Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Returns To Her Parents’ House After 12 Years

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratan thinks he can’t marry Diya and do a big commitment. Isha asks Diya why she has not accepted offers from many big city hotels. Diya says she has worked enough and says now she wants to spend her life with family. Isha says we are going to Kishan pur, but what do you think what will happen. A fb is shown, Diya’s father tries to stop her and says Abhay is waiting for you and asks why did she give the promise to Maan singh. Diya says Baab ji Sa gave me a new life and I am burdened by his favors. Her father tells that he is thankful to Maan Singh for saving her in childhood and says if you are my daughter and respect me then don’t go. Diya says she has given a word, a promise to Maan singh when he was near death and tells that she is a shatrani and knows to keep promise. Her father

says if you leave the house then I will not wear the turban in my life again. He says now it is in your respect what to save, your father’s respect or the promise which you have made. Diya picks her bags and leave. Isha and her mum get shocked. She walks out of house. Fb ends.

Diya says I didn’t stop then as I have to fulfill the promise made to Baab ji Sa. She says now she has to fulfill her beti dharm and will accept the punishment given by her father and says he will forgive her. Isha kisses on her hand and nods. Isha asks where is your odhni. Diya recalls leaving her odhni in kesar mahal and says I am focused on the future. Ratan tells Yash and CT that he is just 21 and Diya is 30. He can’t think of marrying Diya or anyone else. He says Diya deserves to be happy, but I can’t marry her. I have respect relation with her. Yash asks him to calm down and says Diya loves Abhay and not you. Ratan says Diya shall marry him and hopes Abhay still wishes to marry her. He tells CT and Yash that they shall talk to Abhay and give proposal. Yash says Diya had insulted him, may be he got married to someone. Ratan asks CT to enquire.

Diya comes to her house and reminisces childhood. Someone comes there and says you are Bai Sa hukum. Servant introduces her and says you taught me. She asks her to sit and says your parents went somewhere. CT calls someone. Ratan says Diya is so pretty, beautiful etc, she will get anyone. He says if she don’t love anyone then she will not marry him. He says she will not marry me also. CT tells Ratan that Abhay haven’t married anyone. Ratan is excited and asks CT to come and says they will talk to Abhay. CT says her parents shall talk about her alliance, we shall not talk, but Ratan takes Yash with him. Isha sees their parents coming and calls Baba sa. Diya turns and looks at him. Diya and Isha go to them. Her father says 12 years have passed and goes inside asking his wife to ask Diya to come inside and talk to him. Diya goes inside. He says he lets her come inside as he don’t want to drama infront of people. He says now you have become Diya Bai Sa Hukum and asks her to go. Diya says I know I have hurt you, I went to fulfill the promise and returned to do daughter’s duty, asks him to forgive her. She promises to do as he says. He turns to her.

Sajjan Singh tells Diya when he stepped out of house, people used to ask him if his daughter got married or not. Ratan asks Abhay to marry Diya. Abhay breaks the glass and asks him if he can repair it, and asks him to return his 12 years. Ratan is shocked.

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  1. Sacchai on the way Ratan .. To be parcelled soon to you !!
    Dareness thi naa badi now you will getta know Diya’s value !! Go teja go marry abhay , Ratan ko meri taraf se chaata jarti hui jaana????

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