Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 19 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Gini wait” called Radhika. “Haa Radhu maa” said Ragini turning who was on her way to her next class after the English class which they had together. “What happened to Shru? Why is she behaving strange? Did you people had an argument” asked Radhika folding her hands. “I hate you Ragini. I hate you” Shruthi’s words ringed in Ragini’s mind and she closed her eyes with pain but composed herself. She opened her eyes and found Radhika who was staring at her and waiting for reply. “Wo Radhu maa, just a small argument. Nothing serious. Don’t worry she will be alright. Now I’m getting late for Math class. I will meet you in the bus stop. Bye” said Ragini nervous to avoid the topic. Radhika held her hand and turned her and asked “Oh really small argument? So she is behaving like this? And it is not necessary for me to know it or shall I say I’m nobody now right? You have got so many new friends obviously I’m nowhere in the list right?”.

Radhika’s eyes were filled with tears. “No Radhu maa. Nothing like that.” said Ragini cupping Radhika’s face. She jerked her hands away. Ragini looked at her shocked. “I know after what I did due to Mohit, I don’t deserve your friendship. But tell it to me frankly. Why are you hurting me like this? If it makes you happy, fine I’ll stay out of your life. No worries, you need not give me any explanation” blurted Radhika in a go releasing all her frustration and ran from there. “Radhu maa” cried Ragini. Suhani saw it and followed Radhika. She was sitting in the Garden. Ishan who saw her there got worried and came and sat beside her and kept his hand on her shoulder. She turned and saw him with painful eyes and hugged him. He caressed her hair and asked “Baby what happened? Why are you crying?” Radhika kept sobbing without answering. “Radhu. You did not do this right with Gini” said Suhani standing in front of them in a cracking voice.

Radhika and Ishan stood up and looked at her. “Don’t come in between our matters Ani, otherwise” said Radhika wiping her tears. “Otherwise what? You will break our friendship also?” asked Suhani folding her hands. “What?” asked Ishan shocked. “Haa she doesn’t think anything before hurting Gini na.” she said to Ishan then she turned to Radhika. “Have you forgotten? Due to this nature of yours how much she suffered last time?” asked Suhani holding her elbow. “Ani please” said Radhika getting her elbow out of Suhani’s hold. “You have to listen to me this time. I will not let you hurt Gini again. Not now” said Suhani determined. “What are you talking Ani?” asked Ishan not understanding anything. “I will tell” said Rachna coming from behind Suhani. She explained Radhika whatever happened. She closed her mouth with her hand and started crying. “And she did not tell you as she thought you will be hurt. And last time also Ragini tried to save you from Mohit because that bl**** s*** B*** tried to molest her. He always had a bad intention towards Gini. And now he is using Shru for revenge” said Suhani revealing the whole truth. “What the hell did I do? I again hurt her. Really I don’t deserve her. I don’t deserve her” said Radhika collapsing on the bench crying. “Radhu.

Relax. Now we have to be her strength. She needs us. Don’t withdraw yourself from her. She cannot fight this without you. She has determined to save Shruthi and we need to help her in this.” said Rachna keeping her hand on Radhika’s shoulder sitting beside her. Radhika hugged her tight. “Why is she like this? Why she has to go through all this?” asked Radhika sobbing. “That’s what makes her special right? She is the one who makes our friendship so special isn’t it?” asked Suhani sitting beside her. Radhika nodded with teary eyed. ” I will face that monster again for Ginu. We will fight together” said Radhika determined. Suhani and Rachna hugged her from both the sides. She held their cheeks from her both the hands.

“I’m sorry Ginu. I always hurt you” said Radhika hugging Ragini sobbing in the bus stop. “Radhu maa. Relax” she said dragging Radhika out of the hug and cupping her face. “Why didn’t you tell me it’s about Mohit? Don’t you trust me?” she asked with painful eyes. Ragini looked at Rachna and Suhani who nodded their heads. “No Radhu maa. I just didn’t want you to remember that jerk again and suffer” said Ragini tearing. “And how did you think it will happen when I’m there with your Radhu maa?” asked Ishan hugging Radhika from one side. “Nothing like that Ish bhayya. It’s just that I did not want her to remember all that again” said Ragini trying to reason. “You know Ginu? She is luckiest person in the world that she has you in her life.” said Ishan cupping Ragini’s face. “I’m lucky to have you both. In fact all of you in my life” said Radhika wiping her tears. All of them had a group hug. “Oye Kaka’s bus came. Come let’s get in” said Rachna dragging everyone.

Radhika waved bye to Ishan and got inside the bus smiling. Ishan then started his bike and drove off to his house smiling. “Gini. Take” said Prashant Kaka forwarding a sweet box in front of Ragini. “Why is this for Kaka?” asked Ragini confused. “Oh. I forgot to tell you. Pakya Kaaka’s (nick name of Prashant kaka) daughter passed the board exams with very good numbers” said Rachna side hugging Prashant kaka. “Really kaka?” asked Ragini excited. He nodded his head happy. “He told us morning only. But you went early na for Sudhakar sir’s class. So you missed it” said Suhani. “That’s okay. I knew she will come now, so I kept it for her” said Prashant kaka smiling. “Not fair kaku. You always love Gini more than us” said Radhika pouting sadly. “Shut up Radhu. You know na he loves all of us equally from school time” said Ragini. “Sorry Kaku. I was just joking. You are the best kaku in the world” said Radhika. All of them gave him their signature group hug. He smiled looking at their friendship and prayed in heart let them be like this always.

“I have to sort it out soon. The differences between Ragu and Shru are increasing day by day” said Nitin to himself thinking. “What are you thinking bro?” asked Manny. “Nothing Manny. Just like that” said Nitin avoiding the topic. “Now you started hiding things from me also?” said Manny bit angry. “No Manny. Nothing like that. I was just thinking how to make Shru understand and bring her close to Ragu again” said Nitin. Manny stiffened his face listening Shruthi’s name. Ragini’s bitter cry made its way to his memory again and he tightened his fist. Nitin saw it and kept his hand on his shoulder and said “Relax Manny. This is why I was not telling you.” “I’m sorry” said Manny. “No Sorry and No thank you in friendship” said Nitin cooling him. Manny looked at him shocked. “You are really Nitin or Ragu ma’s ghost has entered your body?” asked Manny horrified. Nitin glared at him. “Okay okay. Cool now” said Manny cooling Nitin. “You know na Manny, how much Ragu is worried for Shru. And I also feel that guy what was his name, Ha Mohit. He is not good. At least for Ragu; You need to get involved in this” said Nitin consoling him. “Fine. I’m doing this only for Ragu maa and Radzz. Not for your cousin” said Manny clarifying. Nitin felt a bit bad but composed himself and smiled weakly. “Come let’s leave now” said Manny. “Yay. Nitin. Radhu maa is not angry on me” he read Ragini’s message and smiled imagining her jumping with joy. Manny looked at him. “What?” asked Nitin to Manny as he lifted his head when he was caught smiling by Manny. “Lot of things are changing Nittu. You started smiling like idiot also?” said Manny teasing him. Nitin blushed and chased Manny.

“Wait wait. Ishan is calling” said Manny stopping him and picked up the call. “Hello. Haa Ishan. Sure. I will be there” said Manny and disconnected the call. Nitin looked at him confused. “Ishan want to talk regarding Mohit. Tomorrow we will meet him in Admin block” said Manny serious. “Fine.” said Nitin walking.

“So guys. I know it looks like we are gossiping like ladies, but we are left with no option” said Ishan addressing Manny and Nitin sitting in an empty class room bench. Nitin and Manny laughed at his sense of humor. “Fine. Let us start. So let us tell what we know about Mohit first” said Ishan sounding serious. “As Ani told me this Mohit and Ragu maa were in same class from high school but in different sections. And when entered Pre College he proposed Radhu” Manny paused for a minute and looked at Ishan. “I’m okay with it Manny. I have accepted Radhu with her past so no worries” said Ishan smiling. “But some day he misbehaved with Ragu maa. Ani and Rachu knew about it but he had manipulated Radhu saying Ragu maa is trying to frame him” he paused as he saw Nitin tightening his fist in anger. He held his hand to cool him. Nitin composed himself. “So Radhu did not believe him and fought with Ginu. But when Radhu asked for commitment, his real face came out and he dumped Radhu” said Ishan feeling the pain Radhika went through. “Ishan” called Manny bringing him out of thoughts. “No I’m fine” said Ishan. “Now also he might have planned same with Shru. Because I know she was upset before going to SV College cultural fest and arguing with someone on phone repeatedly. I doubt he came there to break up with Shru.

But when he saw Ragu. He changed his plan and now he is using Shru for revenge” said Nitin worried. “Don’t worry Nitin. We will sort it out and not let your cousin fall in trap” said Ishan holding his shoulder. Nitin smiled at him weakly. “But how Ishan?” asked Manny. “I feel Kabbie bhai might help us in this” said Ishan thinking. “But if he came to know all this has happened he will be hell angry. As much I know Siyappa Queen she might have forgotten to tell him on the right time and he might burst in anger that she did not tell him anything.” said Manny. “Manny” said Ishan glaring him. “What she is Siyappa Queen. You know na how she forgot to tell to her family about Kabbie bhai’s arrival plan with proposal and she went to Ragu maa’s house that day and their relationship was almost broken due to misunderstanding” said Manny reminding Ishan. “Really? Then?” asked Nitin curious. “Then Gini spoke to Rachu’s dad and Kabbie bhai’s Dadi and convinced them for the proposal” said Ishan smiling. “She is actually Siyappa Queen” said Manny laughing. “Shut up Manny” said Ishan and Nitin at a time. Nitin appreciated how Ragini solves everybody’s problem and glues everybody together. “Okay. Let’s call Kabbie bhai for discussion” said Ishan dialing Kabeer’s number. “Okay bhai. Yup sure” said Ishan disconnecting. “He said he will meet us in Coffee day evening as he has a meeting there and he will meet us after that” said Ishan. “That’s cool” said Nitin.

“What? This much happened and Rachu did not tell me” asked Kabeer shocked. “I told you na Ishan she is really Siyappa Queen. She forgot to tell him” said Manny. Ishan glared at him and told him to keep quite. “No Kabeer ji. It’s not like that. Wo you were on a business trip na. She just did not want to disturb you. And she did not knew you will not come back so soon, so it might have slipped from her mind” said Nitin to cool him. Manny opened his mouth in awww. “Ji? seriously?” he whispered under his breath. Kabeer cooled down and smiled at him. “Call me bhai” said Kabeer to Nitin. Nitin was really happy at his gesture and said “Sure bhai”

“So what’s the next move” asked Ishan. “I sense this Mohit is really very clever. We have to plan accordingly, one wrong move will cost Nitin’s cousin’s life” said Kabeer thinking.

“First thing Nitin you got to do” said Kabeer. “Yes bhai tell me” said Nitin. “You have any prospectus match for Shruthi.” asked Kabeer. “Haa bhai. One of her childhood friend Arjun. He loves her truly and they are family friends and he is perfect match for her” said Nithin. “Hmmm so tell him all this and check if he is ready to accept Shruthi still. If yes talk to her parents and arrange for the proposal.” said Kabeer. “But why all this?” asked Manny confused. “So that Shruthi will force Mohit for commitment and he will reveal his true color as he did last time.” said Kabeer. “But what if he gets ready for commitment?” asked Nitin worried. “I’m sure he will not do it. In any case if he agrees. Then you have to reveal the reality to her parents so that they stop her from doing so. He might have manipulated her about Gini but surely he cannot manipulate her about her parents” said Kabeer. “Sounds great” said Manny. “But we have to keep an eye on Shruthi all the time.” said Kabeer. “Don’t worry. Our girls are expert in this. We will tell them about it. I will talk to Suhani. Ishan you talk to Radhu. Kabbie bhai you talk with Siyappa queen and Nitin will talk to Ragu ma” said Manny winking his eye to Nitin.

“Suhani beta Manny aya hai, tumse milne” called out Latha. “Coming mom” said Suhani from her room.
She came outside and saw Manny talking and bonding with Pankaj with ease and she smiled. “You both go to terrace. I will send snacks and tea” said Latha getting up. “No maa. Don’t bother. I just came to talk to her “ said Manny getting up heading behind Suhani to terrace.

“So” asked Suhani after a long silence where Manny was staring her continuously. “Oh I came here to tell you about Kabbie bhai’s plan” said Manny coming out of his dreams. “What plan?” asked Suhani confused. Manny told whatever conversation they had with Kabeer in Coffee Day. “Are you mad why did you tell Kabbie bhai. He will be hell angry on Rachu.” Shouted Suhani. “Siyappa Queen deserves it. She spoiled my moment na. See now how much she has to struggle to convince Kabbie Bhai” said Manny folding his hands. Suhani glared at him. “What? She spoiled such a beautiful moment” said Manny irritated. Suhani neared him and kissed his cheek near his lips. Manny was in total shock and widened his eyes. He was numb thinking what just happened. Suhani laughed looking at his face and ran from there. Manny caressed his cheek where Suhani kissed and spread his arms in air and said “Haaye”. He started singing “Pyaar tune kya kiya, Pyar tune kya kiya. Ek hi pal me di hai nayi duniya. Di hai nayi duniya”

“No no. I don’t feel this is correct” texted Ragini to Nitin when he told her Kabeer’s plan. “Ginu. Have your food first. Then use the mobile. How many times should I tell you to not to bring your cell phone to dining table” said Janaki strictly. “Let it be Janaki. Don’t scold her for small things” said Shekar. “Haa when these small things will grow into big problems then don’t come to me” said Janaki angry. “Mom. RD will not do it again. Hai na RD” said Aniket trying to calm the situation. “Ketu you eat your food. Don’t take her side” said Janaki strictly. “Sorry mom. Next time I will not bring the phone to dining table” said Ragini pouting sadly. “Better” said Janaki.

“This is Kabeer bhai’s plan. Don’t you trust him?” she read Nitin’s message as she entered her room. She did not reply. Nitin dialed her number. She went to terrace and picked up the call. “Hello” said Nitin from the other side and they started discussing about the plan. Nitin was trying hard to convince her but she did not find it right.

“But this is not right. You cannot force her into any relationship.” said Ragini. “And let her fall prey to Mohit” asked Nitin. “I did not mean that. We all can talk to her” said Ragini. Nitin cut her words and said “You tried na. Did she listen? Even I tried but she did not let me speak also” said Nitin frustrated. “Fine. Do as you wish” said Ragini. “Trust me Ragu. This is the only way.” said Nitin pleading her. “Okay” said Ragini uninterested.

After two days Shruthi came to class and dragged Ragini who was sitting in the class and slapped her hard. Ragini looked at her shocked holding her cheek with tears flowing from her eyes. “What do you think? If you convince my parent. I will get away from Mohit and your way will be cleared?” asked Shruthi with full rage. “What is wrong with you Shru? What are you talking?” asked Ragini confused. “This innocent face cannot fool me more. You spoke to my mom about Arjun’s proposal na. I know very well. Do you understand love? You know how it feels to be forced into a relation” said Shruthi glaring her. Ragini closed her eyes with pain. “No shru you are mistaken” said Ragini holding her elbow. Shruthi jerked her hand and Ragini stumbled and fell down and her forehead hit the edge of the bench and blood started oozing out. She held her forehead feeling the pain. Shruthi was unaffected. She shrugged her shoulders and said “Don’t you dare to interfere in my life” and stormed out from there. Ragini’s classmate Ram helped her and took her to medical room. Suhani, Radhika and Rachna headed to medical room as Jenny told them about Ragini’s injury. “Ginu” saying Radhika ran and hugged Ragini crying. “Ohho Radhu maa. Nothing serious. Just small cut” said Ragini consoling her. “How dare she? How can she stoop low? I will talk to her” said Rachna fuming in anger. “No Rachu. Please. She is not in her senses” said Ragini holding her hand. “This is last time Gini and only for your sake we are quite” said Suhani glaring Ragini. She smiled looking at their concern.

“What?” asked Manny who was with Ishan and Nitin in Admin block over the phone. Manny disconnected the call and closed his fist. “I will not leave this Shruthi. What does she thinks of herself” said Manny fuming. “What happened bro?” asked Nithin confused. He told everything what happened in class. Nitin ran to Medical room worried. Ishan was confused looking at Nitin’s restlessness but brushed his thoughts. As he reached the door of medical room he stopped and saw Ragini with a band aid on her forehead and hand print on her face. It felt like he got hurt instead of Ragini. He looked at Ragini with painful eyes. But composed himself as Manny placed his hand on his shoulder. He went inside with him. “Ragu maa” said Manny entering. Ragini saw Nithin who was sad. “Hey bhagwan. You spread that I got hurt in whole college oh what?” asked Ragini to her friends amused and trying to lighten the situation. “Very bad joke” said Nitin looking at her. “I know” said Ragini and chuckled and everybody joined her.

“Come gini will leave to home” said Radhika. “Where are you coming? You have physics internal lab exam na. I can manage. It’s just small wound” said Ragini stopping Radhika. “No. You won’t go alone” said Manny. “I’m fine guys.” said Ragini convincing everyone. “No means no” said Rachna. “But” said Ragini pouting. “If you don’t mind, shall I drop her?” asked Nitin to Radhika. She was hesitant first but agreed as there was no other option. She was touched by the way Nitin asked her permission to take her Ginu. “Take my car, I will take your bike for today” said Manny handing the car keys. Nitin took the keys and smiled at him and left from there and Ragini followed him. Nitin was driving the car silently. Ragini could not bear his silence more. “Sorry. But this time I did not do anything” said Ragini pouting.

Nitin stopped the car and looked at her painfully. He touched her band aid softly. She closed her eyes. He had tears in his eyes. His hand travelled to her cheek where still hand print was visible faintly. She shivered a bit due to the pain. His tears did not take a second to start flowing from his eyes. Ragini opened her eyes and met his painful eyes. The pain in his eyes pained her more than her own pain. “This all happened due to me” said Nithin. Ragini stopped him by keeping her finger on his mouth. He was shocked. She nodded her head with painful eyes. She hugged him crying. He consoled her as he knew how much she is pained due to Shruthi’s behavior than the pain she is feeling due to the slap and the wound. He rubbed her shoulder and after sometime drove off to her house. “No it’s fine I will manage from here.” said Ragini waving him bye. After she entered home he drove off to his house. “RD” screamed Aniket as he saw Ragini entering with a band aid on her head. “What happened?” he asked worried. “Nothing Ketu. I just slipped from stairs” said Ragini. “Ginu” saying Janaki approached her worried. Ragini consoled her saying it’s just small cut. When Shekar saw it during dinner panicked but Ragini assured him saying nothing serious. Everybody was upset due to her condition. Janaki felt restless, she was worried for Ragini.

“Nittu. What happened?” asked Yashodha as she saw Nithin sitting with tears. He hugged her and started crying. “Beta what happened?” asked Yashodha worried. “I’m confused mom. I cannot see her in pain. And I give her pain only” said Nithin sobbing. “About whom are you talking?” she asked confused. But before she could enquire more her phone started ringing. She picked it up. “Hello. Haa Sujatha” she spoke. “Wow that’s great” she said disconnecting the call. “Your Sujata Maasi called. She had called us now as some proposal has come for Shruthi” said Yashodha caressing his hair. “Come let’s go” said Nithin getting up determined. Yashodha wanted to get full details of what is happening in her son’s life, but she thought this is not the right time.

As soon as they reached Shruthi’s house Nitin entered Shruthi’s room. He held Shruthi and turned her. “Ouch Nitz bhai. What is wrong with you?” she asked annoyed. “I should ask you this Shru. What is wrong with you? Why are you behaving with Ragini like this? She did not even…” said Nithin but Shruthi stopped him in between and said “Ohhh. I was also thinking why she did not send any of her Vakeel’s to talk to me. I forgot that now a day she is the most important person in your life. My own bro has become against me. This is her magic. You did not ask me how I’m feeling about getting forced in a relationship. How I’m struggling between family and my love” with tearful eyes. “Shut up shru. She did not do anything. It was me who did all this” said Nithin. “What?” asked Shruthi shocked. “haa. I will not let you get trapped by that jerk” said Nithin showing his finger and left from there angry. Sujatha listened to this standing at the door. She got worried for Shruthi. She walked into her room. “Shru. What Nittu was talking?” asked Sujata asking for clarification from Shruthi. “Mom wo wo” Shruthi struggled. “Suji.” saying entered Yashodha. “What happened?” she asked as she found the situation inside Shruthi’s room tense. “I’m asking you something Shru?” said Sujatha strictly. Shruthi jerked to her loud voice. She started tearing.

“What? And you are telling me all this now. Really you disappointed me. I thought we are friends more than daughter and mother” said Sujatha with painful eyes after Shruthi explained her everything. “Trust me mom. I did not want to hide but I did not get time. Everything happened so quickly” said Shruthi trying to cool her. “And why is Nitin angry on you?” asked Sujatha. “That’s just because that Ragini has manipulated him” said Shruthi. “Shut up Shru. You know what are you talking. Can your bro change just due to any girl” shot Yashodha. “I know badi maa. But she is very smart. She has manipulated Nittz bhai” said Shruthi. “I won’t believe this. My Nittu will never support anyone just because they are his friends or family. He supports only if the person right and he cannot be manipulated by a girl. You very well know about him” said Yashodha. “Relax jiji.” Sujata consoled her. She turned to Shruthi and spoke “And I won’t believe Gini will do this. I know her, she is Janaki’s daughter. She will never do such things” Shruthi got annoyed and said “Mom for god sake. She is not some Devi. She can do mistakes. Now I’m sure I did right slapping her. She deserved it” “What? How could you do this Shru. She is your bestest friend?” asked Sujatha holding her shoulders. “She was mom. Not now” said Shruthi casually. “Now I’m sure she is not wrong” said Sujata after Shruthi told her whatever happened when she slapped Ragini. Yashodha understood that Ragini is the girl Nithin was worried. “You will marry Arjun only” said Sujatha determined and left from the room. “Mom listen to me” cried Shruthi collapsing on the floor. “Relax Shru. Everything will be fine” said Yashodha placing her hand on her shoulder and Shruthi hugged her sobbing.

I find it silly. I don’t know whether you people like it. Keep smiling guys.

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  1. Sindhura

    How can she slap ragu like that
    If i w a s one of her frd i would slap herback and say how it will pain.
    Poor ragu
    Nithin will broke when he knews about ragu engagement oh no

    1. Sally_blr

      You have to wait for it. Lot of emotional turmoil has to come yet. She will regret it dear

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  3. Amazing

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    Superb awsme marvellous lovd it???

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  5. Deesh

    Silly?? It’s superb man!! All the emotions are delivered exactly!! Shruthi should not have hurt ragini, but hope she will realize soon. And janaki is exactly my mom!! :p Overall awesome episode!! Loved it!!

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      Thank you dear. Even my mom is like that. Actually all moms are like that.

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  6. ohhh want a friend like ragu

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      She is really the best friend everyone wish to have

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    Its awesome friend i loved it

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  9. u know what i was smiling like hell in some parts but then came the shru part huhhhh i just hate her how can she slap her ????? and how rudely she is behaving feeling really bad for ragini and make shru regret it later for all this

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      Thank you dear. Glad you liked it. She will surely regret

  10. Awesome….Can u post first 5 episode links plz….I started reading from epiosde6…y no yuvaraj opposite suhani???

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    Silly? Dnt evn think dt..it was amazing…hw dare shruthi slaps my ragu…awww..nothin is such a sweetheart..loved it soo much dr

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      Thank you dear. He is really a sweetheart. Glad you are liking him

  12. I wanna kill that shruti for hurting gini….bt really wnt a frnd like ginu..,anyways it was awsm as always!

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      Don’t worry dear. She will regret it.

  13. Akshata

    this is not silly but interesting….. why is ragini so naive and soft hearted. i dont like shruti’s behavior. how could she stoop so low and slapped ragini. poor nitin, he is blaming himself when he is not at fault.

    1. Sally_blr

      She will regret it. As Ragini said she is not in sense. Nitin is really sweet, but indirectly it happened due to him only na. Its hurting him

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    awesome… loved it to the core

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    nice friend i really love

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  16. Its is simplely amazing,superb,marvaleous words r not enough to describe every line

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    superbbb….ragini have Amazing bonding with their frnds…loved u ragini

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