Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya – Worth watching

I think This show has definitely came back stronger with a new season . I think this show also have another concept That is women Empowerment . They showed Diya aka Tejasswi Prakash as a Warrior .She protects Ratan from all the evils . She does not let any obstacle come in Ratan’s way . I loved how in every episode they showed that promise she made and how it was phrased that a Princess can give up money her life but no her promise . Talking about Ratan’s character I think he is very funny and jolly .He likes taking risks .

I am absolutely loving Diya’s and Ratan bonding so Far . I am sure a lot of Cool scences are on the way . Another Bonding which melted my heart was Diya and Yash’s bonding . I Think There relationship is so pure . By watching Ep 1 – 5 The only culprit that we really see is Priya who is after Ratan’s life . My take on this show is that this season has a new meaning and different concept . It’s definitely worth-watching and entertaining.

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  1. Suma123

    yes its absolutely worth watchingggggggg….teju done very well……i loved dira bonding…..and coming to diya and yash bonding still want some more scenes btwn themm…..totally i love diya sooooo much and ratan sa funny and iam in love with in a short timeeee

  2. Pavithra1616

    I loved ppk so much and they enede it suddenly and now its second part…. Its just amazing.. I agree to this article…. It is written in a right manner.. Loves dira a lot..??

  3. IQRA222

    ????????? totally agree with you!!!!!!!!

  4. Sally_blr

    I have always loved shashi sumit production house for their exceptional concepts over the years. I’m damn happy that teja got to work with them. More than the story their characters are so strong and specially female characters they arent abala bahus or conventional house wives. They show how the ladies of the society should be. Fierce and fighting for their rights.
    And diya is one among those strongest female leads from the creation box of ss production house.
    I have watched all the promos and watched the episode till now the show looks phenomenal. not to forget my fav channel Sony(they aren’t trp hungry is the Main reason for me to love them) . I just love Diya. I’m so happy teja came back with a bang and guess I have got my next favorite pair diya ratan. And plus my shaleen is back on screen.
    Gosh this was the best best best week I ever had.


    1. Ck1234

      same to same… copy…

  5. Loving the show…Dira’s scenes are fun to watch..I liked Yash and Diya’s friendship.. But I have seen a segment of RLHN where it says Yash would try to separate Diya and Ratan as Yash admires Diya secretly..Not sure how far this would turn true..Have to wait and watch..

  6. Awesome show???? jst loved it to d core??? DIYA IS SUCH ANAMAZNG N STRONG CHARECTER….N DIRA’S scenes were totally rockng?????

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