Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Gets Upset with “Fast” Ritual

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sajjan Singh tells Ratan that he and his wife will keep the fast. Ratan says he will only keep the fast. CT asks Ratan not to be stubborn. Diya says my parents will do this rasam. Ratan says I will do this rasam. Yash says it is not that easy. Ratan says I can be hungry for a day. He thinks how can I be dump and how can I live without food. He thinks Yash and CT haven’t inform him and thinks why did I agree in excitement and checks the clock.

Diya comes to Ratan and asks him to have juice and dry fruits. She is messaging Abhay. Ratan asks her to talk to Abhay and says I am going to hotel. He thinks she is so mean, didn’t ask again. Yash comes there and says where are you going? Ratan says hotel. Yash says you will feel weak. Ratan says my system will detox. Diya says it is

impossible to make him understand.

CT tells Servant that Ratan is a child and can’t be hungry. Sajjan Singh says when Diya came here, she was just 18 and have fulfilled all the responsibility. He says Ratan is 21 and he will be a child if we think this way. CT says girls are mature than boys, and tells that Ratan is innocent and have taken her to Abhay and pleads infront of him to marry Diya. Sajjan singh says I agree and says Ratan says mischievous too. Bhuvan asks CT to make something for him too and says everyone is praising Diya. CT says we are praising her as she is going to her sasural and asks him to tell if he is also going and laughs. Sajjan Singh jokes.

Ratan sees food and asks the Servants to take it. He sees the marriage planner Tanvi and says I think I will forget my hunger by talking to her. He says you are looking good and asks her to come with him on date. Tanvi asks him to think this as date and says she has to taste the dishes and then only will decide the final menu. She eats infront of him. Ratan feels much hungry. CT makes laddoos for Ratan and brings to his room. Tanvi asks him to taste. He refuses. Tanvi insists. Ratan says I swear that I don’t have this. Tanvi forces him. Ratan shouts saying he is not hungry. She asks if you will drink.

Ratan drinks and asks if there was alcohol in it. She says it is wine. He says wine and says he knows its taste. He gets drowsy. Diya says it is 2 pm and Ratan haven’t returned home. CT tells Diya that Isha made 56 bhogs for her. Diya says if this rasam have to be done today. Isha asks why? Diya says Ratan is fasting so..Isha says she has done all the arrangements. Diya says I will eat it later when Ratan eats it. Isha says ok. CT asks them to come.

Diya touches the food as per her promise. Bhuvan asks if you will not eat. CT says Diya and I will have food with Ratan later. They are about to eat the food. Ratan comes and sees 56 dishes and says one man is hungry and thirsty and you people are enjoying 56 bhogs here. This is so great. CT thinks if he is drunk. Ratan asks Diya to have food and says you need energy now. Ratan asks Bhuvan to have it and says you are not feeling shame to have rasmalai. He says that’s why I hate this, and says who is important in marriage, bride. He says bride is tortured and can’t be left alone even for a minute. He says then the person taken responsibility shall have food and you people just enjoy. He says old people have made these items for their entertainment. He says like reality shows. He says this experience is perfect for me, and I will never marry. He thinks don’t know what will happen in his own marriage and says I know you are giving me shock expressions, and says you are still in old era. He says I am hungry and is not eating because of this stupid rasam. He says I wanted to help and that’s why got the thread tied to my hand, but it was a mistake. He throws something and then says sorry.

Abhay tells Ratan that Diya is 30 years of age now and he can’t marry her. Ratan is shocked.

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  1. It’s funny but honestly I don’t think Ratan is the best option for Diya. Not only is he immature but honestly 21 year old shouldn’t be thinking of marriage! And worse…you want him to get married to Diya so she keeps taking care of him? Come on! She deserves happiness and needs an equal partner. Just my own opinion

  2. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! Cute, immature Ratan. How Ratan will handle evil Abhay! Actually why Abhay doing this to Diya! Poor Diya now deserve happiness! Where true love of Abhay vanished! I still thought Yash will be best life partner for Diya!

  3. vijayalakshmi

    yes I also think Yash will be best pair for Diya
    not ratan plz

  4. vijayalakshmi

    yaaa I also think Yash will be right pair to Diya
    plz show Yash and Diya pair
    not ratan and Diya pair

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