Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-15)

It is the day of engagement .Many are so happy…Manu are so sad..and some are a little hurt..Its like a combination of mixed emotion

Rathore mansion is decorated beautifully


All are busy with the preparations and inviting guests and all are looking awesome

Viraj and vikram were wearing a sherwani showing their pride and Falguni in a plain blue saree with golden lace and payal with a plain pink and red saree…

On the otherside we can see abhi who is attending the gustes..he is in


Falguni  : Abhi…have you seen lucky and yuvi..

Abhi : No i think they are with naira..

Falguni climbs the stair and reaches Naira’s room. And she saw yuvi and lucky standing out side the door

Yuvi is in https://goo.gl/images/QXGtmz

Lucky is in https://goo.gl/images/8Kw58A

Falguni : What are you two doing here..

Yuvi : Mom don’t scold us..its all your daughter..she has tried about 10 dress till she cannot decide..

Just them the door opens and its naira..

Naira is in https://goo.gl/images/TddNjA

Naira : How do I look guys..

Lucky and yuvi looks at eachother..

Falguni : Yeh choose kiya hai tum ne..auch a bad selection you have..

Naira : Momits not tjat my selection is bad its just..our generation gaps..

The three goes down  Falguni gives her an impossible look at she also goes downstairs..

Falguni : Where is maya

Payal : She is getting ready..I have told the desinger to give her an extreme look as this day is speical to her..

The Anita and Geethanjali comes to the function ..viraj goes to attend them..while abhi was at the opposite direction..he looks around and his eyes got stuck in Geethu..She was looking beautful in https://goo.gl/images/Ags4Jo

Abhi slowly walks to her

Viraj : Abhi..meet the Luthras..

Abhi greets them..Anita walks with viraj to meet other

Abhi : You look beautifull in this dresss

Geethu : I think you realises that you selected it..

Abhi : Yeah..of course I do..

Yuvi and lucky was behind them that they heard the whole conversation..

Lucky : Waah..bhaiyya dresses and all huh..

Abhi : Lucky.!!

Yuvi : What’s going on between you two.

Abhi : Yuvi!!

Geethanjali giggles..

Geethu : How is your leg yuvi..

Yuvi : Oh..its fine..wait…what how do you know…

Geethu : You didn’t tell him..

Abhi nodes no…

Geethu : My babhi’s sister took you to hospital that day..and I was also there..

Yuvi : Okay….could you do  a favour forme..

Geethu : Yes..tell me..

Yuvi : Can you arrange my meeting with her..

Just then someone calls abhi from there and he goes..

Geethu : Ok..but she is going to US next weak

Yuvi : I am always free..

Geethu : ok..then done..(she looks around) Where is maya..

lucky : Its her day na so …She will only appear on time..

Geethu : I wanna meet her ..can you show ne where her room is..

Lucky : upstair turn right 4Th room

Geethu : Okay thanks she runs towards Maya’s room

After that they turns around and sees ragini who is waving to them..

Ragini is in https://goo.gl/images/1EC2Zz

Lucky is surprised seeing her..

Precap : Maya confess her love
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  1. elina dear,great those lil moment b/w uv lucky naira and falguni was cute.abhigeet was was aww shoo cuteeeeeeeeee…and uv and lucky teasing him.i hope uv and twinkie meet as soon as possible and no us for twinkle,maybe.ragu is a beauty.
    precap ko padh kr mann kr rha ki abhi ke abhi doosra epi read kron.
    post soon..

  2. Jasminerahul

    falguni yuvi lucky naira scene was funny. abhi admiring geetanjali’s beauty in the dress and geetanjali reminding him that he only chow this dress was sweet.I haven’t seen their show.but through this ff I love abhigeet now.geetu going to talk to Maya.guess ragini will be joining them.waiting for their encounter with Maya. waiting for geetu arranging twiraj meeting.pics of each character’s dress were nice.can’t wait for arya confession

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