Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhay And Arpita’s Evil Plan To Bring Ratan And Diya Together

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratan shows ring in his hand and says this is the ring which Diya wants you to wear. Everyone is shocked. Ratan sees everyone’s reaction and asks Arpita not to think him wrong, as ring was falling again and again, so he worn it. He says I couldn’t take it off. Diya says my engagement happened. Ratan sees rings in their hands and says wow, you did good. Arpita says if the mahurat was over then we wouldn’t have agreed. Isha says Abhay handled the situation and says we shall have food. Ratan says sorry to Diya. Abhay’s ring falls from his finger. Ratan tries to take the ring out, but it is stuck. CT tells Ratan that she asked him not to do all arrangements. She says we are insulted along with Diya and her parents. Ratan asks them not to give lecture and goes. CT tells Yash that Ratan

is not listening to them.

Diya thanks Abhay for saving her father’s respect in message. Ratan comes to her and tells that ring is not coming out from his finger. She asks where was you? Ratan is silent and says this stupid ring is stuck. Diya tells that it is not stupid, but her father’s dream. Ratan says you pass judgement on me and says it is ridiculous. Diya says you can’t see your mistake. Ratan says my finger has become red and asks why she is making issue. Diya says what I am asking you, and you are just giving justification. She tells that Arpita insulted her father, but then Abhay saved their moment. Ratan promises her that he will not do any mistake again and asks her to relax. She tries to go and sees her dupatta stuck under his feet. She gives angry look. Ratan holds his ears. Yeh rishta song plays….diya leaves. Ratan smiles.

He comes to Sajjan Singh and says sorry for hurting him. He says if you had a son then you would have bursted anger on him. He says I am also your son and you can scold me.. He shows the sweets and he brought it for him. He says I still remember that whenever Baba went to meet you, he used to take this sweets for you. Sajjan Singh says you still remember this and forgot about the ring. Ratan says yes, I forgot. Sajjan Singh laughs. Diya smiles. Sajjan Singh pats on his face and have the sweets. He asks him to have almonds to sharpen his memory. Ratan asks him to eat more. Diya comes and asks Sajjan Singh how much sweets he will eat. Sajjan makes Ratan eat it. Diya thanks Ratan for bringing smile on her father’s face.

Abhay looks at Diya’s pic in his laptop and tells that he will give her so much pain and will give her tears., Arpita says you have kept your head high till 12 years and says we will break your ego and intelligence. She asks her to get ready for big trauma and says you will not become my Bhabhi. Abhay says I will ruin you and blacken her face in the paint.

Ratan tells Diya that he wants world’s best happiness for her, but do all responsibilities wrong. Diya hugs him.

Pandit is doing aarti when Ratan comes and stands there. Pandit ji says this rasam shall be done by the person who took Diya’s marriage responsibility. Sajjan Singh’s wife is about to step infront, but Ratan says he will do this ritual. CT, Isha and others try to tell him, but he don’t listen to him. He asks Pandit to tie the thread. Pandit ji ties the thread. Diya laughs and says you have to keep fast for the day. Ratan asks why didn’t you tell me. CT says I tried to tell you, but haven’t listened to me. Ratan says I won’t let anyone do this rasam. Sajjan Singh says they will keep the fast for Diya and says you can’t have fast. Ratan takes it as challenge and says he will keep the fast.

Ratan comes to dining area and sees everyone about to have food. He says thank you so much, I am hungry since morning and you are having 56 bhogs.

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    Poor Diya! Really wants to kill Abhay! Ratan is really cute! But Yash and Diya is a perfect couple!

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