Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 14 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Say it Ani” said Nithin pushing her forward towards Manny. She got jerked and stood in front of Manny. “Common Manny” cheered Rachna and Shruthi. “Wo wo. I’m I’m…” struggled Manny. “I’m sorry” said Suhani pouting sadly. Manny lifted his head emotionally and said “I’m sorry too” and hugged her. “Yaay” all clapped. Nithin smiled clapping looking at Ragini. “When will we have such cute fights” Nithin thought to himself. “Now come let’s eat. I’m hungry” said Rachna holding her stomach. “Bakasur” said Ragini and Suhani at a time and gave hifi to each other. Ragini looked at Nithin who was smiling looking at her. How much she wished him to see her like this. But her fate played a game. Now she could only feel nervous for his gaze. She avoided eye contact with him. Ragini’s phone rang and she picked it up and spoke “Hello haa aunty. WO acha. Haa dethi hu aunty. No aunty actually my phone’s battery was drained so I was using her phone so it was engaged. Wait aunty I will give her the phone” said Ragini walking to Shruthi. “Who” asked Shruthi whispering. “Your mom” she replied with anger. Shruthi took it and walked away to speak. After she finished talking she came back and gave the phone to Ragini and said “Sorry Gini” holding her ears. “What was so much important that you are talking from evening ha and with whom? Couldn’t you pick aunty’s call? I have to lie to save you. How much she will be worried. “She said turning other side angrily. ”Sorry Ginu maa. Forgive me na. Promise I will not keep mom’s call on waiting here onwards and pick it immediately. Please forgive me na” said Shruthi hugging her from back to cool her.

Nithin saw a new shade of Ragini who was so caring and mature. She made him to respect her. “Food” Rachna shouted bringing him out of his thoughts. They headed to food counter. Rachna stood first then Shruthi and Ragini. Manny was joining the queue talking with Suhani suddenly Nithin ran and stood in front of him. Manny jerked due to his sudden movement. Nithin smiled at him widely. Manny was confused. Suhani tapped him and told to move forward and he walked. Nithin kept staring at Ragini. Even while eating his full concentration was on Ragini. He loved to watch her every expression and smile.

“Slow down Jaan. You will choke” said Manny looking at Suhani who was eating fastly. But Suhani did not listen and the food stuck in her throat and she choked badly. Manny and Nithin panicked. “Relax, relax see look up.” said Manny patting Suhani’s back. Nithin brought water for her. “Drink this” he said handing the glass. Manny took the glass and made her drink. She kept staring at Manny for his concern. He was behaving like her mom. She smiled. “Okay now?” he asked. “Hmmm” said Suhani nodding. “You really scared me jaan. Eat slowly na.” he said sighing.

They finished their food. Suhani washed her hand and was about to wipe it with the chunni but stopped. Manny held the tissue paper in front of her smiling. She smiled at him and took it and wiped her hands. He side hugged her and touched her cheek with his nose. She blushed. Nithin and Ragini watched and smiled standing at different places.

“Okay we will meet tomorrow” said Suhani yawning and keeping her head on Ragini’s shoulder. “yeh lo kumbhakaran ke sone ka time ho gaya.” said Rachna pulling her cheek. “ohho siyappa queen” said Suhani rubbing her cheek annoyed. Manny gave hifi to Suhani laughing. She missed and it hit his cheek as she had closed her eyes. Rachna laughed at him. He held his cheek pouting. Everybody laughed at his condition.
“Chale Nittu bhai” said Manny putting his hand around Nithin’s neck and dragged him out to hostel. Nithin walked uninterested. “What happened?” asked Manny. He just nodded nothing.

Inside the hostel room Nithin was in confusion. He had never initiated talk with any girl till now. Now he really needed to do that. He had only three days. “Ahhh Nithin. That day you should have spoken to Priyanka. At least today you wouldn’t have felt difficult” said Nithin to himself annoyed remembering his childhood crush. “Ahh focus Nithin, focus. Now your concentration should be on Ragini” he told to himself turning to the other side of the room to walk where he was alone as Manny had gone out to get water. “Ragini” he stopped and held his heart which triggered to her name. Manny entered the room and saw Nithin who held his heart closing his eyes. Nithin opened his eyes and saw Manny who made weird face entering room. He removed his hand and stood nervously. Manny ignored him and sat on his bed after keeping the water bottle on side table and started preparing to sleep pulling his blanket. “Manny?” said Nithin drooling. “Hmm?” asked Manny. “Wo wo. How did your first conversation with Ani started” he asked in a go and closed his eyes. “heei?” Manny got confused at Nithin’s curiosity.

“Fine. I will tell you. Actually na I used to think that to drag the conversation with a girl you should argue with her. So I fought with her and like this our conversation started” said Manny remembering his first fight with Suhani. “Oh” said Nithin with determination.
“Ha ha I had my food. How many times will you ask” said Rachna over the phone talking with Kabeer. “So how was your day?” he asked. “You know that Manny na he teased me..” said Rachna. Kabeer interrupted her saying “Jaan. My flight is gonna take off. I will call you later. Bye take care.” he said disconnecting the call. “Aahhh I hate you” Rachna said looking at her phone. “Ho gaya tera?” asked Shruthi. “Why you want to start talking on the phone now” Ragini teased her.

“No we will gossip today” said Shruthi hugging her. “I’m not there for this.” said Suhani yawning. “Even me” said Ragini joining Suhani on the bed. “It’s okay shru. Come we will talk” said Rachna dragging Shruthi. “So how is Kabeer?” asked Shruthi initiating the gossip. “He is nice, caring, mature and understanding” said Rachna dreaming. “ohhh” said Shruthi drooling. Rachna blushed. “You know it’s difficult to understand men” said Shruthi in between the discussion. “Whom do you want to understand now?” asked Rachna. “My cousin Nittz bro” said Shruthi pouting. “What did he do now?” asked Rachna. “He is behaving weird now a days.” said Shruthi making face. “Ohhh. But he seemed normal to me. So nicely talking with us. You saw na how he convinced Ani. Even we could not do that” said Rachna. “That’s what I’m worried. He stays a mile away from such things. Even from girls. Most important thing is I have never seen him smiling so much whole his life. He is smiling like a stupid without any reason and dreaming all the time. He was always a khadoos.” said shruthi twisting her face. “Ha ha. Happens madam. Everything has a first time dear. I think your bro has fallen in love deeply.” said Rachna hugging her. “Hope so. That girl will be so lucky who will come in my Nitzz bro’s life. He is one of his kind.” she said dreamily. “Hmmm. Come it’s late. We will sleep. We have to attend the inaugural program at 8 tomorrow” said Rachna moving to the bed. Ragini and Suhani were sleeping hugging each other. Shruthi slept at Ragini’s side and Rachna at Suhani’s side.

Morning, Ragini and Shruthi woke up and got ready and came to room and found Suhani and Rachna still sleeping. “Ani wake up fast. The queue will get longer for washroom and you will get late for inauguration.” said Ragini sitting near Suhani. “Two minutes na Gini, please. Manny is giving me Gulab Jamun. Let me eat that.” said Suhani smiling in her sleep. Ragini and Shruthi burst out laughing. “Ani aur uske sapne” said Shruthi giving hifi to Ragini. Suhani woke up with a jerk due to the noise. She pushed Rachna who was sleeping at the edge of the bed. She fell down from the bed with a thud. “Ahhhh” Rachna woke up shouting. Ragini and Shruthi burst out laughing more and sat holding their stomach. “Ani. What’s your and Manny’s problem ha? Why you people don’t let me live” said Rachna still closing her eyes and rubbing her bum. “No confusion great combination” said Shruthi still laughing holding her stomach. “What?” asked Ragini keeping her one hand on the table confused and laughing. “Kumbhakarn and Bakasur” said Shruthi laughing pointing towards Suhani and Rachna who were still half sleep closing their eyes and rubbing their eyes and nose. Ragini gave hifi to shruthi and continued laughing. They looked so cute. “Come now get up” said Ragini and Shruthi dragging both of them to get ready.

All of them headed to the auditorium for the inaugural program. Ragini and Shruthi walked front. They were still discussing and laughing remembering what happened morning. Boys had already reached the venue. Nithin was restlessly waiting for Ragini. When he turned he saw Ragini laughing holding Shruthi’s hand and nodding her head. She was changing her face expressions every second and Nithin kept admiring her. Manny came and stood near him and called him two three times but he did not respond. He waved his hand in front of him still no reaction. He saw the direction he was lost he saw many girls walking and coming towards the auditorium. At last he hit Nithin’s leg with his leg hard. Nithin winced in pain holding his leg. “Ouch Manny Have you gone mad? What is wrong with you man” he said still wincing in pain. “Look who’s talking?” he said sarcastically. He stood straight and started walking limping. Ragini saw it and got concerned. She was about to speak. But Shruthi asked breaking her trance where Nithin’s pain mattered her most “What happened Nitzz bhai” “Wo….” before Manny could reveal anything he closed his mouth and said “Nothing. Just hit a stone on the way” “Where are you lost now a days ha Nitzz bhai. Can’t you concentrate while walking” she said annoyed. He just looked at Ragini who was so concerned for him. He smiled thinking his pain mattered to her. His pain vanished just in a second looking at her innocent face. Truly she was the solution for his messed up life. Ragini saw him staring at her smiling. She lowered her gaze and controlled her emotions. Varun’s face flashed in her mind and she brushed other thoughts and headed with Shruthi inside.
“Arrey where is this Ragu ma?” asked Manny who came along with Nithin after finishing the coffee joining Suhani Rachna and Shruthi who were enjoying the singing competition. “She is gone to books exhibition” said Rachna. “Why you did not join her?” asked Manny. “That’s boring.” said Rachna. “So you let her go alone?” asked Manny annoyed. His worry was clearly visible in his tone. “Nittu you be here. I will just get Ragu maa” said Manny. “Wait I will also come” said Nithin walking with him.

“I will go this way. You go this way” said Nithin dividing the large area of book exhibition which they had to scan. Nithin searched her desperately. But she was nowhere to be found. He got worried like hell. It was a just college but it was not their college and it was S.V College which was infamous for girls being teased. The boys of the college were worst in such cases. He just prayed Ragini was safe. Manny and Nithin knew the fact and that’s why got worried for Ragini. Manny was searching her and cursed himself for bringing her here.

At last Nithin found a boy holding Ragini’s hand and she struggling to get out of his hold. She was crying pleading to leave her. Nithin’s blood boiled looking her tears. He ran to the spot and stood in between the guy and Ragini holding her hand with his left hand. A current passed through her body and she looked at him. He looked at the guy with blood shot eyes and shouted “Leave her hand” “And why should I listen to you” said the boy dragging Ragini’s hand to his side. She hit Nithin’s back. “Try me” said Nithin smirking and holding the boy’s hand with his right hand with full force. The boy winced in pain. Nithin twisted his hand and pinned it to his back and said. “Dare you touch her or any girl? I will cut off both of your hands.” He threw his hand with full force. His lifeless hand flew in air back and front. He held it with his other hand and cried in pain. Nithin started walking from there in haste still holding Ragini’s hand with anger. He tightened his grip on her hand. She got horrified looking at his anger. After walking a safe distance he dragged Ragini to front and made her stand; still holding her hand. She stumbled and stood confused.

“When you cannot fight, at least practice screaming stupid lady” he shouted looking at her angrily. “What if I would not have come that way? Do you even know what would have happened” he shot at her. “Speak you Dumbo. What was the need to go there ha? Did you won any booker prize ha?” he said folding his hands. She was still staring the ground. “What is there here ha? No brain?” he said coming near her patting her temple with his fingers pointing. She closed her eyes. She looked up at him. She had tears in her eyes. And she burst into a cry like a small kid opening her mouth. Nithin’s anger cooled down and worry occupied him. He cursed himself to make her cry. “Shhhh shhhh I’m sorry sorry sorry” he said pleading and closing her mouth. She was still sobbing and looked at him. Again the world stopped for them as their eyes met. Both of them came to the world due to some noises. He removed his hand. Ragini ran from there nervous to her room. “Because of this Manny’s idea, meri love story shuru hone se pehle mera divorce ho jatha” he said cursing Manny and pulling his hair and went in the direction Ragini went.
“Ragu maa is his mystery girl” said Manny shocked who was standing behind the pillar watching Nithin and Ragini’s conversation.

“I’m sorry” Ragini heard Nithin’s whisper who was standing in the queue for the breakfast behind Ragini. She was still sad and just nodded like its ok pouting sadly. “Ragu maa move fast” said Manny shouting purposely bringing them to reality. Nithin shot at him angry glares. Manny chuckled for his situation.

“Who told you to fight with her?” asked Manny to Nithin who was just staring at Ragini without eating his food. She was still sad. His heart pained looking at her face. He came out of his staring business due to Manny’s question. “Who? About whom are you speaking?” he said acting confused. “Don’t act smart Nittu. You very well know about whom I’m talking” said Manny bit serious. “Why did you fight with Ragu?” he asked again when he did not get any response from Nithin. Nithin got horrified to the revelation. “I know she is your mystery girl hai na?” asked Nithin narrowing his eyes. “Shhh Manny. Be quite. Yes she is the girl whom I was searching….” he said everything whatever happened. “… and because of your idea I fought with her to initiate the talk, and also I was so furious at that time” he said pouting. “What when did I gave you any idea ha? I just told you how mine and Ani’s conversation started; did I tell you to fight?” Manny asked. Nithin saw him confused. “Did not I tell you how I ended up messing everything due to my first conversation that day itself” asked Manny. Nithin remembered what he told in camp and said “I completely forgot that”
“Wooow Nittu. You and Ragu maa seriously. You know I will be the happiest person if you both will be together” he said jumping and hugging Nithin after they finished breakfast. “Relax Manny. If Shruthi or anyone heard na that’s all” he said cooling him. “Yeah” he said caressing his neck. “Oye why is this chimpanzee jumping?” asked Rachna amused. “Because I’m with my Ani and not missing Kabbie bhai like Siyappa queen does” said Manny showing his tongue to Rachna. “Manny. You just wait. Let him come back. I will take all revenge. Just wait and watch” Rachna said angry. “We will see” said Manny proudly. Rachna huffed and walked from there. Nithin hit his shoulder playfully.

“I’m sorry na. Please cheer up. See I can’t see your face like this” said Nithin standing behind Ragini when they were watching the drama which was the last program of the day. She turned and said “That’s ok. Even I was at mistake” she whispered. Manny was flying above clouds as first time she spoke to him. “So friends” he said forwarding his hand. She hesitated first. “It’s okay if you don’t trust me” he said sadly. It pierced her heart badly and it pained her more than it pained him. “No nothing like that. Ok Friends” she said shaking his hand and smiled weakly. “I hope you know my name?” he said continuing. She smiled and nodded yes and said “I know Nithin ji” He felt his name was so beautiful for the first time in his life. But ji? Awww so awkward. “Why ji. Just call me Nitzz or Nittu or Nithin. But no ji please” he said pleading. “But you are elder to me. Maa says we should add ji to elders always” she said innocently. “Ohh please yar Ragu don’t call me that” he replied pleading. He understood Manny’s pain now when she used to call him senior ji. Uff these girls and their escalations. “I will call you either Nithin ji or I will not call you at all” she said stubborn. “Fine I will call you Ragini mayya” he said smirking. “Nooooo, you cannot call me that” said Ragini annoyed with the weird name. “Try me” he said smirking near her ears and walking from there. His closeness and hot breath made her numb for a moment. She closed her eyes. And Nithin’s smile widened at her reaction. She turned and called him “Nithin ji”. “Haa tell Ragini Mayya” he said turning and walking backwards. “Don’t call me that” she pouted sadly. Nithin always enjoyed her every shade. She used to make him crazy with her every expression. “You also don’t call me that” he said folding his hands. “Fine deal. I will call you Nithin” she said closing her eyes frustrated. He smiled and said “Deal. I will call you Ragu” She looked at him and he winked at her and smiled mischievously and turned to go. Ragini’s jaws dropped and touched ground.

“Must say. I’m enjoying your romantic shade.” said Manny who came and side hugged Nithin from a place from where he was watching Nithin and Ragini’s conversation. Nithin blushed like a girl and hugged him. “Oye I cannot tolerate so much madness. Dur rahiyo mujhse. Ani kya kam hai?” he said pushing Nithin away. Nithin laughed and looked behind Manny where Suhani was standing and giving death glares to Manny and he suddenly became serious. She signed him not to say anything. “So I’m mad?” asked Suhani keeping her hands on her waist. “Aur nahi tho kya” said Manny turning for a second to the direction from where the voice came and turning back to Nithin without realizing and still laughing. Nithin hit his head with his palm. Manny realized Suhani was the person who asked the question and panicked. “Abb kaun hai siyappa?” said Rachna laughing and giving hifi to Shruthi adding more fuel to the fire. Manny turned horrified and smiled nervous. “Ani wo..” “Aur kuch baaki hai bolna?” she asked narrowing her eyes. Nithin was controlling his laugh. “Sadu kahi ka. Get lost” saying Suhani walked pushing Manny to side with anger. “Why me always Wahe Guru.” he said crying looking up. Ragini, Rachna and Shruthi looked at each other came near Manny and shouted in his ears “Because he loves you the most” and ran from there. Nithin held his stomach laughing looking at Manny who shouted “Crazy women” at the direction they ran rubbing his ears. Few girls who were at that direction looked at Manny with anger and walked towards him. “Abbey Manny ke bache chall bhag” shouted Nithin dragging Manny horrified at the crowd and running out of the campus.

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