Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Diya Saves Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya rides her jeep towards airport reminiscing Maan’s promise to protect Ratan. She runs into airport and holds Raatz/Ratan’s board. She thinks even here enemy’s spy must be present and looks around. Ratan walks with his friends and says nobody came to greet him. His friend sees Raatz board and shows him. Ratan says Mr. India is waiting for him and now he will trick him. He stands aside while his friends introduce themselves as Ratan Maan Singh. Ratan also comes and introduces himself as Ratan Maan Singh. Diya says all 3 let us go towards jeep. Ratan asks to identify one. She says don’t stress, they will know in sometime. Ratan says beauty with brains. Priya’s goon hears that and clicks picks.

CT with Priya prepares garlands sitting in home temple and excitedly

says she will meet Ratan after 12 years, he left when he was 9. Once she leaves, Priya gets her aide’s messages with Diya’s photo holding board and then all 3 Ratan’s pics. She thinks this time Diya cannot fool her and let us see who the real Ratan is. She speaks to her aides and orders to follow Diya and once real Ratan is identified kill him. Yash comes and asks to follow her.

Diya takes all 3 Ratans via desert. Fake ones say nothing has changed here. while Ratan sits silently. Diya asks Ratan if he will not defend himself. He says why should he. Diya corrects mirror and throws reflection on all 3. They find her missing and getting out of jeep asks where did she go. Diya pins one and pointing gun says she was waiting for this moment since 12 years and will kill them all. Ratan runs and pins her and asks his friends to run. They run away. Diya reminisce Maan telling he wants Ratan to be brave and protect people and also kind hearted. He takes her aside and the both roll down sand. Diya continues reminiscing Maan’s words. Ratan asks why she wants to kill him. She says she was testing him and Rajput is brave and kind hearted, it is proved he is real Ratan. She kicks gun and holding it says if she had to kill him, she would have long ago. She says it is important to take him home safely. He says he will drive. She says no. He says he is Daata Hukum to her and her boss Mr. India. She asks what. He says Mr India always sends him gifts and orders, but never met him. He tries to tie Diya’s hands, but she easily frees herself. He insists. She agrees and lets him tie her hand and sitting iin car says he can drive only half way, then she will drive, his safety is most important. He tapes her mouth and says she speaks so much, she can use both mouth and gun.

Yash takes Priya to her room and asks to close eyes. She does. He keeps golden bangles in her hands and says it is his diwali gift for her. She says is this time to gift. He says for policeman, there is no appropriate time. He gets a call and walks aside. She thinks even she is preparing gift for him, though using weird route.

Driving jeep, Ratan says he knows all the routes home, she is glamorous and intelligent and that is why Mr. India must have chosen her, but why she is wearing 2 different shoes. Diya checks and thinks if Ratan has seen, then others in palace must have also seen and realized Ratan is coming. Goons jeeps start following them. She frees her hand and mouth and shots at them. Their jeep gets stuck in pit. She holds Ratan and runs. Goons follow them showering bullets on them. Ratan gets slow. She pushes him adhead and runs behind him. They both jump from sand mountain and hide. Goons continue searching them.

Precap: Goons kidnap Ratan and beat him. Diya comes on camel and rescues him. CT does Ratan’s aaarti and prays god to protect him from evil, pointing at Diya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Suma123

    I loved today’s episode a lotttttzzzzzz????I already shipped #DiRa omggg iam going mad ..????? DiRa first meeting was awesome…and that she kicks the gun omgg no words man…????? and their rolling down scene ….just awestruck ???? totally I loved the episode to peakssssssssss?????????????

    Tomorrow episode – CT ?????

    1. IQRA222

      Congo di for being the first commenter!!! and yes di that kick was just amazing!!!!!!!!

  2. Today’s episode is faadhu??????

    Queen slayed each & every scene??

    DiRa are soooooooo cute together????

    Haaye when Ratan flirted with Diya saying “Agar Mujhe pata hota mera Welcome itnaaaa BEAUTIFUL hoga toh bohot pahle hi aajata”

    Uff that dialogue took my heart❤️❤️

    Then Diya how smartly she find out that who is Real ratan
    Hats off to her brain????

    DiRa was rolling down on the desert & Ratan kept his hand behind Diya’s head protecting her from getting hurt

    Aww that scene is soooo romantic????????

    She kicked on the gun & snatched it from Ratan that scene was sooooo awesome

    Then Diya stole my heart when she stood in the moving car & showed bullets like a filmy hero????

    Oh my goooodddddddd she killed me

    I’m dead seeing her expressions??

    Teju is full package, she performed the action scenes like a Bollywood star

    And Diya’s attitude is soooooooo smoking hottttttt

    Teju continuing to give us one after another big reason to admire her acting skill

    Diya’s role is sooooo unique & Teju gave it the soul????

    Love Teju, Love Diya, Love DiRa & Love this show to the core

    This is the bestest & most unique show I have ever watched????

    Soooooooo proud to be this DIVA’s fan??

    Can’t wait to watch next episode

    Haye I’m gonna miss Diya & DiRa for next 24hours??

    I never loved any other show as much as I’m loving it

    Hats off to the whole team & hattsss of to Our brave heart Princess Teju????????

    1. IQRA222

      Your comment is just love!! agreed with all your points!!

    2. IQRA222

      Your comment is just love!! agreed with all your points!! teju is actually a bollywood star only for me!! 🙂 🙂 she is my rockstar ???

  3. Diya made me awestruck but I soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much hate choti thakurain

    Diya saved Ratan risking her own life like a true Kshatrani & you are insulting her????

    You are soon going to hell??

  4. Oh my gawd?? that was really an awesome episode. Especially action scenes I felt like watching a movie. DiRa chemistry was beyond my expectations nd seems like ratan was already fell for her
    Precap is interesting waiting for tomorrow
    And @shrilatha I am also telugu?? nice to see you here

    1. IQRA222

      agreed jyo di!! action scenes were just so amazing!!

  5. Frozengirl16

    Hello my RLHN family…
    I think I’m the first person…I’m so proud of me??
    @Shrilatha: Shri dii…now I’m getting the story…this two days I’m confused with the story…but the confusions r cleared now
    @Vivian: Bhai I’m looking forward to ur daily updates
    @Iqra: Iqu…my birth date is 16 October

    N the new family members of RLHN…let me introduce myself to u all…I’m Gayathri from India…I’m 15 still studying…some of u know about me…the one who don’t know can call me Gayu

    Coming to the episode…it’s quite awesome episode…finally Ratan reaches India…n Diya…she finds the real Ratan with a smart idea…I like it…n Ratan is ryte…Diya is talking very much??i dono how he’s going to bear her…n Yash…I like his nature…but this Priya na..I hate her…how could she plan to kill Ratan…n again i cant judge that CT…i think the writers dont want us to judge CT…that’s y…finally Diya saves Ratan bravely…waiting for the next episode…tc n bye…

    Love DiRa
    Love TeRoh
    Love u all??❤

    1. Frozengirl16

      Hehehe guys…I’m not the first one…it’s Suma i think…but I’ll try next time?still I’m proud of me??

    2. IQRA222

      Agrre iwth all your points didu!! and evne i am proud of you!! 🙂

  6. Berdilla

    Today episode is mind blowing and teju your acting is awesome romba romba nalla irunthuchu ❤❤❤❤ DiRa first meeting is awesome and Rohit acting also nice eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode ❤❤

    1. Wow ..Happy to see a comment in tamil

      1. Berdilla

        Neenga tamizha friend?

    2. IQRA222

      Berdi di agreed with you!!!???

  7. Loved today’s episode?? Ratan and Diya’s first meeting is too cute and funny..??And the way Teju is portraying Diya’s character in this show is completely incredible??.I couldn’t believe that this is the same woman who played innocent , darpok Diya in PPK??.She is totally different in both the versions.Teju is such an Amazing actress..Dira’s pair is gd..??Hate CT in precap for insulting Diya??

    1. IQRA222

      Agree with all of your points 🙂 ? :)?:)?

  8. Shrilatha

    OH MY GOD!!! I am dead ….by God ki kasam I feel so intimidated after watching today’s episode .ufff kya tha wo.?????haye kiski nazar na lage inko.everything was so perfect and romantic and hot …there wasn’t much of hot romantic kiss kind of scenes but trust me just the eyelock made me sweat….they both r just ????patakas …firstly the way ratan was staring and awestruck by her beauty ( it kind of made me jealous.) But that was so cute.and then his little plan to confuse diya …aww her face was so childlike…I felt like pulling her cheeks and kissing ratan ON HIS CHEEKS. for that scene.?????sorry please remind me its a public site ….and then of course ratan u can’t cheat on my babes ..she is just too smart for u…..and then the way they had the eyelock…I had to catch my breath for the entire time….so ????…

    And the rolling ..now I am going to download full episode and watch it to my content again and again….kya the wo….it was like the dessert felt cold against their hotness….and @Suma I agree that kick was pretty awesome …and the rope scene the way he couldn’t tie her and she taking her hand out again and again was so funny????? and he blackmailing her..main daata hukum hu dear and u have to obey ..it was so kiddish…ratan u r still so immature and cute…awww????? I LOVE U SO MUCH FOR THIS…..and they way he taed her mouth.this was the scene I had been waiting for since it was out in instagram…so cute…and diya not fair with great difficulty he ties u and u just take ur hand out and remove ur tape….u should have kept his heart for some more time.???and that shooting scene ..sorry to compare but there is a movie of Prabhas called chatrapati.in Telugu .I could literally find him in her …in that scene ..

    Precap seriously yesterday when diya held CT ‘s hand I felt pity for her but now I feel it’s OK ..she deserves it….I would have literally????u know what it means….totally awed by today’s episode and eagerly waiting for tomorrow….that camel ride….

    By the way
    @Fenil bhai : put the habit of calling ratan as jiju.

    @ jyo : hey I am.glad ur Telugu.it feels so cool to find people from our region.

    @Polly( with brown): hey dear please do not worry about anything that’s going on here.when.u called me shri then.only I knew u r other Polly.welcome to our family dear …hope we could become friends.

    @iqu: Bacha my birthday is 3 Nov 1996.

    1. Well yesterday teju remind me of anushka from Billa particularly that gun scenes her looks nd all
      I really don’t wanna compare but wat to do I felt like that☺☺

    2. IQRA222

      Di i am so in love with your comments!!! ??? and belated happy Birthday didu!! sorry could not wish you on the special day

  9. Vivian20

    Raatz!!!! Seems like cvs were reading my ff?? tho mine was a bit different…’twas ratty but still!! Coming to today’s episode!! It was the best episode of the century?????love it from the bottom of my heart……hope cvs go on making this beautiful epis all the time?? btw I hate the casting of Priya!!! It spoils the whole mood….someone else could play the role even better…..

    Hello everyone!!!

    1. Shrilatha

      Trust me yaar when I saw the name on the board I remembered ur ff ..I was like is Vivian working with the team of RLHN …hahaha..but seriously it reminded me of u and ur ff

    2. Frozengirl16

      Shri di is ryte bhai…even I’m oso thought that this is ur ff??

    3. Vivian20

      No, I’m nt working with rlhn!!! ☺️ But who knows once I graduate….I can do this sort of production work!!we are trained in that at college and I guess this is the reason my and cvs thoughts coincided???? So guys look out for serials after 5 years or so!!! I might be writing, directing them!!!

    4. IQRA222


  10. Epi was fab…Diya was Fab….Wonder Woman….luving her acting….
    And Ratan…Oh My God…. main itna cute kon hota h….
    But I didn’t get how could Ratan Forget Diya….
    Even he remember his family….
    I hope he remember he is married to Diya….
    Luv u DiRa

    1. In this show they are not married .She is his protector only …There is no relationship between them..

    2. Shrilatha

      They r not married here and they haven’t seen each other at all.

    3. IQRA222

      yes supriya di the episode was fab .. and our princess is a wonder woman!!!!!!and in RLHN DiRa are not married 🙂

  11. Tapasya

    I think Raatz is a cool nickname for a otherwise boring name like Ratan (sorry).
    Loved how Ratan asked her to identify the real one and she was like- chill dude, I know who it is, lets get seated first!
    Priya darling, you really think you can win? Duh! D outsmarts you like, in a minute.
    Snorttt. Someone explain to me why the dialogues of this show are so goddamn sophisticated. -_-
    Why did that rolling-on-sand scene reminded me of a SwaSan scene from Swaragini?
    I love how Maan thinks he has the authorized right to TELL Diya that she must not marry for 12 years, be Ratan’s pehredar until he is SANE and then go to hell. Come on bro! That girl has a life too.
    “if she had to kill him, she would have long ago” yeah right. Who knows better!
    Do these goon guys have no life! Never mind there, as CT is a freaky low-life too. (Yayy! We fnally found a similarity between CT and the goons!!! So relatable)
    Over all an entertaining, nice episode. What do you guys think? 🙂

    1. dear tapasya, poor maan has no other choice, now you tell me the best idea to save ratan. and yaa.. u remembered swasan scene? BTw.. the same scene we can find in old movie called geethanjali, sholay, and many more. so that swasan scene is literally copied from movies… ohhhhh..!! even swalak have also rolled in same way.. LOL
      (plz anyone here, stop bringing other serials here)
      yes. it’s really entertaining. I agree with you. atleast this point was correct.

      1. Tapasya

        Maybe he doesn’t but that’s still not fair to Diya. I just remembered a scene so mentioned it , Madame, keep your hate to your self. I didn’t ‘brag’ any show in the comment. You low lives are perfect at taking things the wrong way!

      2. Shrilatha

        Agreed yaar.please don’t drag other shows here..

    2. tappu dear. who has low lives? who just compared this serial with other..!! ?? i don’t understand why?? that sr serial has finished long back but still they are sticking to it that too tagret this serial. and that scene was there in many shows.. and you remembered only it.. why? i and u and all know why. so plz..??

      1. Tapasya

        Look my dear, I have nor the time neither the crayons to explain this to you.
        I never compared or dragged other serial here. Just casually remembered a scene so mentioned it! Not that I accused them of plagiarism whatsoever.
        If people can mention movies why can’t I mention a show?
        No comparison at all bcz I never said a word against RLHN.

    3. ofcourse u dragged other show here. plz don’t do this again. and pointing out your mistake is low live means, yes.. we can see who is so.

    4. IQRA222

      hey tapasya di!! yup ratz is a cool name but i even love ratan 🙂 and yeah it was overall an entertaining episode!! ???

  12. Realy raatz dont knw shee is diya
    Rataz wife nah diya… ? This is stry become old serial then y raatz dont remember diya…
    Diya not wife to raatz… Only take care girl…..? idont knew…. Clearly…. ?

    1. IQRA222

      actually the story plot is totally changed. in this new story ratan and diya are not married!! 🙂 so it is like a complete fresh story now 🙂

  13. Astra

    Thank you for the updates MA. hello guys, how are you all. i know I’m very late. after ppk we are meeting here in rlhn. I’m loving the new concept a lot. and i can’t estimate ct’s character just as before. I’m just in love with teju as new diya.
    now ikyawann is also going to come… I’m waiting for it too..
    I may can’t be regular here guys.. but i will try?
    I’m thinking abhay is still waiting for diya. hmm, let’s see..
    Ratan is cute btw..??

    1. Shrilatha

      AKKKKKA AFTER LONG TIME…I was checking for u only …yeah we will.meet in ikyawan as well ..I am so.much in love with this Jodi as well…ur right CT is not an easy character .hope to meet u soon

    2. Vivian20

      Heyy Astra!!! Looking frwd to see ur comments!!

    3. IQRA222

      Asthu di!!!!!!!!! how r u?? didu i so so missed you!!!! i am all fine!! waise didu agreed even i cannot estimate CT and all in love with our tigress!!
      And Ikyawan really cant cant wait for it!!!!

  14. OMG the eyelock?????No words to say after watching yesterday’s episode??????

    1. IQRA222

      yup polly di !! that eyelock was love 🙂 🙂 didu pls tell me na if you have forgive me or not!!

  15. Lahari

    Finally i got time to comment..what an episode..really amazing…the airport scene was awesome…every scene was perfect…ratan was so cute..nd diya..no need to say about our prnicess she is amazing???

    1. IQRA222

      Lahari di!!! so happy to see you here 🙂 🙂 yes di it wad really amazing!! and waise agreed !!we do not have to say that our princess is amazing!! 🙂 hope you would comment daily!!

  16. Iqra where r u
    Epi was good

    1. IQRA222

      i am here only!! thanks for acknowledging this silly girl.. 🙂 actually got busy in some work 🙂

  17. IQRA222

    hello there my PPK cum RLHN family!! so sorry for the late comment!!! the question for today is your fav food?? mine is everything other than green vegetables cause i am big big foodie!!!! do tell me yours too !!
    @Polly (brown dp)- di i really didn’t mean to hurt you. i have no problem as your name is really beautiful. it was just that i had a misunderstanding.. so pls pls pls do forgive me 🙂 . just tell me how can i make you forgive me 🙂 and hi-fi even my birthday is in December but its on 20 December!!
    @Vivian – Bhai you birthday is just a day before my sister’s birthday!! 🙂 mine is on 20 December..
    Coming to the episode!!! it was totally fabulous.. so so loved it !! Raatz is cool name.. and my Princess Tigress was looking so amazing in this outfit. i think CT has a positive role in the show now!! she was so longing to meet ratan… and this Priya she is changed so much.. hate her Now!!and God that DiRa scene was just amazing!!!! the way ratan ties our princess hands. and thier cute nokh-jhoks!! awwwww… i so love thier scenes. Yash is so nice as a son!! i so love his character!! but the episode ended on the main point!!! this is not fair. i just cannot get enough of my RLHN!!
    This precap was amazing!! cant wait for the next episode to air on!!
    thanks a lot for reading my blaaber
    take care
    keep smiling and commenting
    Love you all !!

    1. Vivian20

      Fav food of mine is pizza..????????

    2. Berdilla

      My birthday is in Dec 7 and my favourite food is chicken biryani da❤❤❤❤

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