Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 18 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Radhu maa.” said Ragini getting out of the bus and ran to hug Radhika who was standing outside their college campus with Ishan who came to pick them to drop to their homes. Radhika was surprised to see Ragini’s charming smile back after almost two months. Ishan also noticed a different Ragini and her charming smile back. “I missed you so much” said Ragini pouting. Ishan and Radhika were really surprised and looked at each other. “What?” asked Ragini confused at their reaction. “No nothing. Even I missed you” said Radhika holding her cheek avoiding the topic. Suhani and Manny stepped out of the bus together holding hands. Radhika looked at Suhani and opened her mouth in shock. “When did this happen?” she asked approaching Suhani. “What?” asked Suhani confused. “Look at them Ishan.

They are behaving like normal couples not like Tom and Jerry. OMG. Am I dreaming” she said looking at them shocked. Suhani and Manny were blushing and staring ground. Manny hugged blushing Suhani from side and she buried her face in his chest feeling shy. “Haaaw” saying Ishan and Radhika opened their mouth. “You are not dreaming Radzzz” said Rachna pinching her shoulder and ran from there. “Ouch. Rachu ki bachi. Wait” she said chasing Rachna. Rachna was running looking behind and bumped into a masculine figure and was about to fall. But she was saved by two strong hands. She sighed in relief and looked up and found familiar eyes which always bound her to magical spell. Kabeer straightened her and brought her to the world. “OMG. You’re really here. What a pleasant surprise” screamed Rachna hugging Kabeer. “Relax Siyappa queen. Why do you hate our ear drums so much” said Manny rubbing his ears.

“Manny ke Bache” said Rachna and Kabeer at a time and everybody burst out laughing.
Radhika saw Shruthi stepping out and walked to her and hugged her but Shruthi did not respond. She jerked Radhika’s hand and started walking towards Nithin who was standing and enjoying Ragini’s laugh. Ragini’s face expression changed. “Nittzz bhai. I’m tired can we leave?” saying she dragged Nithin out from there. Nithin was looking at Ragini and walked uninterested. Ragini smiled weakly and assured him through eyes to carry on. He blinked his eyes acknowledging her. Radhika felt bad due to Shruthi’s rude behavior. “What’s wrong with her?” asked Radhika to everyone unaware of the situation. “She is just tired Radhu. Come we will also leave” said Suhani dragging Radhika to avoid the topic. “I will drop Rachna” said Kabeer moving to his car.

“Kabbie bhai aaj hi drop kar na kal nahi” said Manny winking his eye. “Manny ke bache” said Kabeer approaching Manny angry. “Relax bhai” said Ragini protecting Manny who was hiding behind her. “You are saved only because of Gini” said Kabeer
straightening himself. “Okay Ginu. Bye. Text me once you reach” said Kabeer kissing Ragini’s forehead and left from there and glared at Manny. He drove off with Rachna. “What is this senior ji? I’m fed up of saving you.” said Ragini standing in front of Manny folding her hands with fake anger. “You know how much I missed you. You can call me like that for one week more.” said Manny smiling and hugging Ragini. “Why did you miss her? She was with you only na” said Radhika confused.

Suhani and Ragini panicked. “Ohho Radzz you ask lot of questions. Let’s move we are getting late” said Ishan avoiding the topic as he sensed something bad has happened and it will hurt Radhika so they are hiding it. He thought of checking it later. All of them sat in Ishan’s car and he drove the car. They reached Suhani’s house and she got down to leave.

“Ani wait” said Manny getting out of the car when Suhani was walking to her home. “Ishan you people carry on I will call Anuj bhayya to pick me up. I need to spend some more time with Ani” said Manny waving his hand. “They were together from 3 days and still behave like they were in two different part of the world. What is wrong with everyone” asked Radhika confused looking at Manny and Suhani who were walking. Ragini got nervous. Ishan observed it from the rear mirror and said “Ohho Radhu. Everybody is not unromantic like you okay. Let them spend time. What’s your problem?” said Ishan. Ragini chuckled and gave high five to Ishan. Ragini’s phone beeped and she checked her inbox. “Where are you? Can I call you” Nitin texted her. She smiled looking at it and replied “I’m still with Radhu maa. I will text you once I reach home”. Radhika was staring at her. She hid her smile. “What the hell” said Radhika fed up of everybody’s changed behavior. “Relax Jaan. You were away from them for three days na. That’s why you are feeling strange” said Ishan consoling her.

“Whatever” said Radhika frustrated. “Bye Gini. Take care.” said Ishan waving bye to Ragini who was standing outside her house ready to get in. She looked at him worried as Radhika was angry and looking other side. He blinked his eyes saying he will handle. Ragini smiled and went inside the house. He started the car and drove to her house. Still Radhika was staring outside the window. “Jaan?” called Ishan. Radhika placed her head on Ishan’s shoulder. Ishan stopped the car and cupped Radhika’s cheek with his left hand. “I’m feeling uneasy Ishan. I feel something is wrong” said Radhika holding his hand. He kissed her forehead and said “You are over reacting baby. So many days you were worried that Ginu is upset and she is hiding something. Now when she is happy. You are still worried. Seriously I’m worried about our kids now. If you worry so much how will you let them enjoy their life” and burst out laughing.

“Ishan” said Radhika hitting him playfully. “What? I just said about our future kids. But if you want we can start planning for them now only” he said and pulled her near him. She got shocked and landed on him. They were very close to each other. Radhika started breathing heavily. As Ishan leaned to her she closed her eyes sensing his hot breaths. He placed his lips on her soft lips and started sucking it. She was moving her hands over his back and driving him crazy. Suddenly his hand hit the horn and both jerked and departed due to the sudden sound. Radhika leaned back to her seat avoiding eye contact with him. Ishan got embarrassed and took a deep breath and straightened his shirt and hair looking into the mirror and drove off. “Jaan?” called Ishan to Radhika who was walking to her house. He came out of the car and said staring ground “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved like this. I’m sorry…

” Before he could complete he felt Radhika’s lips on his lips and was shocked initially. But reciprocated later and it turned out to be a passionate kiss. He grabbed Radhika’s waist and dragged her close to him. Radhika encircled her hands around his neck. As they felt difficult to breath they departed. Radhika cupped his face and touched her forehead with his forehead and said “I trust you.” Ishan smiled and pecked her lips softly.
Manny and Suhani were walking on the road. By mistake Suhani’s hand brushed Manny’s hand. Though they are aware of each other’s touch, still the atmosphere around them made them nervous. And they looked at each other. Manny approached Suhani and held her waist. She closed her eyes feeling his proximity near her. Manny approached her bit by bit and her blush dragged him towards her lips. As he cupped her face and neared her, suddenly his mobile rang with a loud ringtone. They both jerked and departed. He picked up the call frustrated to blast the person who spoiled his moment and said “Helloooo”
“Bola tha na Manny. Gin gin ke badla lungi. ha ha ha ha” Rachna laughed from the other end. “How did you know?” asked Manny confused. He looked around and found Rachna waving him sitting inside Kabeer’s car. “Siyappa Queen” shouted Manny running to her way and Kabeer started his car. Suhani looked at him. His annoyed face made her burst into laughter. “Is that funny?” asked Manny dragging Suhani towards him holding her hand. She landed on him and lowered her gaze.

Again a car horn jerked them and they departed. “Enjoy” shouted Kabeer who took a U turn to disturb them again. Suhani could not control her laugh looking at his annoyed face. “Jaisi Karni waisi bharni” said Suhani running inside her home. He smiled at her antiques and dialed Anuj’s number to tell him to pick him.
“That was awesome” said Kabeer giving high five to Rachna as they drove to Rachna’s house. Rachna was laughing uncontrollably remembering Manny’s face. Kabeer lost himself looking at her. Rachna saw a car about to hit their car. She panicked and held Kabeer shouting. Kabeer got back to sense and turned the steering wheel to avoid collision. “Sorry” he shouted looking out of his window apologizing to the driver of other car. Rachna had closed her eyes with fear and was breathing heavily. Kabeer placed his hand on her cheek. Rachna opened her eyes horrified and hugged him tight. “Sorry jaan. I should have been careful” said Kabeer caressing her hair and kissing her head. “Shhh now don’t cry. See everything is fine” said Kabeer consoling her. She nodded her head and leaned back to her seat teary eyed. “I’m really sorry” said Kabeer holding his ears. Rachna kissed his cheek and assured him that she is fine. He smiled and drove off to her house.
“Kethu….” shouted Ragini entering her house. “RD…” shouted Aniket excited and twirled her happy. Janaki came out of kitchen and looked at Ragini who was laughing and looked livelier. She was surprised with her sudden change of behavior. Shekar came out of his room listening Ragini’s voice. “Bacha….” saying he opened his arms excited. “Dadda..” saying Ragini hugged him happily. Last time when she came from 10 days camp also she was not so excited. But this time she went only for three days but she was so happy. Is that happiness to returning to home or something else thought Janaki.
(Seriously moms are the best detectives in the world. They can sense the slightest difference in their kids behavior)

Ragini went to her room and got changed in night dress and was ready to sleep. Her mobile beeped. She looked at it. “You reached home?” she smiled reading it and replied. “Yup. And did you drop Shruthi?” Nithin smiled looking at her message. “Ya I dropped her” he finished typing the message and sent. “Hmmm. So had food?” replied Ragini. “Yes madam. And what about you?” he texted smiling. They kept texting each other whole night.

“Ginu? You did not sleep whole night oh what?” asked Janaki looking at Ragini’s red eyes. “Noo no maa. Sleep was not sufficient” said Ragini stumbling. Janaki sensed something wrong. “Bye RD” said Aniket kissing her cheek heading out of the house. “Bye Kethu” said Ragini. “Maa. I’m leaving” said Ragini heading out.
Ragini spotted Shruthi in the class and went to sit beside her. But Shruthi got up to leave. Ragini held her hand and said “Shru please. Listen to me once” Shruthi jerked her hand and said “First thing don’t call me that. And second thing there is nothing left to talk.”
“Hey Jenny can I sit here with you” asked Shruthi to her classmate. Jenny smiled and said “Yup of course”

“By the way why did you change your place?” asked Jenny curious. “Because I need to show some people that I can live without them” replied Shruthi loudly so that Ragini hears it. Ragini watched her with painful eyes. After the bell they headed for the next class and when they were walking in the corridor Ragini again held Shruthi’s hand and tried talking. “Can’t you understand? I don’t want to listen to you” said Shruthi jerking her hand and pushing her. Ragini was standing near edge of the stair and she stumbled and was about to fall but Nithin held her at the right time. She opened her eyes and sighed that she did not fall down and two muscular hands were holding her firmly from her shoulder. She looked up and found Nithin who was burning with anger. He made her stand properly and stood in between her and Shruthi. “I told you Shru. Don’t do anything for which you will regret later” he said pointing his finger to her with full rage. “Chuk it Nittzzz bhai, I don’t wanna listen to your lecture again” said Shruthi and walked from there.

Nithin turned and saw Ragini. She lowered her head and said sorry almost crying. He dragged her holding her hand to a corner. “Didn’t I tell you we will tackle this together?” he asked her strictly. She just nodded her head staring ground. “Then why did you tried to talk to her. I told you she will not listen to you. Then what was the need to do all this? You would have fallen down from the stairs if I wouldn’t have come on time. Do you understand it Dumbo” he said holding her shoulders tightly. She looked up at him and found him in tears. She removed his hands worried and cupped his face and said “Hey Nithin I’m okay. See you saved me. I did not fall” But Nithin’s tears did not stop. He could not control himself and hugged her into a bone crushing hug. “Don’t ever do something to go away from me. ” he said sobbing. Ragini was shocked but she rubbed his back to cool him. “Ohho where will I go. I cannot live without torturing you” she said to lighten his mood. He drew himself back and said “Really very bad joke” smiling between his tears. “I know” said Ragini and chuckled and Nithin joined her.

Radhika was watching all this standing in the corridor and was confused. As Ragini turned a bit she found Radhika folding her hands and staring at her. “Hey Radhu maa” she called out and headed towards her. “This is Nithin. And Nithin this is Radhika. My ” said Ragini introducing. Before she could complete Nithin said “Your second mom” “Exactly” said Ragini hugging Radhika. She smiled fakely at him. He smiled and said “Hi” Nithin sensed something is not correct might be Radhika didn’t liked him. “Ahh all sasu maa’s are like this” he thought to himself. “Ahh Ragu. I got to go.” said Nithin waving bye and smiling at Radhika to avoid awkward situation. Ragini waved bye and headed to the class with Radhika. When they entered the class Radhika saw Shruthi was sitting far away with Jenny; Suhani and Rachna were sitting on their usual bench. She sensed something is wrong. Before she could talk to Shruthi she was dragged by Ragini. “What’s happening?” thought to Radhika to herself.

Hi guys I know this is boring and with less romance. Bare with me for some more time. Love you all. Keep smiling.

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