Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 13 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)


“Nittu bro…” Manny hit Nithin’s shoulder who was blushing like a idiot and was lost somewhere. He smilingly turned towards Manny and said “Hmmmm?” “You said you wanted to talk something important?” Manny asked with a questioning look. Nithin replied still smiling “Really?” and pulled Manny’s cheek. Manny was shocked due to his behavior. Manny kept his hand on his cheek and asked “Are you okay bro. Why are you behaving like this?” he touched his head checking fever. “Am I dreaming? Ouch… what was that” Manny asked Suhani who pinched him on his shoulder. “Just confirming you are not dreaming” said Suhani smiling. “Was that a joke?” asked Manny serious. “Ya it was” she said casually. “I don’t like jokes” said Manny touching his head with Suhani’s head. She pushed him with her head and said “I don’t like you” pouting angrily. Rachna and Ragini were just moving their heads from Suhani to Manny then back to Suhani. “Ahhh chill guys” said Rachna coming in between them and separating them.

Nithin was just watching Ragini who was moving her head and then hit her head with her hand. “SO CUTE” he said softly. “Chuck this all. Nittu bro, speak up man. Because of you I’m at the edge of breakup” said Manny annoyed. He turned and saw Nithin who was still smiling. “Bro” he shook him hard. Nithin came back to the world. “Abbey kya hai?” he asked annoyed. “Hey bhagwan.” he held his head with his hand keeping the other hand on his waist. “Nittz bhai?” came Shruthi’s voice who just joined them. “What are you doing here?” she asked. He suddenly realized where he is and what he was doing. “Wo Wo” he struggled to say. “He is your bro?” asked Rachna. “My cousin” said Shruthi smiling and turned to Nithin with a questioning look. “Wo actully…. Ha ya. I came here to invite you people for cultural fest in S.V College which starts tomorrow, for three days. We are leaving tonight” he said in one go nervous and looked down. “Really?” Shruthi asked him shrinking her eyes. “Really?” asked Manny surprised. “Yeah.” he looked up and answered nervously. Manny’s mouth hung open and Shruthi was still piercing him with her eyes. “It will be fun yaay.” said Suhani jumping and saving Nithin, who thanked Suhani hundred times in his heart. “Uff” he relaxed as they both turned to Suhani. “So, you people are coming right?” asked Nithin curiously, but changed his expression as Manny and Shruthi looked at him.

“Will she come?” “Will she not” Nithin was plucking the rose petals, waiting outside the bus walking left to right. “What the hell is he doing.” said Manny looking at Nithin plucking rose petals from far when he walked in to the college entrance. Nithin sensed Manny has come suddenly he threw the flower and looked at Manny smiling. “Hey Manny” he said to sound normal. Manny looked at him weirdly and just smiled. “Shru” he smiled widely looking at the direction when he found Shruthi approaching with Ragini, Rachna and Suhani. As soon as she came near him he went and hugged her and looked at Ragini who was just staring ground due to his gaze. “Nitz bhai. Kal hi tho aap ghar aaye the” she said confused for his excitement. “Wo kithna time ho gaya Shru. I really was missing you” he hugged her again and looked at Ragini. Those words were meant actually for Ragini. She did not lift her head. “Hmmm?” Shruthi got confused with Nithin’s sudden weird behavior. “I really need to find out” she said to herself. Ragini’s phone ringed and she picked it up. “Bacha reached college na” came Radhika’s voice from other side. “Hmmm.” “Radhu maa are you sure you don’t wanna join? Hmm ok. Bye. You too take care” said Ragini sadly tearing. Nithin became sad. “Ohho Gini. We are there na. Don’t worry we will not let you miss your second mom” said Rachna. “Second mom?” asked Nithin confused. Ragini looked at him and lowered her gaze when he turned to her. “Haa. Wo actually Radhika our friend cares Gini more than her mom. She is damn possessive about Gini” said Suhani. “Ohh.” he said looking at her. “Kabbie bhai?” shouted Manny looking back. Rachna turned excitedly and did not find anyone. Manny burst out laughing. Rachna became angry and turned. “Manny ke bache” saying Rachna chased him. “Sorry Sorry Siyappa queen. Sorry. Just wanted to pull your leg” “Stop it senior ji. Don’t tease her” said Ragini. “Ji?” asked Nithin surprised looking at Manny. “Oye Ragu maa. Don’t call me that” he said pouting angrily. Everybody laughed looking at his kiddo face. Nithin was lost in Ragini’s laugh. He could not move his eyes; she saw him and suddenly became silent.

Suhani and Manny sat together and Nithin was sitting behind them with Shruthi. Ragini and Rachna sat parallel to Suhani and Manny. Manny and Suhani were fighting like Tom and Jerry. Ragini and Rachna were laughing at their antics. Nithin was just looking at Ragini. Shruthi got a call and she was speaking over the phone. In one hour they reached their destination. “Sadu” said Suhani walking outside the bus. Rachna ran behind her to check what happened. “Jhansi ki Rani” said Manny huffing and getting out of the bus. “I can’t hear you. What? Wait a sec. Nittz bhai please mera bhi bag lelo. I’ll just come” said Shruthi getting out of the bus with her phone. Nithin nodded and carried her luggage. He saw Ragini who was struggling to get her bag down standing on her toe. “Shall I help you?”asked Nithin. She jerked for his sudden voice, stumbled and due to that Nithin fell on the seat and Ragini fell on him and he held her at her back. They were so close to each other. Nithin could feel her heartbeats. He thought now if the time stops he will be the happiest person in the world. Ragini looked up at him and found him smiling looking at her. Both were lost in each other.

“Hello” shruthi shouted outside the bus as she could not hear. Both came to real world then. “Sorry” said Ragini getting up. She tucked her hair behind her ear. She got nervous; turning again started pulling the bag with more force. Nithin said “Wait” softly. She stopped. He came near her and removed the bag. His closeness and fragrance made her close her eyes. “Take” he said holding the bag. She turned and took the bag and said thanks and ran out of the bus. He remembered how close she was to him and smiled caressing his hair. “O Nitz bhai. What happened? Why are you taking so much time” asked Shruthi peeping inside the bus. “Nothing” he said walking out of the bus.

“So girls your arrangement is done in B block of Ladies Hostel” said Manny to the gathering near the bus. “And boys we are going to Gents hostel outside the campus” said Manny turning to boys. “But why so far” asked Nithin worried. “Obviously we cannot stay in girls hostel Nittu. And boys hostel is out of the campus. You should have raised this issue when this college was built.” said Manny sarcastically. “Now let’s move” said Manny. Nithin looked at Ragini for a last time and started heading out sad. “For food we have to come here only Nittu” said Manny placing his hand around Nithin’s shoulder. “Hmmm” said Nithin.

“So we four are sharing this room?” said Rachna excitedly. Suhani was upset. Ragini went near her saying “Ani, what happened” “No Gini I don’t want to talk about it. You will take that Sadu’s side only” she said pouting sadly. “Fine as you wish” she said walking to the cupboard to place her bag. While placing it she remembered what happened in the bus and felt nervous to face him.
“Come we will go for dinner” said Rachna dragging all of them.

As soon as they entered the venue, Nithin who was searching Ragini saw them and waved his hand. Shruthi noticed them “There they are. Come” she said walking. Ragini saw Nithin who was smiling at her. She just lowered her gaze and walked. Manny and Suhani looked at each other huffed and left in the opposite direction.

“So why are you angry this time?” asked Nithin sitting beside Suhani. “He just tortures me.” she said annoyed. “You can share it with me.” he said smiling. “I just wiped my hands with my chunni after eating Samosa. For that he started giving lecture. He called me unhygienic. Mai koi soap hu, that he is calling me unhygienic?” she said huffing.
“Then what Ragu maa. Will anybody wipe their hand like that? Why is tissue paper then?” asked Manny annoyed in the other side. “She is like that senior ji” she said. “Don’t call me that” he said.
“So what. Even I’m like this.” said Suhani to Nithin. “But. This will not solve the issue Ani” said Nithin.

“Let it not solve” said Manny folding his hands in front of Ragini. “You need to accept each other like they are. Then only it will be called a relationship. Imagine if your sister or mom was in her place. Will you break your relation with them? You will accept them na. She is also gonna become your family. You have to start accepting her. This is a test of time. Your love will become stronger. These are all hurdles which bring you closer “said Ragini pleading.
“I did not think this way only” said Manny and Suhani at a time at different places.

Frankly speaking I was not getting any idea how to make this more romantic. After Shaleen’s entry on Friday in Ishqbazz seriously my mind started working. I know I’m crazyyyy. But can’t stop myself from sharing it. I’m just crazy about him. And one more thing do you people like a song in next chapter? Hope you people liked this chappy. Stay happy.

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