Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Sees Ratan’s Name Initial On Her Hand

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

CT asks Ratan to take rest. Doctor says he sat on some pointed thing and asks Diya to take care of Ratan. Yash takes Doctor with him. Sakshi asks Ratan how did he sit on pin. CT asks her to come. Sakshi says they will remember this wedding night for forever as Diya have to take care of him all night. CT asks Diya to keep her things carefully and asks her not to be careful next time, and Ratan shall not be hurt because of her. Ratan hears her. Yash comes to Ratan and tells that you got hurt many times, but never got pain like this. They play childhood game. Yash asks about his best friend. Ratan takes Diya’s name. Yash tells Ratan that one thing is good that he got married to his best friend and asks him to take a chill pill. Diya comes and hears them. Yash asks Ratan and Diya to take

care of each other and leaves. Diya closes the door and brings ice pad. Ratan thinks of Doctor’s advice and takes ice pad and runs to washroom.

Diya cleans the room and looks at ( र ) R written with mehendi on her hand and thinks it is Ratan’s initial. She recalls Sakshi coming there and taking Ratan’s name, ring getting stuck on his finger, Pandit ji blessing them telling that lucky jodis red flower becomes yellow. She sees flowers string falling on Ratan and thinks he might wake up. She stands on the bed to tie the flower strings. Ratan tries to move her dress, the bed breaks and they fall down. Yash, Sakshi and CT come there. Yash says I will get bed for you from hotel. Ratan says he wants his bed. CT says he will get it repaired. Ratan goes to guest room with Yash. CT asks how did this happen. Diya tells her everything. Sakshi says we got palang tod bahu. CT asks Diya to be careful and asks her to sleep on couch or go to hotel. She gets Jyoti’s call. Diya asks her not to take tension and says everything is fine here. Jyoti tells Sajjan Singh that Diya is hiding something from her.

CT tells Sakshi that she will take bad sight off from Ratan. Sakshi says it is Diya’s bad sight. CT says we have to make this marriage work. Sakshi thinks to call Diya’s mayka and tell them. She calls Jyoti and tells about bed breaking last night.

CT takes bad sight off from Ratan. Ratan coughs and asks CT to plan other rituals later. He says I couldn’t sleep all night. Nitya says you don’t need to do anything and tells that today they got Aniket Gujral, famous painter and says he will make Diya and your portrait. She says we got western designer suit for you. Ratan gets happy and goes to get ready. Nitya tells CT that she is trying to make the marriage work. She says when Ratan sees Diya in his favorite clothes then may be he will get closer to her and love blossoms between them. CT appreciates her.

Sakshi shows gown to Diya. Diya says she got the dress ready. CT asks her to wear gown for the royal portrait. She says Ratan wants the painting in western clothes. Diya says I didn’t know that Ratan wants this. CT asks her to work hard to make this marriage work and asks her to value Ratan who is a diamond.

Yash comes to Ratan. Ratan shows him his phone. Yash gives magazine to him. Ratan gets glad seeing cover page of the magazine with his pic, and also gift by someone on Mrs. And Mr. Ratan Maan singh name. He says he will call magazine office and ask him not to print this as he is no more bachelor. Diya finds it hard to walk in saree and thinks how do girls carry it. Ratan comes. She falls on him. Yeh rishta plays.

Ratan asks Yash to check where is Diya and says Aniket will not wait all day. Diya’s gown gets torn and she covers it up . Ratan says your portrait will be clicked with this.

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  1. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Please gave a tight slap to Ratan! Ratan spoiled diya’s life. Ratan is playing with Diya’s emotions. Fedup with Ratan’s drama!

  2. RSR

    Atleast story’s progressing so I like it. Each character is doing their best. Missing Abhay. Waiting…

  3. yes ratan is behaving like 15 year old kid.comeon in india most men marry at 23 years .ratan is behaving as though child marriage happened to him IN PIYADAR show 9 YEAR OLD RATAN behavious is more matured than this 21 year old ratan behaviour

    script writers be careful trps will come down if u potray ratan behaviour like this and diya as helpless

  4. for saving selflessly ratan life for 12 years what is diya gettig in return ..ratan as a husband who treats like she is some despicable person and cant bear her presence near him anymore

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