Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Decides To Marry Diya

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhay says he never intended to marry her and says I am relieved that I have taken revenge from you for my insult. Ratan tries to stop Abhay and Arpita. They turn to him. Arpita says my brother returned empty handed without his bride, she wanted to protect a stranger whom she doesn’t know. She says what is your relation with her and says even today Abhay is burning in revenge fire. She says today they have returned the favor. Ratan says how can you do this and tells Abhay that Diya missed him all these years and says she was bounded by the promise. Sajjan Singh folds his hands and asks him not to leave Diya. Ratan tells Abhay why he is doing this with his true love. Jyoti folds her hands and asks him to marry Diya. Sajjan Singh removes his turban. Diya runs to stop him. Jyoti

stops Diya. Diya nods no. Sajjan Singh says my respect is in your hand and apologizes on Diya’s behalf. He says she is the same Diya for whom you came 12 years back. He requests him. Abhay takes the turban and then throws it in air. Everyone is shocked. Diya is shocked. Abhay looks villainous and tells that this is not that Diya, who took care of a stranger for 12 years. He says I have seen Diya and Ratan together in room and says who were so close in day time, don’t know what they would have done in night.

Ratan gets angry and slaps him. Abhay raises his hand to slap Ratan, but Diya comes infront of him and holds his hand. She says enough. I never gave any rights to anyone to talk about my character. She says I hope you gets happiness by this revenge, if you think you have broken me then you can’t break me. I am proud that I have fulfilled the promise given to my Baab ji sa and is not repenting for taking that decision, and is happy now seeing your true face that I didn’t marry you. She asks him to leave from there. Arpita says yes, we have taken our revenge and we have no penance about it. She says you have rejected him twice and was proud of duty. She asks her to do her duty all life and laughs. She says nobody will marry you as you are a rejected bride, and nobody marries such girls. Diya wipes her tears. Abhay and Arpita smirks. Arpita asks her to enjoy her freedom alone by staying unmarried. They leave. Jyoti cries.

Sajjan Singh asks Ratan if he saw, and says my daughter got this price of protecting you for 12 years. CT says how can you blame Ratan and says you had chosen Abhay 12 years back for Diya, and says Ratan wanted her happiness. Sajjan Singh asks whom to blame then, her honesty. He says she has broken all relations and left to protect you. He says today she got this price, she had broken her engagement with Abhay 12 years back. CT says Ratan was just 9 years and nobody forced her to agree. Sajjan Singh says who had showed favor of saving her. CT says Ratan relieved her from her duties. Sajjan Singh says when she turned 30. Ratan is shocked. He says Abhay has taken his revenge and says if they can’t see her happiness. He says you have taken her responsibility and asks if there is anyone who will marry her. Diya asks him not to say anything and says your condition is worsening. Sajjan Singh falls down saying where to go. Diya says someone get the water. CT asks Sajjan to calm down and says they will search some solution.

Ratan thinks of his father’s words, and his promise made to Sajjan Singh etc. He goes to mandap, picks the sindoor bottle and goes towards Diya. He takes pinch of vermillion and fills Diya’s forehead. Diya is shocked. Everyone looks shocked. Jyoti and Sajjan Singh looks surprised. Diya stands up. Sajjan Singh and Jyoti also stand. Diya asks what did you do? You don’t need to do anything, I will make Sajjan Singh understand. CT says Diya is right, she will get married, trust God. Ratan looks at Diya. CT says I know why you are doing this, but you have no match with her, and you will feel this later. He says we will get her marry to a nice guy. Yash asks him not to take decision in a hurry. Bhuvan says she will marry someone.

Ratan says I am not a small kid and can take my own decisions. He don’t need advice or any solution. He asks Pandit ji to make arrangements for rounds. He says Diya and my marriage will happen in this mandap only.

Sajjan Singh tells Ratan that this is marriage and not promise of 12 years and asks if he can fulfill the promise of marriage. Ratan promises infront of others to fulfill all responsibilities of marriage. Diya and Ratan takes rounds.

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  1. Damn! This should’ve been a mahaepisode ?? can’t wait for monday ???

    1. Feel the same way geeti!ooh god two more..i can’t wait …superb superbbbbb…episode…

  2. Superb superb superb I have no words love diya ratan

  3. RSR

    Feel the same way here too Geeti. Oh goodness! More two days to go. I just love it. Cant say anything more. Just waiting…

  4. Yvonne Codner

    Finally, Diya’s and a Ratan’s love story will begin…It will be a fun ride!! I just love it!

  5. Yvonne Codner

    Goodbye Abhay and Arpita, your time has expired!

    1. I dont think it will be goodbye.lets see

  6. same pinch geeti even i feel the same .this is the third time after dira engagement episode I am loving ratan.first when he forgave CT second his hug and dialogue to diya while leaving on her wedding day and today when he slapped abhay for pointing on diya’s character .That slap was so good.I cant wait two more days.

  7. Berdilla

    Superb episode ???? love dira

  8. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome Episode! Today Ratan rocks! I think most awaited episode of the show! Waiting for Monday’s episode!

  9. Santana Russo

    I wish she married Yash. He is more mature n they make a great jodi.

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