Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhay Plans Conspiracy To Separate Diya-Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhay gets happy seeing Ratan telling Diya that they have generation gap between them. He calls Arpita and tells her that he don’t need to do anything now. Arpita says Ratan will be ruined, we will ruin them infront of their family members and shares her plan.

Yash thinks about Mohana and imagines her. He sees her everywhere and thinks what is happening to me. Diya recalls Ratan’s words and thinks Ratan can’t be of my age, so I shall be of his age and understand him. She calls Ratan, but he throws the phone in the bar. Abhay is sitting beside him hiding his face. Waiter comes and throws drink on his clothes. Ratan goes to clean it. Abhay steals Ratan’s phone and gives money to waiter, and asks him not to let Ratan come out of bar. He hears diya’s voice message asking

him to come to disco at 8 pm. Abhay says Ratan will not come, but someone else. He calls Arpita and tells her some thing.

Arpita comes to kesar mahal. Bhuvan asks how dare you to come here. Arpita says welcome and says she came with lawyer who can help them in divorce. Bhuvan asks CT, do you need divorce from me at this age. Arpita says you will not get divorced, but diya and Ratan will get divorced very soon. She says Ratan married my brother’s left out girl and now he will divorce her, as fulfilling marriage relation is not a game. CT calls her shameless for supporting Abhay and playing cheap games. Arpita says everyone will tell this. CT says Ratan will fulfill his responsibilities and says he is matured enough and understanding. She says Ratan will never leave his wife. Arpita asks what if Ratan leaves her. CT says he has to leave his Daata Hukum post. Arpita says what a sanskar. She says if Ratan leaves Diya then Abhay will slap him infront of everyone. And when Abhay left her, she was unmarried, but now she will be divorce. CT asks her to stop her nonsense and asks darbaan to throw her out and not to allow her or her brother inside. Arpiya says I will return very soon.

Yash comes to Mohana’s dancing class and sees her teaching students. Mohana sees him. Yash appreciates here dancing abilities. Kids ask why did he bring chocolates. Mohana asks why did he come? Yash says I came to apologize on my family’s behalf. Mohana says I understand. Yash says I love you and wants to marry you. Mohana is surprised and says you don’t know about me. Yash says there is something which I know about you.

Diya reaches disco wearing western outfit and calls Ratan, but Waiter has his phone. He hires Goons to misbehave with Diya. Waiter calls Abhay and asks what to do with this phone. Abhay says I will tell you soon. Goons come and surround Diya. Diya looks on tensed. Abhay clicks her pics.

Nitya asks CT not to worry and says Ratan and Diya are on honeymoon and must be enjoying. She says nobody can spoil his image. Goon asks Diya to hug him. Diya twists his hand and holds him.

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