Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Decides To Confess Love To Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yash is about to have food with Mohana when Diya calls him and asks for help. Yash says I will come and leaves. Mohana thinks about Arpita’s words. Manager tells Ratan that his guests came. Men in the hotel see Ratan and smiles. A boy also smiles. Ratan asks where is your parents and says he wants to complain about his behavior. Boy says my parents taught me, but didn’t your parents taught you. Ratan asks what happened to my face. Yash comes and hugs him, takes tissue paper and wipes his face. He asks him to go and comes to Diya. Diya says there is nothing. Yash says I am your friend, you can share about your feeling. Diya shows I am in love board and tells Yash that she is in love and never thought that this. Yash says you couldn’t tell him and that’s why sent me. Diya says they

have much age difference and they both are so different. Yash says Diya and Ratan makes Dira.

Diya says she will confess love to Ratan. Ratan calls everyone and waits for Diya to come to share some good news
He swirls her and asks her to guess. Diya guesses that he got prestigious project. Ratan says right and tells CT that Diya understood his though. Ratan lifts Diya and swirls with her. Nitya tells CT that they are made for each other. Diya imagines Ratan kissing on her forehead. Title song plays.

Everyone claps for them. Ratan hugs Diya and says it is a good news. Nitya congratulates him. Ratan says I will work more hard and will take this legacy forward. Diya says I am sure that you can handle this project more than me. Yash says you had a good luck charm. CT tells Ratan that Sajjan is leaving and asks him to tell what he wants to say. Diya is shocked. Ratan says we shall talk to him. Diya gets teary eyes and excuses herself.

She comes to room and cries and thinks she don’t want him to break their marriage. Ratan calls her. They come to Sajjan Singh. Ratan asks about his health. Sajjan Singh says I get happiness seeing you both together and when you are with us, nothing will happen to me. He folds his hand and apologizes. Ratan says if I have done mistake and says he wants to talk to him. CT and Nitya hears them. Diya gets tensed. Ratan says we both will be coming to meet you at your house. Sajjan Singh says why not. Ratan asks him to take care and says your reports shall be normal. Nitya tells CT that Ratan haven’t told anything. CT says I am sure that their marriage will break. Diya and Ratan ask him to take care. They come out of room. Ratan tells Diya that he will tell Sajjan Singh after 2-3 days. Diya thinks she wants to spend many births with him.

Yash thinks Mohana is not picking his calls or replying to messages. Mohana comes there and asks if he can leave Ratan and Diya’s friendship. Yash refuses and shares that he shares special relation with them since childhood. Mohana says I was joking and will not come between you and your friends. She asks him to go and says she will make the changes in the room.

Diya thinks she has lost her heart and wants to change being in love. She thinks if I tell this to Ratan then he will laugh and say it will be fun.

Diya proposes love to Ratan and asks can we give a chance to our marriage. Ratan smiles.

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