Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Fills Vermillion On Diya’s Forehead

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhay tells Arpita that Ratan has married that boy and is enjoying honeymoon with him. He says they can never be happy. Ratan thinks he came for honeymoon, but can’t hang out and enjoy. He thinks Diya got drunk and slept after drinking vodka. He asks himself to calm down and thinks he has to do something to become best husband. Diya wakes up in the morning and thinks where is Ratan. We were about to go to Disco and thinks Ratan might be upset.

Yash comes to Muana in the lock up and asks how is she? She says she made basket, but mosquitoes troubled him. He looks at her. She says she will not call her mother. Yash asks Constables to get her bail papers ready and says he will bail her out.

Ratan comes back to Diya. Diya apologizes to him. He says I went to bring vada

pav for you. They eat it. Diya asks if you are not angry with me for spoiling your plan. Ratan says to be honest, I was upset, but later realizes you were tired. He says hotel manager sent alcohol for her. She sees something on his face and wipes it off, yeh rishta plays…

CT and Nitya search alliance for Yash. They see Muana’s profile and likes her. Yash comes there. CT asks him to look at the girl. Yash says he has work now. CT makes him sit. Yash looks at laptop, but switches off due to low battery. He says even laptop don’t want him to see the girl. He asks them to let Ratan and Diya come back.

Diya comes out after bath. Ratan thinks he is getting bored. He sees Diya picking sindoor bottle and reminisces Diya telling him that she wants her husband to fill her forehead with sindoor every morning. He comes to her, takes sindoor in his hand and applies on her forehead. Yeh rishta song plays…..Diya looks at him surprised and emotional. He thinks he is doing her make up for getting best husband certificate. She tells her that they will go out today. Ratan thinks he has to sacrifice to become best husband. He comes to Diya and says lets go. Diya asks him to go and play beach games and says CT asks her to do ritual in temple. She says she had seen him looking at the brochures. She says you are free to do anything, don’t need to kill your wishes. Ratan thinks even Diya is thinking about his happiness, and to make the marriage work. He comes to beach and plays with the youngsters of his age. A girl tries to flirt with him. They see a couple coming there. One of the man laugh at them. Girl asks Ratan for dinner. Just then he gets diya’s call and thinks she has super powers. Diya asks him to do dinner, as she will get late due to traffic. He gets a pic sent by the girl and looks on.

Ratan plans dinner with the girl. May be Diya comes there.

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