Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Beats Abhay, Ratan Decides To End Marriage

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya beats the goon and hold his neck. He signs his men and holds her leg, while other goons hold her. They escape hearing police jeep sound. Yash tells Mohana that he can understand her pain as he has also gone through same pain and don’t want to talk about his mum. He says we both are searching for true love and asks her to think. Mohana stops him and says I agree for this alliance, but it needs elders’ approval.

Ratan comes to Police station and asks Diya if she is fine. Diya nods her head. Inspector asks if she is your wife. Ratan nods. Inspector says she called you many times, even I called, but you didn’t pick the call. He asks if you couldn’t support her then why did you marry her. Diya says his phone must be on silent and that’s why he didn’t see

her messages. Inspector says you are taking his side, but what if anything had happened to her. Diya senses someone’s presence. Ratan takes Diya from there. Abhay comes to Inspector and says good job.

Yash comes to Kesar Mahal with Mohana and says he has decided to marry her. CT asks have you decided? Yash says yes. Bhuvan says this girl don’t want to talk about her mum and says don’t know what she will do in future. Yash says I trust her. Sakshi says you are going against us. CT asks what you will do if we don’t approve. Mohana tries to leave his hand, but Yash says he didn’t hold his hand to leave her. He says I will marry her only. Mohana looks on touched.

Ratan and Diya come back to the hotel. Waiter gives his mobile and says it was in the bar. Diya changes her dress and goes to get her purse from reception. A customer comes there and tells that the camera is not his and asks him to tell his name. Receptionist says it is of Abhay Singh Rathode. Diya stops hearing the name and checks the camera. She finds Ratan and her pics. She comes out and hears Abhay talking to Arpita and telling her that he has collected so many pics to ruin Ratan and diya’s image. He says Ratan married Diya whom I have left on mandap, now he will leave her. Diya hears him and breaks the camera memory card. She picks a rod and beats Abhay. Abhay holds the rod and pushes her. Diya takes a glass bottle and warns to kill him. She warns him not to interfere in her married life else your family will know with whom they have messed with. She says she still knows how to fight and use gun. She says nobody can harm Ratan until she is with him and goes.

Ratan thinks of the recent happenings. Diya comes to talk to him. Ratan says I want to talk first and says I am feeling suffocated in this marriage. CT worriedly thinks about Arpita’s words. Ratan tells Diya that when she slept, he got angry, filled her forehead with vermillion forcibly and all the happenings without his wish. He says it is not mine. CT is worried about him. Ratan tells Diya that he has planned the date for her, but it seems outdated for him. He says if anything had happened to you then what I have said to Sajjan Singh. He says you are perfect and is very flexible, but I am not ready to fulfill all responsibilities of a marriage. Diya is shocked.

CT says Daata hokum is such that people shall trust him. Nitya says Ratan and Diya are happy and enjoying. Nobody can break his image. Ratan tells Diya that he will accept his mistake infront of Sajjan Singh and everyone. He says he will break the marriage right away and have booked the tickets. They return Kesar Mahal. Diya thinks about his words and her foot gets twisted. Ratan holds her and starts walking. Everyone claps for them and says it seems your honeymoon is still on. They laugh. Ratan clarifies and tells that he wants to talk to them. Nitya says you have return united. CT asks Ratan to take Diya to room carefully. Diya holds his hand and goes to room. CT tells Nitya that she will take evil eye from them. Nitya says it seems Ratan’s life got better. Bhuvan thinks to inform Ratan and Diya about Arpita. CT comes there and asks him not to tell them anything and trouble them. She says she wants to see them happy. Bhuvan thinks I want to see myself happy. Diya tries to get her night suit. Ratan helps her and gives her night suit. He thinks to talk to CT.

Ratan tells CT that he wants to tell her something. CT asks him to say. Diya looks on worried.

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