Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan And Diya Plan Yash’s Engagement

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya recalls Ratan’s words and tries to get her bag from cupboard. Ratan comes and asks w hat is she doing? Diya slips and falls in his hands. Ratan says you got heavier after marriage. They laughs. Nitya hears them and smiles. Ratan asks her to tell him if he needs help. Diya says there will be no next time. Ratan says you can stay here for some days. Diya says no and tells him that she will go with him to CT and tell his decision. She asks him to tell CT that he can’t stay with her as he gets hurt because of her. Ratan says I will not put blame on you and leaves.

Diya hears Ratan telling that he can’t handle responsibility of marriage. She comes out and hears him practicing. She says she will come with him, but Ratan says I will go by myself and tell her. He

comes to kitchen and says he came to make tea. CT says your wife will make it. Ratan says no, I will make it. CT asks Diya to make coffee for him and have morning tea/coffee everyday with you so that their love increases. Ratan says I want to tell something. CT says I need to take off bad sight from you else I will forget again. She asks them to stand silently and takes bad sight off from them. She asks Ratan to say fast and asks him to go. Diya’s hand gets burnt. CT gets concerned. Ratan thinks how to inform CT and writes a letter for CT. He keeps it in the holy book. Diya makes coffee and gives to Ratan. Ratan drinks it and says it is good, but you don’t want to make it tomorrow for me. He says I have kept letter in holy book. He sees her burn mark and says he w ill bring ointment. Diya says it is not needed.

Ratan searches Ram Singh and asks CT about ointment. CT says it happens when you are newly married and asks him to make Yash understand this. Yash comes there and says he came to share his life’s biggest thing. Sakshi tells Ratan that Yash searched a girl for him. Ratan gets happy. Diya gets happy when Yash tells her about Mohana. Diya asks who is the bride. CT says they will get engaged after 4 days. She asks them to make arrangements for engagement. Diya says we will do arrangements and realizes Ratan kept letter in bhagavat gita. She comes to room and sees Jhunki holding it. She says she is feeling weak. Jhunki says she will bring lemon water and leaves.. Diya comes to Ratan and asks him to apply ointment on her hand. CT gets happy. Diya tells ratan that they have to hide the truth till yash’s engagement. Ratan says we have to lie then.

Jhunki gives lemon water to Diya. Someone comes and says he brought fevicol and paint to change CT’s room décor. Diya gets an idea and makes Ratan dip his hand in gum like thing and signs him to act. CT asks him to behave delicate. She changes the letter and signs him. Later Ratan tells Diya that she has made their hands stuck. Diya says I will go after 4 days. Ratan says we will be happiest couple. Diya asks him not to do overacting and calls him Sadu.

Ratan says you are calling me Sadu. Diya says yes and says if you makes irritated face then who will think you are happy, and says everyone will catch our lie. Ratan says I will not get angry in any situation. Diya says I will test you and throws his tshirt. Ratan says I will not get angry angry. He says I will help you and throws the stuff. Diya also throws the cloth. They fall on each other. Yeh rishta plays.

Mohana shares her idea with Yash. Yash says he will ask them to wear similar clothes like them and says they are made for each other. Mohana says she heard so much about Ratan and Diya. He gets Diya’s call and she says she wants to meet Mohana. Mohana asks Yash if they are very dear to them. Yash says they are my best friends and can do anything for me and viceversa. Mohana teases him and asks him to go.

CT asks Ratan to go and buy gifts for Mohana. Sakshi says she will go with Mohak. CT says they will go and says Ratan and Diya will dance first. Ratan says we will dance Salsa dance form. Sakshi says Diya doesn’t know this. Ratan says I will teach her. He teaches her dance. Sakshi thinks how can I let her win. Sakshi drops her mobile and is about to pull the carpet. CT sees her doing it and is shocked.

Precap: CT asks Diya and Ratan why did they come late and tells that Mohana saw them fighting on road. Ratan says she has seen us fighting, but haven’t seen our love. Mohana says then why did you tell that you will be separated in 2-3 days.

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