Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Is Thrown Out of Kesar Mahal/Deepu Plans Terror Attack

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Diya reminisces meeting Arpita and telling that Ratan’s family always helped her and even her daughter Mohana is married in Ratan’s family, so she should help. Arpita agrees to help for Mohana’s sake. Out of flashback, Diya hopes Deepu accepts he is fake. Deepu kneels down and tells Arpita she wants to kill Ratan Maan Singh, he is real Ratan Maan Singh and is proud of his lineage. Diya signals Arpita, and Aprita shoots Deepu. He falls down. Arpita tells Diya that she did what she told, this family accepted her daughter, now she cleared that debt. Family look in a shock. Aprita pampers Mohana and leaves with police. Chote Thakur and asks Choti Thakurani/CT what was Aprita talking about, what drama they were playing, both Ratan died. CT says both are alive and will

get conscious in 10 minutes as bullets were fake, they wanted to know who real Ratan is. She tells Diya that they did not hesitate to die, Diya asked last chance and result is in front. Yash returns and says this drama proved that Deepu is real Ratan and DNA reports proved Deepu is Maan Singh’s son. Diya checks reports and stands shocked. CT tells Diya that decision is taken now. She pampers Deepu and says she realized that he is real Ratan and other one is fake, Diya will do same with imposter what they had planned to earlier.

Ratan wakes up and and is surprised that he is alive. He asks CT if Arpita shot him. CT says those bullets were fake to find out who is real Daata Hukum. Ratan smiles and says they all found out by now that he is real Ratan and fraud is fake, they would have kicked fraud out. Deepu walks in wearing Maan Singh’s turban. Ratan shouts why is fraud wearing babasa Hukum’s turban. Diya slaps him and says he is real Daata Hukum and you are fake. Ratan asks what is she telling. CT shows him DNA reports. Ratan says this is is all false, he is real Ratan. Chote Takhur starts next and shouts he played with their feelings, slaps him and orders to kick him out. Ratan pushes guards and asks Diya to believe he is real Ratan. She pushes him towards door and orders guards to not let his imposter near Kesar mahal. Ratan shouts he is not imposter, he will not go from here. Diya says he asked to decide who is real and who is fake, she decided he is fake and has to go from here. She pushes him out of door and locks it.

CT apologizes Deepu for realizing that he is real Ratan. Deepu says late, but he got his aunt. He hugs her and looks at Diya.

Ratan standig in garden cries reminiscing Diya slapping him and Chote Thakur kicking him out of palace. He reminisces Diya showing panic room for emergency situations and walks towarsd it. Deepu looks at Diya’s picture and says thank you. He calls his boss and says he got Diya’s belief now and came very near his motto. Ratann walks into panic room and reminisces Diya telling even if kalka maa tells he is not Ratan, she will not believe her. He thinks Diya will come there searching him. Light goes offf. He lights candle and see Diya coming. Serial’s title song…plays in the background… Ratan frees candle seeing Diya. Diya holds it. Ratan tells Diya that heart is on left side, but is always right, he heard his heart and came here as he trusts Diya blindly. He can read her eyes and knew she would com after kicking him out. She keeps her hand on lamp and punishes herself for slapping him instead of protecting him. Ratan looks at her hand and hugs her. He asks what is her next plan. Diya says if a person is not worried about his life and is not greedy, he has come with some motto and they have to find it out.

Deepu checks grocery bags packed by his aides for Kesar Mahal and finds guns in it. He says his mission has started and soon there will be a terror attack here. He checks more guns and says foreign delegates will attend function at Kesar mahal, then he will blast.

Diya asks Ratan to hide in this panic room as only elders know about it, she has to return before anyone doubts. She returns. CT stop her and asks where is imposter as he has no place to stay. Diya says she has sent someone to spy imposter and he boarded Delhi train sometime ago. CT praises her that she is doing her duty selflessly and is sure she will protect Kesar Mahal and its heir. Diya thinks not to worry, she will protect Babjisa’s son.

Precap: Diya stops servants and asks what are in bags. Servants say grocery. Diya says why she is smelling gun powder, she is sure Ratan will let her check. Deepu thinks if Diya finds out gunpowder, he has to kill her.

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