Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 23 and 24 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Manny.” said Ishan shaking him who was just staring ground. “Let me drive the car” said Ishan taking the car key from his shivering hands. Radhika was sitting inside and crying keeping her head on Suhani’s shoulder. Suhani was consoling her but her tears were also not stopping. Ishan dragged lifeless Manny and made him sit inside in the passenger seat. Rachna sat like a lifeless body and Kabeer drove the car with teary eyed. Ishan drove behind him.

“Ish bhai. I want celebration new edition chocolate for Rakhi ok. Don’t forget” Ishan remembered Ragini. He wiped his tears with one hand other hand on steering wheel. He looked in the rear mirror and saw Radhika’s condition and felt helpless.
“I’m not going anywhere leaving my Ani” said Ragini hugging Suhani. Suhani smiled cupping her cheek. She remembered the incident and started crying silently closing her eyes.

“Radhu maa” Radhika heard Ragini calling her. She opened her eyes and came to reality and cried more bitterly.
“What is this senior ji. Why you fall in trouble always and I have to save you. What if I’m not there” said Ragini pouting angry. “First thing don’t call me that. And I will not let you go anywhere” said Manny. The horn of the car jerked him and he came back to present still eyes swollen and wide. A heated tear ran on his cheek. But he still did not close his eyes.

Rachna was sitting like lifeless body.
“Rachu…. Stop playing pranks. Otherwise I will not talk to you. And I will go so far that you cannot reach me then your puppy eyes trick also will not work” said Ragini. Rachna held her ears pouting and Ragini hugged her. Rachna remembered still sitting like lifeless body.
Kabeer dragged her in his embrace and she started crying bitterly coming to reality. Kabeer kept his chin on her head.
“Kabbei bhai. Chodo na ghussa. Won’t you listen to your Gini” he remembered Ragini saying this. He closed his eyes and let out the tears painfully.
“Mohit when did you return? My friend told me otherwise tho you wouldn’t have told me only” said Shruthi pouting over the phone. “So? I should tell you whatever I do?” asked Mohit annoyed. “Why are you speaking like this Mohit. I was just…” said Shruthi tearing. “Oh please Shruthi don’t start that cry baby thing again. Tell me why did you call?” asked Mohit. ” I wanted to meet you I had told you na” said Shruti. “I don’t remember. Anyways will meet now. I am just near your college. Come let’s go to my house” said Mohit. “Okay” said Shruthi and ran out of college wiping her tears.
“Now you have to bear the punishment Shruthi. What does she think if she will get people to slap me. I will just keep quite. This time you have broken all your limits Ragini. And bechari Shruthi has to bare the punishment. I will make sure you will not be able to bring her back from the trauma I will send her to” said Mohit smirking at Ragini who was staring at his car outside the college.
“Mohit what are you doing” said Shruthi resisting his advancement which made her uncomfortable. “What jaan. We are in a relationship. What’s wrong?” he asked trailing his fingers on her cheek. “Mohit please. This is not right. Before marriage” said Shruthi. “Oh common babes. You are in which century still ha?” asked Mohit kissing her cheek. “Please Mohit. See we will get married soon. You know mumma agreed to meet you. After that pakka I will not stop you. But not now please.” said Shruthi struggling to get away from him. “Marriage? Are you insane? Who told you I will marry you? I’m just having fun with you don’t take it serious.” He said laughing. “He is jerk Shru. Listen to me” Ragini’s voice ringed in her ears. “No. You are kidding na. I know you are just scaring me” said Shruthi almost tearing. “Really yar Shruthi. You are dumber than that Radhika.

You know what girls? You people don’t deserve Ragini’s friendship. Of course when Radhika who was her friend from childhood doubted on her; you just know her from 8 months. That’s my charm babes” said Mohit smirking. Shruthi looked at him shocked. “Yup. Whatever she told was 200 percent right about me. I missed a chance with Radhika but I am not gonna miss it with you. Your Gini has to pay for the slap she printed on my face years ago. And I will spoil your life to that extent. She will cry all her life holding herself responsible for your condition” said Mohit opening buttons of his shirt and nearing her dangerously. She was numb.

“Any relationship does not depend on time but on amount of trust and understanding.” Ragini’s words ringed in her ears. She started crying. She rememberd how she spoke with Ragini and alleged her and Manny’s relationship in cultural fest. How she jerked her hand and how she was about to fall from the stair. And how she hurt Ragini after she came to know about Arjun’s proposal. Her voice was stuck in her throat. She was not able to scream for help. She was in his bungalow and there was 0.0001 possibilities that her scream will be heard and she will be saved. She started pleading Mohit thinking he might feel pity on her, but no he did not budge. “I deserved this. I did not trust Gini. I myself landed in this” said Shruthi sobbing closing her eyes not able to imagine about her future.
“Ice cream” screamed Ragini as she saw an ice cream stall as they were returning home from Gurudwara. But Nitin did not stop the car. “Oye Nitin stop the car. I want to eat ice cream” said Ragini shaking him. He jerked and stopped the car. “Dumbo. You scared me. What is wrong with you?” asked Nitin holding his racing heart. “You dumbo. I told ice cream long back you only did not stop” said Ragini pouting. “Are you crazy? If you just scream looking at something how am I supposed to understand that you need it?” he asked confused. “Who is dumb now. We girls are like that. We scream looking at something means you should get us that” said Ragini proudly. “How will I know I never took a girl out?” he said and bit his tongue closing his eyes. “Awww cho cute. You never took a girl out seriously?” asked Ragini shaking his chin. “Now come. Don’t you wanna eat ice cream” said Nitin nervously avoiding the topic. They got down from the car and Ragini tried to cross the road but Nitin dragged her back when he saw a bike coming in speed. She turned and landed on him and he hit his back to the car. She felt nervous and lowered her head as he was holding her waist.

“Sorry” he said taking his hands back. “Now you became blind also” said Nitin bringing her out of the embarrassment. She said sorry lowering her head. He held her hand and crossed the road carefully. Ragini kept looking at him and smiled. As they were eating ice cream a little amount of ice cream got applied on Ragini’s nose. Nitin looked at her and started laughing. She looked at him confused. He started moving in her direction. His closeness always made her lack air for breathing. She lowered her eyes. He bit his chin amused at her antics. He wiped her nose and she opened her eyes shocked. “Ice cream was there” said Nitin smiling mischievously. She cursed herself for imagining unnecessary things. And they headed back.
“Radhu wait.” screamed Ishan as soon as they entered Hospital as Radhika ran as soon as car stopped. Manny was standing near the car scared not willing to see Ragini’s condition. Suhani who was running stopped and turned back and saw Manny’s condition. Her hear pained and tears started flowing more as she understood his fears and pain. She came and stood in front of him and cupped his face. He lifted his head and met Suhani’s tearful eyes. He hugged her tight and all his emotions broke and he busted into a bitter cry. Suhani rubbed his back consoling him and closed her eyes with pain. “Ra…. Ragu maa….” he was saying and sobbing. “Shhhh Manny. Nothing will happen. She is very strong. Dekhna wo jaldi teekh hojayegi” said Suhani in cracking voice.

Only her heart knew that even she was not convinced. “Promise?” asked Manny like a kid still hugging her. She dragged him out of embrace and held his cheek and said “Pakka promise” with teary eyed. He hugged her again tightly. Suhani closed her eyes tightly and let out tears flow as she also could not assure whether her promise will be kept or it will break. She prayed to GOD to save her Gini who was Manny’s Ragu maa more than her Gini. She knew 12 hours without her only Manny could not tolerate how will he tolerate his Ragu maa’s condition now.
“Thud” Nitin felt a tight slap on his cheek. Radhika grabbed his collar and said “Why did you involve Gini in this. Why?” Ishan held her and dragged her away. Nitin held his cheek and looked at her shocked. “Why did you take her along with you? Shruthi was only your responsibility. Why did you take her there?” she screamed. Nitin was not in a state to give any explanation he kept quite without clearing anything to Radhika. Somewhere he held himself responsible for Ragini’s condition. He could have held her from falling. He closed his eyes and remembered how Ragini slipped from his hand and moved from there outside. Shruthi came and stood in front of Radhika and said “Radhu…” Radhika showed her palm and said “You have no rights to call me like that.

And you are totally responsible for her condition. She did not even thought about her life to save you from that bl**** b****. And you blamed her only. You blamed my Gini. If you would have listened to her once and thought about it using your brain. My Gini wouldn’t have been in this condition” said Radhika screaming and kept her head on Ishan’s chest and sobbed. Shruthi closed her eyes and let tears flow. “I agree I’m totally responsible for Gini’s condition. But…. But she followed me and came to Mohit’s bungalow. Nittzz bhai did not even know about it” she said collapsing on floor. The SI who was still there came to Radhika and spoke “Yes ma’am.

He was the person who used his brain and tracked their location with Ms. Shruthi’s number as Ms. Ragini had left her phone at home. He drove on bike on maximum speed to reach the spot as soon as he got the exact address. If he wasn’t there we would not have even known what is happening. She would have been in worst situation.”

Radhika looked at him shocked. “And when he called you asking Mohit’s address he was searching Gini not me, as Jenny told him that she followed me. I went there with my wish but he was worried for Gini as he knew Mohit’s bad intentions towards her. He did not want her to suffer while saving me. He reached on time but Mohit kept the knife across Gini’s neck and threatened us, he got beaten up also badly; but he could not hold her when Mohit pushed her. You know how much it is paining him remembering the way she slipped. He was not even in his senses till few minutes back.” saying Shruthi completed narrating and cried. Radhika and Ishan looked at them with shocking faces. Radhika felt guilty. She slapped the person who saved her Gini. She went behind him.

He was standing in a corner leaning his head and folding his hands backwards. Tears were still flowing from his eyes. Radhika felt bad for him. She walked and stood in front of him. He straightened himself and wiped his tears and said “Wo I will leave. Just after she gets conscious and I will never come in her life again. I….” before he could complete Radhika hugged him encircling her hands around his neck. He was shocked then he hugged her back. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved like that. You saved my Gini and I slapped you only” she said sobbing. He dragged her out of hug and held her chin and told “All moms are like this. She is your first kid na. I did not feel bad.” he said wiping her tears. She nodded her head. Ishan smiled looking at them.
Rachna who reached before everybody was peeping inside the ICU. Her heart was paining looking at Ragini’s condition who was pierced with needles and was on ventilator support. Kabeer looked at Rachna with painful eyes sitting on the bench. He got up and stood beside her and caressed her hair. She started tearing and hugged Kabeer. Kabeer caressed her hair and said “Rachu. Bacha…. Nothing will happen to Gini. She will be alright. Don’t you trust Gannu ji” She nodded her head still hugging. He took her and made her sit on the bench and side hugged her.

Suhani held Manny’s hand and was dragging him inside. “Ani. Please I cannot see her like this” said Manny pleading. Suhani looked at him with painful eyes. “Nothing will happen Manny. Don’t you trust Wahe Guru” asked Suhani cupping his face. He nodded his head still staring ground. “Now come on” said Suhani and they entered the hospital and reached ICU where Ragini was. Just then doctor came out of ICU. Radhika came there holding Nithin who was requesting her that he will stay outside only. Ishan came along with them. Rachna and Kabeer stood up from their benches. Everybody surrounded him curiously. “How is Gini Doctor” asked Kabeer breaking the silence. Everybody’s heart was beating uncontrollably.

“She is out of Danger but…” said the Doctor. “But what?” asked Manny worried. “There is a severe head injury and if she doesn’t gain consciousness within 4 hours she might slip into coma.” said Doctor worried. Manny stumbled listening to him. Everyone started tearing. Nitin walked backward “No no no” he said and ran from there. He went and sat in front of Ganesh Ji idol and closed his eyes folding his hands and started praying. Everybody started praying for Ragini with tears.

Shruthi sat beside Nitin folding her hands in front of Ganesh ji’s idol. “I know you love her the most bappa. But we need her more than you. I know I don’t deserve her but please think about people who are dependent on her. How will they live without her. Please bappa. Don’t let her fall in coma. I know you will not do that. The way Gini trust you; you will not let her dear ones suffer. You will not let so many people suffer. Please bappa” she prayed looking at Ganesh ji.

“Nittu please drink this juice” said Radhika sitting beside Nitin who was sitting in front of Ganeshji’s idol from past three hours without moving. “I don’t feel like Radhika” he said nodding his head. “Shruthi told me that you did not eat anything from morning. Have this. Don’t you want to see Gini. If you don’t eat and faint how you will see her” said Radhika placing her hand on his shoulder. He looked at her and laughed a bit with still tears in his eyes and said “Gini is right. You are like mom to everyone.” He took the juice and drank it and continued praying.

Dr. Shalini who was attending Ragini caressed her hair and started speaking to her. “You are so lucky to have person like Nitin in your life. I have never seen such miracle in my life. You remind me of my daughter. I couldn’t save her when she was in similar state. I lost all the hopes to save you but Nitin only brought you back. How both of your hearts are connected. Ahh I know I’m not talking like a doctor. Sorry. But please wake up beta. For Nitin’s sake. He will die without you. Don’t you want to see how much he loves you? Dumb idiot he has not even told you his feelings towards you.” she laughed teary eyed. “He cannot live without you beta” she said caressing Ragini’s cheek.

Ragini started moving faintly. Shalini’s smile widened and she was happy that Ragini was gaining conscious she called Dr. Mehta who was her assistant and told him to inform everyone. As he went out Ragini started moving more and was murmuring something. Shalini neared her and tried listening what she is murmuring. “Nitin…. Nitin….” she was saying faintly. “See first person whom you remembered was also him. So cute you both are.” said Shalini caressing her hair and went outside. “Can we meet her?” asked Ishan excited as Dr.Mehta told them that Ragini is gaining consciousness. Shalini who came outside told them “Only one person at a time now. We will shift her to ward after an hour then you all can see her”

Radhika ran first but she stopped. She turned and looked at Nitin who was still crying with happy tears. “Nitin you go” she said. She doesn’t know why she felt that he deserved to meet her Gini first. Nitin was touched by her gesture and nodded with teary eyed smiling.
He entered the ICU with heavy heart. He was nervous how he will face her. Shalini sensed his nervousness. “Nervous?” she asked walking. He looked at her and smiled faintly. “So when are you proposing her?” she asked straight. Nitin was surprised at her question, and then he remembered how she witnessed his confession. She smiled at him. “Don’t worry I haven’t told her anything yet. This is a secret between us.” she said pinching her neck. He smiled. “But on one condition” said Shalini. He looked at her with questioning look. “You have to call me for your marriage. You both are heavenly beautiful couple. Made for each other.

I don’t want to miss such golden celebration” she said caressing his cheek. He smiled blushing and nodded his head. As he was nearing her his heart started beating fast. His nervousness was at peak. Finally he stood beside her. Ragini was trying hard to open her eyes and after few seconds she slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was blur. As her vision cleared she found Nitin standing beside her and she met his eyes. He felt his life is back in his body after 12 hours and left a lump of air from mouth to relax his senses and his heart raced and he held it and said “Relax dude” in his mind. Shalini smiled looking at them as they were lost in each other and moved from there smiling. “Nitin” she spoke in faint voice.

He was craving to hear her voice from ages he felt. His mind was numb for few seconds. He smiled teary eyed and collapsed beside her. She saw his face which was full of bruises. She with difficulty moved her hand and caressed his face. He closed his eyes feeling her lively touch which was magical and healing for him always. “Why didn’t you take treatment?” she asked with difficulty. “Shhh” he kept his finger on her lips and shut her. She pouted sadly. He smiled with tears in his eyes and said “Dumbo. Look at your condition. And you are worried about me” She pouted and started crying like small baby. “Okay okay fine. I will not call you that again” he said and Ragini smiled. And both of them laughed weakly. “Shuthi?” she asked him. His smile faded and his face muscle stiffened. “Don’t be angry on her. It wasn’t her fault. Please. It is good for you only if you forgive her” she said holding his hand. He caressed her hair and said “We will see it later. Now relax”

“Now we have to shift her to normal ward. Please Nitin move out. You can meet her in an hour. I have to do her few tests” said Shalini. He smiled and started moving. Ragini held his hand and said “Come to me only if you take treatment for your wounds” He placed his hand on her hand and smiled and left.

“He is sweet” said Shalini. Ragini who was seeing in his direction smiled and said “Hmmmm” without her knowledge.
“Ouch” Ragini screamed as Rachna, Suhani and Radhika hugged her as soon as they entered her room. All of them dragged themselves away and said “Sorry” teary eyed. Ragini smiled looking at them and said “I thought again I will fall in coma” and laughed. “Very bad joke” said Radhika imitating Nitin. Ragini was surprised and said “I know” and everybody laughed. “Bacha you are okay na?” asked Ishan sitting beside her caressing her hair. Kabeer sat on the other side holding her hand said “Of course she is. My gini is strongest” Ragini smiled looking at their concern. Manny was standing near the door. Ragini looked at him. “Senior ji” she called. He ran and hugged her tight and started sobbing and told “Don’t call me that. Why did you do this? Do you know how much I was worried for you. For that stupid girl why did you risk your life.

I hate you.” He was behaving like a small kid. Ragini dragged him out of hug and cupped his face and said “If some stranger was in her place also. I would have done the same. She is my bestest friend. How can I let her fall in danger?” Shruthi was hearing it standing outside Ragini’s room. She ran from there sobbing. Somebody placed a hand on her shoulder. She turned and found Arjun. She hugged him sobbing and said “I don’t deserve her Arjun. I don’t deserve her” He caressed her hair. “Running away will not serve you any purpose. You have to face her then only you can get out of this guilt. You have to face every single person who is blaming you.

Then only you will get over your guilt.” he said rubbing her shoulder. She walked with his help and stood in Ragini’s room door. “Why have you come here? Anything is left to do?” asked Suhani standing in front of her. “I’m sorry Ani…” she said sobbing. “Your sorry will not repair the memories of horrible night. It will not heal Gini’s wounds” said Rachna standing beside Suhani. “But it will heal her soul and my heart” said Ragini from behind. Suhani and Rachna turned and glared Ragini. She lift her hand with difficulty signing Shruthi to hug her with teary eyed. Shruthi ran and hugged her and started crying bitterly. “I don’t even deserve to say sorry to you” said Shruthi sobbing. “Shhh Shru relax” saying Ragini rubbed her back to console her. “Ahhh so much crying. Pushpa I hate tears re” said Ragini dragging her out of hug and acted like Rajesh Khanna. Everybody smiled with teary eyed. “Very bad joke” said Shruthi pouting. “Why are everybody behaving like Nitin today?” she asked.

Everybody laughed at the question. “Where is he?” she asked as she did not find him in the room. He had left when Shruthi entered room. “I will check” said Suhani heading out. Nithin was standing near a pillar. Suhani placed her hand on his shoulder and he turned teary eyed. “When Gini forgave her why are you angry on Shru. Gini is right. Forgive Shru for your own good. It will heal your soul” said Suhani. “Won’t you forgive your Shru” said Shruthi standing behind Suhani. Suhani moved from there giving them privacy. He turned again closing his fist. “I’m sorry Nittzz bhai. I’m sorry. I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness” she said sobbing. Nitin turned and showed his finger and told her “I told you Shru. You will regret. But no you were so blind. She kept pleading you. You hurt her so many times. But still she risked her life for you. I will not forgive you for putting her in the situation she is now, she was fighting for her life. Can you even imagine what and all she has to go through just because of your stupidity. I cannot be like her to forgive you so easily.

I will not” and left from there angry. He entered Ragini’s room and she noticed his anger. Shruthi collapsed on floor. “I’m with you Shru. I will be there till everybody forgives you. You have to be strong” said Arjun side hugging her. She hugged him tight and sobbed. “Come we have to leave now. Aunty will be worried” said Arjun taking her out of Hospital.

“Only one person can stay here. You all have to leave.” said Shalini after she checked Ragini in the night. “I will stay” said Manny. “No me” said Ishan. Everybody was fighting. Shalini looked at them confused. She hit her head and said “Let Nitin stay. He knows her medicines. So it will be appropriate” and smiled looking at him. He was shocked as she was making ways for him to stay. “That sounds great. Now no fighting. Let’s leave home” said Radhika.

She trusted Nitin completely now. Her phone ringed she panicked looking at it and looked at Ragini horrified. Ragini raised her eyebrows asking what. “Shekar uncle” she whispered. Ragini bit her tongue and took Radhika’s phone and answered the call “Hello”

Shekar was relieved listening Ragini’s voice. A tear dropped from his eye . “Ginu bacha. Where were you? Why you did not pick the call?” asked Shekar worried. “Wo dadda. My friend’s birthday party was there after exam and I forgot my phone also. And yesterday it became late at night so I stayed in her house only. From morning I tried calling you but your phone was not reachable” said Ragini in one breath as she knew if she tells the truth her dadda will run and come to her and it was risky to give him any shocks when he was away from her. “Okay fine. Now I’m relieved.

You enjoy with your friends, I will call you in the morning” said Shekar. “Ji dadda” said Ragini and disconnected the call. Everybody was relieved as Shekar believed Ragini and did not panic. Ragini felt guilty. “Don’t worry bacha. When he will be back na. We will tell him everything. Now It’s not the right time” said Radhika caressing her hair. She smiled weakly. Suhani, Rachna Radhika gave her group and all of them left to house.

Keep smiling guys. I know it sounds sarcastic, I only make you people cry and tell you to keep smiling.

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  1. Amazing
    Dr shalini is so understanding
    Nitin ‘ s dialogue is very popular
    ” very bad joke ” hahaha???
    Everyone was using it ???.
    Radhu, ani and rachu are too cute
    Ish , Manny and kabir are so protective
    Nitin you’re our darling yaaar.
    Ragu you’re so innocent.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear. Finally you are happy

  2. Wow, superb

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    Awesome i loved it

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    and i forget i just loved the bonding of ragini and senior ji they r too adorable amd happy has not forget her well done nithin i m with u and happy that ragini is back
    i will stop my bak bak now

    1. Sally_blr

      I’m kannadiga dear not punjabi. Awww so sweet. Thank God you did not cry. I can imagine expression on Aunty’s face. 😉

  5. so finally ragu is fine kitna rulaya apne fom last 2 episodes plz give some light moments in next chappy doctor shalini is so cute actually nitin deserve to be there

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      Awww sweet heart sorry I made you cry but don’t worry stress buster is on the way

  6. Asra

    no words to say about thz update…mind blowing, awesome, fabulous….
    Everyone have a good bonding with ragini…
    i loved all character….Senior ji, ishan, kabeer have great bonding with ragini especially senior ji…radhika s really like a mother so caring…ragini soo innocent and cute….nitin soo sweet….am telling once again….no words to say about ur update….
    i really feeling bad for i don’t have a frnds like thz…
    u nailed it…hats off to ur imagination….loved it core…

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      This means a lot dear. Thank you so much. Love you for your lovely comment.

  7. nice superb episode

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  8. Silent_writer

    Again u rockedddd seriously now i will buy dictionary fpr compliment its very difficult to describe each n every scene which is full of emotions n each character has a cupid in th ff….. loved ur ff madly now love uuuuuu. N thank h for giving us this superb skills of urs ?????

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    it’s amazing, fantastic, superb no words to describe.. I totally loved it…

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    1. Sally_blr

      Yaaay. And your smile is also back. Awww I’m sorry (I’m holding my ears) to make you cry.

  12. Deesh

    Sorry for my late comment dear sally. I am on an educational tour. That’s y. The episode was soooooooooo awesome!! I loved everyone’s love for my ginu. It was so sweet. Thank god my ragu has been saved. Nitin and ragu’s love is so good that I am falling in love with them more and more.

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      Ohho Deesh. No problem dear. Comment whenever you are free. Enjoy your tour. Thank you so much sweetie. Glad you liked it.

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        Thank u so much sally!! 🙂

  13. Akshata

    i am pretty late again and you rocked it once again…… Finally ragini is fine now and i knew it ragini will forgive her easily and thats what happened. Nitin’s anger on shruti is justified, he almost lost his ragini, if not then there were chances when she was about to slip in coma. Shruti should understand sometimes apology is not enough to heal the wounded hearts. But she is lucky that she has Arjun besides her and also her best frnd forgave her. Radhika proved her motherly bond with ragini. about manny, he was the most affected person after nitin or maybe like nitin.

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      Thank you dear. Ya just apology is not enough sometimes. Glad you liked it.

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