Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 21 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“I know it’s silly but when I heard you that day in camp first time only, You took away my heart. But I struggled a lot to find you. And when I came across you again and again I don’t know why my heart wanted you only to be the girl whose voice I heard in the camp. I know I’m confusing but I don’t know. This is all new to me. You are understanding na what I’m saying? Ahhh” he said pulling his hair frustrated. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath relaxing his senses he continued “I want to stand by you all my life, protect you from every harm. I want to grow old with you; cuddle you every morning. I want to live my dreams with your dreams. So Ms. Ragini will you come in my life to make it complete. Will you give me a chance to change your name to Mrs. Ragini Nithin Roy?” asked Nitin looking up who was sitting on his knees. Ragini was in tears and covered her mouth. He got tensed looking her tears. He stood up and said “Why are you crying? I’m sorry. I’m really so…” before he could complete he felt soft lips on his rough rigid lips. He widened his eyes with shock and looked at Ragini who had closed her eyes and encircled her hands around his neck. His lips softened and he held her waist and dragged her close to his body and bent making the kiss passionate. And she caressed his hair drawing patterns in sync. His head moved to taste every tender side of her lips. He opened his mouth wide and wide to take her lips inside as much as he could. As their lungs lacked oxygen they departed breathing heavily. Tears flowed from their eyes and sparkled in the faint light of the setting sun. She nodded happily. He touched her head and kept his hand behind her head and smiled widely. She blushed and lowered her head. He kissed her forehead closing his eyes.
Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmmm
A room is shown where soft sunlight lit the room and Ragini is sleeping in Nithin’s embrace. Her sindhoor is spread and traces of it is on her cheek. Nitin is hugging her and her sindhoor has traces on his face also. Ragini turns and encircles her hand around his waist and he adjusts his chin to her head. Her chuda making sweet sound. As the sun rays become intense Ragini wakes up and finds Nithin sleeping with a bright smile. She gets up and pecks his forehead and the curve on his face widens and he tightens his grip around her waist. She pleads him to leave her showing the clock as it is late. After much pleading Nitin leaves her and she gets up and goes to washroom covering herself in a bedsheet.
As she comes out wearing a pink and white mixed synthetic saree. She finds Nithin was still sleeping. She wipes her hair near his ear and some drops fall on his ears and he feels tickling sensation and drags her in his embrace and both of them roll on bed laughing.
Dehleez Pe mere dil ki jo rakhe hai tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi likhdi mere humdum
Haa seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena Haa seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena Naa seekha jeena tere bina humdum
Ragini goes to kitchen and hugs Yashodha who was cutting the vegetables on the table and Yashodha holds her cheek and she moves to the stove and starts cooking. Nithin comes wearing shirt and signs her to stitch the button leaning to the door hiding from Yashodha pouting with puppy eyes. Ragini shows her eyes in anger and signs him to go but he hits the door saying he wont go pouting sadly. Yashodha sees him and lowers her head and starts smiling. She tells Ragini to finish her husband’s work first and then come to kitchen. She stumbles and blushes. Nithin runs to his room embarrassed. Ragini looks at Yashu she nods her head and Ragini runs behind him. As she was stitching the button Nithin keeps tickling her. She resists him. He encircles his hand around her shoulders and leans to kiss her but the needle pierce him and he bends screaming in pain. Ragini burst out laughing. Nithin drags her in his embrace and encircles his hand around her neck.
Hmmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmmm
Ragini walks inside the room holding her baby bump. Nithin who was working on his laptop closes it and runs and holds her and helps her to walk. He tries to hug her but her belly prevents him. She pouts sadly. He hugs her from side and she rests her head on his chest and smiles. He places his chin on her head and smiles and tightens his grip around her shoulder.
He applies ointment on her swollen legs. She sees him with love. She feels pain and screams as her water broke.
She is taken inside the OT on stretcher. She holds Nitin’s hand and he asks the doctor permission to go inside along with her. Ragini screams and tries pushing the baby. Nithin has held her hand and consoles her caressing her hair. She screams for the last time. Nithin kisses her forehead with tears in his eyes. After they are shifted to the ward. He holds the baby in his hand and Ragini leans and rests her head on his shoulder feeling complete and smiles satisfactorily.
Sachi si hai yeh tareefe. Dil se jo maine kari hai
Jo tu mila tho saji hai duniya meri humdum
Wo asman mila zameen ko mere aadhe aadhe pure hai hum
Tere naam pe meri zindagi likhdi mere humdum
Haa seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena Haa seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena Naa seekha jeena tere bina humdum
“Tick tick tick” Alarm rang and Nithin woke up and saw the time which is showing 7. He woke up with a jerk. Sitting on his bed he spread both his hands and inhaled the fresh air and said “What a beautiful dream” and caressed his neck blushing and ran to washroom.
As he was ascending the stairs Yashodha said “Arrey you finished your exams na? Now where are you going?” He came near her and pinched her nose and said “To make arrangement for your daughter in law”. She widened her eyes and looked at him surprised and asked “What?” But before she could get of the shock; Nitin had headed out. He went to the Gurudwara where his dad used to take him in his childhood days, whenever he started something new in his life. He did not go for praying but to cool his anxiety. He always wondered; either you believe in God or not temples always give peace of mind. It was secret scientific reason which he wanted to discover. He sat inside and closed his eyes feeling peaceful.
“Hey kanha ji. Look at them. They are sleeping like they did not sleep from ages” said Ragini coming out of washroom as she found all her friends sleeping still hugging each other. “Sone dena Gini. You tho were at home only yesterday. We are tired” said Rachna irritated. “Fine. I’m going to College. If you people forgot let me remind you. Today is my last exam. And we are having Dashera Party evening. So get up soon and start the preperation. Jenny’s birthday today. So I will come after attending it” said Ragini taking her bag. “Haa meri maa” said all of them in chorus. She nodded her head in disbelief and headed out. “Hello Ish bhai” said Ragini answering her phone. “Gini bacha. All the best” said Ishan. “Thank you Ish bhai. I’m leaving now. Those are still sleeping. Please come home soon okay and start preparing for the party” she said.
“Okay bacha all the best once again and do well” said Ishan disconnecting the call. Ragini placed the cell phone on the dining table and entered house mandir and prayed and left home taking her bag.
“Hey bhagvan Look at these girls. Still in sleep mode” said Kabeer entering with Manny and Ishan when he spotted the girls walking around the house with coffee cup in their hands still sleepy and yawning.
“Come on girls. Get freshen up fast. We have to prepare for Party.” said Manny pushing everyone inside room. “Lucky Gini. She is saved.” said Suhani rubbing her eyes and went inside room.
They freshen up and came outside and joined the boys who were busy in preparation.
“How are you?” asked Manny to Suhani. She smiled and said “I’m fine. You are not angry on Rachu?”
“Angry? For what?” asked Manny. “She spoilt your moment na?” said Suhani shrinking her eyes. “Who told my moment is spoiled” said Manny and dragged Suhani close and held her waist. She was shocked looking at him. His face neared her face and she blushed and lowered her gaze. Her lips shivered. He kissed her cheek passionately. She widened her eyes. Rachna and Kabeer who were watching them busted balloons. Manny and Suhani jerked and departed. Suhani blushed and ran from there. Manny stared at them. Both of them gave high five to each other and started laughing. Manny chased them all over the hall. Ishan and Radhika hit their heads as they were behaving like small kids. After having cute cat fights they started decorating.
“Shall I message her? No. She will think that I’m so desperate. Anyways we discussed na yesterday night only about picking her up after the exams. I will directly wait outside the exam venue.” said Nithin to himself keeping his phone in his pocket.
“Finished” said Ragini under her breath as she answered the last question. She closed the booklet feeling satisfied with her performance in the exam and handed it to the examiner and headed out.
Nitin’s phone rang and as he was not suppose to use it near the venue so, he went out to pick it. “So how are the things going? Did you tell her?” asked Manny from other side. “Manny more than me you are desperate. Arrey she has not even come out of exam hall. You are making me nervous. This is 5th time you called from past half an hour.” said Nithin complaining
“Shru” before Ragini could call her Shruthi headed out of college campus. Ragini had noticed tears in her eyes. She moved behind her to talk. As she stepped out of college gate she saw Shruthi sitting in a car. She tried looking at the driver beside her. She was shocked to see Mohit who spotted her staring his car. He smirked and winked at her and started his car. Ragini felt restless. She felt Shruthi is going to be in deep trouble. Mohit’s smirk made her shiver thinking what he might have planned. Without wasting a second she stopped an auto and followed his car.
“Manny stop troubling me. I will talk to you later. I think she might have come out of exam and searching me. Bye” said Nitin disconnecting the call. He slid the phone in his pocket and headed to exam hall. He searched for her everywhere but she wasn’t there. His heart felt a strange feeling of fear not finding her. He enquired her classmates but all of them said that they have no idea. He stopped on his way and dialed her number.
“Hello” He heard Suhani’s voice. “Ani?” he asked not understanding how Suhani answered Ragini’s call. He checked his cell whether he is dialing correct number. “Wo Nittu Gini had forgotten her phone at home only” said Suhani to reason out. He rubbed his forehead which had formed deep wrinkles. “Okay” said Nitin disconnecting the call. He went to the gate and asked the watchman whether he has seen a girl showing him Ragini’s photo he had in his mobile. The watchman told him she went behind a car in auto rickshaw. “Car? Why will she follow a car?” he told himself. He ran inside to search whether Shruthi is there or not. But Jenny told him that she went much before and was upset and Ragini tried to talk to her but she couldn’t.
He dialed Shruthi’s number but it was in silent mode and she was not picking it. He kept rubbing his forehead in tension. It was getting dark. He dailed Sanju’s number to check whether Shruthi has reached home. He also answered negative. His heart anxiety increased with every passing minute. At last not finding any way he dailed a number. “Hello Nithin beta tell me” said DGP Ashok who was his dad’s childhood friend. “Uncle I need your help. One of my friend is untraceable and I feel she is in danger” said Nitin straight to the point not wasting a second. “Give me the mobile number beta. I will try to trace the location, you go to nearest police station. I will tell the SI to assist you” said Ashok with concern. “Ok uncle I will text you the number” he said and drove to nearest police station.
“Patric Avenue?” said Nitin surprised. “Yes beta. But I cannot get more exact location” said Ashok. He analyzed all the people related to Shruthi who live in their city to whose house possibly she might go. But he could not find single match. His brain stopped at one person “Mohit” he said shocked. He dialed Ishan’s number. “Hello Ishan can I talk to Radhika?” he said in a trembling voice. Already one hour had passed from the time exam ended. His mind was numb. He was trying all possibilities. Ishan called Radhika and handed the phone to her. “Hello.Haa tell me Nitin” said Radhika. “Hello Radhika can you tell me where Mohit lives?” asked Nithin. She was confused then said “Patric Avenue” His heart started sinking. “Can you give me the address” he said in almost cracking voice. She felt strange but gave him the address. “But why are you asking?” she said confused. “I’m not able to trace Shru. So I just wanna check whether she is there” he said avoiding the topic as he did not wanted to scare them sharing his doubts. “I got to go bye” he said disconnecting. Radhika handed the phone to Ishan and continued her work.
“I’ll go by my bike. You people please reach there” said Nitin running out of the police station. He was unable to grasp anything. He felt a pain in his heart. He was not able to control his anxiety. His hands shivered and with difficulty he drove with the maximum speed, breaking all the traffic rules.
“Dumb woman. Why did she leave her cell phone at home. Couldn’t she tell me” he thought and wiped the tears which started flowing.
Ragini stepped out of the rickshaw and saw a bungalow in front of her; inside which the car she was following entered. She found nobody. She thought of calling Nithin and searched her bag for phone. “Fish. I forgot to get it, now what to do? I have to go inside” she said determined and entered the gate. The atmosphere made her flinch but she kept walking through the creepy garden located in front of the Bungalow. She found the door open and entered it. She scanned the bungalow carefully and walked without making slightest noise. She heard somebody sobbing. “Shruthi” she whispered in fear. She walked slowly and was analyzing every room. At last she opened a door of a room and found Mohit forcing himself on Shruthi. She pushed him hard. She looked at him angry. Before he could get up she hit him with the vase and he again fell down. Shruthi hugged her sobbing. She was scared to the core. Ragini could hear her thumping heart. She held Shruthi’s wrist and started running from there. Mohit held his head and walked to catch hold of them. They ascended the stairs fast. As Ragini opened the main door she found Nitin standing outside who was ready to open the door. She was standing very close to him teary eyed. She was relieved to find him she leaned to hug him but she felt a strong hand dragging her back. She felt Nitin was going away from her. She got horrified and landed on a rigid body. Mohit placed a knife around her neck. Nithin got numb and widened his eyes. Shruthi was dumbstruck and inhaled the air deeply. Ragini was shocked seeing the knife. She looked at Nitin and started weeping. “Leave her mohit” shouted Nithin unable to see her tears. “You think I will listen to you?” asked Mohit smirking and dragged the knife still close to her. Nithin moved forward scared but stopped when Mohit warned him “No no. No not so easy don’t you dare to come near” He dragged Ragini to the terrace. Shruthi was shocked. She started crying bitterly for putting Ragini in this situation. She followed Mohit along with Nithin. He stood at one part of terrace still keeping his knife around Ragini’s neck. Nitin was standing opposite to him. He closed his fist feeling helpless. Ragini was weeping scared. She looked at him and their eyes met. As always her tears made his tears to flow. It was a painful eyelock. Most painful I must say. Mohit called his men who were near garage to the terrace. All of them came running and stood there. “Leave her Mohit. I will do whatever you want. Please let her go” Nitin said pleading him. He knew the police will be at the place soon. So he just needed to divert him for some more time. Mohit smirked and said “You really think I will let go such golden opportunity. Let me taste her first” he said drawing pattern on Ragini’s face with his fingers on her cheek and she closed her eyes disgusted. Nitin’s anger busted when his finger touched Ragini’s skin. It was instant. He ran in his direction shouting “You bl*** b****”. But Mohit’s men held him tight and he struggled to get out of their hold. To stop him one among them punched his face. “Nitin….” screamed Ragini horrified as lump of blood oozed from his nose and mouth; and her lungs flinched and she bent. “Ohhhh. This is the secret ha? If he gets hurt, it pains here?”asked Mohit smirking looking at Ragini. “Nice. I’m loving it” he said and dragged her back close to him. Tears started flowing from Ragini’s eyes as she saw Nitin’s condition as Mohit’s men beated him till he turned blue. His every drop of blood pained her heart. She felt helpless. “Please Mohit. Leave him. I promise I will do as you say” said Ragini folding her hands infront of him. He laughed evilly. “And you think I will do that?” he asked smirking. Ragini closed her eyes not able to see Nitin’s condition but tears were not stopping. Police entered the scene and Mohit got alerted. He moved still holding Ragini. “You are under arrest Mr. Mohit. Drop the knife and surrender” said the SI pointing his gun. He panicked. He did not know what to do to escape. He was sure he had no escape now. He removed the knife from Ragini’s neck and stabbed her from her back. Ragini opened her mouth and her eyes popped out due to the uncontrollable pain. Nitin’s heart stopped beating for a second.
“Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena Naa seekha jeena tere bina humdum” played faintly.
His world stopped. “If you cannot be mine. You will not be anyone’s” said Mohit smirking. He dragged her out of his hold. She twirled. Mohit who held her hand; pushed her. She stumbled. “Ragini….” screamed Nitin clinching his lungs with all the force he can scream and he pushed all the men holding him; with the maximum force and ran to her direction. She kept her hand in air expecting Nitin will save her. Nitin forwarded his hand to hold her. Her fingers touched his palm. His hand moved quickly and tried to grab her. But he was late. Her hand slipped from his hand and his hand closed. He looked up and found Ragini smiling with tears in her eyes and slowly slipping. Before he could try to hold her again she disappeared and fell down. Police arrested Mohit and Shruthi closed her mouth in shock when he stabbed her and was numb when Ragini fell. Some police constables held Nitin who was ready to jump from the same place Ragini slipped. He struggled to release himself. As he looked down he was shocked. Ragini was lying and blood started flowing in lump amount from her head.

No proof reading done. Sorry for typos. And I know you all must be feeling like pushing me from the terrace. Sorry.

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    N den after readng d last part i ws shocked i mean litterely blank!!!nooo plzzzz jst save my rags… 🙁 🙁 ..m feelng soooo bad for nitin!! Poor soul…how must he have felt after seeing his lady love surrounded by pool of blood.. 🙁 🙁 ..i m nt in a state to even say nythng..
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      I really wanted to give shock. ha ha ha ha. Thank you so much dear. Glad you liked it.

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      First of all thanks a lot dear coz that dream came to my mind because of your comment in last update you wished something romantic to happen in nitrag date. So it is dedicated to you. And second I was really waiting when you will read it cause I know you will love this twist. And most important thing I would love to be your friend. A big teddy hug. Keep smiling

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