Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 17 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)


“So. Will you help me to get Shru’s luggage. I have to make arrangements for her for tonight.” said Nitin getting up from the bed. “Yeah” said Ragini with heavy heart. “Don’t worry Ragu. Everything will be alright” said Nitin holding Ragini’s cheek with left hand. She smiled at him weakly. “Waise. Where is Shru…” she paused for a second. “I mean where Shruthi is staying?” she asked. “You are still angry?” he asked. She did not answer. “I know you need time. From childhood she is like this. Reacts very quickly to anything. And trust people very easily” he said trying to reason out Shruthi’s actions. “I know. I’m just worried when she will come to know the truth, how will she react?” said Ragini. He smiled at her concern even after Shruthi’s harsh words. He was falling in love with her every shade. “Tanya’s room” he answered. “No. Don’t do this.” said Ragini looking at him. “What?” he asked confused. “She cannot adjust with Tanya Di. She had tiff with her in college.” said Ragini pleading. “Then who else?” he asked. “Janvi Di’s room. She is such a sweet heart. Shruthi will get along with her well” said Ragini. “You are also” said Nitin lost in her face. “Did you say anything?” she asked. “Hmmm. No, nothing. I will make arrangements in Jaanvi’s room” he said avoiding the topic. “Crazy” she said smiling. “What? What did you say?” he asked. “I said Crazy Nittu” she said brushing his hair. He felt some tickling sensation all over his body.

“Am I crazy?” asked Nitin approaching her. Ragini moved backward scared due to his increasing closeness. She felt a strong wall at her back and looked behind finding no way to escape she stopped. “I was just joking” she said nervous. “So bare the punishment for the joke” he said placing his left hand on the wall blocking her. She looked down not able to look into his eyes. He bit his cheeks inside looking amused at her cheeks which turned crimson. He felt himself dragged to them trying to place his lips on them. He inhaled her fragrance which was driving him crazy and making his heart race and made his breathing uneven. He was never so close to any girl whole his. Her thumping heart arouse his dead senses. Ragini closed her eyes tight due to his hot breath which was nearing her. She never felt a manly figure so close to her. His fragrance was mixing in her breath. She felt she lost herself in him. Nervousness, blush she was not able to name her feelings. Just her eyelids were moving nervously inside her closed eyes and her eyebrows shrank. He noticed it and dragged himself away from her at the right moment and thought what was he doing. He held her nose and moved it left and right and started to move to the bed walking backward. Ragini opened her eyes surprised and looked at Nithin who was smiling at her. “Shall we arrange the luggage?” asked Nithin mischievously looking at her. She just nodded her head nervous and cursing herself for expecting something which she should not and headed to the bed. She was surprised why she did not stop his approach.

“Done” said Ragini closing the suitcase. Nitin smiled and said “Thank you”. Ragini shrank her eyes. “Oh I forgot. Sorry” said Nitin. She shrank her eyes more. “Ooops.” he said biting his tongue. “I will not say those words again.” he said holding his ears. “Better” said Ragini smiling. “So shall I leave?” asked Nithin raising his eyebrows holding Shruthi’s luggage. Ragini did not want to let him go but she cannot hold him anymore. Anytime the girls will come back to the hostel. “Hmmm” said Ragini with weak smile. “Shall I?” asked Nithin again. “Hmmm” said Ragini bit clearly. “Really Shall I?” he asked again. “Yeah” said Ragini nodding her head. He said leaning one side “Shall I?” Ragini got annoyed. She pushed him to the door and said “Haa go now.”

She pushed him out of the room and said “Bye. Go now” “Hmmm” he said and moved uninterested. After going a bit ahead he turned and again said “Shall I?” Ragini got annoyed and searched something to throw at him. “Okay okay I’m going. But” he said lifting his hands up. “But?” asked Ragini. “Can I text you?” he asked hesitantly. “You don’t need permission for that?” she said smiling and waving her hand bye. “Really?” asked Nithin with a glowing face. Ragini nodded her head smiling. “Yaaay” said Nithin running from there happy. Ragini closed the door and leaned at it and smiled saying “Crazy”. She remembered how he reacted when she called him crazy. Her heart beats became uneven remembering his closeness and his hot breath and she blushed covering her face with her hands. She touched her nose feeling his touch and moved it the way Nitin moved.

“Manny?” Nithin kept his hand on Manny who was sitting like a lifeless body inside the hostel room. Manny hugged him sobbing. Nithin got worried. He rubbed his back and spoke “Bro. What happened? Are you alright. I know Shru shouldn’t have spoken like that. I’m really sorry from her side. Please forgive her. And don’t cry”
“She doesn’t matter to me Nittu bro.” he said sobbing. Nithin felt a bit bad. But he knew Shruthi’s deeds deserved it. “What’s wrong bro?” he asked worried as Manny was not stopping sobbing. “Ani and Ragu maa” he said sobbing. “Manny bro” said Nithin dragging him out of the hug and cupping his face. Manny told him whatever happened. Nithin dragged him to a bone crushing hug feeling his pain. He knew Ragini had become important part of his life like Suhani. They both were equally important to him. But somewhere Ragini was more special to him than anybody in his life. More than the break up with Suhani, Ragini’s ignorance pained him. It was a unique relation they shared. And Nitin understood it very well. “Don’t worry I’ll sort it out. Stop crying bro. Please.” said Nitin rubbing his back. Manny nodded his head burying in Nithin’s shoulder.
“Shall I tell you something? Please don’t feel bad” texted Nitin to Ragini. She smiled looking at it and replied “Don’t be so formal. Say”
“Why did you behave with Manny like that?” texted Nithin. Ragini read it and her face became intense. She replied “I didn’t mean to. I did not want to come between Ani and senior ji. I don’t want people to point out at him due to me” she replied. “You want to or doesn’t want to, you are already between them Ragu. You are the reason that they are in each other’s life. Why don’t you understand that? I have told you before also; don’t let anybody’s opinion to affect you. Don’t change yourself for anybody. You also very well know Shru didn’t mean those words. Even after she hurt you so much, you forgave her. Then why are you punishing Manny for that?” texted Nithin. “I’m just doing it for his good.” replied Ragini. “Do you really think so? Ani has broken up with him saying she cannot give anybody a place in her life with whom you will be uncomfortable. More than that his Ragu maa has drawn herself away from him. Do you even realize what is he going through? I have never seen him so attached to anybody in his life the way he is attached to you. Not even to me. Don’t punish him like this” he texted. Ragini read it got horrified hearing about their breakup. She got up from the bed and went to Suhani who was sleeping the other side. She had pain on her face and traces of tears which dried. Ragini moved her hands to wipe her tears but stopped as Suhani turned a bit in sleep. Ragini kept her hand on her mouth preventing her cry. She got up and walked out to the corridor. Nithin got worried as he did not get any reply from long time and dialed her number. Ragini picked the call and said sobbing “Hello”

Her cracking voice made all his nerves alert at a go. “Hey Ragu. Are you crying?” asked Nitin getting out of the room. “I didn’t know Ani loves me so much. She is ready to sacrifice her love for me. I’m such a bad girl. Always because of me people suffer.” she said crying at low pitch voice. Her throat started to pain as she was controlling her cry and she choked. Nithin felt a pain in his heart. He wanted to grab her in his embrace and kiss her forehead. He felt helpless as he could not console her and banged his hand one the railing frustrated and it started bleeding. Her tears triggered the tears in his eyes always. He took a lump of air inside to cool his burning face and said “Shhh Ragu. Calm down. I shouldn’t have told you only. Fish. Just wait for some time” he said disconnecting the call.

He couldn’t control his flow of emotions as he heard her cry. He ran out of his hostel climbing the wall and entered the campus climbing the wall again. He saw Ragini was standing in the corridor. He ran to her floor. Ragini was still sobbing. Nithin kept his hand on her shoulder. She turned and looked at him and got shocked to see him at this time in girls hostel. He himself was shocked about what was he doing. She was about to shout. But he kept his hand on her mouth preventing her from making any noise. He saw somebody opened the room door and dragged her to hide behind a pillar. He leaned to her to check whether anybody was around. Ragini kept staring at him. He looked at her and his position and dragged himself away. Ragini came back to the world. “What the hell are you doing here?” asked Ragini whispering.

“Fishing” he said casually. “What?” she asked confused. “Dumbo. I came to see you” he said angry. “Why?” she asked softly. “You were crying. So…” he was trying to give reason for his behavior and looked at her who was smiling looking at him. Her heart started flying in air she felt. She felt something wet on her face. She touched it and discovered blood. She saw Nithin’s hand which was bleeding. She got worried. “How did you get hurt so much?” she asked showing his hand. He himself noticed it now. “Wo..” he struggled to reason out but was failing miserably. She dragged his hand in her hands. Every single time her touch had a different effect on him. He kept staring at her being numb. She without thinking for second torn her dupatta and wrapped it around his wound. “Can’t you be careful?…” he could not hear what was she saying as he was lost in her face which was so concerned for him. Her touch was sufficient to heal his entire wound all his life. She looked up at him and saw him smiling. “Idiot. I’m talking to you” said Ragini hitting his shoulder playfully. He came back to the world and just smiled at her caressing his neck.

“I have to sort it out between Manny and Ani” said Nitin thinking. “We will sort it out” said Ragini smiling at him. “WE. Did she say we. I mean me and her together. Aww this” we” sounds so good today. ” said Nitin inside his mind. Ragini waved her hand in front of him bringing him to the world. He smiled caressing his neck blushing. After some time he headed back to his hostel room in the same way he came out. While climbing the boys’ hostel wall he said to himself “OMG. What the hell I’m doing. The Nitin Roy who stays a mile away from girls climbed a hostel wall to meet a girl. Really? What are you making me Ragini?” He smiled at his stupid behavior. His heart did the usual thing hearing her name. He held it and said “Relax dude”

“Senior ji? Won’t you forgive your Ragu maa” said Ragini standing behind Manny who was standing outside the bus which was ready to head back to their college. After the dark night finally the light was visible to Manny. In those 12 hours of his life he felt so desperate to hear Senior ji from his Ragu maa’s voice. The name he hated the most. “Hey Ragu maa. Don’t call me that” he said his usual dialogue bursting into a painful cry. Tears flowed from her eyes as she got back her senior ji. She nodded her head still sobbing and biting her lips to control the cry. She hugged him immediately. He encircled his hands around her and consoled her rubbing her head. Suhani observed it standing at a far place. “Won’t you join him?” asked Nithin standing beside Suhani. She looked at him with painful eyes. “I don’t deserve him” she said running out from there.

“Ani” said Manny placing his hand on Suhani’s shoulder who was sitting outside on a bench. She turned and hugged him tightly as she was craving to be in his embrace. He kept his hand on her head. “I’m sorry sorry sorry. I’m very bad. I always hurt you” she said and cried. He sat beside her and cupped her face and nodded his head saying no. She stood up and wiped her tears and said “I don’t deserve you Manny. Please just let me go out of your life. I just give you pain”. She started leaving. Manny held her hand and dragged her to him. She turned and landed on him. “How many times should I tell you, I didn’t hold you to let you go” he said touching his forehead with her forehead. Suhani started tearing. “Why do you love me so much Manny. I don’t deserve this.” she said closing her eyes. “Shhh. I love you. You are nobody to decide whether you deserve my love or not” he said hugging her holding her head. Ragini had happy tears looking at them. Manny called her to join the hug through eyes. Suhani saw Rachna who was standing with tears in her eyes and she signed her to join the hug. Ragini and Rachna both joined the hug. “Ouch Siyappa Queen Relax.” Shouted Manny as Rachna joined the group. “You..” said Rachna lifting her head. “Now don’t start again” said Ragini pouting. Suhani dragged Rachna to the group hug again. Nithin smiled looking at the re-union. Shruthi who was standing behind Nithin saw Ragini smiling and got angry and headed to her room angry.

“Hello” said Shruthi receiving the phone call. “Jaan are you okay?” asked the voice on the other side. “Yeah Mohit I’m alright” she replied wiping her tears. “Don’t lie. Tell me what happened?” he asked faking concern. “You know that Ragini. She is not at all affected after what happened yesterday. And I was only fool who was crying all night missing her and her friendship” she said sobbing. “I told you na jaan. She is like that. She uses everybody for her own benefits. Thank god I told you about her before only otherwise I would have to commit suicide again” said Mohit with fake tears. “Don’t you dare to talk like that Mohit? If she is unaffected why should even I bother. I will show her and her so called friends that I can live without her.” said Shruthi determined. “That’s my girl” said Mohit smirking. “Okay I got to go. Talk to you later” said Mohit disconnecting the call. “Yeah bye. Take care” said Shruthi disconnecting the call. Mohit smirked and said “I told you sweetheart for that slap you got to suffer whole life. I actually thought of breaking up with that dumb Shruthi in few days. But after you crossed my life again, I have decided to spoil her life completely. Now you will see what revenge is in my terms”

Shruthi turned and found Nithin standing behind her. “Don’t you think you are over reacting Shru?” said Nitin folding his hands. “Nitzz bro. Please don’t start your lecture. I’m in no mood to listen” she said to avoid the topic. He held her elbow and said “Shru. Listen to me carefully. Don’t do or tell anything for which you have to regret later. Friendship is not a band that you throw it and declare it is broken. You need to give her a chance to speak. Don’t take decision in hurry. Please” Shruthi got annoyed as she felt everybody are blaming her for whatever happened. She jerked his hand annoyed. “Ohh she played her magic trick on you also. Don’t go on her innocent face bro. You will fall very badly” said Shruthi. “Enough. Not one more word.” he said showing his finger and left from there angry. Shruthi got confused as she never saw him taking any girl’s side till now and talking to her so rudely. “Is she trappig Nittz bhai? No no no. I cannot let this happen. I will not let Nittz bhai to fall prey to her. Never” she said determined.
Suhani and Manny sat together in the bus. Suhani leaned her head on Manny’s shoulder holding it tightly. Manny placed his hand on her hand touched her head with his head leaning back. Nithin was stealing glances with Ragini. Ragini was smiling looking at him. Rachna kept talking over the phone with Kabeer. Shruthi closed her eyes and leaned to her seat trying to sleep. Nitin looked at Ragini and showed her nose. She raised her eyebrows and asked what. He acted like pulling it from far. She widened her eyes as if he really pulled her nose and huffed in fake anger and twisted her face. Nithin laughed at her fake anger. She joined him. (It was a silent laugh ha ha ha ha). Manny observed it; he smiled and leaned back to his seat closing his eyes feeling happy for Nitin and Ragini.

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  1. Sindhura

    As always i am crazylily in love. With nithin andcrag
    Make them more romantic

    1. Sally_blr

      Sure dear. This is just the beginning. Thank you dear.

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      Thank you dear

  3. Amazing
    Let shruthi know the real face of
    mohit . Worst mohit , playing with
    shru’s feeling . But loved ragini-nitin and Manny – ani and rachna tooo .

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Ashu. She will know dear soon.

  4. haha such a sweet story love all characters especially ofcourse ragu

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      Thank you lisa. Glad you liked it

  5. Rafeee

    no wrds to say…. i lov it….

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      Thank you Rafee. So sweet of you

  6. Silent_writer

    Woooow awsme loved it

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      Thank you dear for loving it.

  7. Sreevijayan

    Awesome yaar .u r juz mindblowing….one of my fav ff……..no wrds to say…hayee ny ragu and nithin….

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      Thank you Sree. Your comment made my day. Thank you for considering it in your list of fav ff.

  8. words r not enoug to describe very line which is filled with care,love and evry emotion.i loved it very much…plz plz add more suhani manny moments and other charaters also.plz update nxt epi soon

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear. Surely dear I will give equal importance to everyone. Actually I thought of dragging the break up between Manny and Suhani a bit, but I did not wanted to hurt you more. So patched them up fast. Thank you for your lovely suggestion.

  9. it was sooo sweet but now what will mohit do???thus tine i won’t guess ???? actually i have guessed but won’t say want to keep it a suspense heheeh just kidding now shruthi will definitely regret afterwards i know but u still haven’t disclosed why he felt like she is going away from him and i loce ragini and senior ji’s bonding a lot and just imagining how romantic love story will be of ragini and nithin
    ohh the comment became really big now i’ll stop my bakbak

    1. oups soo many mistakes *this time

    2. Sally_blr

      Actually your brain can never stop guessing. You know mind reading oh what? I guess so. I know you have guessed it but I will not disclose it so soon.

      1. hahhaahahh not mind reading but may be deep inside maybe there is a chottu writer u thinks same way and awww it would be so nice if i could read mind

  10. Deesh

    OMG!! Sally!! I can’t express in words how cute nitin and ragini are!! Gosh!! They are cuteness personified. Just loved this episode and more than that loved nitin and ragini. I am falling in love with this couple more and more. Hope the culprit is exposed. Keep rocking!!

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      Thank you dear. Glad you liked them. Yeah they are really cute.

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      Ankita you are a sweet heart. Really you observe so keenly. I love that antic of Nithin whenever he says relax dude to his heart. That makes him more cute. Thank you dear. You will come to know soon.

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      Thank you Akshata. Your comment is like tadka in the dal.

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      Thank you dear. Glad you liked their romance. I’m very bad in it so whenever somebody compliments for the romance I feel I’m on cloud 9. Thank you so much

  16. Nice ff you can give cute moment of Manny and suhani , this ff really cute

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Sri. Glad you liked it. Sure dear. I will give equal importance to all the couples.

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