Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 20 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

Arjun: Mishkat Verma

“Hello. Gini beta” said Sujatha on the call. “Hello Aunty. How are you?” asked Ragini politely. Sujatha felt bad for her condition which was due to her daughter but still she was talking like nothing happened. “You are angry on your Suji Aunty?” asked Sujatha. “Aunty why are you saying like this?” said Ragini. “I’m sorry beta from Shru’s behalf. Please forgive her. She is very stubborn beta.” said Sujatha in cracking voice. “I forgave her long back Aunty. I don’t have any problem with her. My problem is she will regret it very badly” said Ragini trying to control her emotions. “Don’t worry beta. Everything is sorted. She will be married to Arjun only. He might be here any time. I miss your presence. I always dreamt how you will handle everything in Shru’s marriage, like my second daughter. But destiny played such a big game. I cannot even invite you for her marriage” said Sujatha feeling helpless. Ragini wiped her tears and said “Ohho Aunty who told you I will not attend Shru’s marriage. If you don’t call also, I will come. If you call me shameless also no problem” Sujatha laughed at her talk. “You are such a sweet girl. Can I talk to Janaki?” asked Sujatha. “Haa Aunty.

But one request don’t tell anything to mom please” said Ragini pleading. “Okay beta” said Sujatha smiling. “Wait” said Ragini and headed out of her room calling Janaki. “Ha Hello Suji. Tell me. How did you remember your childhood friend after so many days” asked Janaki. “Arrey baaba Sorry. Now listen. Today Shru’s marriage is gonna fix. Can you send Gini home?” asked Sujatha. Janaki felt strange but brushed her thoughts as Ragini knew Janaki will not stop her from going to her bestest friend then why was Sujatha asking permission. “No Suji. She is not well. She slipped from stairs in college and got a cut in her head. I don’t feel like sending her. Sorry. Don’t worry for marriage I will send her one month before only to your house. But not now” said Janaki apologetically. Sujatha felt grateful to God for making Ragini her daughter’s friend as she lied to her mom to save Shruthi as she knew Janaki’s anger very well.

“Okay no problem. Just take care of her” said Sujatha disconnecting the call. She turned and found Yashodha standing folding her hands. “Don’t you think you should trust Shru once?” asked Yashu. “Jiji. I know Shru very well and I know Nitin very well and also Ragini. Ragini will never do what Shru is blaming her of. And Nitin; I need not tell you. You also know he will not support wrong people. If he is supporting Gini. I don’t think you should feel he is doing wrong” said Sujatha and left out for arrangements.

“I think they are here.” said Sujatha moving to the door as she heard the calling bell. “Awww. Namaste namaste ji. Come inside” she greeted Mr. & Mrs Rathod; Arjun’s parents along with him. Arjun bent and touched her feet. Sujatha was overwhelmed by his gesture. She looked at Nithin smiling and nodded her head gesturing she liked him for Shruthi. Shruthi was called as they were having tea and snacks. Arjun looked at her and got mesmerized. He could not believe this was happening really. When Nitin spoke to him regarding proposal, he rejected saying he cannot force her to marry him. But when he told about Mohit and his intentions towards Shruthi he felt as a friend he has to save her and he told Nitin that he will just act as he has come with proposal so that Mohit’s true colors come out and he will break the alliance later sighting Shruthi’s happiness. He never expected Shruthi to love him back.

After formal introduction; Shruthi was told to take him to their room. As soon as they entered her room Shruthi turned annoyed and spoke “What is wrong with you Arjun? Why did you agree for this proposal?”

“Because I love you. I love you from the day I understood love. I love you from the day I realized I cannot live without you and I’m incomplete without you” he said smiling. Shruthi’s heartbeat raised listening his husky voice. She did not see this coming. She composed her thumping heart and looked at him who was sitting on his knees. “Will you marry me?” he asked forwarding the ring. She was lost in his innocent eyes which always said truth. Her heart for a strange reason wanted her to say yes and accept the ring. She started tearing and was ready to nod her head, but came out to the real world and said “Arjun I love someone else. Don’t make me hurt you please I cannot tolerate you in pain please”. She turned to hide her tears. He came near her and leaning to her ears said “I know that.” and leaned back a bit. Shruthi turned to him shocked with a questioning look. “I will wait all my life for you” he said smiling and headed out of her room. He wiped his tears and headed to hall. Shruthi was astonished by his response.

“Suji I need to talk to you” said Yashodha after the guest left. Sujatha who was arranging the kitchen asked her “Ha Jiji bolo” and continued her work. “Don’t you think you are behaving rudely with Shru. She is mature enough to take her decision. Give her a chance” asked Yashodha. “Okay Jiji. I very well know that whatever she is wishing will not happen. But still if she wants to spoil her life I cannot simply sit and watch. Only for you I’m giving her a chance. Let her call him for a meeting. We will see if he is worth marrying our Shru, we will definitely go ahead” said Sujatha. “Thank you mom” said Shruthi hugging her who was standing behind Yashodha listening to her mom. “But I will not forgive you for what you did with Gini” said Sujatha dragging herself away from her and left from there. Shruthi felt hurt as her mom also is supporting Ragini. Yashodha caressed her hair and said “She will be alright. Give her some time.”
Shruthi nodded faintly.

“I want to meet you Mohit. Wanna give you good news” said Shruthi excited on the phone. Mohit removed the receiver from his ear not able to tolerate her scream. He made faces and spoke “And what is that?” “Na. I will tell you after meeting” said Shruthi. “But Shru I’m going to Paris this week and will return next week. I cannot meet you now” said Mohit. Shruthi felt bad but tried to understand him. “Okay. No problem.” said Shruthi. “Okay bye. I got to go” said Mohit disconnecting the call. Shruthi felt strange. Her heart was saying Ragini was right but her mind was not allowing her to even think about her.

“Ohho I’m so late. Kaku must have gone now. Fish” said Ragini stepping out of the library running to the bus stop. As she crossed the college gate and walked to bus stop a bike crossed her way and stopped in front of her. It was bit dark due to winter and only few students were around the campus. Ragini got scared. The rider removed his helmet and approached her. Ragini saw him. “Mohit?” she said shocked. He stood in front of her smirking. “I really appreciate your guts Ragini. You still wanna fight with me?” asked Mohit. She turned her face. He grabbed her from her hand and held her from her waist. “Leave me Mohit” shouted Ragini trying to get out of his hold. But he neared her face and touched her cheek with his fingers. “Even after getting so much of pain, you did not break. This is what makes me crazy about you” he said leaning to her neck inhaling her fragrance. But suddenly he felt a blow on his face and fell on the ground screaming. Manny dragged him up holding his collar and told “If I see even your shadow also near her. Think that’s your last day on this earth. Get lost before I kill you.” Mohit shrugged his collar from his hold and went from there. As he turned Ragini hugged him tightly crying badly. “Relax Ragu maa. He is gone” said Manny consoling her. He dropped her to home. Ragini told him not to say this to anyone and he complied.

“Gini. Get my bag bacha” called Shekar standing outside the house. “Ha Dadda” said Ragini heading out with a luggage bag. “Chaliye bhaisaab” said Latha calling Shekar and Janaki. “Ginu beta. Be careful okay. We will be back soon” said Janaki caressing Ragini’s hair. “We could have gone after our exams” said Radhika pouting. “No bacha. Mannat should not be postponed. We all had a mannat if all of your marriage gets fixed we will go on pilgrimage to Vaishno devi” said Tej consoling Radhika. “Ketu also went for picnic” said Ragini pouting sadly. “But you all will stay together na” said Rajinder. “Hmmm” said Rachna pouting. “Come on guys we are getting late for train” called Pankaj sitting inside the car. All four of them waved bye to their parents. As soon as the car disappeared all of them screamed in excitement as they got the freedom for two weeks. “But we have to study also” said Ragini warning them. “Haa Sathya harishchandra ki aakhri aulad” said all of them in unison and folded their hands in Namaste and burst out laughing.

Only one day they studied as per Gini but soon the freedom went out of control. They started talking with their boyfriends uncontrollably roaming in different corners of the house. Ragini was the only girl who studied seriously but she used to text Nitin in between. All the exams went smooth. Ragini saw Shruthi upset but could not talk to her. She consoled herself that everything will be fine. All the sections finished their exams. Only Ragini’ section had a last exam; that was her favorite subject. Though she had done the revision plenty of times and was well versed in the subject, she did not want to take any chance as she dreamt of having a career in that field.
“Tomorrow?” asked Suhani. “Haa. I wanna take you on a date” said Manny over the phone. “Okay done” said Suhani disconnecting the call on terrace. She blushed thinking about their date.
“Be ready Jaan, I will pick you up at 9 morning.” said Ishan clutching his pillow. Radhika blushed and said “As you say you’re Majesty”.

“I don’t wanna talk to you. You always do this. So much happened and you did not even tell me” said Kabeer angry. “Sorry babu. See it totally went out of my mind. Tell me what I should do as compensation” asked Rachna tensed as Kabeer was not cooling. She cursed Manny for creating the tiff. Manny who was having food at his home coughed badly as the food stuck in his throat. “Relax Manny” said Pratima patting his back and giving water. After he relaxed he said “Sure that Siyappa Queen is cursing me” Pratima hit his head playfully.

“I will tell you. Just be ready at 9 tomorrow” said Kabeer disconnecting the call. “Kahdoos” said Rachna and banged the cell phone on her head.

“So what are everybody doing” Ragini smiled reading Nitin’s message. “Nothing planning date with their poor boyfriends as they finished their exams and mine only exam is pending” typed Ragini followed by sad emoji and sent the message. Nitin smiled looking at her message and imagined her pouting sadly and rubbed his forehead which formed wrinkles as response to his blush. “So you will stay at home alone?” asked Nitin as he was planning to ask her for date. “Yeah obviously. I need to finish electronics revision tomorrow as exam is day after tomorrow” texted Ragini. “Oh so boring you are always thinking about studies. You need to take break from studies also sometimes” texted Nitin as he failed miserably. “Hmmm that’s right. But all are going with their boyfriends. I don’t want to be Kabab me haddi” texted Ragini. “Hey bhagvan. Why these girls are so dumb” Nitin told himself as Ragini did not understand the hidden meaning in his words. He gave up and texted “Dumbo I did not mean to being Kabaab me haddi. Will you come with me out? Even I was thinking to go out somewhere but Manny is busy with Ani.” He knew that was so dumb reason but you know love makes you dumb. Ragini typed a sad pouting emoji and then typed “Don’t call me dumbo. I’m not dumbo okay. You dumbo” and sent the message. “No you” texted Nitin. “No you” she replied. They kept arguing. At last Nitin thought the conversation is diverting so he texted “Are you coming or not?”

“Sounds great” texted Ragini as she felt she also needed the break. “So be ready at 10 morning. I will pick you up” texted Nithin happy. “But where will we go?” texted Ragini. “That’s my choice” texted Nitin. “Fine. For now good night” texted Ragini. “Yup. Good night” texted Nithin and fell on the bed dreaming about his date with Ragini. Ragini felt tickling sensation but brushed the thoughts saying to herself that he is just behaving friendly and she should not exaggerate it and fell asleep.

“Gini. I’m leaving. Be careful okay” said Suhani heading out of the house. Rachna and Radhika had already left the house. “Okay Ani. Have a great time” said Ragini waving her bye. She saw the clock it showed 9.10. “Fish. I have to get ready now” said Ragini hitting her head and headed to her room. Ragini came out of washroom and got ready in a simple salwar kameez. She wore her studs and bracelet. She got a text on her phone. “I’m outside your house” she read Nitin’s text. She replied him “Give me 5 min” He smiled looking at it. He was looking the other side keeping his hands on the top of his car. He felt Ragini’s presence and turned and saw her walking towards him. Even though she wore simple dress she always looked beautiful to Nithin. She smiled looking at him. He lost himself always in that charming smile which sooths everybody and it widened the small curve on his face. “Chale?” she asked him bringing him out of his dreams. He nodded his head and opened the door for her. She smiled for his gesture and sat inside. Her stole was falling outside. He lifted it and kept in her hand and closed the door. He went and sat in driving seat and found her struggling with seat belt. Nitin leaned and fastened her seatbelt. Ragini was shocked due to his proximity all of sudden. Her heart beat raced. Nitin could hear her heart beat and he looked at her. She was nervous due to his closeness. He withdrew himself immediately and straightened himself. “Sorry” he said softly. She just nodded her head suppressing the new feelings which arouse in her heart. He started driving.

“Still how far Ishan” said Radhika who was walking with Ishan as he covered her eyes with his hands. “Just a minute Jaan” he said. After walking a bit he removed his hands and told Radhika to open her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a tent setup beautifully decorated in between the sand and waves of the beach. She was surprised and closed her mouth with excitement. “You liked it?” asked Ishan. “Like it? I love it.” saying she hugged him tight. Ishan hugged her back. She looked at him still placing her hands around Ishan’s neck and spoke “I did not know my bholu Ishan is so romantic”.

“This was Papa’s idea” said Ishan smiling. “Awww. So sweet your Papa is” she said. “Our papa” said Ishan. “Hmmm. Our Papa” said Radhika hugging him again. Ishan held her hand and walked to the tent. “Such a beautiful surprise” said Radhika smiling. Ishan smiled at her. They had their food. After that Radhika dragged him to the beach. After playing with water for some time they walked holding each other’s hand. Radhika kept her head on Ishan’s shoulder and held his arm. He kissed her forehead. She smiled and continued walking slowly.

“I’m sorry. Sorry sorry sorry” said Rachna holding her ears in front of Kabeer who was still angry. “No I won’t be convinced this time so easily” said Kabeer folding his hands. “Please” said Rachna by pouting. Kabeer could not resist himself looking at her cute face and puppy eyes. He hugged and warned her not to hide anything from now onwards. She complied. “Where is Dadu?” asked Rachna to Kabeer after they settled in his room after lunch. “She is gone to Kolkata to her cousin’s house” said Kabeer casually. “Hmmm.” said Rachna. Kabeer got a message and he was about to check it but Rachna snatched it and said “No work today”

“Rachu give it to me” said Kabeer trying to snatch it but she kept running all over the room. As she found it difficult to escape she climbed the bed. Not finding any way Kabeer also climbed the bed. But due to soft bed both of them stumbled and fell down holding each other. Kabeer fell on her. Rachna felt nervous due to his heating gaze. She lowered her gaze sensing his closeness. And Kabeer could see her thumping heart. He felt himself dragged to her soft lips. Kabeer neared her and touched her lips passionately not able to control the heat arising within him due to her fragrance. Rachna encircled her hands around him and ran her hands through his soft hair equally responding to the kiss. As her hand moved to his neck he felt a sensation to drag her more and leaned on his back to the bed rolling still holding Rachna in his embrace. Now Rachna was on top of him. He ran his hands over her back still kissing her. His hand travelled to her Dori and he pulled it loosening it. And touched her back sensuously. She moaned in pleasure. It made Kabeer uncontrollable. As his hand moved to her dress zip Rachna widened her eyes shocked. He stopped kissing her and understood she is not comfortable to move further and withdraw his hands. She sat on the bed straightening herself and tried to tie her Dori. But Kabeer woke up and tied it. She shivered due to his touch which was still sensuous. He kissed her blushing cheek. “Are you okay?” asked Kabeer dragging her to a side hug to reduce her increasing nervousness. She nodded and hugged him tight. He smiled encircling his hands around her.

“Surprise” shouted Manny as Suhani entered the hall Manny had organized for their date. She blushed and smiled. He dragged her inside. They both sat for lunch. After dinner Manny asked for Dance. She complied keeping her hand in his palm. Suhani placed her one hand on his shoulder and with other hand held his hand. Manny kept his other hand on her waist and dragged her. She blushed due to his heated gaze on her. She kept her head on his chest blushing. And they danced with love. After sometime Manny cupped her face and started leaning to her. Suhani kept staring ground. “Ani” called Manny. She looked up at him and met his love filled eyes. He lost himself in her deep eyes and felt like he is bound to the magical spell and leaned to her closer he was just seconds from their first blissful kiss. As he was just a few mm away from her lips, “Aakchu” Suhani sneezed. Manny draw his face away from her face and looked at her making weird face. “Aakchu” she again sneezed. “Ani?” he said annoyed. “What Aakchu. I’m not doing purposely… Akchu” Manny brought the tissue paper to her but her sneezing did not stop. “Aakchu…”

“Why are you sneezing so badly” asked Manny worried. “Don’t….. Akchu…. Don’t know” said Suhani rubbing her nose which became pink. She looked around and asked him “Who gave you this orchid’s decoration idea…. Akchu…”
“Siyappa Queen told me that you like orchids. See how sweet she is. I was only thinking her as enemy of my romance. Though she was struggling to convince Kabbie bhai she gave me….” paused Manny thinking something. The smile on his face faded and anger occupied. “Siyappa Queen” shouted Manny as he understood it was Rachna’s plan as she knew Suhani has allergy to Orchids. He like fool was thinking she is helping him. Rachna who was drinking the juice started coughing as the juice entered the wrong pipe. Kabeer pacified her saying “Relax Rachu.”

“I think Manny is cursing me” she said composing herself. “What?” asked Kabeer confused. She told him what she did with Manny. Both of them burst into a roaring laugh imagining Manny’s condition.

“I’m sorry…. Akchu…. Because of me your plan spoiled…. Akchu” said Suhani sad. Manny cupped her face and said “Shhh. Jaan. Don’t worry. We have all life for romance. But for the time being your health is important” She still was feeling bad. Manny touched her pink nose with his nose and said “For the time being let’s have Eskimo kiss” She smiled looking at him. “Akchu…..” she sneezed again. “Yeew Ani” said Manny making face. She pouted sadly. He kissed her nose and touched her forehead with his forehead. She smiled looking at him.

“So you are an atheist but still love to visit temples as you can eat the tasty prasad” said Ragini eating the prasad in her hand which they got; outside the Gurudwara sitting beside the lake attached to it. Nithin ate the Prasad and nodded his head. “Why don’t you believe in God?” asked Ragini. “Because I don’t like the way people blindly believe God and leave everything on him and do nothing.” said Nitin presenting his point. “So where God is responsible for it” she asked. “I know he is not involved it’s just the people make me not believe all that stuff” he said folding his legs and sitting. “You are mistaken the word ‘Atheist’ then” said Ragini smiling. “I didn’t get you” said Nithin confused. “You are not against God but against blind traditions. People who believe in God are believers but people who does not consider God as a magician or don’t depend on him are not atheist but actually they are the real believers” she said smiling. He smiled understanding her point. She always had a positive thing in every negative thing. This is what made her special. “Let’s get going” said Nitin getting up. “Some more time please” said Ragini keeping her leg in the lake. He complied sat beside her. She leaned back with her hand support. The lake water tickled her. She shivered due to it sometime and was smiling. Nithin admired her as she had closed her eyes feeling the tickling and smiling. Her smile draws a curve on his face always. He held his thumping heart which was jumping looking at her innocent face. “Relax dude” he said under his breath. “Let’s leave” said Ragini getting up holding her bag. He smiled and followed her. They wore their foot wears as they went outside the temple. “This was so awesome” said Ragini excited. “I’m really feeling relaxed” she said smiling at him. They headed back to house. “Bye…. Meet you tomorrow after last exam” said Ragini waving her hand. Nithin smiled and waved back. “But be in touch with texts” he said stopping her. She smiled and complied. He did not want her to let go.

“I will tell you about my feelings tomorrow after exam. I cannot wait more” said Nithin looking at her direction. “Turn. Turn. Please turn” said Nithin under his breath. She turned and saw him. His heart started dancing. He leaned back on the seat touching his head to the seat. She smiled at him and went inside. He drove to his house. He remembered his day with Ragini sleeping on bed holding pillow. “I can’t wait Ragu to make you a part of my life a wonderful part. How will I tolerate being away from you for one more day? Tomorrow our exams will finish and I will tell you what special place you have in my heart. I hope you will not say no. I can’t imagine my life without you. You have awakened my dead emotions. I never felt so vulnerable, but it feels good. Whenever you will get hurt my heart stops beating and I feel like destroy the world. I never knew there is some feeling as such which makes your happiness and sorrows connected to the other person. So this is called love. Oh how I was unaware of it all my life” he said and hid his face in the pillow hiding his blush. He slept with a bright smile on his face determined to propose her and dreaming about his future with Ragini.

So guys excited for Nithin’s proposal. Hmmm me too. Fingers crossed. Best of Luck Nitin. I’m sorry to make you people emotional due to last chapter. So thought of giving a light hearted chappy. Hope you people liked it. Keep smiling guys.
I’m on Dassera vacation so meet you guys next week.
Happy and Prosperous Navaratri and Dassera.

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