Rishte hamari pakki hai …. episode 6

Hey guys iam back….and ha I wrote a romantic one( marrying Mr arrogant), possessive one (kyu dard hai itna tere iss ishq mein, tragedy ( tonight I am living the saddest moment of my life), so thought to write a comic pack….

Lemme start

Ahan: that’s odd

Kabir : jese logon ki finger prints alag hits hai vese hi insan ek dusre se alag hai

Ahan: o please ….ab apna radio bandh Raj

Scene shifts to pragya

Pragya is trying an outfit it looks so beautiful…it suits her very well …she looks on the mirror and then after wearing it she clicked selfies and sends to veer…veer starts sending texts to her

Veer: ??

Pragya: ?

Veer: tumhe Nani kya bulathi hai? Hadh hai yar zuban se nikal gaya

Pragya:eh? I don’t. Get you

Veer: something like inky pinky or pinky

Pragya: stop mocking me….I also know to call names ok

Veer: then call me Na….let me know it better

Pragya: bichu tha ya bittu huh?

Veer?: I will …

Pragya: u will …what?

Veer: I will call you moti just like kabir

Pragya: oooye….mei moti kis angle se dikthi hu tujhe….agar phir kaha Na to kasam se keh rahe hai…baath nehi karoongi mei….

Veer: avi….arre to iss baath mein der hi kyu….

Pragya:I will punch right on your face

Veer: aww…. don’t you think that’s too much….esa math karna warna mera yeh handsome Sa chehra barbath hojayenge

Pragya: let me think about it….ok bye nalayak….dhak Teri ki….I mean bye bittu?

Veer: bye pinky ki

Pragya in mind: now where is this putlu uncle and budhuram went

Pragya changes into her dress and then starts to search for them and she got a sudden kick when she saw them…..kabir and ahaan was sitting on a seesaw …. oneside kabir is sitting on it by playing games and ahan sitting on the ot
The other side ( in mall there is rides and seesaw for kids)

Pragya: what is this guy’s? Mana ki tum Dono akal se Bacha hai par ye kuch zyada nehi?

Kahan gave no attention

Pragya: what the hell….kesi museebath hai yar….kaun hai wo dushman jisne yeh video games invent kiya…agar Mila hothi tho use dho dalthi

Kabir: pehle apni kapde tho doke dikao phif dusre ko dhona

Ahan: kya baath hai pragya ab tum logo ko bhi dhodalonge…

Pragya : you are right let me show you that in live …

While hearing that ahan got up from seesaw and kabir falls….

Kabir: ouch…. you fool

Kabir angrily got up and starts to walk but pragya keeps her leg he was about to fall but pragya catches him….

Pragya payed the bill for her purchased things then trio walk towards exit door … pragya and ahan got out but when kabie reached there alarm starts to ring…2 guards came and one of them holds his left hand and other person right one….

Kabir: leave me….
Leave me ……leeeeaaaavvvveee mmmmeeee..

Guards checked him and got a pen from his pocket which was not billed…guards instructed him to pay money and leave there and he does so…later he got out and went near his car and saw prahan sitting in the backseat….kabir sits in driving seat

Kabir : am I looking a driver to you

Ahan: yes ofcourse yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai …arre Jo drive karta hai wo driver hai to ap driver hai

Kabir: oh really then hold on anywhere because I’m gonna drive faster

Pragya: no problem patlu uncle Ji

Kabir drives fast……after few minutes an old person come in front of his

Kabir: ooo Dadaaji….Hatiye raste se….

Old person looks at him and angrily walks

Gf: aaj kal ke ye bache bhi Na

Kabir gets GM’s call

Gm: oye munna tu Na chandni chawk aaah puthar waha ki chawl mei gher no: 6..aur ha pinky aur chintu ko bhi sath laao

Trio reaches their destination …
They enter the house…. everyone welcomed them beautifully…he got seated …

Kayarumbol mishra: Sanchi beta…chay lekar aa Zara

Sanchi came with tray ….both kanchi shocked to see each other

Precap: Sancho’s marriage fixed

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  1. Niyaaa

    Awsome yaar isse jab bhi padhti hun meri hassi nahi rukti…. loved it mood ekdum lightum light ho gaya… post nxt asap.. bye tc Luvv u

  2. awesome
    but dear 1 small request
    plz don’t mind woh actually will you write more in english rather than hindi
    thoda problem ho rahi hain while reading
    plz don’t mind if possible only
    marrying mr.arrogant is best one from you which i liked and now waiting for sad one also

    1. Miss-Golgappa

      Iam so sorry dear…from next episode onwards I will provide you necessary translations…. actually whenever I wrote anything in Hindi i used to provide its English translation but now a days I get less time for FF…

  3. Riyarocks

    Sanaaaaaaaaa……….uff……aaj itna hectic day tha, tere ye epi ek dum coffee ke jaise kaam karke freshness le aai…..phew…….bohud zyaada achha hai ye……sabse funny, see-saw waala scene tha……mere liye of course……haha……….luv u dherrrrrr saara dear………

  4. So do beautiful episode yaar

  5. Its nice

  6. Abhilasha

    Hilarious……. Mtlb my stomach is aching….. U nailed it dear!!!! I don’t know what happened earlier but I enjoyed it full….luv it..luv uh!!

  7. Amazing epsd dear nd plz update soon ur all fntstics ff’s…

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