Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-18)

The engagement is finished and all went back to their respective house


Jhanvi : Where did Arjun go suddenly..

Ashwin : He didn’t even came to the ceromony.

Jhanvi : What type of dad you are..

Ashwin : huh??

Jhanvi : Arjun came there I have seen him after all iys his bestfriends engagement..but then he..

Ashwin : Ragini..did he told you anything

Ragini : No dad .. I think it must be something important..

Jhanvi : I hope everything is fine…Ragini its too late go to your room and sleep

Ragini goes to her room and as well Ashwin and jhanvi



Maya looks at her engagement ring ..she tries to remove it but it was too tight..she tried a lot.. and she realised that it wont be easy to remove the ring..she starts crying holding a pillow..Just then a knock on the door….Maya  cleans her face and fits a smile on her face and opens the door it was his brothers.

Maya : You guys here at this time..is everything fine

Yuvi :Actually di this was the question …we wanted to ask you??

Maya : Matlab??

Lucky : Di are you happy with this marriage..

Maya : Yes…i..amm…i..ha.ve told you..guys this before then..why..

This was it Abhi slaped Maya

Abhi : How much will you lie..maya..I thought that I have a sister who is purest of all but you turned out to be a lair

Maya : What are you talking abhi..

Abhi : I know that you love Arjun..so accept the truth ..

Maya : Abhi..I ..I …am

Abhi suddenly hugs maya…and both Yuvi and lucky joined wiyh him

Abhi : Maya ..you have to trll this to our parents.

Maya : I can’t abhi..they are happy that I am getting married to Vansh and I can’t ruin their happines..

Yuvi : You are wrong di..they are happy thknking you are happy..and its necessary to inform them that you are not happy

Maya : Still..i ..can’t.

This was it Abhi grabs maya’s hand and drags her to downstairs wherethe elders are sitting

Payal : Haven’t you all slept till now..

Vikram : yeah children its to late you should sleep

Abhi : Mom ;dad we all wanted to tell you something

Falguni : When did it become necessary to took permission..asks anything..

Abhi : Mom, dad, chachi., chacha..we want yoj all to know..

Viraj : why are you guys taking so much time..

Abhi : This wedding wilk not happen..

payal(smiles) : I know why you are talking like this..you guys are afraid that maya will be away from you don’t..you

Abhi : Its not that mom..

Abhi looks at maya..yuvi and lucky holds mayas hand

yuvi : Di its now or never

Lucky ; Say it di..

Geethu : Mom..i don’t love..vansh..

Payal(holding maya’s cheek) : you knowwhen I was married to youre dad..i also didn’t like him..because i was scared of him..but gradullay we fell in love..

Maya(crying): But.m…mom i lo..love..Arjun..

Everyone is shocked..payal removes her hand from Maya’s cheek Maya holds payal’s hand..



Ragini is talking to geethanjali in her phone.

Ragini : Di ..i am too scared its too late and bhai has not came till now.

Geethu : Don”t worry he will be fine..as far as I know him he is quite matured..

Ragini : still di I am scared

Something fell on the hall..and ragini hears the sound.

Ragini : I think by has come …di..i will call you back

Ashwin and jhanvi whi were sleeping was also awaken ..

All came to hall and all are shocked to see Arjun..

Jhanvi : Arjun..

She was abot to go to him..but Ashwin holds Jhanvis hand and stops her..

Arjun : Dad..you know what..ev..evrything is over..

Ashwin : Arjun tumne piya hai kay..

Arjun smiles

Ashwin(angry) : I asked you have you drunk

Arjun(shout ) : Of course..I am ..everything is over..my ..its…

He faintes down…Ashwin calls his servant and asks them to take Arjun to his room..They did as per his oder

Jhanvi : What is going on..Arjun ..kuch toh hua hai meri bacha ko..

Ashwin : But what will be the reason??

Ragini : Maya di.

Ashwin : Kya??

Ragini : Mom…dad…the engagment happened today was not of bhai’s best… friend..

Jhanvi : What are you trying to say..

Ragini : It was of his girlfriend..Yes dad..bhai loves Maya di and that’s why all this happen..

Jhanvi : What have happenend..we thought that everything in our life was going fine..

Ashwini : Ragini, go to your room we will talk about this later

Ragini goes

Jhanvi : I tthought that..i was a perfect mother..but i was not even able to understand what my son was going through

Ashwin hugs Jhanvi


vikram : Do you understand what are you saying

Maya : Dad..

Vikram : Bachaa.why didn’t you told us this earlier..if you had we had even stopped this engagement..

Geethu :Dad..i..was..sc..scared

Vikram hugs Maya..

Vikram :  I will talk about this as soon as possible to Arjun and his family..but..

Abhi : But what dad

Vikram : Maya you should tell the whole matter to vansh.. will you be able to do that

Yuvi : Di yoh will right

Maya : I am ..I …..I wil dad..

Lucky : Don’t worry di…we are with you

They all share a hug

Precap : Maya speaks to Vansh



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  1. Jasminerahul

    finally the truth is out before maya’s family.loved how they are supporting Maya and encouraging her to talk to vansh.poor arjun is drunk due to fear.arjun’s family also came to know the truth and are sad.arya belong to lovely families.

  2. And a fantastic epi with cute family moments..arjun drunken.. And maya was soo emotional..
    Loved it

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