grateful.
“Maa. I don’t want to wear this” said Aniket showing his sherwani to Janaki. “Ketu. Don’t trouble me. Go to your RD. I have to go to Ani’s house. Latha already called me 3 times from morning” said Janaki heading out of the home. “RD… RD…” screamed Aniket as he approached Ragini’s room. “What is this Nitin. Let me get ready I’m getting late” said Ragini over the phone blushing. Aniket stopped at the room door and heard her. He chuckled listening the way Ragini was blushing and talking to Nitin. “Give me my morning dose” said Nitin from other side hugging his pillow in half sleep. “Did you brush?” asked Ragini. “Hey Bhagvan yeh RD bhi na” said Aniket hitting his head with his palm. “Ragu… I’m asking you over the phone stupid girl” said Nitin annoyed. “Still go and brush then call. Otherwise forget it.” said Ragini pouting. “You are really impossible. Fine bye” said Nitin annoyed and disconnected the call. “Hello… Hello….” said Ragini and then looked at her disconnected call over her phone and pouted sadly. “RD….” said Aniket entering Ragini’s room. Ragini jerked and got scared hearing his voice and hid her phone behind. “Oye hoye romance shomance ha?” asked Aniket sitting beside her and hit her shoulder with his shoulder. Ragini widened her eyes and looked at Aniket and said “Ketu ke bache. Don’t you have manners? Can’t you knock before coming”
“Haaw. RD you are showing parayapan now only I did not expect this from you. Dost dost na raha. Meri RD… RD na rahi” sang Aniket and cried fake. Ragini held and twisted his ears and said “Badmash… Dare you said this to anyone I will tell mom about Nisha” and smirked. “No… No… You are not gonna do that” said Aniket jerking her hand and stood up shocked. “Try me” said Ragini shaking her head teasing him. “Fine” said Aniket pouting and headed out of the room. Ragini looked at him and chuckled. She took her teddy bear and spoke to it. “See na Golu he got angry now. Who kisses without brushing eeewww” said Ragini making faces. “Ginu. Come down fast breakfast is ready” screamed Shekar. “Coming dadda” said Ragini and ran to her washroom keeping Golu aside.
“This is your Dadda’s signature dish Upma” said Shekar removing the lid over the bowl which was on the table. Ragini and Aniket looked at it scared and looked at each other and swallowed scared. Shekar who was folding his hands proudly looked at them and said “Arrey. Have it” and started serving. “Arrey I forgot the pickle. Wait I will just get” said Shekar and headed to kitchen. “RD I don’t want to eat this” said Aniket in Ragini’s ear. “As if I want to. But what to do when Maa goes out we have to tolerate Dadda’s horrible cooking” said Ragini and looked at her plate annoyed. “Idea” said Ragini smiling widely. “Tell fast” said Aniket restless. “Pinky aunty’s doggie” said Ragini smiling widely. “No ways I’m not gonna put this” said Aniket. “Not only this. Mine also and this bowl also” said Ragini and poured the Upma in her plate and in the bowl to Aniket’s plate and signed him to go. Aniket pleaded her. Ragini glared him and he got up and went out to put the Upma to their neighbor house dog. Ragini coughed loudly when she found Shekar coming out of kitchen. Aniket understood her sign and ran inside the house and sat in chair. Both of them caressed their stomach acting as if they had stomach full of food and smiled at Shekar. Shekar smiled and came to the table and found Upma bowl empty. “Dadda… Upma was very very tasty” said Ragini acting as if she ate it completely. Aniket joined her saying “Haa Dadda… Very very very tasty” Shekar’s smile widened and his heart beamed with joy due to their appreciation. “So I will make this every week”said Shekar scaring Ragini and Aniket who screamed at a time “NO…..” Shekar looked at them confused. “Wo…. Actually if you make every week we will get used to it and its taste will reduce week by week. Better you make once in a while so that we can enjoy it” said Ragini struggling to reason. “Yup dadda” said Aniket smiling. “Okay as you wish” said Shekar and brushed his shoulders and headed inside. “Phewww” sighed Ragini and Aniket. They chuckled and gave high five.
“Ani. Get ready fast. Haldi will be coming from Manny’s house” said Latha from the hall. “Where are these idiots” said Suhani and started walking inside her room nervous. “Shaitan ka naam liya aur shaitan hazir” said Ragini, Radhika and Rachna at a time standing at Suhani’s room door. “Ek number ke kameene ho saare. What is the time look at the clock” said Suhani angry and glaring them. “Oye over punctual. Even if we would have come yesterday night also your haldi function cannot start without the haldi coming from Manny’s house. So chillax” said Radhika holding Suhani. “Whatever” said Suhani giving up. “Now lets get you ready” said Rachna.
“This will suit or this” asked Suhani trying a Mang teeka. “Hmmm” said Radhika and Rachna and kept thinking. “This one” said Ragini and selected one Mang teeka which matched Suhani’s attire. “Our Gini is always sure about her choices na” said Rachna smiling. “Of course. Whose daughter she is” said Radhika side hugging Ragini and smiling proudly. “Not yours at least. She is just like Janaki aunty” said Rachana. Radhika pouted sadly and Ragini hugged her and consoled her.
“Noooo. I’m not gonna take my shirt out and sit here” screamed Manny as Nitin told him to sit in a mandap kind of arrangement made for Manny to sit for Haldi Ritual. “Manny. Stop behaving like Gini. And sit down.” said Ishan annoyed and tried unbuttoning his shirt. “So many ladies are there and you are expecting me to do a nude show here” said Manny. Kabeer closed his mouth and smiled at the people who were staring them for Manny’s words. He glared Manny and said “Now if you don’t sit removing your shirt, I will complain to Rachna. Then think about it. It will be like you have license to ride the car but you don’t even have a bail gadi to ride” and smirked. Manny gulped his spit and looked at Kabeer horrified. He nodded his head innocently. Kabeer removed his hand and signed Ishan to remove his shirt. Manny hesitantly sat wearing a banyan and tried covering himself from everyone’s gaze. Pratima came and applied the haldi first. She had happy tears looking at Manny. Nitin held her shoulders and touched his head with hers and smiled. Pratima smiled and cupped his face with one hand. Nitin turned her and wiped her tears and rubbed her shoulder to console her. Yashu looked at them and smiled. Yashu applied the haldi to Manny and pulled his nose. Manny opened his mouth in shock and put some haldi on Yashu’s sari. “Manny” said Pratima glaring him. “Manny ke bache.” said Yashu and poured lot of haldi on his head. “Mumma” cried Manny and pouted. Everybody burst out laughing looking at Manny’s face.
“Nittu. Come beta” called Pratima holding the haldi bowl which has to be taken to Suhani’s house. “Nittu. Don’t forget photos” screamed Manny from his room wiping his washed hair with towel. “Okay” screamed Nitin running to Pratima. Kabeer and Ishan had already left for Suhani’s house and Nitin took Yashu and Pratima along with Anuj to Suhani’s house.
“Namaste ji” said Pankaj and Latha standing at the door welcoming Manny’s family with Yashu and Nitin. “Aunty where is Ani” asked Nitin to Latha. “She is in her room beta with her toli” said Latha smiling. “Can I meet her?” asked Nitin. Latha smiled and called Bhavana. “Haa maa” said Bhavana standing in front of Latha. “Take him to Ani’s room” said Latha showing Nitin. Bhavana smiled and headed to Suhani’s room along with Nitin.
“Thank you” said Nitin to Bhavana when she left him out of Suhani’s room. Nitin knocked the door and “Come in” said Suhani from inside. As he opened the door he found all the girls standing near mirror where Suhani was sitting. “Arrey Nittu” said Suhani spotting him through mirror. She smiled and got up and called him inside. Nitin walked to her and side hugged her and congratulated her. Ragini looked at them and smiled. Nitin looked at her and twisted his lips faking anger. “What happened to these two now?” said Rachna in Radhika’s ear when she found Nitin faking anger. “Do I look like a hidden camera that I will know everything?” asked Radhika annoyed. “You must be one” said Rachna and chckled. “Rachu” said Radhika and glared Rachna.
“This is when Kabbie bhai was scaring Manny saying that he will complain to Rachana” said Nitin showing the photos of Haldi function in Manny’s house to Suhani sitting on her bed. “Why” asked Suhani laughing. “He said he doesn’t want to remove his shirt in front of so many ladies” said Nitin and laughed. He showed her more photos and Suhani watched it keeping her elbow on Nitin’s shoulder and enjoyed. Ragini stood near the mirror pouting sadly. Radhika and Rachna stood beside her and asked “What happened?” “He is dumbo. He asked me kiss in the morning. I just told him to brush and he got angry and said he is asking over the phone. You only tell Rachu even if it is on phone he should brush….” blurted out Ragini. Radhika immediately closed her mouth. “Gini. These all personal matters you should not blurt it out like this” said Rachna shrinking her eyes. Ragini removed Radhika’s hand and said “But you only asked me what happened” “Hey bhagvan” said Radhika hitting her head with her palm. “What happened?” asked Suhani through her laughs when she found Radhika hitting her head. “Wo Ani….” said Ragini and moved forward to say but Radhika pulled her and closed her mouth. She smiled at Suhani and Nitin and said “She wants chole it seems” Suhani and Nitin looked at them confused. Ragini nodded her head in no. “Wo Ani.. We will just feed her and come” said Rachna and headed out dragging Radhika who was holding Ragini.
“Why didn’t you let me tell” said Ragini huffing as Radhika removed her hand when they reached the kitchen. Radhika and Rachna who were panting for breath to relax glared her. “What?” asked Ragini innocently. “Yeh nahi sudhregi” said Rachana. “Bechara Nittu” said Radhika and both of them burst out laughing and gave high five. Ragini looked at them confused. They hugged her from both the side and said “Our Chota sa bacha” and pulled Ragini’s cheek. Ragini pouted sad.
“Bhavana go get Ani” said Latha from the hall. Bhavana smiled and headed to Ani’s room. “Gini, Rachu,Radhu get Ani” said Bhavana standing at Suhani’s room door. “Okay bhavi dee” screamed all of them in chorus. Bhavana smiled and nodded her head and went to the hall and stood with Sharad who was managing Golu.
“Sit here” said Janaki guiding Suhani inside the madap kind of arrangement done for Suhani to sit. Suhani smiled and sat. Pratima came forward and smiled at Suhani. Suhani touched her feet and Pratima caressed her hair and blessed her. She took the haldi and applied to Suhani’s cheeks and then on her shoulders and hand; she made way for Yashu to apply the haldi. Suhani smiled at Yashu and touched her feet. Yashu caressed her hair and kissed her forehead and applied the haldi. Next Lata came and applied Haldi and stepped back making way for Rachna’s mom. She stood and had happy tears looking at Suhani. Ragini held her shoulders and touched her head with Lata’s head and consoled her. Lata smiled at her and Ragini turned her and wiped her tears and side hugged her.
“Now me” said Ragini screeching like a small kid. Everyone smiled at her kiddish behavior which they were missing from an year. Ragini applied the haldi and applied little haldi to Suhani’s nose. Suhani jerked and glared her. Ragini chuckled. Then Radhika applied and after that Rachu came and stood in front of Suhani pouting. “Kya hua?” asked Suhani. “This Haldi was applied to Manny na. Can’t we have fresh haldi” Everyone gave her you are impossibly possessive look. Suhani signed her to come near to her. Rachna went and stood near her. “My over possessive Rachu sorry I forgot to ask your permission before applying Haldi. See you are touching the haldi na so Manny’s touch will be nullified. That means this is fresh haldi only” said Suhani. Rachna smiled and applied the haldi. “Ufff” said Nitin, Ishan and Kabeer looking at Rachna’s possessiveness.
“Sorry sorry” said Shruthi entering Suhani’s house. Arjun entered behind her and stood beside Nitin. Nitin hugged and him and they stood watching the ceremony. “Katti. Now you are coming” said Suhani glaring Shruthi who was standing in front of her with haldi in her hand. Shruthi applied the haldi on Suhani’s cheek and said “Sorry na Ani” Rachna stood beside Shruthi and said “Jaane de Ani. She is married now and will take time to get up from the bed hai na Shru” Shruthi opened her eyes shocked and Arjun coughed at Rachna’s remark. “Why?” asked Ragini making them more embarrassed. “Gini chup” said Radhika holding Ragini’s hand. Ragini pouted sadly. Nitin smiled at her question and nodded his head blushing. “Rachu” said Arjun glaring Rachna. “Badmash” said Lata hitting Rachna’s head playfully. Rachna bit her tongue and stepped back. Suhani was laughing looking at Shruthi’s flushed face. Shruthi glared her and pulled her nose. “Ouch” said Suhani. Shruthi smirked and stepped back. “Yeh lo aur ek late latheef” said Radhika as she saw Shravanthi entering with Varun. Varun held her ear and twisted it and said “Dare you tease me and my wife” Shravanthi looked at him. “Haa when did I say she is someone else’s wife Bhayyu. Leave me” said Radhika pleading. “They also got married recently na so they also took lot of time to get up. Why are you commenting Radhu” said Ragini. Shravanthi and Varun looked at Ragini shocked. “Gini” said Radhika holding Ragini’s hand. Varun and Shravanthi avoided eye contact. “Yeh ladki bhi na. Kisi ki waat lagane ka ek chance nahi chodti” said Ishan. Nitin and Arjun chuckled listening to him. Kabeer glared them. Ishan kept his index on his lips and stared ground. Nitin and Arjun became silent looking at Kabeer. “Why cant you stop blurting out” said Radhika annoyed. “I hate you all. Nobody wants me to talk” said Ragini and headed to terrace from there. “Gini…” said Suhani trying to stop her. “Chod usko she will come” said Rachna. She signed Nitin to go behind her. Nitin nodded his head and signed everyone will think bad. She glared him and he went up pouting. “What happened? Why did you signed Nittu to go behind her” asked Suhani to Rachna. Rachna narrated Ragini and Nitin’s fight in the morning. “So I thought let them have their space” said Rachana. Suhani chuckled listening. “Wah you only don’t let Manny to come near Ani. In all other couple’s life you play cupid” said Radhika. Shruthi chuckled listening to Radhika. “What are you people talking so secretly” asked Janaki. “Nothing Jaanu. We were just discussing how our Jaanu is so beautiful now also. The haldi which came from Shekar uncle’s side has such everlasting effect” said Radhika pulling Janaki’s cheek. Shekar who was drinking juice sitting with Rajinder, Tej and Pankaj chocked listening to Radhika. Janaki opened her mouth shocked and chased Radhika. Rajinder Tej and Pankaj were controlling their laugh looking at Shekar’s flushed face.
“Where are you going?” asked Rachna holding Kabeer’s elbow when he was going to terrace. “Gini’s upset so..” said Kabeer and looked up. “Ohho Gini ke bestest bhai she is fine and Nitin is gone he will take are. Why do you want to be kabab me haddi” said Rachna annoyed. Kabir dragged her holding her waist and she fell on his chest and looked up into his eyes. “Am I kabab me haddi?” asked Kabeer in her ears. Rachna tried closing her ears with her shoulder and closed her eyes blushing. “Kabeer. Someone…” before she could complete Kabeer brushed his lips against her lips and said “Shhh. You have just two months for this someone will come drama. After that you can’t escape me. You got that” and left from there biting his cheeks inside. Rachna touched her lips and blushed and ran from there.
“Ragu” said Nitin nearing Ragini who was standing at a corner. Ragini did not turn. Nitin held her elbow and turned her. He found Ragini in tears. He got worried. He cupped her face and spoke “What happened Ragu?” Ragini pouted and said “Everybody gets angry if I speak. Is it my mistake that I don’t understand what they speak” and sobbed like kid. Nitin wiped her tears and said “Shhh. Bacha. Don’t cry. See they are just kidding na. You also always behave like kid only so they make fun of you” Ragini made crying face and said “You are also calling me kid” “Shhh shhhh now don’t start again” said Nitin placing his finger on her lips. She looked at him and they lost in each others eyes. “Don’t ever change yourself. Be like this always. I have no problem I can manage this small baby all my life” said Nitin smiling and hugging Ragini and caressing her hair. Ragini cried again. “Okay okay sorry” said Nitin laughing through his tears. Ragini sensed his tears and looked at him and wiped his tears and nodded her head no. “What to do my tears starts flowing automatically looking at your tears I can’t help it” said Nitin laughing. “Awww mela pushpa” said Ragini chuckling. Nitin glared her. Ragini held his chin and kissed his cheek shocking Nitin and started moving. Nitin held her by elbow and stopped her. Ragini blushed and looked around. Nitin dragged her and hugged her from back. “You remember you told me to brush my teeth when I asked you kiss then why are you kissing my cheek” said Nitin in her ears. Ragini blushed and her cheeks turned crimson as his hot breath fanned her neck and made thousands of butterflies fly inside her stomach. “Wo… Wo….” Ragini struggled to say. Nitin smirked looking at her nervousness. Her heart beat was at peak. Nitin encircled his other hand around her belly and dragged her more close and nuzzled his nose against her cheek and Ragini hacked for breath and leaned to him closing her eyes losing herself in his touch. Nitin inhaled her fragrance and lost himself and tightened his grip. “Nitin” said Ragini pleading. “Hmmm” said Nitin and his hot breath again tickled her. “Somebody might come” said Ragini struggling. “Let them come” said Nitin moving his nose up sensuously. Ragini smiled blushing. “Gini” called Shruthi disturbing them. Both of them parted and stood far and looked around to avoid eye contact. “Gini come for lunch all are waiting” said Shruthi from the steps only. Ragini bit her finger and ran from there blushing. Nitin smiled and caressed his hair biting his lower lip and headed after her.
“Radhu beta get Curry bowl” said Janaki from the hall when she was serving the food to everyone along with Lata and Rachna’s mom. “Haa Janu…” said Radhika heading inside kitchen. As she entered she was dragged to a corner by Ishan who pinned her to the wall. “Ishan” said Radhika glaring Ishan. “I’m hungry” said Ishan pouting. “So go out have food” said Radhika and tried moving but Ishan again pinned her to the wall. “God. You say Gini doesn’t understand anything and you are big idiot than her” said Ishan annoyed. Radhika folded her hands and glared him. Ishan smiled and neared her. Radhika looked at him confused. Ishan kissed her shocking Radhika who widened her eyes and pushed Ishan and stood panting for breath. “I meant this food” said Ishan and winked at Radhika. Radhika blushed and pushed him out of the kitchen. Ishan blushed and headed to hall from there. Radhika blushed and hit her forehead. She poured the curry and headed out blushing and helped Janaki and others to serve food.
“hmmmm….” hummed Suhani entering her room looking at her haldi. Someone dragged her and she stumbled and stood and looked up and found Manny holding her elbow and was smiling widely. “Manny what are you doing here?” asked Suhani shocked. She went and closed the room door and came back to him and said “What are you doing here Manny. If someone saw you here” and looked around worried biting her nails nervous. Manny neared her and brushed his cheeks against her cheek. Suhani held his shoulder tight and closed her eyes. Manny did same with her other cheek. His light beard made tickling sensation and she felt goosebumps all over her body and she started breathing heavily. Manny touched his forehead with her forehead and smiled. Suhani blushed closing her eyes. “You applied haldi which was applied to me. I also should apply the haldi which is applied to you na” said Manny. “Sadu” said Suhani rubbing her nose against his nose. Manny encircled his hands around her waist and dragged her and placed his lips on hers. Suhani encircled her hands around his neck and caressed his hair and smiled closing her eyes. “I love you” said Manny after they departed as they felt difficult to breath. “I love you more” said Suhani kissing his nose. “Ani… How much time you take” screamed Rachana knocking Suhani’s room door. “Yeh lo aagayi Siyappa Queen. I wonder her sensor might have been spoiled. She came after we completed the kiss today” said Manny and chuckled. Suhani hit him on his chest playfully and placed her head on his chest to hear his heart beat which was racing and made her blush. Manny kept his hand on her head and placed his chin on her head and smiled looking up. “Ani…” screamed Rachna again. “Haa five minutes Rachu” said Suhani screaming back. “Go now” said Suhani pushing Manny out of the window. Manny pouted and headed back. Suhani nodded her head blushing and went to washroom.
“Today all the momsys will have food and we will have at the end” said Radhika making Latha sit on the chair near dining table. And all the girls and boys served the food to moms. All the moms looked at their kids with happy tears. “Kya hua?” asked Yashu placing her hand on Lata’s shoulder who was wiping her tears. “It looks like yesterday only I was holding Ani in my arms lying on the hospital bed and today she is getting married. These girls bhi na grow up so fast” said Lata smiling through her tears. “Maa” said Suhani placing her chin on Lata’s shoulder. Lata kissed her hair and cupped her face. “Me?” said Rachna placing her chin on other shoulder of Lata. Lata laughed and kissed Rachna’s hair and cupped her face with other hand. Ragini and Radhika placed their chin on Janaki’s both the shoulders. Janaki jerked a bit and smiled and kissed both of their hair and cupped their faces. Shruthi placed her chin on Yashu’s shoulder and Yashu kissed her hair and cupped her face. Shravanthi was standing and watching them and smiled through her tears. Rachana’s mom signed her to come to her. Shravanthi ran and stood beside her and placed her chin on her shoulder. And burst into a bitter cry. She kissed Shravanthi’s hair and cupped her face wiping her tears. Varun looked at her and tears flowed from his eyes. Nitin placed his hand on Varun’s shoulder. “She lost her parents 4 years back” said Varun and wiped his tears and smiled weakly. Kabeer side hugged Varun and rubbed his shoulder and said “Now she has a bunch of crazy family” Varun nodded his head smiling. “Where are we supposed to go?” asked Sanju and Aniket placing their hands on their waist. “Here” said Dadu stretching her hands from the sofa where she was sitting. Sanju and Aniket ran and hugged from both the sides and drooled happy. Dadu cupped both of their faces and smiled.
Ahhh quite a big chappy. Hope you enjoyed it.

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