Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 25 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Thank god Gini is fine. And by the time Shekar uncle comes back she will be little better and we can tell what happened” said Suhani entering house. “What happened to RD?” came Aniket’s voice who was already inside the house. All were shocked as he heard what they were speaking. “Ani your mouth will not shut right?” whispered Rachna. Suhani looked at her pouting sadly. Radhika went and caressed Aniket’s hair and said “Nothing Ketu. Just small injury” But he jerked her hand and said “Where is she? I want to see her” Radhika panicked. Ishan came and stood in front of him and said “Hey buddy. Nothing to worry. She is fine”

“Haa we will meet her tomorrow Ketu. Relax” said Rachna caressing his hair. “No. I wanna meet her now” he said stubborn. “Ketu please bacha. It’s just small accident. Nothing serious. Now you cannot meet her. We will do one thing. Now we will speak to her over the phone ok” said Suhani dialing Nitin’s number. “Hello. Nittu. Sorry to disturb. Can you give the phone to Gini please” said Suhani. Nitin complied and gave the phone to Ragini. “Hello Gini…” before she could speak Aniket dragged the phone from Suhani’s hand and spoke “RD…. What happened to you? Where are you? These people are not letting me to come to you. You know how much I’m worried” in cracking voice. A tear escaped from Ragini’s eye. Nitin asked her worried what happened through eyebrows. She just nodded her head. She controlled her emotions and spoke “Ketu… Nothing bacha. I’m fine” “No. You are telling lie RD” said Aniket bursting into a cry. “Awww mela ketu. Why have you become like dadda so emotional. Now na you cannot come here. But morning Radhu maa will get you here. Please bacha. Don’t tell it to mom or dadda. They are far and will be worried. You know na dadda will panic?” said Ragini suppressing her cry. “Ok RD. But morning nobody can stop me. Tell your bandariya friends now only” said Aniket wiping his tears. All of them opened their mouth in awww and gave him death glares. “Ok… Give the phone to Ani now” said Ragini smiling through her tears. “Ketu ke bache. You just wait. Now the time is not correct” said Suhani taking the phone from him. “Ani. Please get him morning ok. Otherwise he will call and tell mumma” said Ragini. “Don’t worry Gini. We will get him early morning only. Now you sleep. Give the phone to Nittu” said Suhani. “Hello. Haa Ani” said Nitin. “Take care of her Nittu. Morning we will come ok.” said Suhani. “You need not tell him. He will take care” said Radhika from back. Nitin smiled at her answer. “Okay okay bye now. Good night” said Suhani disconnecting the call.

“Come on ketu go to bed.” said Rachna. “Oh hello. I don’t take orders from Bandariya ok” said Aniket acting like monkey.
“Nakhre tho dekho iske. Let the right time come I will show you who is bandariya” said Rachna imitating. “Right time, siyappa queen. You already showed him that you are bandariya” said Manny and burst out laughing. Aniket joined him giving high five. “Shut up Manny” everyone told in chorus. Rachna who was glaring him started laughing. “Common Ketu. Go sleep now” said Radhika pushing him to the room. All the boys headed to their house and girls kept talking in their room about the horrible night and dozed off after sometime.

“Your bro?” asked Nitin when he came back to Ragini’s bed when she was wiping her tears. “Yup. My little bro” she said laughing a bit. “Ketu sounds different” he said. “Actually his name is Aniket. Me and Radhu maa named him ketu. He was so naughty in childhood. Still he is” said Ragini remembering her childhood. “Dinner time.” said Shalini entering with a nurse. Ragini smiled and looked at her.

“What is this?” asked Ragini with annoyed face. “Soup” said Shalini. “But ma’am. I don’t like soup. Please” said Ragini pouting. “Can you call me maa?” asked Shalini caressing her cheek. She nodded smiling. Shalini took the bowl in her hand and said “And you have to drink this for some more days” said Shalini strict. “But maa..” before Ragini could complete Shalini made her drink the soup from the spoon. “Yew.” said Ragini making face. Nitin laughed looking at her face and held his stomach. After so many hours of tension he felt really light and laughed whole heartedly. Ragini smiled looking at his laugh which she was craving to see on his tensed face from the time she gained consciousness. Though he smiled still the pain was visible in his face all the time, which disappeared now. She was lost looking at him. Shalini smiled looking at them. “Okay now I have to leave. Nitin please make her drink this soup. I have to attend some more patients” said Shalini bringing Ragini back to real world. Nitin smiled and sat beside Ragini with the soup bowl. And he made her drink the remaining soup. Some soup was left out near her lip. He wiped it with his finger. Ragini looked at him surprised. “You need anything?” he asked her. She just nodded no lowering her head. “Take this tablet” said Nitin holding tablets and water glass in his hands. He made her take the medicine. Ragini kept staring at him. He asked her through eyebrows what. She smiled and nodded no. He wiped her mouth with tissue paper.

“You are still angry?” asked Ragini. “I told na we will speak about it later. Now don’t take tension. It’s not good for you to think about unnecessary things” said Nithin getting up to keep the bowl and tissue paper aside. “This is not unnecessary” said Ragini not budging. “Ragini please. It’s between me and Shru. It’s our family rule. Nobody speaks between us” he said bit strict. She felt bad. He sensed it. “I’m sorry” he said holding his ears. She just moved her face other side with fake anger. He held her hand and turned her but she faced other side pouting angry. “Please” he said shrinking his eyes. “You called me Ragini” she said pouting sadly. He smiled at her antic and said “Sorry once again. I will call you Ragu only. I did not know you like to hear Ragu from my voice” Ragini smiled widely. “Hmm now tell me what you were saying” he asked. “You said not to speak between Shru and you” she said complaining. “Now I’m telling you to speak na” said Nitin smiling. He knew he broke the family rule but now Ragini was not separate from him. “Please forgive her Nitin. It wasn’t her fault. Yup she did mistake by not believing me. But I went behind them so for my condition she is not responsible” she said holding his hand. His face was still stiff remembering the incidents. “You want her to suffer all her life for just not believing me?” she asked. He looked at her with questioning look. “He…. He……” she stumbled to say the whole truth. “He what?” asked Nitin confused. “He tried to force himself on her when I entered the room” she said closing her eyes. Nitin anger busted hearing it.

Though he was angry on Shruthi, she was still his baby sister. The Rakhis she tied him were not just threads, he was bound to protect her. He can’t even control himself if somebody spoke badly about his baby sister, how he can spare a person who tried to play with her sanity. He closed his fist. If Mohit was in front of him he would have been dead by now. His eyes turned red. Ragini got scared looking at his anger which made her shiver always. Her shiver brought him back to reality. His baby sis was going through so much and he also was angry on her. He cursed himself for behaving so rudely with her. But Ragini’s condition made him think that his anger on her was justified. But his heart pained as he did not even hug her to console her when she needed him the most. Ragini sensed his sadness. She cupped his face with one hand and made him look into her eyes. “Don’t think about the time passed. Think about the time which you can utilize. She needs you. Please” He looked at her teary eyed. “How you sense what my heart feels even before me saying anything” thought Nitin to himself. He smiled and nodded with tears. They kept talking. After sometime Ragini felt uneasy and she wanted to use the washroom. But how to ask Nitin about it. She was making weird funny faces. Nitin understood her situation. “Just a sec” saying he went out. She tried to move but was about to fall from the bed but Nitin held her on time. She looked at him. He lifted her in his arms. She was shocked. She asked him “What are you doing?” He kept moving towards wash room. He placed her on the chair which he dragged and called the nurse inside whom he brought to his room.

After helping Ragini the nurse called Nitin again and he came and carried her back to bed. She was looking at him shocked. “Next time onwards don’t do so much expression changing exercises. You can tell me” he said smiling at her. She just nodded her head like small kid.

“Now let me help you to sleep” said Nitin helping Ragini to lie. “I’m not sleepy.” said Ragini pouting after lying in the bed. “But you have to take rest.” said Nitin worried. “We will talk na for some time. Then if I feel sleepy. I will sleep. Please” said Ragini with puppy eyes. He smiled at her antics. He thought how he would have missed all this in a fraction of second when she slipped from his hand and came back to reality when Ragini shook him. They kept talking for some time. Her face and expressions was bringing his life bit by bit back to his body. He felt he got a new life and new Ragini. He smiled and enjoyed at her every expression feeling not to let go one second of his life also with her. He wanted to capture every second of his life with her. Ragini fell asleep while speaking only. He caressed her hair smiling and covered her with bedsheet. He pecked her head slightly and went and lied on couch staring at her angelic face. A tear escaped his eye remembering how he would have lost her in fraction of second. He thanked God and after some time fell asleep.

“Good morning” said Ragini smiling looking at Nitin who was sitting near her bed. He smiled and said “Very good morning”. “Very lovely morning” said Shalini entering the room. Ragini and Nitin gave her warm smile. The nurse with her helped Ragini to wash her face and change. Nithin waited outside till they finished cleansing. “Again soup. No maa. Please” said Ragini pouting sadly. “Ragini beta. Still infection is there in your body. You need to take liquids only for some time. Now drink it” said Shalini ordering. “But..” said Ragini. “Ragu don’t you want to eat butter paneer?” asked Nitin. “Ya. I want to” she said from watering mouth. “If you want to eat it, you have to recover fast. And for that you have to drink soup now. More you delay in drinking soup more you have to wait for eating butter paneer” said Nitin. “Okay” said Ragini and drank the soup remembering the butter paneer. Shalini and Nitin gave high five looking at her. “Now time for injection” said Shalini holding syringe. “Nooooo. Give me tablets maa. No injection please” said Ragini scared. Nitin held Ragini’s hand and said “Nothing will happen Ragu. It will be like ant byte” She was crying like small kid not willing to take the injection. As Shalini injected her she closed her eye and pressed Nitin’s hand. He closed his eyes not able to see her pain. Shalini looked at them smiling “Please Bhagwan ji. Don’t separate them” she prayed in her heart. She had stopped praying when she lost her only kid. But her hope returned when she witnessed GOD’s miracle when Ragini was saved by Nitin. If her kid was alive she would have been of Ragini’s age. She felt GOD has returned her kid so her bonding with Ragini was instant. “I’l be here. Just call me if you need anything” said Shalini caressing Ragini’s cheek while leaving. Ragini smiled and complied.

“RD…” Aniket entered screaming and hugged Ragini. “Shhh Ketu. This is hospital” said Ragini caressing his back. He brought himself back from the hug and said still sobbing “Look at you. How badly you have got hurt. And yesterday this chipkali said small accident. How can you hide this from me. Not fare” he said pointing at Suhani
“Behave ketu. She is elder than you na? How many times I should tell you don’t call Ani chipkali. What if she looks like one” said Ragini and tried to give high five to Aniket. “Ouch” saying she lowered her hand as she felt pain. Suhani who was fuming got concerned when Ragini winced in pain. “Can’t you be careful. What is the need to do your not so funny comedy in this state” said Nitin concerned sitting beside her. Aniket looked at him and asked “Who is he? Why is he scolding you?”

“I’m your RD’s friend.” said Nitin smiling. “And he only saved your RD” said Manny standing beside the bed. Aniket who was staring at Nitin intensely hugged him immediately and said “Thank you” and started sobbing. Nitin was surprised initially but then he caressed Aniket’s hair and consoled him. Ragini smiled looking at them.

“Yeh lo. I thought he only knows to make people cry” said Suhani teasing Aniket and gave high five to Rachna. “Oh hello. I cry like human beings at least not like chudails. I only make people cry. But you both will scare the hell out of people” said Aniket showing his tongue. Both of them opened their mouth in ‘o’ shape and huffed. Everybody burst out laughing. Rachna and Suhani glared at everyone. Other than Manny and Kabeer everybody stopped laughing but they continued laughing holding their stomach. “Chudail” asked Rachna and Suhani standing in front of them keeping their hands on their waist. They laughed more looking at their angry faces and said “exactly” in chorus. All hit their heads with their hands and said “Ohho Siyappa” in chorus. Both controlled their laugh panicking when they realized what they did. Suhani and Rachna turned and walked out angry. And Kabeer and Manny followed them out.

“What are you thinking Radhu” asked Ishan keeping his hand on Radhika’s hand when they went to hospital canteen for breakfast. She came out of her thoughts and said “How life changed in one day Ishan. We were so happy on our date and then next day in Dassera party preparation and suddenly we were at a state of losing Gini. Seriously none of us can live without her.” and started tearing. “Shhh Jaan.” he said placing his finger on her mouth and continued “Nothing happened to Gini. She is fine now. That is what important na” She hugged him. He rubbed her shoulder consoling her.
“Nittu. I need to talk to you” said Manny keeping his hand on Nithin’s shoulder who was bonding with Aniket with ease. “Yo dude. I will be just back” said Nitin to Aniket and followed Manny. “He is so cool. Not like these bandariyas RD” said Aniket smiling at Ragini. All three of them stared at him. “Ketu?” said Ragini eying him angry but burst out laughing with him.

“Nittu bro. Are you okay?” asked Manny hugging Nitin. “I’m okay bro” said Nitin caressing Manny’s back. Manny looked at him surprised. “What?” asked Nitin. “I mean you are so cool even after so much happened Nittu” asked Manny caressing his cheek. Nitin smiled and replied “This is also because of her only” Manny looked at him confused. “You know Manny when I was searching for her after exams. I was so tensed. then I remembered what she told to me. She told that ‘Man cannot control everything. And for the things which you cannot control just trust GOD for one second just one second. He will guide you surely’ and I just remembered Ganapati bappa. And I don’t know why I felt like searching Shruthi. If I wouldn’t have searched Shruthi I wouldn’t have found Ragini. Now when I believe Bappa, I’m very much sure that though I cannot protect her sometime he will surely protect her”

“OMG. She had changed you so much Nittu. I mean the atheist Nitin Roy started believing in GOD.” said Manny hugging him. Nitin smiled and rubbed his back.


Sorry for any grammer or typing mistakes. I hope this update cheered you people up to some extent. Now I can tell keep smiling 😉

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  1. this episode was lovely and omg the dailouge no need to do expression chamging exercise hahahhaha amd ketu called them chipkali hahhah loved it

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      Thank God I did not make you cry. Thank you so much. And a sorry to aunty ji that. She might be wondering what happened to you.

  2. Amazing

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