Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 26

“Really you are Janaki’s shadow” said Sujatha caressing Ragini’s cheek sitting beside her. Ragini smiled. Ragini convinced her to forgive Shruthi and not to tell it to Janaki for the time being. Sujatha felt fortunate to have her in her daughter’s life. “I’m damn sure Janaki is gonna kill me if she came to know that I hid such big thing from her” said Sujatha panicking. “Relax Aunty. I will handle mumma” said Aniket consoling her. “Look who is talking. If Janaki aunty show her signature angry eyes he will be the first person to disappear” said Rachna smirking. Aniket gave her death glare. “Let me stay here till Janaki comes back” said Sujatha. “That’s okay Aunty. We will take care. Not to worry” said Radhika. “Okay beta” said Sujatha smiling. Sujatha left from there after spending sometime with Ragini leaving Shruthi back. “Nittu. You go home. Look at you. You also need rest.

We will manage” said Suhani to Nitin. “That’s okay Ani no problem. I will be here” he said not willing to go. “Leave Ani. He won’t listen. Stubborn” said Ragini with fake anger. Nithin smiled at her fake anger. “Fine I’m going. But I will come back” said Nitin getting up. “I will be waiting” said Ragini in her heart and she felt what is wrong with her. Nitin felt he heard her and looked at her with questioning look. Ragini raised her eyebrows asking what. He nodded and started heading out sad and confused. “I will be waiting” he heard someone saying. He turned and looked at Ragini. She nodded her head. “I said I will be waiting dude” said Aniket dragging his attention to him. Nitin smiled at him. “Shru. Maa wanted to meet you. Come with me” said Nitin. Shruthi was damn happy that her Nittzz bro called her. She looked at Ragini. Ragini nodded her head smiling and signed her to go.

Shruthi went happily. “Don’t you think; you forgave her so easily” said Rachna who was squeezing orange to make juice for Ragini. “Leave it Rachu. Has she listened to us ever” said Suhani. “Ani, Rachu. Don’t drag it guys. I think we should not have any problem when she has only forgiven her” said Radhika trying to cool the situation. “Fine” said Rachna and Suhani at a time. “Ani” said Manny. “Gini ask him whether he is not scared that he is talking to Chudail now” said Suhani looking at Ragini. “How can dracula get scared from chudail Ani” said Rachna showing her tongue to Manny. Later she realized what she said and asked sorry to Suhani who was glaring at her. “Siyappa Queen, you won’t leave a chance to create Siyappa” said Manny laughing. Suhani looked at him and again turned to Ragini. Manny pleaded through eyes to save him. “Ani…” said Ragini hesitating. “Okay Fine. This is last time only for you I’m forgiving tell him” said Suhani still angry. Manny hugged her from back and kissed her cheek. Suhani melted and smiled at last.

Ragini and Radhika smiled looking at them. “Ma’am. I need this medicines” said a nurse entering Ragini’s room. “I will get it” said Rachna getting up. As she walked back after buying medicines from Pharmacy Kabeer draggged her to a corner. “Sorry Rachu. I didn’t mean to” said Kabeer holding her from her waist. “That’s fine” said Rachna hugging him. “You are not angry?” asked Kabeer happy. “Why should I be? By the way Mr. Khanna, even if you call me chudail, dayan or any other thing also, I’m not gonna leave you. So you have to bare me all your life” said Rachna smirking at him.”I will. My would be Mrs. Khanna” said Kabeer smiling. “Come nurse will be waiting for the medicines” said Kabeer walking with her.
“I’m sorry Nittz bro” said Shruthi when they reached parking. Nithin turned and hugged her immediately. “I’m sorry too Shru. I’m the worst bro in the world. I couldn’t protect my baby sis. And I was so angry on you instead” said Nithin tearing. “No Nittz bhai. I deserved all this. I behaved so badly with Gini. So I should get punishment na” said Shruthi sobbing. “Shhh bacha. Now forget it as a bad dream. She forgave you so chuck it” said Nitin wiping her tears. Shruthi nodded her head. Both of them headed to Nitin’s house.

“Nittu. Where were you? I was so worried. And what is this? How did you get hurt so much” enquired Yashu as soon as she opened the door and found Nitin. “Maa. Let me come in atleast” said Nitin. Yashu dragged him inside holding his wrist and made him sit on the couch. Shruthi entered behind him. Yashu was tensed. Nitin’s bruises made her worry more. She kept caressing his wounds teary eyed. Nitin held her hand in his hands and said “Maa. I’m fine. Just a small accident. And Ragini had to be admitted to hospital so I was in hospiatl” said Nitin consoling her. “What happened to her?” asked Yashu concerned. “She is fine now. Stop worrying maa” said Nitin. “Yeh acha hai. First stay away from home whole night without informing anything. Then if I worry also you have problem” said Yashu complaining.

“Ohho maa. Nothing like that. Now relax. ” said Nitin hugging her and consoled her. He signed Shruthi to not to say anything. “Chalo. I have to freshen up and go again to hospital” said Nitin. “Okay. I will prepare lunch and tell me what to prepare for Ragini, I will prepare and give” said Yashu wiping her tears. “She is not supposed to eat outside food. And only liquids” said Nitin holding Yashu’s shoulders. “Arrey it is home made food. How did it become outside food. Fine I will prepare rava ganji atleast. She can eat that” said Yashu. “You will not listen, hai na? Apko mere sath mujhse jude har insan ki fikar hai. Hai na. In total you cannot stop worrying” said Nitin smiling. “Now go freshen up” said Yashu caressing his cheek. He smiled and complied. “Badi maa. Even I will help you” said Shruthi heading to kitchen behind Yashu.

“Ho gaya” said Yashu packing the tiffin. Nitin and Shruthi finished lunch by the time. “Maa I said na it is not necessarry. Soup only she is drinking with difficulty, this tho she will surely not drink” said Nitin. “Taking is only your job. If she doesn’t like give it to some hungry people on the way” said Sujata keeping the tiffin box in a handbag and handing it to Nitin. “Fine” said Nitin not able to convince her. Nitin and Shruthi headed out of house. When Yashu was cleaning the dining table she saw butter paneer untouched in Nitin’s plate. He only ate roti. She found it strange because that is his fav and every time he takes extra and eats. She brushed her thoughts and continued her work as her son was doing wierd things from many days and she stopped bothering about it.
“Oh fish…” said Ragini disconnecting the call. “What happened Gini?” asked Kabeer. “Kabbie bhai. Due to land sliding all our parents have to postpone the return to one more week. Just now dadda told. He was hell worried” said Ragini tensed. “That’s cool” said Rachna smiling. “Rachu” everybody glared at her. “Don’t worry bacha. By that time na you will be better and uncle and aunty will be less worried” said Ishan caressing her hair. “And haa. This Badi maa gave. Matha Rani ka dhaga. She told she will come to meet you if you don’t have any problem” said Ishan tying a red thread across Ragini’s shoulder. “Why will I have any problem Ish bhai. I will be happy” said Ragini smiling. “Okay bacha. I will get her tomorrow” said Ishan caressing her hair.
“Abbey ketu. Why are you seeing your watch again and again. Girlfriend anewali hai kya?” asked Rachna teasing.

“Ohho kiddo. Don’t worry about my girlfriend. You should not talk all this in this age beta” said Aniket holding her chin. Everybody burst out laughing. “Siyappa Queen. Tere ke tho ketu bhi seriously nahi leta. Kabbie bhai apne kaise seriously le liya?” asked Manny holding his stomach. “Manny ke bache ruk” said Rachna chasing him. “Guys. Yeh kya laga rakha hai? This is hospital” said Shalini entering Ragini’s room. “Sorry” said everybody. “Better. Now visiting hours are over. Just one can stay. Rest of you have to leave” said Shalini checking Ragini’s reports. “Doctor when can we take Gini home?” asked Kabeer. “Two more days after that you can take her home. But only if she takes complete bed rest for one week.” said Shalini smiling. “Thank you” said Kabeer smiling. “Where is Nitin?” asked Shalini. “He is gone home. Yeh lo. He is here” said Manny smiling. Nitin entered with a handbag. “Yaay dude” said Aniket hugging him. Nitin smiled at him.

“Okay Gini we will leave. Take care of yourself. Nittu ko zyada tang math karna” said Suhani hugging Ragini. “Haaaw. How mean. I’m not Rachu ok” said Ragini pouting. “What do you mean I annoy people always” said Rachna holding her waist with her hands. “Isme koi doubt hai. Now lets leave Siyappa Queen” said Rahika dragging Rachna along with others.
“What is this?” asked Ragini pointing the bag in Nitin’s hand. “Rava Ganji. I told mumma that you will not eat but she compelled me to take” said Nitin. “Rava Ganji. Wooow that’s my fav” said Ragini excited. “Really? Who likes rava ganji?” asked Nitin with wierd face. “I like. If mumma was here she would have made it for me. I missed it so much.” said Ragini smiling. “Thank God. We need not find different ways to feed her dinner today” said Shalini looking at Nitin.
“It was yummy. Your mom is a super cook” said Ragini gulping water. Nitin smiled looking at her excitement. Something stuck in his mind. “Don’t you wanna thank her?” asked Nitin. “Can I?” asked Ragini narrowing her eyes. “Ofcourse you can. She will be so happy” said Nitin dailing his mom’s number. “Hello. Haa Nitin tell me” said Yashu. “Maa. Ragu want to thank you. Wait I will give the phone to her.” said Nitin. “Arrey beta…” before she could say anything Nitin gave the phone to Ragini. She took it and spoke nervously “Hello aunty” “Hello beta” said Yashu. “Thank you so much aunty” said Ragini hesitent. “Arrey. Why so much formality. You are my Nittu’s friend na. I can do this much for you. How are you beta?” asked Yashu as she sensed Ragini’s awkwardness. “I’m fine aunty. Thanks to your Rava Ganji.

It was so yummy. From yesterday I’m eating that boring soup. Now I feel my taste buds are back to work” said Ragini excited. “Badmash” said Shalini hitting lightly on her shoulder. She smiled at Shalini. “Ha ha ha. You liked it. This nittu tho was doing so much nakhra to take it. He was saying you will not even touch it.” said Yashu smiling. “Dumbo he is. I loved it aunty. You know you made it just like my mumma. If she was here she would have made it like this only, but she is not here” said Ragini missing Janaki. Nitin looked at her raising his eyebrows. She showed her tongue to him. “Awww so sweet you are. Don’t worry I will send it with Nitin tomorrow also. And anything you need tell me I will prepare and send. Nittu told me that your parents are not here. So till they come back, your food responsibility is mine okay” said Yashu. “No aunty. I don’t want to bother you” said Ragini. “Arey beta. I love to do it. Don’t think you are bothering. Your doctor is around? Give her the phone.

I will ask her your diet.” said Yashu. After much compelling Ragini gave the phone to Shalini. “Hello haa boliye” said Shalini. “Doctor ji. Please tell me what and all I can give to Ragini and what I should not give. From tomorrow I will send food for her” said Yashu. Shalini instructed her and she wrote down the points. “Thank you so much aunty. You are the sweetest.” said Ragini. “Aunty bola na tho thank you kaisa. Now you take rest. Give the phone to Nitu.” said Yashu. “Haa maa” said Nitin over the phone. “Meri bahu ka khayal rakhna” said Yashu smiling. “Maaa” complained Nitin. “Okay okay. Good night” said Yashu disconnecting the call. She smiled and went to the potrait across which garland was hung.

“Dekha apne Hamara Nittu kithna Bada hogaya hai. Usne humare liye bahu bhi chun li hai. I was really worried for him. He had become emotion less after you left us Vishal. Wo tho Manny tha jisne usse sambhala but still he was not living but just breathing. I know you have only sent Ragini in his life. I’m so happy Vishal. You have noticed our son has changed so much after she came in his life. Today I spoke to her. Such a sweet child she is” said Yashu smiling.
I know you people must be feeling like hitting tomatoes and eggs at me for this update. Just one more chappy and I will wind up this Ragini’s hospitalization.

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  2. being butter panner is ragini favrote and she ragini is not able to eat it he also not eat it just for her sake it’s called pure love I am so touched by this single moment and the way yashu says meri bahu ka khayal rakhna it’s so cute.

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      You got it right Ankita. Im so happy that moment touched your heart.

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