Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Gets Worried With Abhay’s Prank

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ratan waking up in night and sees food plate kept there. He eats it fast and finishes everything. He then feels relaxed. He is about to eat rasmalai and recalling his misbehavior. He comes to Sajjan Singh and says I know what you are thinking and says I said that I will not do any mistake, but it happens eventually. Sajjan Singh asks what do you want? Ratan says he got hungry and did the drama. Sajjan Singh says it was good that Diya’s sasural people was not there and tells that Diya didn’t have food and just touched it, and was intended to eat it after you eat it. Ratan asks him to eat the sweets. Sajjan says don’t know if I have to forgive you or not. Ratan asks him to forgive him. Diya comes there and scolds him. She tells him that everyone is hungry because

of his drama. Ratan says whenever something happens without his wish then he gets upset. Diya asks him to learn to say no. Ratan says this is the best lecture till date and says no means no. He tells that he will go and feed the family members. He gets Abhay’s call. Ratan asks do you want to talk to Diya? Abhay says no and says I came to the decision that I don’t want to marry Diya. He says Diya, whom I love was just 18 years and this Diya is 30 years old. He says Diya looks more of Kesar Mahal than me and asks him to handle her. Ratan gets shocked and thinks of Maan Singh’s words.

He comes to Abhay and asks how can you back out as tomorrow is the marriage date. Abhay says I can’t marry Diya, how to make you understand. He says I love someone else. He says I love someone else who is very stylish and made me mad. Arpita comes there and hears him. Abhay shows Katrina’s pic and laughs. He says it was a joke. Ratan asks how can you joke? Abhay asks if you have the only right to do prank etc. Ratan asks him to be careful and goes. Arpita asks Abhay, what was it? She says if he comes to know about our plan then…Abhay says he is just a child and will bend down his head infront of me always, being scared of me. He writes Diya with mehendi on table and wipes it. She says this name has troubled me lot and I was burning in revenge fire all these years. He says I was burnt in revenge fire, and this is a try to relieve myself. He says he will take Diya to the sky of happiness and then will make her fall.

Ratan shares about Abhay’s prank to Yash. Yash says Abhay can’t do anything. Diya sees bouquets in her room. Her mother tells Abhay loves you a lot and knows about your likes and dislikes. Diya hugs her.

Diya’s mum asks her to make her nani soon. CT says there is a reason behind girls’ marriage and asks her to bring this good news soon. She says when you come here next time, I wish you have little Abhay or Diya. Diya smiles. CT gives her Mang tika and asks her to become Abhay’s pride. Diya’s mother asks her to respect Abhay, understand him and love him, and forget the past 12 years, and also Ratan. Diya says how can I forget Ratan sa and says whoever I am is because of those 12 years.

Ratan talks to Tanvi about the prank of Abhay and says he has to prove that Diya is better than anyone else. He has to change her image, says Diya is a simple girl, no make up, but she is beautiful and have no charm like usual girls. Tanvi suggests makeover of Diya. Ratan likes the idea and says we will do her good makeover that he will not think to leave her. He says I have a better idea.

Diya sits for her mehendi. CT dances with the ladies. Isha is also happy. Diya asks Mehendi designer to make bride and groom’s mehendi design. Isha says you haven’t changed, you said this 12 years back also. The mehendi designer makes design. Diya enjoys the dance. CT sits after sometime and asks designer to write groom’s name first letter. Designer asks what is his name? Just then Sakshi comes and asks where is Ratan? CT says Ratan. Designer says ok. CT says I didn’t see him and says groom’s name is Abhay sa, but designer gets a call and don’t hear Abhay’s name. She writes R in hindi on Diya’s hand.

Ratan invites Abhay for party. Abhay asks if Diya knew about this party. Ratan says yes. He then informs Diya who refuses to attend the party.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh why they introduced abhay as a villan.so he will back out from marriage and ratan will marry Diya..hmmmm,Yash is a good choice for diya.but I think ratan will marry her bcoz of her father.its my guess.

    1. All u said is right or may be ratan merry her to save her from abhay’s evil plan

  2. who knows what s gonna happen??????????????if abhay of wedding then what about tanvi why tanvi????????????in between

    1. i don’t think so she have a major role she is just for some time(may be)

  3. thanks for the update MA

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