Rishte hamari pakki hai …. episode 2

Guys Sana is back ?…. actually in previous epi I wrote the wrong title mistakenly sorry for that……in this ff Kabir and pragya is not doctor I posted that photo just because of the scenes

Recap: Kabir rescued a girl from a vehicle…..his gm asks him to get married..he started his melo drama on that…..later gm informs him that she chose a girl named ria for him….Kabir checks flames and got ‘E’ as a result

Lemme start

Gm: Kabir tum bhi na

Kabir: gm she just got ‘E’ ..

Gm: ‘E’?…..stop your silly game…..Kabir you are not a milk feeding baby…..just grow up…when will you just be responsible

Kabir: gm …..offo ab ap bohath serials dekh nee lagi Hai….please gm yeh serial ki dialogue to mujh pe to math hi maro…..offo yeh serial typical gms bhi na

Gm: Kabir …… alright …..i’ m gonna zip my lips?….happyy…..when I won’t be there then you will get to know my value

Kabir: gm …..do say only things you can do…you can’t even stay silent for 1 second….aur esi emotional hathyachar to ap math hi karo …..yeh doodh na yeh nehi ublenga….

Gm: Mei kitni pagal hu kabse iss sant se baat Kar hi Hai…jab ki iss ki beji Mei to Kuch gusega hi nehi…

Kabir: apne mujhe sant kaha

Gm: why would I call you that…..if you think so then yes…..

Kabir: Gmmmmmm……?

Gm: ha Mei Teri gm hi hu…..are you going to meet ria or not

Kabir: no way….I don’t want to marry……

Gm: if you don’t then you won’t get a Penny from me

Kabir: just for a unknown girl you are making me a stranger

Gm: if you won’t marry I will go to pragya’s home and will stay there

Kabir: was it a blackmail?

Gm:you can think anything….but I need a bahu….and that’s final

Kabir: teek Hai Meri maa ..ki maa

Gm: then get ready my golu….and ha pinky will be with us

Kabir: oh no gm….I can’t tolerate her….she ..she

Gm: no more arguments on that

Kabir: objection your honour

Gm : objection overruled…the court is adjourned

Kabir: this is unfair now she will not leave a chance to taunt me

Gm makes a call

Gm: hello pinky bheta….how are you?

Pinky: I’m fine nani….how are you?

Gm: I’m fine…I called you to inform you that today you have to be here

Pinky: guilty your highness

Gm: no more arguments on that….you will here and will accombine with me to select a perfect girl for golu

Pinky: what? That means he is gonna get married

Gm: ab Teri shadi tab hongi jab Teri daddy karwayenga….but Kabir ke pass to sirf Mei hi hu na dekhbal keliye

Pinky: gm ….never say like that again….he is not alone ….after all his mama Mami and his so called cousin is there to think for him….

Gm: I know how much u both love each other

Pinky: hamari pyar hi esa Hai….anoki

Gm: ha jese Tom and Jerry….but ha I just miss your Tom & Jerry fights

Pinky : Nani….hum aathe Hai na aur us nalayk ko milke sabak sikathe Hai

Gm: ab ki tumne Meri pothi walk baath

Pinky: nani….hum kasam se keh rahe Hai….uski band to ab hum aur uski hone wali beewi milke bachayenge

Gm: don’t forget bheta….if you will do these kind of things then it is not far when he will put full stop in your love story

Pinky: gm….veer is a nice person….he loves me a lot….why he need to suffer just because his bro did bhaiyya…

Gm: you know Kabir very well he hates Sid

Pinky: ok nany ab hum apko aur us nalayk ko waha see milte Hai

Gm: ok

Call get disconnected

Kabir: who?

Gm: Tera ‘E’

Kabir: ria?

Gm: wow ….from now itself you are in her thoughts not bad…..but it’s not ria….it’s pinky

Kabir: wo moti…..usne apse Kya kaha….ab yeh math bathayiye ki wohnsach Mei Arahi Hai( that fatty….what did she said…now please don’t say that she is coming)

Gm: Don’t call her so and yes she is coming

Kabir: abh iss moti ka Mei Kya karu…..how to escape from this fatty

On the other hand

Pinky: wait for me you patlu….I’m gonna eat you

Scene shifts to kabirs home

A royal Enfield came and stopped …..a girl just took out the helmet….she was wearing ripped jeans and crop shirt

She entered the house

Girl: hello gm IAM back ?

Gm just looked her from top to bottom

Gm: Kya hua pragya bheta Tum kahi gir gayi thi

Pragya Pat’s her forehead

Pragya: no nani it’s the latest fashion

Gm: omg….is this what called fashion…..in our days beggers used to have these sort of half teared dresses

Pragya: naniiii?

Kabir: you are right gm….now she’s looking like a begger ?

Pragya: jithni dath dikhana Hai na dikhana bachu Kyu ki aage Jo hoga us ke bath to yeh batheesi dikhane layak nahi bachega(how much teeth you have to show show now…. because what’s gonna happen next will left you not good enough to show your teeth)

Kabir : really and he shows his full teeth

Pragya: can’t you be more responsible Kabir….you are going to get married

Kabir: o please now you don’t start your blah blah

Just then Kabir gets a call….he attends it

Kabir: hello ….how are you mama

Mama: I’m fine but what I have to tell you is

Kabir: to be responsible right

Mama: how you understood

Kabir: nothing….what else you would say

Mama: Kabir be

Kabir: behave well right?

Mama: yah but listen to me

Kabir: sorry Mama….and have a good day ….byeee

Kabir cuts the call

Mama: hello …hello….kaat Diya?

Kabir: yeh Papa auri bheti to mujhe pakaKar hi chodenge( this father and daughter will leave me after cooking​ me up )

Pragya: abheo nalayak…..tumhe paka ne Mei jithna time lagenga na us se pehle to poori Bharat ki Khana pak jayenge(oh you useless…with the time to cook you we could have make food bharatam)

Kabir: I know I’m great( he makes his collar up )

Pragya: I don’t know how she will just tolerate you

Kabir: what about you ?…how she will tolerate a sister in-law​ like you

Pragya: if she can tolerate you then there will rise no question that she will
Tolerate me or not….if she can tolerate you then she might tolerate me as well

Scene: 3

In Ria’s house

Trio reaches there ….trio seated in her house

Gayatri: alright so let me call ria

Ria comes there wearing shorts

Gm looks her top to bottom

Gm:so ria bheta ….do u know cooking

Ria: yes of course I know to cook

Gm: what all you know to cook?

Ria: pasta,Maggie, yippie,foodles,tea,coffee,pastries

Gm: oh I see…..can you please sing a Bajan

Ria: bhajan?

Gayatri : ria do what she says

Ria sings on ” on Jai jagadish hare” in rock style and with a bad tone

Gm: what’s your hobbies?

Ria: I love singing,acting,doing parties,going clubs

Gm swallows hard

Gm: oh oh I see

Gayatri: I think they should speak alone

Gm: why not….Kabir

Rika went to a room to talk separately

Ria: so….

Kabir: what?

Ria steps forward to him and kept her hands through his shoulders…so yes or no

Kabir: washroom…?

Ria: ok it’s there…

Kabir runs from there and enters bathroom and closes bathroom with a jerk….he start breathing hard….he kept hand on his chest….and said

Kabir: bachagayi…..yeh ladki to chipkali Nikli…..

Scene shifts to gm

Gm starts sweating and she takes water an drinks it

Pragya: aunty ji….you are so sweet….and you know what Kabir won’t get a good life partner than your daughter​….she is just perfect for him…..they will fit for each other….

Just then Rika comes there

Kabir sits near gm

Pragya: kabiiiir …..how was your convo…..is she your type…..I mean you like her na…..offo what am I asking why won’t he like her she is sooo good….she is a perfect piece for you

Kabir: moti..soch Hai tumhari pragya….she is good at least than you

Pragya:jokes….haha…. actually he often say jokes….he is really fond of it

Ria: nevermind​ I like jokes….


Gm: so let us leave

Trio left from there and reaches their home

Precap: kabirs marriage fixed

Sorry for the same precap…..so in the dp it’s Kabir,pragya and ria ( I know it’s Isha but imagine there ria….) It will be the scene when pragya says Rika is perfect for each other….and last and the least praka is not doctors

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