Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya And Ratan Decide To Make Marriage Work

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sajjan Singh tells Diya that Ratan was pressurized to marry and has proved that he can take big decisions. He says Ratan is just 21 and childish, and says he will take time to accept this marriage, even he has some dreams. Yash tells Ratan that Diya gave her 12 years for him and have never thought about her wishes. Sajjan asks you have never back off in those 12 years, overcome all the troubles and moved on. Yash asks him to think marriage as adventure and win. Sajjan Singh asks her to try to make the marriage work. Yash asks him to him. Sajjan Singh asks Diya to become Ratan’s respect, strength etc.

CT and Nitya are worried. CT says we will do all possible things to make this marriage work. Nitya says she don’t want same thing happened with Diya and Ratan which happened with

her. CT says we won’t let their marriage break and hugs her.

Diya and Ratan are about to collide as they walk towards each other. Ratan says actually. Their heads collide. They smile. Ratan says we are married now. Diya says we shall make it work. Ratan promises to make the marriage work and not to fight with her. Diya says she will also make the marriage work and will do adjustment. They promise each other. Ratan says I will prove that I am best husband material. Diya says we both will make it work. Suddenly bulb blasts near them. Diya shouts. Ratan covers themselves with curtain. They look at each other. Title song plays. They smile.

Ratan calls CT, Nitya and Yash and says they left in night to go to Goa. Diya says we will give a chance to our marriage. Nitya says it is really good and asks them to send pics. Yash jokes. They sit in car and leave. Ratan drives the car and thanks her for agreeing to come on road trip with him. Diya says we shall not say sorry or thank you. Ratan stops car and gets out from there angrily. Diya comes out and asks what happened? Ratan says what was our deal, no sorry no thankyou. He asks her why she calls him Daata hukum, as his name is Ratan. He says whenever you calls me Daata hukum, I feel like 50 years ago. He says if you don’t call me Ratan then I will call you Diy thakranisa. Diya says I will call you Ratan. She calls him Ratan. Ratan plays loud music. Diya says she don’t want loud music and her head is paining. Diya recalls Sajjan’s words and increases the volume. Ratan recalls Diya’s wishes and decreases volume.

CT comes to Yash and asks him to go to party. Yash says what he will do going there alone. CT asks him to get married soon. Yash says he don’t want to marry. Nitya comes and shows Ratan and Diya’s pic. Yash agrees to get married. CT tells Nitya that they need to search good girl for Yash. Nitya hopes Ratan and Diya will love each other.

Diya is driving the car. Ratan says we shall take the roll or wrap etc. Diya says we shall have a proper food and is about to stop the car, when Ratan stops her and thinks he shall adjust. He says we will have food. Diya says you are right, we will take roll or wrap. They smile.

Precap: Manager asks Waiter to add vodka in the drink and says they will enjoy. Diya drinks it and gets drunk. She asks Ratan to dance with her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. thanks for the update MA

  2. ratan accepted his marital status and diya ready to do adjustments for his sake ..perfect episode.superb precap romance in the air diya drunk

    cant wait for 2 days to watch next episode diya expression is priceless when she said R A T A N when ratan asked her not to cal him daata hukum hahah

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    1. Hahaha me too!!!

  6. RSR

    Hfff!!! I couldn’t watch this episode. But whatever, thanks for this update. I was waiting for the update like hell. Its really good. Waiting for more fun. Go on RLHN…

  7. Oh my gawd ? ? that’s my favourite episode of RLHN till now how cute they were together as a couple they make me feel aww by their hiding blush nd cute eyelocks???

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