Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya And Ratan Have A Fight

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya asks Ratan if he lied to Abhay that it is her idea. Ratan asks why you are doing drama and says he just asked them to kiss, what a big deal. Yash asks Ratan to come. Ratan says I have sent that dress to you, but you don’t like it, and was staying far from Abhay while dancing, and calls her old fashioned to think kiss as bad, and says you are just 30, but your thinking is of 80 years old. He says I did a mistake by calling you here. Diya says I did a mistake by coming here and says Abhay likes me the way I am. Ratan says your thinking is so narrow minded and says surprises is needed in life. He says did I ask you to wear short dress and says he asked her to wear it for Abhay, so that he can feel what she is. Diya says her honesty and dignity matters to her, and she is not bothered

by others’ thinking. Ratan says you think I am childish and immature.

Diya says you couldn’t do the responsibilities better and got the ring stuck in your hand. Ratan says I am insensitive and childish, then you are not less. Diya thanks him for telling what he feels for her. Ratan says you are having ego and says I am trying to break your shell. Diya says did I tell you that I am sad. She calls him useless to handle the legacy and regrets to lie to her parents. She asks him not to do anything for her. Ratan says you are right, I have done so much for you, and thought so much about your happiness. He thanks her for telling that he is useless and immature. He promises that he will not take any of her marriage responsibilities and promise that he will not attend her wedding. He asks are you happy now. Diya says very happy. She says my Baba Sa will not be tensed because of your childishness.

Ratan leaves from there. He comes to Palace. CT asks Yash what happened? Yash tells her everything. Ratan tries to take off the ring, but fails. He asks yash not to take Diya’s side. Diya cries thinking about Ratan’s words. She thinks she don’t want to fight with him, but whatever he did. Yash asks Ratan if he did this for her happiness. Ratan says he wanted Diya to enjoy with Abhay. Yash says we know that Diya don’t like such parties. He says you did this due to the fear. He says you are scared that Tau ji’s words might come true. Ratan says he really wants happiness for Diya and says if he was afraid of his father’s words then he wouldn’t have shared about it with CT and him. He says he begged infront of Abhay to marry Diya. He looks at his pic with Diya and keeps in his bag.

Isha tries to look at Diya’s mehendi. Their mother sent her to check bridal dress. Diya gets emotional and hugs her, cries. Her Mother asks where is Ratan. Yash says he might be stuck in some work.

Ratan comes to Abhay and says sorry. He tells him that it is not Diya’s mistake and says she lost her feelings somewhere while fulfilling the responsibilities and says she will be fine. He says I scolded her. Abhay says it is fine and says he will call her. Ratan hugs him and says Diya is very lucky. He asks him not to tell her that he came to meet him. He calls Diya and asks her not to think much, and says I respect your decision. Diya says I will wait for you and happy for marrying you. She apologizes on Ratan’s behalf. Ratan thinks now he can go peacefully from here. He goes out, but comes back to get his keys, hears Arpita telling Abhay that Diya will wait for her groom sitting in mandap and her groom…laughs. They see Ratan standing.

Ratan tells Diya that he is going and couldn’t go without meeting her. Diya asks where is he going? He says he is going to adventure trip and says it will be the best wedding gift for her.

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