Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Gets Maan Singh’s Letter

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Ratan tells CT that he has seen her and regarded as his mum always. He says you have always given me love, though it was love, and says how can I punish my mum. He says God can’t be available always and that’s why he made mum. He says I wants to forgive you. He says Baba sa was over protective about me and have done injustice with you, and apologizes to her on his father’s behalf. He asks if she will forget everything and become her Maasa. CT says do I deserve this and asks how can I show my face to everyone. Ratan says you were against me and not against them. He promises her that he will not tell anyone about the happenings here. Diya comes and asks Ratan, if everything is fine. Ratan says he was doing private talks with his mum and asks her to leave them alone for sometime. He

hugs CT. CT also hugs him. They come home. CT gives aarti to Ratan and Yash. Bhuvan feels ashamed of Raghu’s doings and thinks he got what he deserves, and wipes his tears. Ratan says they will make a new beginning in Kesar mahal from today. He says we will forget everything and make a new start. He says long live happiness. Sakshi, Isha and others are upset. Ratan folds his hands and says Daata Hukum is a big title and asks them to help him in handling the title. They nod. Ratan says hip hip hurray. Bhuvan says will you make us cry and laughs.

Diya handover the files to Ayush and asks him to always guide Ratan like he guided her. Ayush asks her to rest for some days and go. She says she has to go and asks him to make his relation better with Isha. She sees light off and asks Ayush to check. Ratan showers flower petals on her and brings the cake for beautiful Mr. India. Diya thanks them for the surprise and also apologizes for troubling them all these years. CT says we shall celebrate. Ratan says happy independence day, you all are freed from Diya’s rule. Bhuvan says it is a joke. Diya smiles. She cuts the cake. She sees Yash sad and makes him eat cake. Yash says best of luck.

Ratan comes to them and makes Diya have cake. He says he made the cake under his supervision. He says he will be free now, will go on an outing, photography, trekking, and will have new girl friends. He says best part is that he don’t need her permission. Diya asks why is he doing drama and says you would have told that you will miss me. Ratan hugs her and says I will miss you. Yeh rishta likhenge plays….Ratan asks her to think kesar mahal as her home and come. Isha asks where you wants to go. Diya says she wants to go to her parents’ house and asks Ayush to send Isha with her. Ayush asks Isha to go. Diya asks Isha to go and do packing. She tells Ratan that even she has a surprise for him and takes him.

CT makes ghee pedhe. Bhuvan eats it and thanks her. CT says it is for Diya. Bhuvan says now trouble is gone. He says they will rule in the house. CT tells him that they are blessed to have Ratan and asks him to understand this. Bhuvan says it seems you are unwell.

Diya gives the box to Ratan saying bab ji saa gave it for him, and she didn’t know what is in it. Ratan takes it and talks to his father’s pic saying he missed him always. Diya says I will leave now. Ratan tries to open the box. Diya’s dupatta gets stuck in the box and she stops. Ratan reminisces his childhood. Diya sees him lost in memories and removes her dupatta there itself. She thinks she shall leave Ratan with his father’s memories. Ratan gets emotional seeing his father’s watch and wears it. He says he wanted to wear it always. He opens the letter and starts reading it. His father tells that if you are reading the letter then it means Diya has fulfilled her duty and had broken her engagement. He says Diya has gone against everyone and took his responsibility, and now she must be 18 and you can’t think how she has spent 12 years. He asks him to get Diya married to a nice guy. He asks Ratan to marry her if nobody marries Diya. Ratan gets surprised to read that his father wants him to marry Diya if she is left unmarried. He asked him to give promise to him and then only his soul will be at peace. Ratan is shocked.

Ratan tells Yash and CT whatever he read in the letter and says he is just 21 and Diya is 30, he can’t marry her or anybody else at this time.

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  1. Where is 15th January 2018 written update of aap ke aa jaane se?

    1. Rajdip contact TU for the updates.

  2. Episode was awesome.I became nostalgic.Diya reminded me so much of ragu today.
    Excited for wedding track

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    Nice Episode!

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