Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 12 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)


“You really wanna attend this Volleyball match” asked Manny to Nithin. “Bro my cousin has threatened me if I do not go to cheer her. She won’t tie me Rakhi” he said pouting. Manny who was amazed with Nithin’s childish behavior which he saw for the first time asked him “Don’t you think your mystery girl has changed you a lot even before knowing her.” “Whatever” he said avoiding the topic. “Seriously you have started behaving like Ragini now a days, so emotional and cute” he said pulling his cheeks. “Again Ragini. Manny why you always chant her name” he said annoyed. “I don’t know why but I feel you both have a strange connection.” he said dreamily. “Shut up Manny. Now get moving. The match is in Xavier block. Fast” he said pushing Manny. “Yippee I can meet Ani there.” he said with excitement

“All the best Shru. Do well. “ said Ragini hugging Shruthi who was ready to go to ground. She was waiting for her cousin. “He will be on the way sweetie, take a chill pill” said Ragini assuring Shruthi. She nodded and headed to the ground. “Who?” asked Suhani. “Her cousin.” Ragini replied. “Oh” she said turning and saw Manny entering the ground. “Manny” she waved him. “Lo shuru hogaye love birds.” said Rachna teasing. “Kyu? teri jal rahi hai? Kabbie bhai jo nahi hai” asked Suhani countering. “Stop it guys” said Ragini coming in between two ready to attack India and Pakistan. “I will just come” said Manny heading towards Suhani. Nithin was searching for Shruthi in the court; As soon as he spotted her he waved his hand and wished her all the best. She smiled and waved. The match started and he sat down watching the match keenly.
“Hurray. You did it girls you did it.” jumped Ragini with excitement. Nithin heard the same voice he was craving to hear from past two months. His heart skipped a beat and he was hell nervous to look at the girl whom he was searching from two months. He gathered all his courage and looked at the girl who was shouting, his angel. His heart again skipped a beat when he turned and saw her. She was the same girl he collided with and saw in jewelry shop. If his heart was a person he would have lifted him with joy for making that wish, which God granted. “Yaay Ragu. Your friend is really super player.” He heard Manny who hugged Ragini. “That she is senior ji” she replied. Now Nithin’s eyes widened knowing she is Ragini about whom Manny used to talk always. Everything flashed in his mind.
– Manny saying “Shall I introduce you both. You really look good together”
– “Ragini choked that’s why I was worried”
– “She is in our group only. Let her read the report today”
– Him hearing her voice for the first time and she disappearing in Suhani’s friends group
-Him searching her during the song
-Him colliding with her in college corridor and the song
– Seeing her in the jewelry shop
– Manny saying in the mall “Ragini came for shopping with us”
-Manny saying pulling his cheek “Seriously you have started behaving like Ragini now a days, so emotional and cute” “Again Ragini. Manny why you always chant her name” he said annoyed. “I don’t know why but I feel you both have a strange connection.” he said dreamily.
He blinked his eyes slowly.

“She was so near to me. Such beautiful co incidences.” he told himself holding his heart which he felt pumped out suddenly. He stumbled.
“Gini we won” Shruthi came and hugged Ragini. Something flashed in his mind
“Gini my bestest friend she is also coming to camping Nitzz bhai” Shruthi told Nithin when he was packing his stuff. “So?” he asked. “I will tell her that you are there. You can help her if she is in trouble” said Shruthi with puppy eyes. “We are going on camp not for war. She won’t find it difficult. Don’t involve me in this” he said closing the suit case. “But Nitzz bhai” before she could complete Yashodha told “Leave it Shru. You know your brother keeps himself a mile away from girls” “I’m sure if he meets Gini na he will not be same anymore. He will be roaming around her like a puppy.” she said proudly keeping her elbow on Yashodha’s shoulder. “Hope it happens soon” Yashodha gave hifi to Shruthi. He stood staring them annoyed keeping his hands on his waist.
In present he was just staring at her, when she jumped with excitement holding Shruthi in her embrace, his heart jumped with her.

It started thundering suddenly and he came back to world. Ragini closed her ears in fear with a jerk and tried to hide behind Manny who was standing beside her. “What happened Ragu” asked Manny. “She is scared of thunders.” said Rachna. “Actually she is scared of any sudden loud noises.” said Suhani. “Ohho Ragu maa. See it’s gone” said Manny consoling her. And it started raining. All the students ran to find a shelter in the nearby shed. Nithin was just watching Ragini in the group of students. She got drenched in rain a bit. Her hair strands messy and were falling on her face and she was tucking them behind her ears.

He was observing her delicate fingers, her soft chubby cheeks, her soft and sensitive ear lobe, and the jhumka she wore and when it dangled its twinkle, her smiling eyes which were contracting according to her conversation with her friends. Her pretty forehead. Her naughty nose which she was rubbing frequently, Her soft curvy neck, her beautiful magical rosy lips; when a drop of water from her hair fell on them she sipped it.Uff. He felt how lucky that rain drop was. Time seemed to be moving slowly he felt. Wooow. He observed a girl so much first time in his life. His breathing became uneven. He felt somebody has tied him in a magical spell. He felt his body is not responding to his brain anymore. His heart which never raised its opinion till now looked like controlled him completely now. As it was waiting to free itself from the clutches of his brain from ages. But he was still confused.
All the students had moved as the rain stopped, but Nithin was standing still. His brain somewhere still trying to hold his senses made him confused. He was not sure about his feelings till now. “Listen to your heart. It never lies, it never forces” he closed his eyes remembering his mom’s words, he saw a smiling Ragini. “Nittu, Nittu bhai” he heard faint voice of Manny and then Shruthi’s voice “Nitzzz bhai”. He opened his eyes smiling like he found his answers for all questions in his life. “Yess Yess I love her.

I love her. Manny I love her, Shru I love her” he said jumping holding both of them. “Whom are you talking about?” asked Shruthi. “I will tell you once I propose her. Pakka Shru. Just don’t ask me anything till then” he said running from there, it started raining again. He twirled stretching his hands welcoming the rain with open arms. Every raindrop brought love with it he felt. He danced madly as he fell in love or we better say he discovered his love. His Ragini. “Ragini” he said keeping his hand on his heart which increased its speed as it heard her name. He smiled. The rain drops touched his lips and eyes making him to feel her in his every breath. The rain satisfied his thirst which he felt he was suffering from many births, more than any desert he needed this rain. A tear developed in his eyes as he could not contain his excited heart anymore. He felt he started living his life just a few minutes back when he discovered her, before that he was just alive.

Meanwhile the college radio buzzed
“So guys our college Volley ball girls team has won the district level final match. Congratulations girls. You rocked it. So let’s hear the next song for their victory Hip Hip Hurray”
“Jeene Laga Hu Pehle se zyada, Pehle se zyada thumpe marne laga hoo”
He needed her as he needed Oxygen in his life.
“So he found his mystery girl” Manny told himself looking at Nithin. Shruthi was totally confused about the recent happenings.
“Haa Arjun” she said attending the call. “Thanks. I will talk to you later.” Shruthi said disconnecting the call.
Ragini is seen walking in the college corridor with Shruthi smiling.
“Mai mera dil aur Tum ho yeha. Phir kyu ho phalke jhukaye waha.” Nithin sang leaning to one side and looking at Ragini.
He came in front of her walking backward and pointing his finger towards her
“Tumsa haseen pehle dekha nahi”

“Tum isse pehle the jaane kaha” he asked her waving his hand in front of her.
“Jeene laga hu pehle se zyada. Pehle se zyada tumpe marne laga” he said stretching his hands in air and folding them behind his head and turning. Ragini passes him.
He comes to reality.
He saw her laughing with Shruthi. Manny shook him and he came out of his dream. Manny asked what happened with eyes. He just smiled and nodded no keeping his hand behind his neck caressing it.
He was watching Ragini every time being around her without her knowledge. Her laugh, her pouting, her excitement, her eyes, her lips, her every expression all made him crazier than before.

“Rehte ho aake jo thum paas mere. Tham jaye pal yeh wahi bas mai yeh sochu” Everybody stood as statues as Ragini turned to the side where Nithin was standing.
Ragini started dancing singing” Sochu mai tham jaye pal yeh paas mere jab ho thum ” and comes near him.
” Sochu mai tham jaye pal yeh paas mere jab ho thum ” she twirled around him keeping her head on his shoulder and his eyes followed her; and she came back to the position where she stood earlier. Everybody starts moving, Suhani comes in front of her preventing her from seeing Nithin.

He turns around seeing outside the window and sings
“Chalti hai saanse pehle se zyada.” closes eyes and feels the cool breeze.
“Pehle se zyada dil teherne laga” he touches his heart staring at it,
Ragini passes behind him smiling. He also smiles closing his eyes
Manny was walking and going to meet Suhani. Nithin stops him and says even he will come. Manny was amazed by his friend’s sudden behavior change takes him along with him.
He calls and waves his hand looking at Suhani. Nithin looks at the direction and searches for Ragini. But she wasn’t there. Manny asks him what happened. He just nods nothing and becomes sad
“Tanhayiyo me tujhe dhunde mera dil, har pal yeh tujhko hi soche bhala kyu” he starts to turn but sees Ragini approaching and smile appears on his face”Tanhayi me dhunde tujhe dil har pal tujhko soche.”

“Tanhayi me dhunde tujhe dil har pal tujhko soche.”
She turns her head a little and finds Nithin
And their eyes meet. And the time stops
“Milne lage dil pehle se zyada. Pehle se zyada ishq hone lagaa”
Looks like world is revolving around them. And their heart beats could be heard which were in sync without even a Nano second of lag. Like they were two pieces from same heart.
I hope I did not disappoint you guys. This chapter really drained my emotions completely. I took a whole week to visualize this and bring it out with words. It’s really difficult visualize guys feelings, especially when they are tough, hope I could do that. I just felt the song was made for them. If you get something or someone easily you will probably never realize what’s their importance. But when you wait and search desperately someone, and get them in your life that is another level of love. That’s what I think. This much suspense was needed to get you people understand depth of Nithin and Ragini’s love. Hope I could make you people understand it. Sorry if you people felt I dragged. Here is the interval of my story. Finger crossed. Hope you people will like it.

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