Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Searches For Ideas To Confess Love To Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 27th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya gets tensed seeing Bhuvan coming to room. Bhuvan tries to switch on lights button. Diya feels apologetic and thinks I have no other option. He switches on the button. Diya makes the hower board fall near him. He steps on it and falls on the mirror, spoiling the I love you written on it with lipstick, then steps on it again and falls on the bed, ruining I love you on bed and laptop. He comes out of room in pain and scolds Ratan politely. Ratan comes to room and gets surprised seeing the messed up room. He asks Diya to get it clean. Diya says she will clean it. Ratan says you can’t clean it and uses vaccum cleaner to clean the room. They fall on bed. Yeh rishta plays. CT thinks why Ratan and Diya haven’t told Sajjan about their decision.

Bhuvan comes there and tells that he

went to Ratan’s room, fell down and got injured. CT asks him why he is lying and says our kids will not do such things and says Ratan and Diya don’t have any relation. Bhuvan asks if this is true. Diya asks Ratan to check under the bed for the thermocol balls. Ratan asks why did she mess the room and says he is cleaning. Diya thinks she wanted to do something else, but…Ratan says it is bad habit. Diya asks him to free her hands. Ratan says I had tied your hands for your safety and tells that now that the room is cleaned he can free her hands. They look at each other. Yeh rishta plays. He sees U on the mirror and asks Diya what she did with the mirror with lipstick and made it dirty. He asks what is I U means…Diya says I had written I thank you.

Ratan says didn’t you get any place to write and says I thought for once that you wrote I love you. He says we will tell Sajjan Singh that we want to break the marriage. Diya thinks she don’t want to break the marriage and want to stay with him. She thinks she never knew that it would be difficult to say I love you. Mohana talks to Sakshi. Sakshi asks her to call Jiji sa and not Bua Sa. Mohana asks her about Diya and Yash’s friendship and hopes to break Yash’s friendship with Diya and Ratan slowly. Yash and Diya meet in Kesar Mahal restaurant. Yash laughs on her hearing whatever happened. Diya scolds him for demotivating her. yash says you hurt me, I can give my life for your friendship and says I will go and talk to Ratan about my love. Diya says I will tell Yash by myself. Yash gives her good wishes. Diya thinks she can tell him at one go.

CT gives nek to Mohana for decorating Yash’s room and says happiness entered his life because of you and says she will get them married grandly. Mohana says her father wants destination wedding. CT agrees. Mohana hugs her and says she will keep yash happy. She asks her to give ideas. CT asks her to keep his tiffin ready and send him. Mohana thanks her. CT blesses her. Diya hears them and thinks she will send tiffin to Ratan and make him realize her love. She then thinks Yash goes to police station, but Ratan don’t go anywhere other than hotel. She thinks what to do.

Diya writes that she wants to cook food for him daily and keeps in the tiffin. Ratan opens the tiffin.

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  1. Geeti

    Boring. I don’t like this tract

  2. Where are the written updates for kya haal mr panchaal for the last two days?

  3. I started to dislike Yash for his misbehaviour against Mohana….if she becames a villian he is the one responsible for it

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