Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Surprises Ratan Wearing Modern Outfit

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratan decorates the hotel garden area for Diya. Diya comes there. Ratan looks at her through the balloons and asks if she liked it. Diya says if these arrangements are for me. Ratan says for Katrina kaif and says obviously for you. Yeh Rishta song plays. Ratan asks her to sit and cheers holding the drink. Diya looks tensed. Ratan says it is non alcoholic drink. He thinks to become best husband and tells poetry, but forgets. Diya says even she has surprise for him and gives bouquet. Ratan dislikes it. Diya says I knew you will not like it and that’s why I have bought this gift. Ratan happily opens the gift and sees instant coffee mug.

Ratan asks her to close her eyes. Waiter brings cake and keeps it there. Diya opens her eyes and gets glad. She says she will be right

back and goes to room. She thinks to western dress for Ratan as he is also going out of way to please her. She wears dress and comes out. Ratan thinks some girl is coming and hides. He gets surprised to see Diya in modern outfit and compliments her. He asks her for dance and they dance on the song karam khudaya….

Ratan and Diya takes the drink and says cheers, but drinks falls on Ratan. Ratan goes to change his dress. His friends meet him and shows the decoration and Diya and his pic, and says guy’s face is not clear. They say that the couple is old fashioned and asks Ratan if he came here for honeymoon. Ratan says he is still bachelor. Miss Taneja comes to Diya and says hotel management have done good decoration. Diya says my husband have done this for me and says she is feeling very happy and proud. Ratan comes there. Mrs. Taneja’s smiles vanishes seeing him. Ratan’s female friend come there and greets him with a hug. She asks if Diya is his elder sister. Mrs. Taneja tells her that Diya is his wife. Girl asks if they got married in childhood and asks Ratan why did he marry at 21 years of age. Ratan excuses himself with Diya.

Diya calls Isha and tells her about the girl. Isha asks if it was embarrassing. Diya says no and tells that Ratan told her about that girl before. Ratan thinks how to tell Diya that he don’t like when somebody calls him married. He sees Diya trying to remove her jewellery and helps her. Diya says she has planned to stay with him in the hotel and go to disco in night. Ratan thinks if I stay with her in the hotel then those guys can see and make fun of me.

Muana or Mohana calls Yash and thanks him for bailing her out and says but it was not needed. CT comes and asks Yash to see girl’s pic and says she is coming tomorrow. He feels bad about his parents. CT asks him not to feel bad and tells that you are a diamond and will keep your wife happy. Bhuvan comes and takes the pic. Yash says I will see that girl directly.

Ratan tells Diya that he has headache. Diya goes to get medicine. Ratan dives in the swimming pool and stops his breath as per the challenge. They wonder if he is dead. Diya comes there.

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  1. RSR

    Diya looked so gorgeous. Out of all the thing, her appearance made this episode very special. I just love the way she carry out every outfit be that western or eastern. And Ratan is doing a great job as to poke my nerve. By the way every actor are doing great job. And I love the show. Waiting…

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