Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 46


“What is this?” asked Tej holding Varun’s collar when he was standing at Shekar’s house door with a garland in his neck. He jerked Tej’s hand and said “This is called marriage dad. And please meet my officially wedded wife Ms. Shravanthi Arora sorry sorry Mrs. Shravanthi Varun Somany” and introduced the girl who was standing beside him in bridal dress and with Sindhoor in her hairline and Mangalsutra and garland across her neck and with her evergreen smile. “What kind of a joke is this?” fumed Tej. “This is not joke Dad. This is reality of your son’s life. So Shekar uncle can I come in. I had been to home but servant uncle told that My dad is in your house. So I came here with my officially wedded wife to take his blessings and as well as you people blessing. Isn’t it biwi” said Varun entering the house and looking at Shravanthi. “Maa…” said Ragini ascending from stairs. “Hey Gini…” he waved his hands to Ragini and dragged Shravanthi with him. Ragini was not able to understand anything. She looked at him confused. “This is my wife. Shravanthi. I think you used to call her Shraa” said Varun dragging Shravanthi into a side hug. Shravanthi blushed and looked at Ragini smiling. “What is happening?” asked Radhika who entered Ragini’s home along with Suhani and Rachna. “Hey Radhu. Uff I’m tired mahn. Anybody else is gonna come. I will introduce her once. How much jhig jhig na in love marriage” said Varun annoyed looking at Shravanthi. She smiled at him. “Marriage?” asked Suhani shocked. “Love Marriage?” asked Rachna shocked. “Ahhh” said Radhika holding her head. “Maa” screamed Aniket rushing out of his room. “Okay finally everyone are here” said Varun. He held Shravanthi’s shoulder and said “Hello everyone meet my wife Mrs Shravanthi Varun Somany” “What?” asked Manny entering Ragini’s home. “Hey Bhagwan” said Varun. “What the hell is this Varun? You think this is all joke. I don’t accept your marriage. To hell with your this baseless marriage” screamed Tej. “If you accept or not Indian Judiciary accepts our marriage and she has all the rights as my wife daddd” said Varun smirking. “Can anybody tell me what is happening?” asked Aniket annoyed
“I want to meet you. Now” said Varun over the phone when he entered his room after the argument with Tej. He wore his jerkin and headed out of the house. He was standing beside a bungalow. A girl placed her hand on his shoulder. He turned and found it was Shravanthi. He immediately hugged her. She was shocked initially but rubbed his back to console him. “I know I refused your proposal one year back saying I’m engaged. Will you give me a chance to move on in my life with you?” asked Varun dragging himself out of the hug and holding her hands. “I never felt you rejected me Varun. Though we met over social media website I always felt an emotional connection with you. I never stopped loving you when you rejected my proposal. I just left it on God with the hope that if we are meant to be together you will surely come in my life. I know you love your childhood friend from the time you understood love. I realized it was Gini in send off party. That day I couldn’t control myself and rushed from there to home. But as I know your nature I knew you will sacrifice your love for Gini’s happiness. I realized how much pain you will experience” said Shravanthi with tears in her eyes. “I know I’m doing wrong with you. I’m using you to stop my and Gini’s marriage” said Varun looking around. “Shhh. I love you and always will love you Varun. You showed what is the meaning of friendship. From past three years you were always there for me. I was so lonely. Though you were in London you filled the void space in my life. I want to give our relationship a chance. I really want to. Trust me if it didn’t work I will have no grudge on you I promise. We will be friends always. I will cherish every second of my life I spend with you” said Shravanthi cupping his face. Varun looked at her thankfully.
“Aaap dono pati patni hue” said the Pandit announcing Varun and Shravanthi husband and wife. “Let’s go Shrimathiji. Time to shock your Sasur ji and my Janmadatha” said Varun chuckling. Shravanthi hit him on his shoulder and walked with him holding his hand.
“Gini” screamed Shravanthi as she saw Ragini slapping Varun. Ragini showed her palm to Shravanthi and said “This is mine and my friend Varun’s matter. Mrs. Varun Somany please don’t interfere” She held Varun’s collar and spoke “Why did you do this Kaan Khajure. Why? You spoiled a girl’s life for what? For my happiness? I don’t deserve so much love idiot. I don’t deserve” She collapsed on his chest. Shravanthi had tears looking at Ragini who was fighting her best friend for her rights even though she could have lived happy as her line cleared. But she held herself responsible for Shravanthi’s state. Varun controlled his tears and said “But he deserves Gini. He deserves to be happy.” Ragini lifted her head and looked at him. Varun nodded his head and continued “He is a live example of a saying which says think about others happiness. Someone surely will think about your happiness. He thought about Shekar uncle and also indirectly my dad’s happiness. So we thought about his happiness. Don’t fly chipkali. I did it for Nittu. Not for you” He kissed Ragini’s forehead and dragged her to a bear hug. Everyone looked at them with happy tears. “Oh no Nittu” screamed Manny. “What happened to Nittu?” asked Radhika worried. Manny sobbed and narrated them his conversation with Nitin where he told that he is leaving the city forever. “No… No…” said Ragini as she felt her life was leaving her body. “Come Ragu maa. We have to stop him” said Manny forwarding his hand in front of Ragini. “Jaa beta” said Tej caressing her hair. Ragini looked at him. She wiped her face and held Manny’s hand and they rushed out of the house.
“I better call Arjun. His house is near to railway station” said Manny. “But” said Ragini. “We have no option Ragu” said Manny dialing Arjun’s number and narrated him.
“Arrey yar. Some procession is going on here we are not able move an inch also. We tried calling him but his mobile is switched off.” said Arjun as he was stuck in a signal. “Oh fish. They are still in some signal that means they did not stop him” said Manny getting out of his car. They heard an announcement. “Platform number 5” said Ragini and ran like she has no tomorrow. She found train moving,She was not finding any solution. “Practice screaming stupid lady” she remembered Nitin’s words in cultural camp. She took a deep breath and screamed with all her energy “Nitin… Nitin….” and ran in the direction train was moving. As the speed of the train increased her heart beat increased. She failed to notice a stone on her way and stumbled and fell down with a thud on her knees and hurt it badly. She forgot her pain and got up and again ran. “Don’t leave me….” “Please….” she screamed pleading as the last compartment of the train passed she collapsed on the floor and burst into a bitter cry as her soul left her. After sometime when she was full blank she felt his touch again. Without wasting a second she turned and hugged him as she did not wanted to leave him ever. She felt her life was back in her body. She smiled through her tears as she could not control her emotions. After sometime she dragged him out of the hug and touched his forehead with hers still holding his neck. And both of them burst out crying. “I love you” said Nitin after she kissed his forehead. “I love you too dumbo”said Ragini smiling through her tears and again crying. Her emotions were confused. Manny who was looking at them standing near the stairs smiled through his tears and looked up praying “Thank you Wahe Guru. Thank you for not breaking my trust”
“Take” said Yashu handing the 500 rupees note to the TC. “Madam. This is old note. Give new note and your fine is 1000 rupees for pulling the chain to stop the train and delay the train” said TC annoyed. “Arrey. I have this only. Lena ho tho lo warna….” before Yashu complete Manny forwared a 2000 rupees note and said “Keep the change” and dragged Yashu. “This is what happened” said Ragini completing the narration. Nitin kept his fist near his mouth not able to trust his luck. Happy tears made his way on his cheek. “Yeh lo yeh Pushpa tho phir shuru ho gaya” said Yashu. “Maa” screamed nitin and hugged Yashu. Yashu caressed his hair and wiped the tear at corner of her eye. She signed Ragini to hug from other side and she complied. “And me?” said Manny pouting. Nitin and Ragini showed him their hand and signed him to join the hug. Shruthi and Arjun who came running saw them and stopped. Yashu signed Shruthi and Arjun to join the hug. Shruthi stood beside Nitin and hit him payfully pouting and he dragged her to the hug and Arjun joined Manny with happy tears.
No no no. I have kept ready helmet and shield everything. I’m all safe from your beatings. :p
And last chappy was just to confuse. He he he he. Hope you enjoy the next chapters. I just need your suggestion regarding the further story. All the couple marriage will have one chapter each. But for RagNit shall I end in one chappy or each ritual one chappy. Please let me know.

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