Rishte hamari pakki hai …. episode 4

Hey guys San is back…..I think my ffs are not at all interesting due to which I recieves less comments….I found readers comments is reducing day by day may be it’s because you guys are not interested in this FF as it’s not so good as you expected … nevermind ….my intention is not to irritate you with my FF but while writing ffs I just meant to give out something to kanchi fans that sdh failed to give you that is kanchi as a lead pair…..my complete focus was on kanchi ….I was trying to look for different situations and circumstances that they have to face inorder to unite their minds…. but I’m sad and upset that I failed in providing you better one….. sorry guys ….now at this moment I humbly request my beloved readers whether you want me to continue this FF…..or you want me to stop any other FF of mine I completely leave that Decision on you guys…..in this journey I have received a lot of love and encouragement from you to which I’m always grand…. thanks for your support …. I’m not complaining but instead of that I’m requesting you to give out your views​ regarding my all ffs….now let me get into it… honestly I would only write my next episode if you want it…if it’s a no….then pls don’t hesitate to say that as I’m writing this ffs for you guys and if you don’t want it then there left no question in continuing this….so pls leave comment….

Lemme start

Pragya: guys Aaj Tuesday Hai?

Ahan: Aaj Tuesday Hai?esa kese ho saktha Hai?

Pragya: esa kese hosakti Hai matlab?Aaj Tuesday kyu nehi hosakti

Ahan: kyu Ki Mera calender mei tho Aaj Sundayy Hai..Teri calender kis Jahan Ki hai

Pragya: abheo duffer ye kis year Ki calendar dekh ke aaye Hai tum

Ahan: ISI mahine Ki yar….

Pragya: abheo bachu year konsi thi

Ahan: vo tho mei ne dekha hi nehi…..year se Kya farak padta Hai

Pragya: abheo nalayak to year katham hothe hi calender kyu badalwathe Hai?

Ahan: it’s so simple yar….calender purane Hua tho Naya calender khareedh Liya aur purane ko replace Kiya….ab purane calender lagayenge tho log tho sochenge Na Ki kese aathmi Hai APNA calender thak nehi badaldiya kithna kanjoos Hai

Pragya: tum Apne gher mei calender nehi badhalthi?

Ahan:nehi yaar mere pas ithna time Kaha Ki mei calender badaldu

Pragya: ha ha tum to Ambani ki pothe ho Ki tere pas time hi nehi….yeh jokes Na apna wallet mei rako kamse Kam vo kaali to nehi dikenge….aur vese bhi tereliye to Tuesday bhi Sunday hi hai..college tho mushikil se jaatha Hai aur jab jaatha nehi to koi kam dandha karthi nehi….

Ahan: actually….I was thinking….today let me take you for shopping

Pragya: am I dreaming.?

Ahan: o please apni yeh Gandi acting ab shuru math Karna Meri Behan ?

Pragya: India Ki no.1 kanjoos Aaj apna pesa karch karne pe Thula Hai it’s unbelievable

Ahan: oooye mei tere ko shopping le jatho raha hu par iss umeed ko ugaad Kar phek dho Ki Teri bill mei pay karoonga…arre jab mei dusro Ki Jeb kaali Karta Hu apna shopping se to Teri bill mei pay kyu karoonga esa kese sochliya tumne…

Pragya: ha mein yeh kese bool gay Ki kanjoos hamesha kanjoos hi rahenga

Kabir: guys can you just stop your stupid talks

Pragya: oh look who is saying…

Kabir: kash tum log radio hothe to kamse kam mei bandh tho Kar saktha

Pragya: o please don’t eat my brain

Kabir: omg you got a brain?

Pragya: very funny….hm…mm are coming or not Kabir

Kabir: shopping and that too with you…it’s like a invitation from hell

Pragya: I’m not that mad at shopping

Kabir: ahan did you hear that

Ahan: pinky ?you often wastes time in selecting dresses ….you always left us to waiting

Pragya: so it’s good…. atleast you will learn to keep patience

Kabir: ae Moti stop testing my patience

Pragya: alright guys let’s go for shopping…..let’s help them in emptying the shop

Kabir: bechara

Ahan: bechara? Kaun?

Kabir: hum aur Kaun

Ahan: eh?

Kabir: she is gonna use us in helping her bring those stuffs

Ahan: helping someone is good na

Kabir:it would be good if we get to help others instead

Pragya: will stop this and follow me ….now I’m gonna drive any problem?

Kabir: fatty do you have any intention to send us into savitri Devi college and hospital

Ahan: please I don’t want to die….?Meri beewi Bache besahara hojayenge

Kabir: what? Wait tera to Shadi Hua nehi Hai to beewi bacha?

Ahan: arre yar vo tho meine ek punch keliye Kaha….ese nehi kehta to dailogue mei punch hi nehi hota….and ha ab agar mei Mar Gaya tho Jo future mei mera beevi ban ne waali ladki to kuwari reh jathi

Kabir: she would happy that she is not atleast married to you

Ahan: pragya …get off from the driving seat and let me drive

Kabir : o please ahan not now….we need to reach there today not tomorrow….you drives sooo slow even cycle moves more faster than that…I remember how you drived ….yar fatty because of his slow drive we often got scolded by people

Ahan: o fine Mr perfect ….now drive….

In mall

Trio entered mall…..pragya started to look stuffs that she listed out…..Kabir was busy in his phone playing games while ahan was just looking here and there….. suddenly Kabir won the game and in excitement he start making noises unaware about the place ….. everyone was starring him for making noises

Kabir: yeaay….i did it…..

He found all starring

Kabir: oops sorry….I just received a good news

Ahan:look at that girl….how she is behaving

Kabir: seriously? You came here for this purpose

Ahan: it’s not that ok….I was just normally looking….she was behaving weirdly

Kabir: so what we can do in that?

Ahan: nothing….I ….

Just then Kabir gets a call

Kabir: oh crap ….let me look who is the enemy against my games

He attends it

Kabir : hello….hlo ….hlooooooooo?

Ahan: hlo….its me

Kabir: who?

Ahan: ahan

Kabir: ahan ?

Kabir looks back

Kabir: not to you idiot I’m on the phone

Ahan: sorry

Kabir @ phone: hello can you hear me

Girl: baby its me

Kabir: I think you got me wrong I’m not baby I’m Kabir

Girl: you are so funny…..I’m ria

Kabir in mind: oh shit shit shit….how she got my number..pinky Ki bachi I won’t spare you for this

Kabir: ooh ria….I’m so happy that you call me

Ria: aww….you miss me Na

Kabir:no I didn’t miss you at all( slip of tongue….he realised what he just said and retreats that)

Ria: what?you don’t miss me ?

Kabir: why would I miss you ..as you are always In my mind ( in mind:as a burden)

Ria: that so sweet of you baby

Just then he hears a familiar voice

Girl : bhaiyya ….sorry I didn’t done it intentionally…it was an acciden….sorry ….acha kaan pakkad ke sorry

Kabir hears it and asks ria to call later …he cuts the phone and. Turns to see the person but he saw no one

Kabir: ahaaan

Ahan: what happened?

Kabir: I think miss sorry was here….

Ahan: how come you be so sure about that?

Kabir: Im sure as I heard her…..look I think we should look for her

Ahan: you just go and search yourself I can’t walk my legs is paining

Kabir: offo look at you how lazy you are….you are saying that your legs pains when you even did’nt walked much….oh god …..why always I’m stuck with him….only Faty can handle you….ahan last time Iam askin that whether you comin with me or not…..i

Ahan: alright as you are forcing me let me come and ha it’s better than sitting here

Kabir: ahan please don’t behave like a lazy hen ever again

Ahan: mission dentist shuru

Kabir: eh?

Ahan: nothing…I was simply saying haha haha

Kabir: why are you laughing

Both Kabir and ahan started looking for miss sorry

Ahan: why are we searching for her

Kabir: last time when we met she forgot her belonging

Ahan: what?

Kabir: one of her anklet

Ahan: that means now she is walking with wearing one anklet?

Kabir: how do I know that?

Ahan: ya how you will know

Kabir: stop this blah blah lets search

Both again started searching for her while the otherwise

Girl: Ayisha …..you know if dadu will get to know that im not in home then he will get angry…his anger mode will be on and I’m afraid if he gets too angry..

Aisha: just look at you in this sort of clothing no one will recognise you so need to worry that anyone would inform him….and he won’t get to know that as i told isha to pretend to sleep on your side…they will think its you who is sleeping so nothing to worry….Sanchi now please stop scratching your brain….just chill

Sanchi: how can I be calm ?I got out from my home without informing anyone and I’m wearing this burqa and abhay(it’s a dress preferred by Muslims)

Ayisha : chill

Kahan reaches there

Sanchi: I’m sorry dadu…..pls forgive me

Kabir: did you hear that

He looks there and saw her there ….she had lifted her burqa up so he saw her face….he was surprised to her in such a dress….he just turns to say to ahan and when he turned he saw none

Kabir: where did they just vanished ?

Ahan: what she wore ?

Kabir: burqa and Parra( black one)

Ahan : so it’s easy to search ….let me help you….both walka and while walking ahan saw ladies wearing burqa and abhaya he went there and lifted one of the lady’s burqa and he got a tight slap…..Kabir saw it and couldn’t control his laugh ….he laughs alot and he keeps one of his hand on the shoulder of the statue wearing a saree as he kept his hand on it saree got off from the statue

Kabir: oh shit ….what to do….I didn’t even used a lungi

Kabir started to make the statue wear saree but all his tries went vain ….when he was trying to roll the saree some ladies passed by comments that

Lady: tum ek statue tak nehi choda

Kabir: no I

Lady: chiii……

Ahan saw this and laughs

Kabir: what’s so funny

Ahan: now i can’t even laugh?

Precap: Kabir: hi I wanna return your anklet…by the way what’s your name……girl:thanks …..i’m Sanchi…..Kabir: strange ….your name doesn’t go well with your dress….. sanchi: oh yah….

So guys please leave your views…..I don’t mind if its negative…I just wanna know your point of view about my writings…that’s it….if you wanna see ahan’s pic then it’s there on my wall post ….you can also see Ayisha on my wall….

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  1. Sochna bhi mat ki end karogi ff
    Time nahi tho isi liye comment nahi kar pate yaar

  2. Riyarocks

    sana dear……..kya bolun tujhe……tune toh meri bolti band kardi………hadd hai yaar…..koi itna amazing kaise likh sakta hai……..maan gaye tumhe boss……..& haan….kuch select nahi kar paa rahi hoon…..arey, fav scene likhne jaaoon toh phir toh mujhe poora ka poora episode likhna padjayega………..haha……..& ek baat…….tu likhna chod de…..main bhi chod doongi…….hamare saare dost bhi likhna band kardenge…….kya yaar….tu soch bhi kaise sakti hai??? main gussa hoon teri iss baat par….katti….not done….. & haan…katti hone ke baad bhi aadat se majboor hoke likh rahi hoon, luv u dherrrrrrr saara……….:):)

  3. Dhruti

    dear ff was superb, mind blowing and i love last part it was so funny:
    Kabir: oh shit ….what to do….I didn’t even used a lungi
    Kabir started to make the statue wear saree but all his tries went vain ….when he was trying to roll the saree some ladies passed by comments that
    Lady: tum ek statue tak nehi choda
    Kabir: no I
    Lady: chiii……
    Ahan saw this and laughs
    Kabir: what’s so funny
    Ahan: now i can’t even laugh?
    i even can’t stop myself to stop laugh ………………..that my mumma was staring me…………….but it’s ok i control the situation……………….
    and hey why are you disappointed with us i know as writer comment of reader is so imp but current track of sdch was upset everyone……………………..
    dear i wanna tell you something that after week i will not able to comment on any ff/os/fs because of my exam will in next week so i hope you understand me………………love you a lot…………..keep writing…………….and don’t make your face like golgappa ok…………..keep smile always……………..ok ok i stop my bak bak…………….bye……………..tc

  4. Hey, please don’t discontinue your ff. I am a silent reader and I really love all of the ffs on t.u. Your ff is really funny and amazing. So , please don’t discontinue it.

  5. Hey sana… Awsome mindblowing epi dear… Nd when kabir try to tie a saree on statue..hahaha.. Kahaan pragya conv. Is super hilarious dear…nd ria uski to baat mat karo kabir bechara kahaan phass gaya… Totally loved it…nd don’t say it boring… Plzzz post nxt asap.. Eagerly waitting for kanchi’s first meeting… Lovv u sisy tc bye gud ni8

  6. Amazing….plzzz don’t stop writing….. update soon

  7. Priyanshipp

    Hey don’t be so lazy yaar. We love ur ffs. Infact don’t care for comments. In my first article I got 18 to 19 comments but now I get very less. Dear silent readers bohot h bhale comments nhi dete to kya hua. I know unhe tumhara ff bohot pasand hoga.
    Coming to the episode. ……kya batau ye super se bhi uper tha. I loved the nok jhok nd the last one when kahan were embarrassed. I just loved it. I have one confusion what’s relationship between kabir nd riya. Pls try to give link or Recap. It will help to recollect quickly as we read all ffs.
    Nd ya don’t ever dare to quit. Bye and take care

  8. Hey Miss Golgapoa. please don’t discontinue your ff. Ur ff is superb and mind blowing. Last part is really very very funny. I like comedy sequences. Keep it up.

  9. Bestie do thappad laga dungi agar dobara aisi bakwas ki ….socha bhi Kaise end Karne ki ….zara aankhein khol Kar like button dekho….kitne likes hai Pagli ….aur pichli bar nahi Kar payi thi tumhare ff par comment…kyunki busy this studies main..many of them are silent readers….don’t worry about comment….your bestie is always with u,…this one episode is damn funny…I enjoyed a lot….love it to the coree….lots of love & a big hug to u…..never think to stop any of ur ff again warna main baat nahi karungi?

  10. Sajnana900

    Hey sana dear hru ???
    The epi was mimdblowing amazjng
    Fantastic fabulllouuuus best ever and many more
    And ur writting skills what to say about that ur every dialogue made me laughter out loud even my stomach start paining
    Jzt can say a PERFECT writting
    And about that leaving …
    Im not asking u but telling u tht U r not going anywhere ( as a freind i have that right naa)
    So throw out the thought of leaving out of ur mind
    So enough of my bakbak….
    Bbuyèee n T.C

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