Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 11 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)


“Nittu” said Yashodha placing her hand on his head and caressing it. Nithin slid and sat near his mom’s leg and placed his head on her lap. “What happened beta?” she asked caressing his hair. “Don’t know maa I’m confused. All seems new to me. I’m unable to understand anything” he said. She smiled and replied “I trust my Nittu he never takes a wrong decision. And for your confusion I have a solution.” She cupped his face and said “Listen to your heart. It never lies, it never forces you” He again placed his head on her lap. He always wondered how his mom could sense his confusions and always guide him on the right path. He clutched her leg tightly as his possessive obsession. She smiled thinking that his son is going to step on new phase of his life which was untouched till now.

“Ginu wait” said Varun getting down from the bike. He dragged her hand and removed the engagement ring “What are you doing Kaan khajure” she shouted. “You still have your freedom. This need not be the chain to tie you. I will put this back only a minute before our marriage” he said sliding the ring in his pocket and getting on to his bike. “So literally you have time till I tie the Mangalsutra in your neck” he said smiling and accelerating the bike.
“Why do you love me so much Varun, I don’t deserve this” she said wiping her tears, looking at the direction he disappeared. Varun wiped his tears while he speeded his bike while exiting from the college gate.

A month of loneliness had made her strong to cop up with her pain. She had the courage to live without him. Or it seemed just like that. One more thing she understood was Varun loved her madly. The realization for which Varun waited all his life hit her only after she fell in love with Nithin. She felt life to be so unfair. She cursed herself and died thousand times as she could not return the same feelings to her childhood best friend. She hated herself for loving Nithin so much.

“Chuck it and get lost” Ragini heard Suhani’s voice and turned back. She saw her Ani walking fast annoyed and Manny running behind her begging. Suhani came near her and stood beside her and folded her both hands huffing. “Ani what happened” asked Ragini. “Ginu tell this Sadu to go from here.” said Suhani angrily. “What happened senior ji?” Ragini asked Manny, who was pouting with puppy eyes said “Don’t call me that Ragu…..” “Fine tell me what happened?”. “I just told her to eat less Samosas, that’s all” he said almost crying. “That’s all? You said “Ani don’t eat so much Samosa’s see you will burst one day.” I mean you called me moti?” she said widening her eyes. Ragini opened her mouth in O shape and shot at Manny “How dare you?”

“I’m sorry na Look I came from London after 1 month and you are fighting with me not fare” he said trembling and moving back with fear when he saw Suhani and Ragini approaching him as hungry angry dogs. “Hey Nittu ” shouted Manny looking at Nithin who entered the canteen to avoid the situation so that he can get out of there. Random heartbeat, thumping heart, chilly shiver in whole nervous system. This was the effect of his name on her every time. She controlled her expressions. “Ani I forgot. I have to submit Electronics Record Book. I’ll meet you in bus stop, bye” she said running from there. “Ragini ka Dracula” told Manny noticing her sudden behavior and smiling looking at Nithin. “Ki?” asked Suhani confused. “Nothing” he said. She saw from door Nithin solving Manny and Suhani’s issue and they both hugging each other and smiled and left with teary eyes.

“Arrey Ragini, Ishan. You people here?” asked Kabeer as he found them at his door. “Can we come in?” asked Ragini. “Ohho mai bhi na. Come inside” he says taking them inside his house. “Ramu kaka bring tea and snacks. Dadu see guest have come” he says instructing them to sit. “Kaun hai beta” Kabeer’s dadi comes to hall. Ragini takes blessing from her and Ishan follows. “Khush raho” she blesses Ragini and Ishan. “Dadu wo” he stumbles to reply. “I’m Rachna’s friend” says Ragini. Dadi’s face changes expression and she becomes angry. “Please Dadi I am asking sorry from Rajinder uncle’s side don’t be angry” Ragini says pleading. “He is not happy after insulting us when we went with Shagun; that he sent you to do the remaining insult” Dadi says turning other side. “Sorry Dadi, but it was Rachu’s fault only. That mental forgot to talk to uncle about it and she even forgot Kabbi bhai told you people will come with shagun and she came to my house. It was just a misunderstanding. Uncle was just worried for Rachu as there is age gap between them that’s all. He never meant all those words. Please forgive him.” Ragini pleaded. “We have spoken to uncle. He is guilty for whatever happened but he does not have courage to face you. In between your both ego’s Rachu and Kabbie bhai are suffering. Look at him once, you will understand how much he loves Rachu.” she said pointing at Kabeer. He looked away to avoid eye contact with his Dadi. She feels his pain and caresses his hair “I’m sorry beta. I did not think about you only. After Ananya’s death Rachna was the girl who could bring you out of it. I failed to see your pain as you have to be away from her. Forgive me” she says with teary eyes. Kabeer holds her hand kisses it and hugs her. He looks at Ragini who is smiling with tears in her eyes.

“Acha dadu. Now we are leaving” said Ragini getting up from chair. “Such a sweet girl. Keep coming to our house frequently. I feel my daughter is with me when I see you.” she said caressing Ragini’s hair. “Sure Dadu” she says smiling. Ishan also bids bye to Dadi and hugs Kabeer. “Ruko beta. Kabeer drop them till house” says dadi. “No dadu we will go” says Ragini. “Bhai bola na tho yeh formalities kis liye?” asks Kabeer caressing her hair. Ragini hugs him teary eyed. “You people have water tanks in eyes oh what. Tears will be Eveready to flow from your eyes” said Ishan cheering her. “Ish bhai” she complained. “Awww mela pehla bacha” he said taking her to his embrace. “Chale Ginnu” said Kabeer. She smiled at his gesture and nodded.
“Bye Ish bhayya. Thank you for coming with me” said Ragini waving bye to Ishan. “Ginnu ruk” he said. “What happened Ish bhayya?” she asks. “Why did you call me to come with you? Why not Radhika and Suhani?

Why I feel you are avoiding them to hide something” he asked analyzing her. She controlled herself from changing expression and said “You should have been in CID seriously. “She said laughing. “Don’t avoid the topic” he said bit angry. “Ohho Ish bhai. Suhani was busy with Senior ji and Radhu was with Rachna to console her. Kabbie bhai is your cousin. So thought if I take you, I can be saved from beaten up” she said acting as scared. Ishan laughed at her antics. But inside he felt she is not okay.
“What happened jaan” asked Ishan back hugging Radhika who was standing in the terrace of her house lost in her thoughts. She came out of her thoughts caressing his cheek with her one hand and told “Nothing. Just thinking about you.” “I have already madly fallen for you. These cheesy lines are not required. Tell me the truth” he said with fake anger. “Don’t know Ishan why I feel Gini is avoiding me. All the time she will be with bhayyu only from the time we returned from camp. There also she never used to share anything with me. I feel left out. Or am I missing something. Am I unaware of her pain what she is trying to hide from me” she said tearing. He did not want her to worry more as he also felt the same. He turned her facing him, cupped her face and said “shh shh baby. Have you forgotten she is engaged to your bro. This all is new for her. She is just taking her time to get into it. Give her time. The way you are over thinking now I’m confirmed; surely you are her second mom” she smiled with teary eyes and hugged him hitting lightly on his chest. He caressed her hair and said “Seriously I’m seeing a first nanand who is worried about her bhabi more than her bro.” “Yeah she is most important person in my life. More than you also” she said teasing. “Ha ha no problem I’m not jealous of my first kid cum muh boli behen”. She tightened her grip on his shirt “I love you.” “I know that and I love you too” he said covering her in his embrace.
“I don’t know anything Nitz bhai you are coming for my match and that’s final. I don’t want any of your stupid execuses. And if you don’t come forget about your Rakhi this year. Bye” saying Shruthi disconnected her call. Her dad caressed her hair from backside and asked “What happened kiddo?”. “Dekho na poppy. This Nitz bhai being in my college doesn’t want to attend my Volly ball final match” she said complaining. “You know na he will be busy with organizing sports day thats why he must be saying like that.” said her mom coming out of kitchen. “Haa you tho will support your sister’s son only na” said shruthi folding her hands. “Mom you know na; this is a family rule nobody speaks between Shru di and Nitz bhai” said Sanju coming out of his room rubbing his head with a towel. “I’m not supposed to speak anything in this house really” said her mom walking to the kitchen.

Shruthi’s phone rang and she picked it up “Haa bolo.” “Really? Yippie” “Love you Nitz bhai” said Shruthi kissing the phone. Her mom peeped from kitchen with a surprise. “See I told you na” said Sanju to his mom.
“Yaaay I’m so happy Gini” said Shruthi hugging Ragini. “Oye what happened Shru?” asked Ragini totally surprised for Shruthi’s excitement. “This time my cousin bro is coming to cheer me for the final Volly ball match” she said. “Wow that’s great. You always wanted him to cheer you na?” she said smiling.
“Take; today mumma prepared your favorite Palak Paneer for you” Ragini said serving form her tiffin box. “Aunty knows today those threesome will have half a day so she will send my fav only on Thursdays, so that I alone can enjoy, she is my sweetest Aunty” Shruthi said hugging Ragini. Ragini smiled.

“Gini?” called Shruthi wiping her hands. “I know I’m not close to you as Radhu, Ani or Rachu. But still”. Ragini kept her hand on Shruthi’s shoulder and said “Any relationship does not depend on time but on amount of trust and understanding. You are also as close to me as they are” smiling. “Hmmm thanks. Tell me one thing” she said. “Hmmm” said Ragini. “I feel you have changed from the time you returned from camp. Anything serious? You can share with me if you feel comfortable” said Shruthi assuring her. Nithin’s face flashed in front of her. She controlled her emotions and said “If something was there will I hide it from you?” she asked “Now chillax, come we have to attend Sudhakar sir’s class. You know he will lock the door after first bell” she said dragging Shruthi. “Physics class not again” pouted Shruthi.
“What was that” Rachna asked rubbing her cheek where Kabeer kissed her when she was looking up. “Gift to cool your anger” said Kabeer holding her chin. She with fake anger “First of all come late and then try to cool me. Mr. Late Latheef Khanna not happening”. “Sorry baba, got stuck in an important meeting. I’m really sorry” he held his ears. “Our engagement is in three weeks and now only you are avoiding me. After marriage tho you’ll forget me” she pouted sadly. “Jaan. First thing our marriage is after you finish your studies. So hold your horses. And this all I’m doing so that I can give you all my time after marriage, So that you don’t complain after marriage that “My husband is a very busy business man and he doesn’t have time for me” he said imitating her and with fake anger. “You know kabbi bhai you have become like Rachna now a day. So much nakhra uff” said Manny laughing who was watching their childish fight. “Abbey Manny ke bache thu ruk” he said chasing him. “Hold on guys we have come here for your engagement shopping not for running race” said Ishan holding Manny. “Fine” both said. “Girls come with me to ladies section” said Suhani to her friends. “And boys come with me to gents section” said Varun imitating her.
“Hey Nittu where are you?” asked Manny over the cell phone looking at a shirt. “I’m in ground floor Manny just two minutes bro” said Nithin sliding the car keys in his pocket and running.
Ragini was in a jewelry shop with Rachna selecting her ring. Suddenly she saw a beautiful Necklace set. She was just trying it looking at the mirror.
“I hate this mall. So confusing where is this gents section now, whom to ask? Whom to ask” he was turning behind to ask someone.
Ragini kept the maang teeka on her hairline to try. Nithin’s eyes fell on the same girl whom he collided few days back in college corridor who was trying the maang teeka. He got lost in her beautiful face. Air was blowing lightly and his hair strands started flying. Aashiqui 2 movie’s song “Tum hi ho” starting music was playing lightly (If you wonder from where the music came, it’s a mall so there will be light music all the time). A kid came running and collided with the smiling Nithin. He held that kid and bent down and gave him the scattered chocolates. That kid gave him a sweet kissy on his cheek and went from there.
Ragini looked outside and saw Nithin hugging a kid and giving him a kiss on his cheek. She got nervous again. She did not want Varun to notice her nervousness when Nithin is around. She wanted to leave the place as soon as possible. She called Varun.

Nithin stood again and searched for her but she wasn’t there anymore. He felt his heart was not in its place anymore. As if she took it away with her. His phone vibrated. “Where the hell are you dude? I’m hell confused here” said Manny shouting. “Fine I’m stuck here in 3rd floor doesn’t know the way” said Nithin caressing his neck. “Okay coming” said Nithin disconnecting the call and running to the shop as Manny guided.
He was confused. Lost. His heart really wanted his mystery girl and the girl whom he collided to be the same person.

Might be his heart knew the reality already 😉
“Ha Ginu what happened? Is it? Ok wait I’ll come we will leave” said Varun answering the call. “What happened Varun?” asked Ishan. “Nothing Ginu is feeling a bit suffocated and unwell. I will just take her back home. “He said. ”Oh. Take care of Ragu maa. Once you reach give me a call okay, I wanna speak to her.” Manny said holding Varun’s shoulder. “Yeah sure” said Varun smiling and leaving. On the entrance he collided with Nithin. Both said sorry and moved in opposite directions. “Hey Manny what happened. Why are you sad” asked Nithin reaching Manny. “Ragini came for shopping with us, but she is not well so going back” he said worried. “Don’t worry Manny. Everything will be fine. “said Nithin assuring him. “Hope so” said Manny nodding.
So guys the time has come when Nithin will discover his mystery girl. Keep reading. Hold your racing heart.
Yashodha : Shilpa Tulaskar
Shruthi’s dad: Sanjeev Seth
Shruthi’s mom: Lata Sabharwal
Sanju: Gautham Ahuja
Dadi : Joyshree Arora

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