Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: CT Scolds Ratan For Changing Diya’s Cake

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya thinks the cake made by her was round, but it is Triangle. CT says guests are waiting. Diya makes Ratan have it. Ratan says it is world’s best Tiramasu. He asks CT and others to eat it and asks Servants to serve everyone. CT stops Servants from serving Bhuvan and Mohak and asks Jhunki to serve them khichdi. Royal guests like the cake and says Diya made it tasty. Yash asks Ratan to come to side and says we need to talk to you. He says he is going to Singapore for work and asks Ratan to accompany him, and says Diya is going for pagphera. Ratan says I will come and says I will go on a shopping. Ratan says superb plan, even I need a holiday and says I will finish this rasam and go on shopping. Nitya congratulates Diya for her first rasam. She says she needs a favour and tells that

her Doctor is in Singapore and asks if you will come with us, and says everything will think you are on pagphera. Diya says she will come. Later she comes to kitchen and looks for her cake. She thinks don’t know who has changed it and why? She thinks Ratan must have changed it and asks Yash if he saw Ratan. Yash says he went out in sometime.

Bhuvan and Mohak are in restaurant and have food. They hear chef talking that he made Tiramisu for Diya. Bhuvan hears him. He comes to kitchen and gets cake box from bin and licks it.

Diya thinks she will talk to Ratan. She checks under the bed and gets cake. She calls Chef and asks him if Ratan got cake baked. He says yes and hesitates to say further. Jhunki comes and says everyone is calling you. She comes out. Bhuvan throws the box on her feet and says Diya got cake made by Chef and says he will call Chef. CT asks him not to call Chef and asks Diya if she ordered it. Diya says it was not her Tiramisu. Sakshi blames her for ordering it from hotel rather than making it. Diya is about to tell, but stops thinking about Ratan’s respect. CT says you have done your duty well, but today you have made us disappointed. Diya looks upset.

Jhunki tells Servant that Diya gave her cake and asks her to throw, and says it is good. CT sees Tiramisu and asks from where it came. Jhunki says she doesn’t know and says Diya gave her cake and asks her to throw it. CT looks on. Yash asks Diya why did she order it and not baked it herself. CT comes there and says why did you do this, and says the cake which baked was good. Yash tastes it and says it is tasty. CT asks when you have baked it nicely then why did you order it. Diya says she didn’t order it. CT asks why you haven’t told us. Diya reminds her of her teachings, and tells that she will talk to Ratan. CT brings cake to Ratan after he comes back from shopping. She asks him to eat cake. Ratan asks did you keep morning Tiramisu for me even now. He tastes it and says it is more good than morning cake. He says you must have made it and says he will kiss her hand. CT says she didn’t make it and asks him to kiss Diya’s hand as she made it.

Ratan says Diya…CT says she made cake all night and worked hard and you got her cake changed. She says everyone scolded her for ordering cake from hotel. Ratan says she made bad khichdi, who knows she will make tasty Tiramisu out of nowhere. Once CT leaves, Ratan asks Diya why did she complain to CT about him. Diya says you are impossible, I didn’t tell her anything. Ratan asks if she got dream. Nitya and Yash hear them about to fight. They think to divert their attention. Yash calls Ratan and asks him to get ready for Singapore. Nitya also says the same thing to Diya. They both turn and collide with each other. Diya falls on Ratan. Balam ji plays….

Diya and Ratan pack their bags and go to airport separately. They are about to see each other.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Arghh!!!ratan?????????!!??????????

    Bt loved diya….she ws lookng too pretty??? …N d way she didn’t revealed ratan’s name…aww!!Mera baccha!!! Uff!!hope dis ratan gets some brain!!! Waitng for tomorrow’s episode…?

  2. Ooshi

    thanks for the update MA

  3. Shrilatha

    I liked that CT didn’t cover for ratan instead scolded him…stupid ratan….hate u aww meri diya ..bacha u r so strong…

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