Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-13)


Yuvi: Our di is getting married we have to do something different

Lucky : I have an idea

Abhi : What..

Lucky : We could restrict ladies from wearing heavy lehengas and all

Abhi : What ribbish..

Naira : Huh bhai..how could this be possible..

Viraj : I think its a good idea…people will also feel light

Abhi : Dad ;what do you think

Vikram : You’re decission is ours.

Lucky : okay now thats final..dad please inform this to all relatives..

Viraj : What  i how…

Naira : Come on bros we have to decide dress lets go..

Yuvi : Shopping..thankgod ladies went on by themselves

Naira : But I am with you guys..

Lucky : Who considered you as a girl

Naira : Bhai!!

Abhi : Stop it guys..lets go


Naira is busy selecting her dress and abhi was with her .Lucky and yuvi are selecting there dress..Vansh is also there, he sees abhi and goes to him

Vansh : Hai abhi..

Abhi : Hi vansh..

Vansh : Oh hello maira

Naira : Its naira

Vansh : What are you guys doing here

Naira : Eatting salad..can’t you see

Abhi : Naira!!

Vansh : I think our angel is ina bad mood

Naira : oh..so i think you should leave us alone..

Abhi : She is little angry as she is unable to find a perfect dress

Vansh : Okay carry on with her

Abhi : Ya bye vansh..

Vansh goes…

Abhi : You should have not behaved like that

Naira : Oh come on bhai..he looks like a villain..and pata nahi kya sooch kar di ne haa bolie

Abhi : Matlab you don’t like him??

Naira : Yes i don’t

Abhi laughs..

Naira : Why are you laughing??

Abhi : Actually I don’t like him either..

They both laughs and gives a highfive..

They continue selecting their dress .Geethu was also there she had selected few dresses and was confused between them..Geethanjali tries all in front of mirror and abhi sees her there and she also can see abhi

As per Geethu tries..Abhimanyu signals her and at last she selects the dress of Abhi’s choice


viraj : How was the shopping??

Falguni : Awesome

Viraj : Maya how was it..

Maya : It was nice

Payal : And so kind of you for informing the changes at last minute..

Viraj : Its kids..what should we do..

payal : Vikram ji kaha hai.

Viraj : woh kuch aur families ko invite karna tha..

Falguni : But we have invited all our relative and friends..

Viraj : Yeah..but they are business..families

Payal : Har jaga par business

Just then abhi ; Yuvi , lucky and naira comes they all chit chat..Maya excuses from there and runs to her room..She shuts the door loudly and cries badly

Precap : Engagement..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    abhigeet dress selection scene was sweet and romantic. all are enjoying. but poor Maya is crying. wish they understand maya’s feeling

  2. Ok nice one..abhigeet momenta were sweet and cute..oh so ansh ko koi pasand nhi krta aur arjun ko saare..
    I hope jaldi se arya ek ho jaye..
    Post asap..
    Loved it

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