Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 45


“I’m fine”said Nitin to his mom who placed her hand on his shoulder when he was staring the black sky.
Dard me bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hai….
“Good evening everyone” Nitin heard a beautiful voice which took his heart away. He remembered the first he heard in Ragini’s voice
Beete lamhe jab bhi yaad aate hai
His lips curved a smile on his face though his eyes were flooding remembering how he discovered her during the match
Beete Lamhe…………………………………………
He collided with her in college corridor and came face to face with her for the first time
Chand Lamho ke waste hi sahi……

“You are looking beautiful” said Nitin and Ragini’s eyes met his eyes and the time stopped there
Muskurakar mili thi mujhe zindagi…..
His life returned when she gained consciousness in hospital
Chand Lamho ke waste hi sahi……
His anger when she forced him to go to kolkota and then their time in gurudwara flashed in his memory
Muskurakar mili thi mujhe zindagi…..
Their Dance in fresher’s day party and their dance on Arjun’s house terrace
Teri aaghosh me din the mere kate
Their every single and special hug

Teri baho me thi meri raate kati
The night in which they were together
Aaj bhi jab wo pal mujhko yaad aate hai
dil se saare ghamo ko bhula jaate hai
Dard me bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hai

Mere kandhe pe sir ko jhukana tera
When Ragini was drunk how she placed her head on his shoulder and they stood under the star studded sky
Mere seene me khud ko chupana tera
The way she got scared due to sudden noises and used to hide in his embrace
Mere kandhe pe sir ko jhukana tera
Mere seene me khud ko chupana tera
Aake meri panaho shamo seher kaanch ki taraha wo toot jana tera
When she confessed her feelings and their passionate hug and kiss
Aaj bhi jab wo manzar nazar aate hai
Their romantic moments in Nitin’s house

Dil ki viraniyo ko mita jaate hai
Their every special moment and every conversation
Dard me bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hai…. Beete lamhe jab bhi yaad aate hai
Dard me bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hai…. Beete lamhe jab bhi yaad aate hai
Everything played in Nitin’s memory.
I’m so weak right now if you tell me stop once I will break everything and return to you Ragini. Im feeling so vulnerable.
“Love is beautiful yet painful. I’m lucky to fall in love, fall in love with you. You are my one and only ashiqui” thought Nitin.
He was wearing specs which he moved with his index finger up. He developed a faint beard and his wrinkles were visible as a mark of his age. Two three white hair strands were peeping out from his black hair cluster
“Then what happened” asked a girl of 13 year sitting in front of him curious.
He smiled at her excitement
“Are you sure you want to do this Nittu?” asked Manny over the phone. “Hmmm. I know she will leave to London but I cannot stay here in this city. Moreover after yesterday’s confrontation she has become more weak and I want to be her strength not weakness. Every corner of this city reminds me of her Manny. I cannot handle it. Please” said Nitin over the phone. “Fine as you wish. I wont stop you” said Manny and disconnected the call. He threw the phone on the bed and sat sobbing. “Manny” said Pratima keeping her hand on his shoulder. He hugged her immediately and spoke in cracking voice “Everything is shattered maa. I failed as a friend. I failed” Pratima caressed his hair. She saw Suhani standing at the room door with tears in her eyes. Suhani sat beside Manny and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Why Ani. Why our friendship failed. Why?” asked Manny holding his head bending. Suhani hugged him from his side and sobbed and tried consoling him.
“Rachu… relax” said Kabeer patting Rachna’s head who was sobbing from last night. He looked at Dadu helplessly. “I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t fight for her happiness” said Rachna sobbing. “You tried bacha” said Rajinder kneeling in front of her. “But that wasn’t enough baba. Wasn’t enough” said Rachna and sobbed. “Rachu” said Latha sitting on her other side. “Whatever written in our fate how much ever we try we cannot avoid it bacha” said Latha with painful eyes. Pankaj controlled his emotions. And Rachna’s mom placed her hand on his shoulder and he composed himself.
“I don’t deserve to be called as her second mom. I don’t” said Radhika sobbing holding the corner of the bed. Ishan looked at his Badi maa to console her. She caressed Radhika’s hair and she hugged her immediately. “Radhu relax beta. Kanha ji ke samne kisiki nahi chalti” she said as she was not finding words to console her. From the time she came to Ishan’s house last night she was holding herself responsible for Ragini’s miseries. Ishan wiped his tears looking at her painfully.
“Arjun” called Shruthi who was sleeping hugging her in his embrace. “Hmmm sweetheart” said Arjun tightening his grip around her bare waist. “I’m getting late for Rasoi rasam. Leave na” said Shruthi pleading him. He kissed her forehead and loosened his grip and she ran to washroom wrapping the bed sheet around herself. Arjun smiled with still eyes closed.

“Arjun” screamed Shruthi when Arjun kept his chin on her shoulder as he came out after taking bath only in his towel. “Ohho We are married stupid girl. Still blushing?” asked Arjun brushing his hands over her belly. “Arjun please” said Shruthi closing her eyes and breathing heavily. Blood rushed to her cheeks and Arjun enjoyed teasing her. Arjun’s phone ringed and disturbed them. Shruthi utilized the situation and ran out of the room pushing him a bit. Arjun caressed his hair and smiled blushing. He picked the phone and saw Manny was calling. “Yeh kabse siyappa queen I mean king ban gaya” said Arjun and picked the call. “Hello haa Manny” said Arjun wearing his clothes. “What?” he screamed and held the phone which he was resting with the help of his shoulder. His eyes started tearing and his heart was paining like hell. “No… No… he can’t go like this” said Arjun. He dropped the phone and ran out of his room. He looked at Shruthi who was working in Kitchen with his mom.

Shruthi sensed his gaze and looked at him and asked what happened through her eye brows. Arjun’s eyes were tearing. Her heart started sinking. His mom looked at him and asked “Arjun what happened?” Arjun neared her and said “Maa Nittu… Nittu…” and struggled to speak. Shruthi got worried and held him by his shoulders and asked “What happened to Nittzz bro. Arjun speak up” Her eyes were tearing and she was hell scared. Arjun told her everything and they both rushed out of the house. Arjun’s mom looked at them worried.
“Are you sure you want to do this Nittu” said Yashu caressing Nitin’s hair when they were sitting in their seats in a train. Nitin who was staring out of the window wiped his tears and looked at her and smiled weakly. Yashu looked at him painfully. The whistle of the train blew and the train started moving slowly and Nitin’s heart started sinking slowly. He felt Ragini’s hand slipping from his hold. He wanted to hold her. But he felt his hand was numb enough to not to respond. “I can’t live without you dumbo. I can’t” Ragini’s voice ringed in his mind and he closed his eyes painfully letting his tears flow. His breath was stuck in his throat. Ragini’s every single expression flashed in his mind. Her every word ringed in his ear and their every single moment played in his brain.

“Nitin…….” he heard a familiar voice.
“ Nitin……….” he heard Ragini screaming. “Ahhhh” he heard her cry. Ragini fell down on the platform and got hurt. He could see it from his window. His brain was fighting and saying it to be a dream. He saw Ragini holding her knee which got injured badly. His heart refused and overtook his brain and his eyes popped out and he left a lump of breath as if his lungs were craving for oxygen. He breathed heavily to grasp the things. His train gained speed. Ragini stood up and limped and ran with all her force. Nitin got up from his seat swiftly. He neared the door and bent to look at her. “Don’t leave me” cried Ragini. “Please” said she as her energy drained and was defeated by the train speed and she collapsed on the floor closing her eyes and bursting in a bitter cry. Nitin’s mind was blocked looking at her tears. He wanted to jump from the train. As he forwarded his foot he realized the train started slowing down. He couldn’t grasp anything.

He looked around and found Yashu holding the train chain so that it stops. Tears were streaming out of his eyes and vision was blurring. “Abbey Pushpa jaaa” said Yashu signing him and smiling through her tears. She burst out laughing through her tears. Nitin smiled and jumped from the train. He looked back and found Ragini sobbing still with closed eyes. She did not even realize people were watching her and the train had stopped. Nitin ran to her.

He kept his hand on her shoulder. She recognized his touch and stood up immediately and encircled her hands around his neck and dragged him close to her and cried her heart out and struggled to breath between her sobs. Nitin was shocked to grasp anything. He struggled in her hold to breath also. “Ragu…” said Nitin which brought her to the world. She opened her red tearful eyes with a jerk. She dragged her out of the hug and touched her forehead with his forehead and sobbed holding his neck. Nitin’s tears flowed. Ragini caressed his cheek and bent his head and kissed his forehead closing her eyes. Nitin burst into a bitter cry and dragged her in a hug placing his hand on her head.

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