Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 44


“Kalayiya… Kalayiya…”
Suhani Rachna , Radhika and Ragini turned and started dancing in the middle of the hall decorated for Shruthi’s Sangeet
“Tu le de ade mainu golden jhumke mai kanna vich paana chum chumke” Suhani sang hitting Manny’s shoulder
Tu le de ade mainu golden jhumke mai kanna vich paana chum chumke Rachna tried dragging Kabeer to dance with her
Tu le de ade mainu golden jhumke mai kanna vich paana chum chumke Radhika dragged Ishan to the center and both of them danced
Man ja ve mainu shopping kara de sang Ragini making round around Varun
Man ja ve romantic picture dikha de She looked at Nitin who was staring ground not able to meet her eyes
Ripuvesta paayiya ve
All the four girls joined and dragged Arjun and Shruthi to the center and made a circle around them and danced
Chittiya kalayiya ve o baby meri chittiya kalaiyave
Chittiya kalayiya ve meri white kalaiyave
Chittiya kalayiya ve tere hisse ayiya ve

“Ouch” said Ragini as she was walking in the corridor as her ankle pained a bit. Nitin saw her and fumed. He stood behind her and lifted her and took her into a room nearby. “Leave me Nitin. What are you doing” said Ragini furious hitting him on his chest. He placed her on the couch and rubbed her ankle. “When you are still hurt what was the need to dance?” asked Nitin furious. Ragini controlled her tears and jerked his hand. “Gini…” said Varun entering the room. “Why are you here? Come we will go down.” said Varun forwarding his hand. “She is still hurt” said Nitin. Varun acted as if he doesn’t care. “I know. I don’t need any aira gaira insan help to understand my Gini’s problem. You better stay away from her. Even if she is hurt or even if her life is at stake only I’m responsible not anybody else.” said Varun looking into Nitin’s eyes straight. Nitin closed his fist. He held Varun’s collar furious and in response Varun also held Nitin’s collar. “How dare you talk about her life being at stake so casually? How could you” screamed Nitin. Varun was happy inside as he provoked Nitin. “Why do I need to give you any explanation. I know everything about her more than you” said Varun. Nitin dragged him more close and said “Do you know in what her happiness lies in?” His eyes were emitting fire and hot tears made their way through his cheeks. Varun’s heart pained to look at Nitin’s madness. He controlled his emotions and said “I know what she wants” and dragged Nitin more close to him. “What the hell. Leave him Nitin” said Ragini trying to separate them. But both of them were not ready to leave the hold. In the process Ragini hit her leg to tea payee nearby. “Ouch” she winced in pain. Nitin was the first person to get concerned and he left Varun and bent to Ragini. “Are you okay” asked Nitin. Ragini stopped his hand and said “You have lost all the right to show the concern on me at the time you left my hand when Tej uncle dragged me” And she looked away furious. Varun looked at her shocked. He was right it was due to his dad that they separated. Nitin closed his fist frustrated and his eyes shrank to control his tears and he stormed out of the room. Varun consoled Ragini hugging her. She heard Nitin singing and headed out of the room and stood at the railing wiping her tears
“Mujse hi aaj mujko mila de dekhu aadato me tu hai ki nahi
Har sans se puchke bata de inke faslo me tu hai ki nahi
Nitin’s tears were fighting to fall down. He controlled them and continued singing
Mujse hi aaj mujko mila de dekhu aadato me tu hai ki nahi
Har sans se puchke bata de inke faslo me tu hai ki nahi
Mai aas paas tere aur mere paas tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi …. Tu hai ki nahi…. Tu hai ki nahi…. Tu… Hai ke nahi……
He looked up and his eyes met Ragini’s eyes
In labo pe jo hasi hai unki tu hi hai wajah
Bin tere mai kuch nahi hu mera ho na bewaja
Dhup teri naa pade to dhundla sa mai lagu
Aake sanse de mujhe tu taaki zinda mai rahu
Mai aas paas tere aur mere paas tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi …. Tu hai ki nahi…. Tu hai ki nahi…. Tu… Hai ke nahi……
Ragini wiped the tear at corner of her eye and controller her tears.

“Gini” said Varun caressing Ragini’s hair. “Hmmm” said Ragini. That was the only response she used to give most of the time. “Why are you hurting yourself so much. You love him so much then why are you angry on him” asked Varun. His tears were fighting to drop. “Now this and all have no meaning Varun. Please” said Ragini trying to drag herself from him to avoid the topic. Varun held her shoulder and stopped her. “You won’t tell me?” pleaded Varun. “He only left me Varun. For him I opposed Dadda also. He left my hand just like that” said Ragini painfully. “Why didn’t you hold him back?” asked Varun. Ragini looked at him confused. “When you were trying to go away from him didn’t he hold you?” asked Varun. Ragini nodded her head. “Then why didn’t you try? Is that only his responsibility to hold this relation. Don’t you have any responsibility” asked Varun cupping her face. “Its too late Varun” said Ragini. “Wasn’t it late then? Still he tried na? If he left your hand after holding it for so long he might have had a reason right. Didn’t you try to find it out?” asked Varun. “I tried to find out but I could not. He is so stubborn” said Ragini annoyed. “And you gave up? Is your love so weak. I thought my Gini is most stubborn. How did you tolerate someone being more stubborn than you?” said Varun. “But” said Ragini. “Shhh I have spoken to Yashu aunty. You are going for a internship in their company from Monday after Shru’s marriage. We still have a month. Convince him till then. And I will talk to Dad and cancel this alliance. I know my Gini. She will not back off. Her love is strong” said Varun. Ragini hugged him and said “Why are you doing this Varun?” Varun caressed her back and said “Because more than your happiness nothing matters to me. And I have seen the madness in his eyes for you. I’m so damn happy that you will get the love of the person whom you love” Ragini sobbed closing her eyes.
“Arrey yeh lo. Acha shagun hogaya” said Sujata smiling looking at Ragini and Nitin who were in Mandap and drenched with flowers. “It is said that on marriage day if flowers fall on unmarried girl or boy in the mandap their marriage will happen soon” said Sujata and laughed moving from there. Ragini and Nitin looked at each other painfully. Varun watched them and smiled widely through his tears.

“Oye hoye my Arjun Bhayya is full shining today” said Rachana looking at Arjun. Arjun blushed and lowered his head. “Arrey stop teasing him” said Sujata coming to Arjun’s rescue. She twirled the arti thal across his face and placed a tilak on his forehead. She tried pulling his nose but he saved himself. “Let her pull your nose Arjun. It’s her nek” said Arjun’s mom and Arjun complied and let her pull his nose. Sujata pulled his nose happy and took him and other guest inside.
“Bhayyu. Keep your phone aside. We will play something till muhurat” said Radhika grabbing phone from Varun’s hand. “Arey” said Varun annoyed and at last gave up as Radhika glared him. And they kept playing. “Nittu. Go check Shru is ready or not just five minutes are there for Muhurat” said Sujata to Nitin who was attending guests along with Sanju. He complied and headed to Shruthi’s room.
“Haye… My chota bacha is so much grown up. She is getting married today. You are looking beautiful” said Nitin standing beside Shruthi looking at her through mirror. Shruthi’s tears were ready to flow. “Shru no crying. Rona tho Arjun ko hai” said Nitin laughing. “Nittzzz bro” said Shruthi hitting him playfully. “Chal finish the final touch just 10 minutes for muhurat” said Nitin. He kissed her hair and headed out of her room. As he was passing through a room he saw Ragini struggling with her blouse hook. He started walking but stopped when he heard Ragini who said “Ouch this ankle pain. I can’t stand for longer time also” Nitin walked few steps backward and entered the room. Ragini jerked and turned quickly. She looked at Nitin who was approaching her. She looked around not able to meet his intense gaze. “Let me help you” said Nitin standing in front of her. Ragini pinned herself to the mirror and nodded her head in no staring ground. “Stubborn” said Nitin and held her bare waist as she was wearing Saree. Ragini looked at him shocked and her mouth opened to take a deep breath. Nitin pulled her to him and her chest touched his chest and current flew through her body. He bent nearing her neck. He looked at the hook and fixed it. His hands touched her bare back. A chill shiver ran through her body and she closed her eyes loosing herself in his touch and fragrance. He left the room leaving Ragini blushing. She leaned to the mirror to hold her senses.
“Var Vadhu please stand up for phere” said Pandit. All showered the flowers on the couple. “Manny” said Suhani glaring him when he was throwing the flowers on her instead of the couple. He smiled widely looking at her and winked. Rachana hit Manny’s stomach with her elbow disturbing them. “Ouch Siyappa queen” said Manny struggling. “Still for you marriage one week is there so till then control.” said Rachna faking the smile. Manny glared her. Rachna showed her index finger to look at the mandap. Manny looked at the Mandap huffing. Rachna and Suhani gave high five behind his back and chuckled silently looking at Manny’s angry pout. Ishan touched Radhika’s bare waist which was peeping from her chunni of Ghagra. Radhika felt tickling sensation. She jerked a bit and glared Ishan who smiled at her mischievously biting his cheek inside. Varun signed Ragini to stand beside Nitin. She nodded her head in no pouting. He glared her and she pouted sadly and went and stood beside him. Nitin could sense her presence but did not turn his gaze from Mandap. “Khadus” said Ragini under her breath looking at his unaffected behavior. Nitin’s lips struggled not to smile as her words hit his eardrums. Varun looked at them and hit his head with his palm. He stood beside Ragini and Ragini looked at him confused. Varun hit her shoulder with his shoulder and she stumbled and Nitin held her by placing his hands on her waist and Ragini stood with support of his chest. They looked at each other and lost in the moment. Nitin’s grip tightened on her waist and Ragini took a lump of breath to cool her thumping heart. Varun smiled looking at them. “You both are husband and wife” announced Pandit which brought them to real world. Ragini stood straightening herself and tucked her hair behind her ear blushing. Nitin looked around to hide his blush. Varun bit his cheeks looking at them blushing. His phone beeped. He smiled reading the message. He headed out and dialed the number. “I need to talk to you. Can we meet tomorrow” said Varun smiling. “Okay bye” said Varun and disconnected the call. He looked at sky smiling.

“Please take care of my Gudiya” said Shruthi’s dad handing Shruthi’s hand in Arjun’s hand. Shruthi hugged him and burst into a bitter cry. Sujata caressed her hair. “Shru dee” said Sanju standing in front of her and handing her a box. “Kholo” said Sanju. “She will open later Sanju” said Sujata. “No open now only” said Sanju. Shruthi complied and opened the box. As soon as she opened the box a joker doll popped out scaring the hell out of her. All the people looking at the box curious jerked due to it. Sanju held his stomach and started laughing. “Sanju ke bache” said Shruthi huffing and glaring him. She was about to chase him but her dad held her and she composed herself. “I can’t see you crying” said Sanju sad. Shruthi dragged him and hugged him and caressed his hair. He came out of the hug and wiped her tears and said “Rona tho Arjun jeeju ko hai” Shruthi opened her mouth shocked. Nitin came and stood beside Sanju and gave high five to him and everyone laughed and the situation became a bit light. Shruthi hugged Ragini and Radhika Rachna and Suhani joined her and sobbed. “Oye water tank. Stop crying. Your make up will get spoiled. We still have a month till you people go to Amsterdam. And we will enjoy this one month” said Radhika wiping Shruthi’s tears. “What will I do?” asked Arjun. “Ohho look at Arjun Bhai how restless he has become now only. Waise bhai after that one month your wife will be hundred percent yours only. Till then you got to wait” said Rachna pulling Arjun’s nose.
Shruthi sat in the car and Nitin, Sanju and her dad pushed the car and the car drove off from Shruthi’s home. Shruthi who was watching back looking at her brothers and dad turned when they disappeared. Arjun dragged her into a hug and caressed her hair to console her. She sobbed in his embrace.
Arjun’s mom did Grah Pravesh for Shruthi and after some post marriage rituals she took her to Arjun’s room. Shruthi sat in between the bed which was decorated fully with flowers and room full of candles. Arjun entered the room and sat on the bed in front of Shruthi. He lifted her veil and Shruthi clutched her lehenga nervous. Arjun smiled at her nervousness. He neared her and kissed her forehead and Shruthi closed her eyes tight. Arjun lifted her head holding her chin. “Shru” he called and Shruthi who was staring down lifted her eye lashes and met Arjun’s passion filled eyes. Arjun neared her face more and placed his lips on her lips. Shruthi clutched his shervani and her hand moved to his neck and then hair and drew patterns in sync with their passionate kiss. When they felt difficult to breath they departed and touched each others forehead and panted for breath. “Shall we?” asked Arjun to Shruthi and she nodded her head smiling and blushing and Arjun leaned more to her and they landed on bed.
“Aunty relax” said Ragini consoling Sujata who was crying missing Shruthi. “Nobody loves me” complained Sanju dragging everyone’s attention. “Haa Sanju nobody loves us” joined Aniket. “Abbey Ketu what happened to you people” asked Rachu holding her waist in one hand. “Everyone loves their daughters only. We sons tho have no importance. We will do dharna in Jantar Mantar” said Aniket. “Like sister. Like brother. Always ready for Dharna” said Nitin under his breath. Varun chuckled listening to him and Ragini glared Nitin who realized what he said and avoided eye contact with her and joined Sanju and Aniket saying “You are absolutely right Ketu” and kept his hand around Aniket’s neck. Aniket glared him and jerked his hand away. He remembered how Nitin left Ragini’s hand and his blood boiled looking at Nitin. Nitin sensed his anger and stood a bit far trying to smile. Ragini noticed it and felt bad for Nitin. Nitin smiled and avoided his feelings getting noticed. “Abbey dramebazo stop your drama” said Suhani. “Ha Chipkali how will you understand our pain. You both are girl child in your house” said Aniket showing his tongue to Suhani. “You again called me Chipkali Kan khajure” said Suhani and chased Aniket all over. Everybody burst out laughing looking at their kiddish play and Sujata smiled through her tears and laughed. Aniket and Sanju who were running teasing Suhani stopped and looked at Sujata and smiled Suhani stopped her chase and hugged both of them understanding their plan to cheer Sujata and drooled happy kissing their cheeks. Aniket and Sanju made faces feeling awkward and screamed at a time “Chipkali don’t suck” Suhani opened her mouth shocked and chased them again. Nitin headed to terrace hide his sadness. Varun signed Ragini to go behind him. She pleaded him she will not go. “Go” he said glaring her. She went uninterested as she knew controlling herself around him is most difficult thing in the world for her. Nitin stood holding a corner of Terrace and looked at the dark sky filled with stars. He remembered his moments with Aniket. “I will always support you Nittu dude” he remembered Aniket’s words. A tear dropped from his eye when he remembered how Aniket jerked his hand. He could clearly see the hate in his eyes for him for hurting his RD.
“Why are you feeling bad. You wanted all this right” said Ragini standing beside Nitin. Nitin jerked and moved to turn and leave. But Ragini held his hand and stopped him. “Why are you doing this Nitin? Why are you trying to run away from me?” asked Ragini looking at him painfully. “Now this all has no meaning Ragini” said Nitin. It pained her when he called her Ragini. “I want to move on” said Nitin controlling his emotions from flooding. “Then why your heart pains looking me in pain?” asked Ragini tightening her grip on his wrist. “I have no answers for your any questions. Just leave me” said Nitin cold. Ragini turned him forcefully. She knew he might tell hundred lies to avoid her but he cannot avoid her tears. “Then why did you hold me then. Wasn’t it meaningless then? Why did you promise that you won’t leave me? Tell me… Tell me dammit” screamed Ragini holding his collar. “Tell me… Tell me….” cried Ragini collapsing leaning to him. Nitin looked at her controlling himself. He wanted to hug her in a bone crushing hug. He wanted to pat her head and console her. He nodded his head feeling helpless. Ragini was in same situation in which Nitin was when he proposed her and vice versa. “RD” screamed Aniket bringing him out of his thoughts. Aniket closed his fist and neared Ragini. His eyes were red and breath hot. Any brother cannot tolerate his sister in such condition. He held Ragini from her shoulders and made her stand. Ragini kept sobbing. “You don’t deserve my RD. Did you get that?” screamed Aniket looking straight into Nitin’s eyes. Tears flowed from Aniket’s eyes as his anger was out of control. He held Ragini’s wrist and dragged her with him. “Varun Let’s leave” said Aniket standing beside Varun. Varun looked at Ragini who was standing like a lifeless body and tears flowing continuously from her eyes and she was not bothered to wipe them. He looked up and found Nitin walking fast from there hiding his tears. He got concerned looking at Ragini. “I will just come” said Varun and ran behind Nitin. Nitin walked out of the house swiftly. He walked and reached a deserted place and collapsed on the road and screamed looking up. “I love you Ragu. I love you a lot but we are not meant for each other. I’m sorry I did not let you go that time only. I’m sorry I held you and dragged you more close. I’m sorry I broke my promise of not leaving you. I… I was helpless” said Nitin looking up. Tears flowed from his eyes uncontrollably. “Ketu is right. I don’t deserve you. I… I don’t deserve you” said Nitin looking up. Varun wiped his tears and neared Nitin. He kept his hand on Nitin’s shoulder hesitant. Nitin jerked and wiped his tears fast and looked back and found Varun looking at him painfully. He stood up and started walking. “When you love her so much then why are you backing off. Gini is right you are seriously big dumbo” said Varun and smiled through his tears. “No she is dumb” said Nitin not turning and pouting. “But I’m not dumb like you both. I cannot fight over such silly thing” said Varun. Nitin turned and hugged him and sobbed. “I know it’s all due to my dad. Did he said anything to you? Tell me. I will sort it out. You both are meant for each other I can’t see both of you in pain. Though we did not had a proper first impression I can understand both of your pain” said Varun rubbing Nitin’s back. Nitin dragged himself from the hug and wiped his tears. “Nobody told me anything. I only want to go away from her. Now everything is finished. You really deserve her Varun. You really do” said Nitin smiling with twinkling eyes. “And what about her feelings and her wishes and her happiness Nitin? Have you ever thought about it? She will be happy only with you” said Varun patting his index finger on Nitin’s chest. Nitin turned to leave and said “It’s all finished. Nothing can be done. She will be married in a month and I don’t have any rights to think about her” Varun smiled and said “Can you stop yourself from loving her ever?” Nitin closed his eyes letting the tears. He headed from there without answering. “Your silence is the answer Mr. Nitin Roy. You can never stop loving her and same goes with her. I will unite you both. And its my promise a best friend’s promise.” said Varun. He wiped his tears and headed back to Shruthi’s house and headed home with Ragini and Aniket.
“He left your hand RD. That too when you tried to give a chance to your relationship” screamed Aniket. Janaki caressed Ragini’s hair who was sobbing hugging her. Ragini closed her eyes remembering Rachna’s engagement day. “Ketu shut up” said Janaki. “Whom is he talking about?” asked Shekar coming to Ragini’s room. He panicked when he saw Ragini crying. “Ginu bacha? What happened?” asked Shekar worried. Janaki signed him she is not in a state to answer. Shekar felt her pain and lowered his head. As a father he was failing miserably. It pained him. “Why are you crying for that idiot who will not understand your pain RD. That Moron doesn’t deserve you” Before Aniket could say more Shekar slapped him hard. Aniket held his cheek with one hand and said “I will not stop saying truth” and looked at Shekar with rage filled eyes. “Truth? Do you even know what is the truth?” asked Shekar holding Aniket from his shoulder. “He left your RD’s hand because he could not see your worthless Dadda’s helplessness. Did you get that? He did not wanted my respect to get ruined. He did not wanted your RD to be torn between her Dadda’s respect and her love and commit something like Rachna did. He loves you RD Ketu. He loves her limitless. I’m such a helpless father that I could not get my daughter a life partner who loves her madly. Do you even know when your RD was fighting between death and life he was the person whose love brought her to life. If he wasn’t there your RD wouldn’t have been with us.” said Shekar collapsing on the floor. Aniket looked at him shocked. Ragini sat numb. Her dadda’s each word replayed in her mind. “Gini.. Gini…” called Janaki shaking her lifeless daughter. Shekar turned worried. The truth he hid from an year broke his daughter into uncollectible pieces. He rushed to her and sat in front of her. “Gini bacha… Gini…” called Shekar shaking Ragini. Varun who was at her room door stumbled due to revelation. He held his jumping heart. “I can’t even think of sacrificing so much and he did that and don’t have a single regret about it” thought Varun. He looked at Ragini. She wanted to scream but her body was not responding. Varun got hell worried. It looked like she was forcing herself not to breath. He neared and sat kneeling in front of her. “Gini… Gini…” he screamed shaking her. “RD… RD…..” screamed Aniket. But she did not respond. Tears flowed from her eyes but she was not responding. “Better we call Nitin” said Varun. He took Nitin’s number from Janaki’s phone and called him. “hello” said Nitin coldly. “Hello Nitin. Varun here….” and he narrated everything to Nitin. The phone slipped from Nitin’s hand. His heart started sinking. He knew it will happen like this that’s why he was tolerating the pain and not telling her the truth. He even took promise from Shekar not to tell this to Ragini in any condition. He rushed out of the house. “Nittu what happened?” asked Manny worried. Radhika, Rachna Kabeer and Ishan and Suhani came to Nitin when they heard Manny. “Ragu… Ragu…” Nitin struggled to say. He was looking around nervous. “What happened to Ragu maa?” asked Manny worried. Nitin jerked his hand and ran from there not able to speak anything. All of them looked at each other worried and followed him. As soon as he parked the car in front of Ragini’s house he ran inside like a maniac. “Ragu… Ragu….” screamed Nitin approaching her room. He stopped at Ragini’s room door with a jerk and leaned forward. He looked at Ragini who was sitting like her soul has left her body. He entered the room hesitant. Tears flowed from his eyes looking at her tears. Janaki signed everyone to give them their space and all headed out of the room. “I’m sorry” said Shekar placing his hand on Nitin’s shoulder while going outside. Nitin sat in front of Ragini. He looked at her painfully. “Ragu…” said Nitin cupping her face. Ragini left the breath she was holding recognizing his touch. She looked up and found Nitin. Her eyes filled with anger for hiding the truth from her. Her eyes shrank as she was controlling her pain. She slapped him with all her force. Nitin held his cheek and sobbed. “How could you do this? How could you?” screamed Ragini holding his collar. “Didn’t I deserved an explanation? Didn’t I?” asked Ragini dragging him more close. She collapsed and Nitin dragged her in a hug and patted her head and looked up to control his outburst. Ragini hit him on his chest with closed fist and cried “I hate you. I hate you. I won’t talk to you” Nitin held her more tightly. Varun wiped his tears and headed to his home furious. He needed an explanation from Tej for putting Ragini in this. “Very bad joke” said Nitin smiling through his tears. Ragini stopped hitting him and hugged him tight. “I can’t live without you dumbo. I cannot” sobbed Ragini. “I know” said Nitin controlling his tears with painful eyes. He dragged her out of the hug and cupped her face. He wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. Ragini held his shirt tightly and closed her eyes and let the tears flow. “I’m breaking this alliance. I cannot see my kids in pain more. This engagement is meaningless” said Shekar standing in front of them. “Now nothing can be done Papa. Please no need to sacrifice your respect which you earned with so much struggle” said Nitin stopping him. He turned to Ragini and said still cupping her face “My Ragu is strongest. She will not back off now hai na. It’s about your no no our dadda’s respect” He got up and stood in front of Shekar and held his shoulder and spoke “Just one month is there. Already cards have been distributed. Now if this alliance breaks people will point out at your upbringing, and I can tolerate any pain but cannot tolerate your insult” Shekar’s eyes gleamed with respect for Nitin. “Doing right thing is always important than doing the thing which we wish for” said Nitin smiling a bit. Aniket stood beside him and hugged him tight and sobbed. “I’m sorry Nittu dude. I spoke very rudely. You are the best thing which ever happened in my RD’s life.” said Aniket. “Not only in your RD’s life but in all of our life” said Janaki caressing Nitin’s cheek with one hand. Nitin grabbed all of them in a hug. Ragini looked at him sobbing. He signed her to join the hug and she ran and hugged them. All their friends who were standing at Ragini’s room door had tears looking at them.

“She is not a thing dad. That you are deciding whom she belongs to” screamed Varun standing in front of Tej. “She is engaged to you Varun. Does that ritual has no importance?” asked Tej. “Rituals are not more important than a person’s life dad. You did not see but I saw my Gini how she was like a lifeless body sitting. And all this is due to your stubbornness Dad. I will never forgive you for her state. I will never” said Varun painfully looking at Tej. “Ha beta. Say more. You have grown so much that you will decide whether to forgive or not your dad. There were nobody when you were struggling when your mom left us. I have seen that pain in your eyes. I have gone through so much pain looking at you broken. And I’m not ready to see you again in that state. I will do anything for that. You get that anything” said Tej holding Varun’s elbow. He jerked his hand and headed to his room and banged the door. “I’m also your son dad. I’m equally stubborn. I will do anything for Gini’s happiness. Anything” said Varun determined and headed to his room. Radhika who entered the house collapsed on the floor looking at her shattered family. Ishan knelt beside her and held her from her shoulders. She turned and hugged him and sobbed
“This is Gini’s bridal dress. If you give for stitching it will be ready by their marriage” said Tej handing the box to Janaki in their house next day. Shekar looked away not willing to look at his once best friend Tej’s face. They heard a door bell and Janaki opened the door and found a newly wed couple on the door. She closed her mouth shocked and screamed “Ji….” Shekar and Tej got worried and headed to the door and looked at the newly wed couple shocked.
Please don’t kill me for this episode I know all must be feeling like hitting me with your sticks. I don’t want to drag this story more. If you felt this chapter is too much cliché, sorry for that. And I’m sorry I’m not reading all your works actually suffering with some health issue so I’m struggling to reply to your comments also. Love you all. Few more chapters (I don’t know exactly how many) after that I will stop my emotional atyachar and end this stupid emotional ff of mine. Sorry for this extra extra extra long chappy. I wanted to cut it but was not finding a proper point. So instead of making you people cry for two chapters I will finish it in one he he he. I know very bad joke. Sorry for the typos

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