Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya And Ratan Have a Royal Portrait

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratan comes to his room. Diya slips wearing heels and falls on him and says sorry. They get up. Ratan’s suit is torn by her bangles. She says sorry again. Ratan gets upset and goes. He tells her that heels are not your cup of tea, leave it. Diya calls Isha and asks for her help. Mohak tells Bhuvan that Sakshi told that Diya have to wear modern outfit for royal portrait, but she wants to wear traditional clothes. Bhuvan asks him to write that this marriage will not work. He sees Isha going from there and asks her to help him search his ring. While Isha searches for ring, Bhuvan dances. Diya thinks to check online video and get ready. She styles her hairs. Sakshi comes and asks what did you do and says how you will wear gown now. Diya sits crying.

Yash comes there and says you

are feeling pity on yourself. He says sometimes we feel that we are zero in life. He says we know that your life is not going to easy, and says Diya, I know is a fighter nd asks her to smile. Diya thanks him for his friendship. Yash wipes her tears and asks her to get ready. Ratan thinks to call magazine office and thinks phone must have fallen there. Diya finds Ratan’s phone ringing and keeps it on bed. Andy calls on Ratan’s phone and asks about cover page of magazine. Diya says she will inform him. He asks who are you? Diya says Ratan’s wife. Andy thinks he wanted to cover Ratan as most eligible bachelor and thinks when did he marry. Diya and Ratan get ready. Diya’s dress gets torn while she is wearing the dress.

CT greets Painter Aniket. Ratan comes there. CT introduces Aniket to him. Andy comes there and congratulates him on his wedding. Ratan is surprised. Andy says if you have told us then we would have cover you as newly married couple. Ratan asks who told you. Andy says your wife picked the call and leaves. Ratan throws the bouquet and asks why did Diya pick my call. I would have handled Andy differently and says she is interfering in his life. Yash asks him to calm down.

Ratan gets someone’s call who tells that he went on the adventure trip and had fun. Ratan says he got busy in some work. He asks Sakshi to bring her. Yash says she has doing all efforts and will look good. Servant comes and says Diya is calling. Ratan says I will call her.

Isha comes to Diya and says Bhuvan stopped her. Diya says gown is torn. Isha goes to call someone from hotel boutique to repair it. Ratan comes there. Diya says Isha will get tailor from boutique. Ratan says your portrait will be made in this attire only. He holds her hands and takes her to hall. He asks Aniket to tell how to pose. Aniket asks Ratan to sit and Diya to stand. CT thinks they want to unite them, but they are stepping back. Aniket makes the portrait and shows it to everyone. Sakshi says this portrait is unmatchable. Aniket tells them that according to his experience they are made for each other. Ratan and Diya looks on.

Ratan throws air tickets in the dustbin. He tells Yash that his dreams, wishes etc are in dustbin now. He says I didn’t ask her to wear gown or pick Andy’s call. He thinks she can’t do anything. Even Diya thinks the same.

Diya tries to help Ratan. They fall in the bathroom and the shower tap breaks. They hold each other as water falls on them.

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  1. Diya’s behaviour is appalling. How does a person for an 180 degree just because she’s married. You’d swear she was told to never open her mouth.

  2. Ratan is behaving as if he got married at gunpoint.

  3. ratan himself forced diya in to this marriage and gav oath to diya and her dad that he will fulfill his responsibilities for life time.but now he saying that his dreams went in to dustbin and treating diya as some one worthless come on she saved his life multiple times. why r script writers showing ratan character as despicable

  4. script writers are showing that now RATAN couldnt even BEAR diya presence near him .come on if show continues like this for long time trps will come down ratan is behaving as a TEENAGE KID of 15 years.comeon many guys marriage at 23 years even now.so why is he behaving as though hild marriage happened to him

    i liked piyadar show very much and that 9 year old BOY RATAN behaviour in that show is way MORE MATURED than this 21 year old ratan behaviour

  5. no one forced ratan to marry diya .in fact he forced diya in to this marriage .he should be indebted for life to diya but seems he does not even have min respect towards someone who sacrificed 12 years of life saving him

    come on dumb ratan thinking that smart intelligent diya does not do any thing properly ..so funny

  6. RSR

    Diya- strong willed, sincere, faithful pehredar who invested 12 precious years of her life to fulfill a promise to protect Ratan. But after marriage track why is it showing her so weak and speechless every now and then. Its alright to see her confuse, frustrated or distraught sometimes in such a situation but seeing her all defenseless is very unlikable and out of shape.

    Ratan- childish, snobbish, stubborn but caring person. He’s confide all his trust and life in Diya, his pehredar and bestfriend. He is upset with the circumstances that forced him to marry Diya against his will, his frustration could be understandable but why is it showing as if he hates Diya now and trying hard to torture her.

    I mean it’s going really far and viewers can’t catch up with the pace of emotions the show is showering with. Please makers, put up the persona of the characters easily and don’t be so harsh with them. Apart from all that, Ratansa looked good in that blue suit and Diya, she always looks beautiful. Shape Up And Go On RLHN…

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