Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya And Abhay To Get Engaged

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya tells Yash that Arpita told her that Abhay waited for her eagerly since 12 years and says she wants to do something for him. She sees the roti burnt and says how I will take care of him. Yash tells that you will be a good wife. He says I will eat the roti, takes a bite and says it is good. Diya asks him to stop him and says if she will be able to do her duty. Sajjan Singh comes there and says whatever you do, you will succeed. He asks her to look at him and says is he looking like Abhay’s sasur. Diya gets emotional.

Ratan comes there and shows the rings and asks her to select, says it will suit on Abhay. Sajjan Singh hides his ring. Diya says my baba sa have chosen the ring and I will make Abhay wear it. Sajjan asks Diya to choose from the rings which Ratan bought. Ratan

says it is old fashioned ring and asks her to select. CT stops Ratan and says Diya will chose the ring brought by her father. Ratan asks are you sure? Diya nods. Yash says he will get it polished. Ratan says he will do. He collides with the wedding planner. She falls in his arms. Ratan asks do you give intro this way. She says no and introduces herself as wedding planner. Ratan introduces himself. Diya and Yash looks at them. Ratan asks her to meet him tomorrow. Tanvi says she will decide.

Sakshi comes there and teases Ratan. She says I will get you married if you agree. Ratan says he is still young. Diya asks if he plans to marry and call her. Ratan says he will marry when she becomes mother of 2-3 kids and have wrinkles on his face. Diya tells yash that Ratan is afraid of commitment. She starts dancing on the song yeh gore gore se chore. Ratan flirts with Tanvi while Diya is dancing. Diya takes him to dance and dances with him. She sits on Ratan’s shoulder at the end. Ratan gets infatuated with Tanvi and is going towards her. Yash reminds him to get the ring polished. Ratan says he is going and tells that lace opened up. Suddenly ring falls off from his pocket. Diya gets it and looks angrily. Ratan asks ring is with you.

Ratan asks her not to look with killer looks and says I saw when it fell. Diya says it is precious to me. Ratan asks her to make him wear so that he don’t lose. Diya asks do you want to get engaged with me. Ratan says Abhay is there to get engaged to you and goes. Yash and Diya laughs.

Ratan calls Diya in Abhay’s voice and asks her to tell about her wish. She says your voice. He recalls saving his name as Abhay. He asks her to tell her something. Diya says she wants to sit and listen to him, talk and wants to love him and get his love. She says I don’t want anything than love. Ratan laughs and says you are so boring. Diya says you have saved your name as Abhay Sa. Ratan says he thought to enjoy romantic talks, and asks about honeymoon plans. He says this vintage is good for Abhay. Diya says I would have been mad if married you and asks if the ring is polished. She says mahurat is for 4 pm. Ratan says he will bring. Diya changes her phone password.
Ratan comes to the travel agent and asks him to brief him about adventure trip. He says he has many plans. Abhay comes to Kesar mahal with Arpita. He is welcomed grandly. Bhuvan and CT welcomes him. CT says Ratan has done all this arrangements and does his aarti and tilak. Bhuvan says I want to say something and asks everyone to dance. They all dance. Diya looks at Abhay and hopes Ratan brings the ring fast.

Ratan is seeing the adventure destination clip and says wow. Sajjan asks where is Ratan? Arpita tells that they will not bear the humiliation. Diya is tensed.

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