Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Aprita Shoots Ratan

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Chote Thakur asks Ratan who is he. Ratan shouts he is Deepu and asks if they think him as Deepu. He asks Yash if he also doubts his childhood friend. He takes them to Diya and says they both doubt that he is Deepu. Yash holds his collar and says he is Deepu indeed as Deepu is fond of marbles and only he plays marbles and not Ratan, so he and Diya had gone to Deepu’s village to check. Ratan shouts even Diya doubted him, he is amazed.

Chote Thakur tells Family that he feels Ratan is real and not Deepu. Ratan walks to Deepu and holding his collar shouts why did he enter his life, what he wants. Deepu says he is real Ratan and does not have to prove himself. Diya says enough of drama now, she does not know who real Ratan is, she will stay away from Ratan and and is moving to

hotel guest room. Ratan cries that he cannot stay away from her.

Deepu calls his aide and informs that Ratan’s marble playing habit saved him today, even Diya is losing faith on Ratan and has gone to stay away from him in a hotel room. He praises Diya that what a woman she is, intelligent, beautiful.., etc.

Diya and Ratan in a hotel room laugh thinking how they fooled Deepu with their drama. Ratan says he felt really bad when she told she will leave him, he cannot stay without her. Their romance continues. She says she will prove him as Ratan at any cost and need to find out Deepu’s real motto first.

Diya looks at Ratan’s pics from him landing in India till recent ones. Mohana looks at pics and asks what is she doing. Diya says she is checking all pics to find out clue. Mohana also checks and says Ratan risked his life many times and he was attacked repeatedly, only real Ratan can bear attacks and not fake Deepu. Diya smiles and realizes Deepu wants Ratan alive and will not harm Ratan to fulfill his motto, she should find out what his motto is.

Diya walks to Choti Thakurayan/CT’s room and asks if she thinks Ratan is Deepu. CT reminisces Ratan saving her and telling he considered her as mother since childhood and he cannot punish his mother, he wants her to love him as a mother. CT out of flashback says she does not know what to believe. Diya says they have to prove Ratan is real. CT says she is ready to do anything to help Ratan. Diya suggests her to arrange kalka maa pooja at home.

CT arranges Kalkaa maa poooja at home. Whole family gathers around havan. Panditji performs pooja and asks Ratan to sit in pooja. Ratan says he does not want to until he proves himself and ends this drama. Aprita walks in holding gun. Diya asks how did she escape from jail. Aprita holds gun on Diya’s forehead and warns that she wants Ratan dead. Mohana pleads not to harm her family. Arpita says she forgot what her mother is going through. She continues that she will kill Ratan to teach lesson to Diya and shoots Ratan. Ratan collapses. Family runs towards him crying.. Deepu looks at them silently..

Precap: Arpita tells Deepu that if he is real Ratan he has to die, else how will she break Diya’s pride, orders him to kneel down. He does closing his eyes. Diya and CT are shocked seeing that.

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  1. Very nice show. ..now Ratan also slowly falling in love with diya .both diya and Ratan Jodi is best.
    Acting of diya is so nice

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