Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 28

“Here we are” said Nitin standing in front of Gurudwara with Ragini after removing the footwear. He bent and touched the steps and touched his forehead and then kissed his hand. Ragini’s eyes widened at his action. He stood straight still closing his eyes and opened eyes slowly smiling inhaling the divine and fresh air. He looked at Ragini who opened her mouth shocked. His smile widened looking her shocked face. He lifts her chin and closed her mouth and dragged her holding her wrist.

“Stop behaving like you have seen ghost Ragu” said Nitin as they walked inside and Ragini was still staring him shocked. They entered the Darbar Sahiba together. Nitin sat on his knees in front of Guru Granth Sahib and folded his hands and closed his eyes. Ragini’s heart got another shock. It started beating fast looking at Nitin’s sudden change. She placed her hand on heart and said “Relax dude”
Nitin opened his eyes and looked back where Ragini was still standing shocked. “Dumbo. What are you doing standing there? Come here” he said and dragged her and made her sit on her knees, and again closed his eyes folding hands. She blinked her eyes shocked. “Thank you so much God ji. My Ragini is with me again. You saved her. I promise I will not let her go away from me now. But I’m scared to admit my feelings to her. Ragu says you know everything. So you must be knowing that I’m scared because if she doesn’t feel same it will effect our friendship. And I cannot tolerate it. Even if I don’t hear her voice for a day I cannot live. You must be wondering how did I survive in Kolkota. I told Manny to record her voice and send me everyday. He he. I know I’m so stupid. And she made me one. Please God ji do some magic and let me know what she feels. I’m hell confused. Ahhh I forgot. Ya you are not magician as she said. But I believe you. You will fulfill my only wish of my life to have Ragini in my life if it is genuine. If you wonโ€™t fulfill it, I will think that I’m not worth her. Now it’s all up to you” said Nitin in his mind closing eyes.

Ragini was looking at him still shocked. She turned to Guru Granth Sahib and folded her hands and closed her eyes. “God ji. I’m so happy today that Nitin had started believing you. Please fulfill his wishes. I know he is not in my fate. But all I want is his happiness even if it lies in someone else. You know na I have never asked you anything. Even when I started feeling for him and was hurt when he was not even aware of my presence I never prayed you to have him in my life. But now I’m praying you to fulfill all his wishes. He has started believing you, I don’t want him to lose that belief on you. Please God ji. And he should not get hurt. I don’t want to see the cold heart Nitin again. I know you are not magician. But if his wishes are genuine you will surely fulfil them. Please keep him happy always” said Ragini in her mind. Both of them opened their eyes at the same time smiling. And headed to Langar to have prasad. (In heaven God ji will be like : “What the hell. Yeh acha hai. Leave everything on me”)
Nitin had the first byte and said “This tastes even more yummy today”
Ragini smiled looking at his innocent face and said “Yeah”

They sat beside the lake. Ragini did not stop staring him with questioning look. Nitin was enjoying her look. “So when will you ask me?” asked Nitin breaking the silence. “What?” asked Ragini. “When will you start your question and answer session. I can sense so many questions are running in your mind” said Nitin looking at the lake. “Why suddenly you changed so much?” asked Ragini not able to control her curiosity. Nitin smiled as he expected the question. “Because suddenly I realized that God has all the answers for my questions and solutions for all my problems, and most important thing I understood is God is not a magician” he said looking straight into her eyes. Ragini lost herself in those shining orbs which spoke truth always. But she was never so intelligent like Nitin to understand what was running in his mind. Truly she was dumbo Nitin’s dumbo. Nitin thought if he kept staring her she might understand what he has in his heart and avoided the eye contact. The setting sun fell on the lake and made it immersed in orange colour. The color of their unspoken love which was as pure as the sky and as clear as water.

After staring the sky and enjoying tickling sensation in the feet due to lake water both of them stood up and started walking. Ragini rubbed her shoulder feeling the cool breeze. Nitin who had sealed his hands inside his pant pockets saw her and removed his jerkin and covered her. Ragini got surprised due to his sudden closeness. She looked up at him when he covered her in his arms while placing jerkin on her shoulders. His proximity made her blush and her cheeks turned pink. And she lowered her eyes when his eyes met hers. The way she felt with him she never felt with anybody all her life. She could still not figure out why did she fell in love with him. She felt complete whenever he was around and felt hollow when he wasn’t. He had become her addiction. Though she knew they can never be together she just wanted his happiness. On the other hand he was falling in love with her every second more deeply. His soul needed her in his life. He felt even if he doesn’t breath for a second but she was never away from his thoughts and heart even for a nano second.

“It could have been a simple sweet love story. Thanks to you Brahma ji now even I’m confused what to do?” said God ji sitting in heaven looking at the cute love birds on earth supporting his cheek on his right hand with confused expression.

“I know Gini you need me. I can sense you are somewhere in some confusion and some problem. But I cannot resist myself from admitting my feelings for you. I feel somewhere you have started understanding my feelings and I don’t want you to feel disgusted about yourself for not being able to return me the same feelings. I know you will be uncomfortable to speak to me. That’s why even if I feel hell desperate to talk to you also I’m controlling myself. I know you are happy now. You know na I can sense your feelings even if we are miles apart. I just wish God to make that guy to be in your life than me. Even if we will be married I know you will never be able to love me. And same goes with me I cannot stop loving you. But I will be always there standing beside you in all your decisions. Even if it is against my ethics, even if people feel I’m doing wrong. For me most important thing is what you want” said Varun staring Ragini’s frame in his hand where she was laughing holding her stomach standing beside him leaning to a wall. He was staring her and smiling. He caressed her face with his thumb. He wiped the tear which dropped from his eye.
“Hey hi Honey” said Sid standing beside Suhani in the canteen. Manny who was drinking coffee spit it suddenly and started coughing badly.”Relax Manny” said Rachna rubbing his back. “What happened?” asked Sid looking at Manny. Suhani who sensed Manny is angry said “Wo actually it is Ani. Not honey”

“Oh is it. But I was so lost yesterday that I did not even hear your name properly. That’s ok, I will call you Honey only. You are sweet like honey only” said Sid flirting winking his eye. Suhani saw Manny closed his fist. If Sid stayed for more time infront of him then Manny will surely punch his Handsome face thought Suhani. To avoid further complications she asked “You were saying something” He remembered something and asked “Where is Ragini? and Nitin is also not there?”

“What is his problem now? Why he is asking about Ragu maa. Already he is spoiling my love story, does he want to spoil Nitin’s love story also now which is not even started properly yet” thought Manny in his mind. “Gini had half day today. And she is gone with Nitin to Gurudwara nearby. She might be coming” said Suhani. He saw Ragini and Nitin walking inside canteen and was excited to see Ragini. He waved his hand and called “Ragu”.

“Siyappa” said Rachna hitting her head with her palm when she heard Sid calling Ragini as Ragu. “Now Nitin will surely punch his handsome face” told Suhani worried. Manny who was looking at his direction turned and looked at Suhani for her statement calling him handsome and glared at her. “Aur ek Siyappa” said Rachna nodding her head in disbelief looking at Manny and Suhani.

Nitin looked up at the owner of the voice who called his Ragini as Ragu and found Sid waving his hand happy. He closed his fist. Ragini held his hand with her left hand to cool him and waved Sid with right hand and dragged Nitin with her. Nitin huffed in anger and kept following her uninterested. “Hi Ragu. How are you?” said Sid and noticed Ragini was holding Nitin’s hand. He brushed his thoughts thinking they are just friendly. Ragini could sense Nitin’s hand stiffening more in her hold when Sid addressed her as Ragu again. She held his hand more tightly. She smiled at Sid and said “Call me Gini”

Nitin looked at her. “Why not Ragu” shot Sid. “Because Nitin calls me that. Everyone calls me Gini” said Ragini reasoning. Nitin widened his eyes shocked. It made him think that even she feels for him in similar way. “Oh I see. So special provision for special people hmmm interesting” said Sid looking at Nitin. “Yeah. Some what” said Ragini. “Fine Gini. Happy now” said Sid lifting his hands in air giving up. Manny smirked at Ragini’s response. He looked at Suhani and signed her through eyes to learn from Ragini. Suhani waved her hands in air like what does that mean. Ragini smiled at him. “Okay sid bye. Our bus must be coming. We have to leave” said Rachna dragging Ragini and Suhani from there to avoid the third world war. “Yup even I’m leaving” said Sid and headed to parking. Suhani looked at Manny and twisted her lips angry and stormed out. “Yeh acha hai. First let people flirt with you and then get angry on me. Now I only have to ask sorry. Hey Wahe Guru why always me” said Manny looking up. “Because he loves you the most” said Nitin shouting in Manny’s ear and ran from there. Manny jerked and chased Nitin.

“What did you do this time senior ji” asked Ragini next day when they met for lunch. “Siyappa aur kya?” said Rachna casually and laughed. “Shut up Siyappa Queen.” he said to Rachna and turned to Ragini and said “Don’t call me that Ragu maa. Why everyone think that I start fighting everytime. This time it’s her mistake ok” and folded his hands angry.
“But What happened Ani. Atleast tell me” said Nitin standing infront of Suhani on the other side of Canteen away from Manny.
“He called her Honey and she let him call honey. And she is saying he is handsome. What does that mean? Am I not handsome?” asked Manny looking at Ragini waving his hands in air. Ragini looked at Rachna who had the same confused face and both of them burst out laughing holding their stomach.

“What so funny” asked Suhani glaring Nithin who was also laughing like Ragini and Rachna. “You both still fight like small kids yar. I’m really worried for your kids” said Nitin controlling his laugh.

“He he. Very funny” said Manny folding his hands and turning with anger. “Senior ji” called Ragini. “I said don’t call me that. My mood is already bad” said Manny pointing his finger. “Fine. Listen to me once. Attraction is what human beings cannot control. You might get attracted to hundreds of people but you cannot love everyone. Though she might get attracted to someone she will only love you. So why this insecurity? Having crush is not bad thing na. Complementing someone is not bad na?” said Ragini.

“Ani he loves you. Insecurities in a relationship are common. If he flirts with someone won’t you feel bad. Think in his position. He is just jealous. It’s not that he does not trust you. It’s just that he doesn’t want to lose you. These jealousy, insecurities only make your love special. It is like tadka in dal. Though it is bitter but without it there will be no taste” said Nitin cupping Suhani’s face in one hand. “But I will not ask sorry. He only has to say” said Suhani pouting. “And you know very well. He only will ask sorry as always that I can assure. See he is coming” said Nitin smiling and showing her through eyes. “Ani. I’m sorry” said Manny pouting sadly. Suhani turned and hugged him and said “me too”

“Girls and their egos” said Nitin looking at them. “Aur ek bumper siyappa” said Rachna hitting her head. Suhani dragged herself away from the hug and looked at Nitin worried. He asked her what through eyes. Suhani signed him to look at his right. Ragini who was glaring him angry due to his sentence started moving fast. Nitin saw it and made crying face “Why bappa. Why always me” said Nitin looking up. “Because he loves you the most” shouted Rachna, Manny and Suhani in his ears and burst out laughing. He jerked and looked at them angry. “abbey jaa. Wo phat (blast) jayegi” said Manny pushing Nitin so that he can cool Ragini. Nitin ran behind her. “Ragu wait” he called. But she walked fast without listening to him. Nitin ran and held her hand. Ragini stopped but did not turn. “I’m sorry baba. I shouldn’t have commented like that?” said Nitin pleading. “You feel it that’s why you commented na. We girls have ego according to you right. Now go don’t talk to such egoistic person” said Ragini pouting angry still not turning. Nitin twirled her and she turned and he held her shoulders preventing her from falling. “I didn’t mean it Ragu. Ani was saying she will not say sorry and when Manny told sorry, she said just me too. So it just came to my mouth. I really didn’t mean to generalize it. Please bacha. Don’t be angry” said Nitin consoling her. Ragini twisted her lips with fake anger. “Tell me what I should do to cool you now” said Nitin giving up. “You have to dance on fresher party” said Ragini. Nitin dragged his hands back shocked and said “Are you mad? I have never danced in my whole life. Not even Nagin dance in somebody’s barat. And you are asking me to dance in Fresher’s party” He looked at her horrified. “That’s not fair. I do what you say when you are angry, but you don’t do what I say.Cheating” said Ragini pouting and stamping her foot like kid. “Dumbo even I ask you something which you can do right. Not like this which is impossible. You are asking me to dance I cannot even shake my hips smoothly.” he said looking at his hips and feeling awkward. “I don’t know anything you have to dance that’s final” said Ragini leaving from there. “Ragu. Wait” said Nitin and pulled his hair frustrated.

“Why do I feel something is running in Nitin’s mind. Why he takes seriously whatever Gini says and why he worries when she gets angry. Is it only friendship or has he started feeling something for Gini” thought Rachna who observed Ragini and Nitin’s conversation. “Chee chee. What I’m thinking, I should not doubt on their friendship. Any way Gini will never let him cross his limit and even she will not cross. I should stop over thinking” said Rachna leaving from there.
So guys excited for Fresher’s party. Let’s see what Siyappa will happen on Fresher’s party. Will Nitin dance? Hmmm Let’s see.

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  1. Silent_writer

    Hahahahha bcz he loved u the most loved this lineee awsmeeee chappy as alwaysss loved ragnit secens n mani scenes jealously n rags smrtness awsmeee siyappa queen thinking crct hope goes well with ragnit n feeling bad for varun?? exited for freshers partyy n danceeee

    1. Sally_blr

      Than you so much. You will have more fun. Keep smiling.

  2. excited for nitin dance

    1. Sally_blr

      Even me too. Thank you Ankita

  3. Sindhura

    So sweet i knew in future episode there will be sad ones between rag and nithin
    But dont elongate it

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. Sorry dear if you felt it dragging. Bare with me for some more time. The thing is I don’t want to give more emotional scenes.

  4. Malika

    Hehehhhhhhh when I read first sentence on your ff. I was scared I thought what it would be….. ????awesome ff yr. …. Superb. Of course nitin has to dance. ….I really love rag scene awesome one. And mahi scene was fabulous . Update soon. Sally dear. ….I’m waiting for next ep sooner. ..

    1. Sally_blr

      ha ha ha. Really you got scared. Will see if he dances.

  5. haha ur ff is awesome

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      Thank you lisa. I really missed your comments

  6. Deesh

    Wow superb sally!! I am smiling like mad now. And my mom is asking me why am smiling like an idiot that too having my chemistry exam tomorrow. He he. I totally loved this epi. Loved all their bondings. And I loved varun’s Pov. He wants his love to be happy. Superb epi!!

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much Deesh. Gosh Chemistry. My biggest nightmare. All the best for your exam. After the exam don’t forget to read the next update.

      1. Deesh

        Mine too!! Thanks dear.I have done well. I will read for sure.

  7. Ragz_teju

    awesome… loved it… ragini and nitin are really made for each other… how they think similarly and make others understand so smoothly it’s superb…. suhani and manny fights were cute. ..

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear. Glad you are liking them.

  8. Amazing

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Ashu. Glad you liked it.

  9. Jazzy

    hey now i want to say u kow mind reading whenever i miss ur ff u always post it u r such a sweetheart todays episode was amazing i have to say a lot but where to start hmmm sooo starting was soo nice but u brought varun again awwwww i felt soooo saaaaddd for him plzzz do something for him and then manny and suhani fight great and god loves u the most dialogue was awesome and today u included ragini and manny scenes
    and rachana is really a siyaappa queen she is like tadka in dal in ur ff and ragini’s shart of dancing hahahhaahha omg i can’t wait for him to dance
    now update next part soon
    u must have not recognized me ??? it is sooo diffcult to guess hahaahhah guess????

    1. Sally_blr

      Still Thinking……………………………………………………………………………………..
      Yaaay……………………………………… j.
      I know mind reading really? It’s just sixth sense dear that I will come to know that you will be waiting for my update ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Amazing episode….
    Wow. what a change over in nitin. everything is fr gud. Their feelings fr each other unknown to each was so cute.. What our GODji is planning fr our love birds….
    Varun is back. but feeling sad fr him. I don’t want his heart to break.. Pls do something. And Manny nd Suhaani. omg they are perfect kid lovers. “why bappa why always me” amazing dialogue…
    Nitin is gonna dance. Wow….
    Update soon nd take care…

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so so much dear. Don’t worry I’ll do something for Varun. He is my fav. You really think he can dance, hope so. Otherwise his Ragu is gonna eat him raw.

  11. Asra

    awesome dear….OMG I can’t stop my laugh….Each and every scenes r osam….no words to describe about this…manny jealous….poor manny every time he only say sry….sid s saved by ragini….otherwise nithin give a tied punch to sid handsome face….ragini way of cooling nithin s superbbb…and their temple scenes and wishes r also supper….oh god also watching the beautiful love story….nice….varun pov r nice….eagerly waiting for nithin dance….
    again and again u rock it dear…
    u increase our eagerness for nxt update….love it lot….and also enjoyed it…love u for ur lovely update dear…waiting for nxt one…..tkcr

    1. Sally_blr

      And I love you for your beautiful comment. Thank you so much. Even I’m waiting for Nitin’s dance. Let’s see what he is gonna do

  12. Sreevijayan

    Thank u yaar fr dis update..really wanted it..had a very bad day..will commnt properly whn m on d right state of mind… thanks a lot fr dis…feelng bit relaxed

    1. Sally_blr

      Awww Sree. Glad my update could relax you. Take your own time. Forget the bad and live for the moment.

  13. Akshata

    loved just loved ragini and nitin’s conversation with god, its so selfless, and full of love. she knows it may be he is not in her destiny but still prays for him and she is his only wish, which is half completed by god…. aww i just loved their selfless love.
    and my poor jealous manny…. sid atleast let him drink his coffee peacefully, very bad sid. our very intelligent suhani as always know it all that nitin will definitely punch sid for calling ragini as ragu… but mu ragu is so smart.
    not again not again nitin, you heave hurt girls ego, now bear the punishment and dance with her hahahahaha lolz that was so funny.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much. I love your comment it feels like my story touched you and Im glad for that

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