Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 27

“Finally Gini is back home”said Rachna hugging Ragini as they reached Ragini’s home after discharge. She tried to stand as she got out of the car but stumbled. Nitin held her from falling and glared at her for being careless. She pleaded him through eyes to control his anger. He smiled and lifted her in his arms. She was surprised. Radhika smiled looking at his care towards her Gini. Manny opened his mouth in ‘O’ shape looking at Nitin’s guts to lift Ragini infront of her friends. “Nittu wait” said Radhika stopping him near the door. She ran inside and brought a aarti thal. She twirled the thal around Ragini’s face and Nitin entered Ragini’s home. Suhani guided him to Ragini’s room. Ragini kept stealing glances at him. He asked her what through eyebrows. She just nodded her head saying nothing. He placed her on the bed and Aniket covered her with a blanket and sat beside her. Ragini brushed his hair. Radhika, Rachna and Suhani entered with juice and fruits for Ragini. “No. I don’t want anything” said Ragini stubborn. “Gini. We are not asking you. We are ordering” said Suhani holding the juice glass infront of her mouth. She pushed it bit and refused to have anything. “Hello Maa… Ragu is not listening.She is doing nakhra to have food” said Nitin as he dailed Yashodha’s number. “Give the phone to her” said Yashu. He complied and gave the phone to Ragini with innocent face. She glared him angry. “Hello Aunty” said Ragini scared. “Ragu beta. Why are you not having food? Haa. See I won’t talk to you if you don’t have food and tablets on time” said Yashu with fake anger. “Nooooo Aunty. I will have. Don’t do this with me. I will take medicines also on time” said Ragini pouting sadly. Nitin controlled his laugh. “Wo bandar hass raha hai na?” asked Yashu. “Hmmmm Aunty.” said Ragini.

“Let him come home. I will pull his ear properly. How dare he laugh at my kid” said Yashu. Ragini nodded her head like you have proper treat wait. Nitin stopped laughing and took the phone from Ragini’s hand and spoke “Maa. Don’t believe her. She is telling lie” and acted like a kid. “Beta I’m your mom. She need not complain me. You come home I will take your class” said Yashu disconnecting call. “Maaa” he screamed. He looked at Ragini with fake anger. “Ragu ki bachi. You will complain to maa about me. Wait I will complain to Shalini maa. She will give you big injection” said Nitin. Ragini showed her tongue and said “tit for tat” and brushed her shoulder proudely. All were enjoying their childish behavior. Manny was so happy to get his childhood Nittu back. Radhika was happy to see her old Gini back. “Stop it guys” said Shruti standing between them. Both of them hit the pillow at each other which hit Shruthi who was in between and it spoiled her hair style. Shruthi opened her mouth in shock and looked at both of them angry. They said sorry softly. Everybody burst out laughing.

“Yes good. Walk slowly” said Nitin to Ragini as they were practising the excercise to walk as instructed by Shalini. Shalini looked at them and smiled sitting in Ragini’s bed and enjoyed their cute cat fights in between. “Hello Doctor” said Kabeer entering Ragini’s room. Ragini who was watching her steps looked up and found Kabeer. “Kabby Bhai” said Ragini and tried running to Kabeer excited. Nitin held her firmly and as she looked at him he nodded his head saying no. She pouted sadly. Kabeer came and stood infront of her and opened his arms to hug her. Ragini hugged him happy and said “I missed you so much Kabbie bhai.” Kabeer cupped her face and said “Sorry bacha. I had to go to Amsterdam for a deal” Ragini smiled and said “That’s okay bhai”
“And look who has come with your kabbie bhai?” asked Dadi standing behind Kabeer. “Dadu” screamed Ragini surprised and hugged her. “Aww mela bacha. What is this? Can’t you take care of yourself. Look at you” said Dadi caressing her cheek worried. “I’m fine Dadu” said Ragini consoling Dadi. Kabeer helped her to sit on bed and they kept talking.

“So how is she doctor” asked Kabeer to Shalini. “Good Progress. All are taking good care of her. She will be perfectly fine in two weeks. She can even run” said Shalini caressing her cheek. Ragini placed her head on Shalini’s shoulder smiling. “Okay I have to leave now. Your Papa must be coming. He will carry whole house on his head” said Shalini preparing to leave. “Come Shalini maa. I will drop you” said Manny accompanying her. As she was leaving Ragini’s room “Maa” called Ragini. Shalini felt she heard her daughter’s voice and turned shocked. “Bye. I will miss you” said Ragini smiling. Shalini smiled teary eyed and gave a flying kiss closing her eyes emotionally. Ragini smiled teary eyed. She felt Janaki is standing infront of her as she also does same when Ragini calls her to say bye. Radhika ran to terrace hiding her tears. She stood leaning at a corner and cried silently. Nitin who followed her stood beside her. “Gini is so lucky na. She has so many moms. And some people won’t even have a single” said Radhika wiping her tears and trying to smile. Nitin looked at her painfully. “Everybody will not have everything Radhu. But we can find something in everything what we have. Like you are Ragu’s second mom you live your mom’s life. You should be lucky enough to have such opportunity” said Nitin caressing her hair. Radhika cried and then smiled feeling better and nodded her head positive. “How you and Gini find positive thing in everything. You are really the sweetest person I have ever met” said Radhika looking at him smiling with tears in her eyes. He cupped her face with one hand and said “I learnt it from your Gini only. And you are the youngest mom I have ever met” She looked at him confused. “You all are equally dumb. I mean to say Ragu and you have just 3 months difference in age and you are her mom. Now understood?” said Nitin hitting her head playfully. She laughed at his statement. He side hugged her and kissed her hair consoling her. “How Nitin completes the gaps where Gini not be able to fill up. They truely are so compatible. If I knew Nitin before only I would have made them together before Gini got engaged to bhayyu” said Radhika to herself. “Come. Your kiddo must be waiting” said Nitin dragging her with him bringing her out of her thoughts.

“Perfect. She is perfectly fine now” said Shalini doing last test for Ragini. Ragini smiled at her. “Now you will not forget me na? You need not come here anymore” said Shalini emotional. “Maaa. Why you think like that. I cannot live without meeting you. If I have to get hurt again and again also I will get hurt” said Ragini hugging Shalini. “Ginu” said Suhani angry. Everybody worried as they could not tolerate Ragini in same condition again. Shalini hit her head playfully and said “Very bad joke”
“Why do everybody thinks like that Dumbo” said Ragini. Everybody laughed and Ragini looked at them pouting.

“Maaa” screamed Ragini preventing Janaki who raised her hand to slap Radhika as they came to know about Ragini’s accident. “Thu tho mujhse baat hi math kar. And Radhu. We gave you her responsibility right. Why didn’t you tell us. You hid such big thing from us. Have you seen your uncle’s state” she said showing her finger at Shekar who was crying like a kid hugging Ragini. “Maa please. You people were so far. She just did not want you people to get worried and panic.” said Aniket standing infront of her. Janaki glared at him. He ran from there within second and hid behind Latha. Suhani and Rachna controlled their laugh. “And you both. Don’t you have any responsibility? How did all this happened?” asked Latha standing infront Suhani and Rachna. “Maa wo hum” Suhani tried explaining. “Kaki please. It was not their fault” said Ragini cooling Latha. “Shut up Gini. I told na we will speak to you later” said Janaki angrily. “I’m responsible for her condition aunty” said Shruthi who entered their house with Sujatha. She explained everything to them. Ragini hit her head as she was hiding it from Janaki. Janaki came and stood infront of Ragini and raised her hand. Ragini closed her eyes fearing. Janaki caressed her cheek. Ragini opened her eyes and looked at Janaki who had tears in her eyes. “Maa” said Ragini and hugged her. “My Ginu has become so brave” said Shekar caressing Ragini’s hair. “I’m proud of you bacha” said Janaki rubbing her shoulder. Radhu came and stood infront of Janaki with puppy eyes and pouting. Rachna and Suhani stood on either side of Radhika. All three of them held their ears and said “Sorry” pouting. Janaki smiled and signed them to join the hug.

“Maa. I’ll get late fast” said Ragini standing near the dining table waiting for her tiffin box. Janaki gave her tiffin box and said “Today Palak Paneer. Don’t forget to give it to Shru” “Yes commandor” said Ragini saluting Janaki and smiled. “Badmash” said Janaki and chased her out of the house as she left for college.

The new Academic year of College started and all the friends were excited to enter college. Seniosr became super seniors. Juniors became seniors and waited to rag the new juniors. For some it was excitement to see the new faces. And for some it was the excitement to see the old faces after long vacation. The college was full of life after 2 months of Summer Vacation.

For Nitin it was crucial year as he was standing for the election for the post of President. He has to give full importance to campaigning right from the college reopen. But for him more exciting was meeting Ragini after a month as he had to go to Kolkota for his cousin’s wedding during vacation after Ragini got discharged. He did not want to go but Ragini forced him to attend as she was fine. He was angry on her for that. Ragini knew he was angry and wanted to cool his anger. He was so stubborn idiot did not even text her being angry though it was the toughest thing for him to do to keep her away from himself. Ragini wanted to cool him at any cost as it was her mistake to force him to go when he was least interested.She searched him everywhere in college as soon as she entered. But she could not meet him due to different orientation programs. “Nitin” she called out when she finally spotted him. He saw her and was about to turn but stopped when he saw Ragini slipped and was about to fall. He got concerned. But a guy held her from falling. He was mesmerized looking at Ragini. “Ragu” said Nitin rushing to the spot. He made her stand straight. “How many times I have told you to be careful. Why don’t you listen to me ever” said Nitin in a breath. “Relax Nitin I’m fine. Thanks to him” she said and showed the guy. He kept staring Ragini without responding. Nitin felt wierd. The way he stared Ragini made his blood boil. “Thank you so much” said Nitin forcefully shaking the guy’s hand almost crushing it in his fist. The boy felt pain and came back to the world. He smiled at Nitin and dragged his hand back and said “Hi. My name is Sidhant” “Hello” said Ragini smiling. “Fresher?” asked Ragini excited. “Why is she getting so excited” Nitin thought in his mind. “Actually I’m in final year. My dad is a police officer. So he got transferred from Jaipur. So I came here for my final year” said Sid. “Ohh my bad Luck I thought to rag a junior and thought to rag you. Chee Gini.

One student also you could not rag from morning. If Ani and Rachu came to know they will make fun of me” said Ragini pouting. Sid was looking carefully at her every expression change and was smiling. Nitin observed it and fumed. “Ragu. We are getting late. All our friends are waiting in Canteen” said Nitin holding her hand tightly. Ragini looked at him wierdly. “Excuse us” said Nitin looking at Sid with fake smile. “Hey Sidhant why don’t you join us. You are new here na. Might not be knowing anyone here come” said Ragini dragging him with her other hand. He looked at her hand and then her face. Her touch made him lose himself. He complied and headed with her. Nitin was pissed off due to his gaze on Ragini. “Hey Rachu. Look at that hot guy with Gini. Wow he is so handsome” said Suhani as she saw Ragini walking in with Nitin and some new guy. Manny got irritated with her statement and looked at her. “What?” asked Suhani. “Morning you also told same to a junior. Forgot? You can flirt.I cannot?” asked Suhani. “Ani….” before he could complete Ragini said “Hey all. This is Sidhant. He has joined the college recently in third year. He don’t know anyone here so I brought him here”

“Don’t know anyone here. So many juniors have come today they also don’t know anyone. Go and stand in gate and welcome them and bring them here” said Nitin in his mind making faces. “That’s really cool” said Suhani excited. “Cool. blo*dy fool” said Manny under his breath. Ragini introduced him to all her friends. The girls were completely flat on him. It irked the boys. While talking Sid touched Suhani’s shoulder laughing on her joke. Manny fumed and widened his eyes. He got annoyed and left from there as Suhani was busy with her new friend.

“Manny” said Suhani standing behind him. “Why have you come here? Go to your new friend” said Manny folding his hands and pouting angry. “Aww jealeous ha” asked Suhani standing infront of him. He turned his face and said “Why should I be. You are happy with him na go” said Manny and started walking. Suhani held his hand. “Leave me Ani” he said annoyed. She turned him and siad “I did not hold your hand to leave it. Even if I die I will not leave you and go” Manny placed his finger on her lips and nodded no teary eyed and hugged her and caressed her hair. “Eham eham. If the love birds have forgotten. This is college” said Rachna disturbing them. Both jerked and stood away. “Hey Wahe Guru. You got only my life to send this Siyappa Queen, Enemy of my romance” said Manny looking up. Suhani hit him playfully. “Oye hello. I told you na. Dur rahiyo Ani se Shadi tak. Latha aunty gave me orders to protect her.” said Rachna proudly. “Protect her? Are you mosqito repellent cream to protect her? Seriously. Why can’t you both like Ragu maa and Radhu. Both are cupid in each other’s life. And you are there as a kabab me haddi always” said Manny annoyed. “Come Ani. We are getting late for bus.” said Rachna dragging Suhani. Suhani looked at Manny helpless. He smiled and told her to carry on.

“You people are not going?” asked Sid to Ragini and Shruthi who opened their tiffin box to have lunch. “We have practicals today” said Shruthi. “My fav Palak Paneer” screamed Shruthi. “Janaki Aunty is the sweetest” said Shruthi hugging Ragini. Ragini smiled. “Okay Girls , time to leave. It was amazing meeting you” he said getting up from his seat. “Bye. See ya” said Ragini and Shruthi waving bye to him. He smiled walking backward and turned and started walking. He blushed caressing his hair. Nitin saw his expressions and got annoyed. “I’m also leaving”said Nitin with fake anger. “Okay” said Shruthi without even lifting her head. Ragini wanted to speak to him but he stormed out from the canteen.

“Still angry on me?” texted Ragini in between her practicals as she had brought the mobile with her hiding between the observation book. “Why should I be, And why do you bother? Bother about your new friend” texted Nitin. Ragini smiled looking at it and saw around to check if anybody noticed her. “Jealous ha?” texted Ragini. “Think whatever” replied Nitin. “I know I shouldn’t have forced you to go. I apologise. Please” texted Ragini. “Puppy eyes trick failed” texted Nitin. “Argghhh. Fine give atleast punishment to me and cool down” she texted. “Fine. On one condition. Tomorrow you have half a day and you have to come with me to Gurudwara” texted Nitin. “Done” texted Ragini and got back to her practicals.

“What is this?” asked Ragini to Nitin who gave her a pamplet as they headed to her bus stop after she finished practicals as Nitin waited for her to finish it and come. He did not want to miss a second of time which he might get to spend with her. He himself knows how much it was difficult for him to stay away from her for a month. “Fresher’s Party pamplets. Next week we are oragnising it from our Party. And ask permission at your home. It will become late and you can stay in Shruthi’s house.” said Nitin. “Hope maa agrees” said Ragini excited. “She will don’t worry” said Nitin smiling. Ragini waved bye from the window after she got inside the bus and sat. He smiled and headed to Parking to get his bike and drove to his house.

Sidhant: Sidhant Gupta
Don’t worry Sidhant is just guest appearance just to make Nitin jealous for some time. I hope you enjoy this shade of Nitin also. Keep smiling.

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  1. hey sally hw r u and todays episode was amazing omg nithin jealous ??? make him more and more jealous i like it but today u missed out one thing find find out …. today u missed ragini and manny moments

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    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear. Nope dear. Its just that Ragini is of same age as Shalini’s daughter whom she lost in accident. Ragini is so adorable and have attractive nature which drags everyone.

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