Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Makes Tiramisu Cake, But Ratan Gets It Replaced

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya checks for Tiramisu recipe and gets it online. She thinks she shall make something else, then thinks it is Ratan’s favorite, she shall make it only, have to make cake and icing on it. She thinks she will prove that she is not behenji and will make cake. Ratan hugs chef and says you are God to me, God can’t come here and that’s why sent you. Diya takes a small nap in kitchen and the cake gets burnt. She checks the time, 3 am and thinks she will not accept defeat, and will make cake. Ratan asks Chef to replace Diya’s dish with his dish. Chef says he is working for her and can’t betray her. Ratan says he is asking for his help as he is sure diya can’t make nice dish and he wants to help her. Chef agrees.

Diya checks the recipe again and thinks she shall add ¼ cup

of milk. She thinks she shall hurry up and make cake before everyone wakes up. She manages to make the cake and keeps the toping too. Ratan thinks loser Diya, I have saved her from getting insulted. Diya gets happy and thinks she will make Tiramisu cake to Ratan tomorrow. She keeps it in fridge. Ratan wears headphones to hear music and walking. Diya comes out and collides with him. She falls on him. Balam ji plays….Ratan asks her to get up and asks what you are doing. Diya says she was in kitchen to drink water. Ratan says he came to get something from kitchen. He asks what she is making tomorrow. Diya says it is surprise for you. Ratan thinks she is relaxed and I am sweating here. Ratan looks at her as she goes.

In the morning, Diya prays to God to help her. Ratan id hiding under the bed and hopes she tells what she is going to make. Diya hears something falling down and thinks rat might have entered my room. She looks for rat. Yash comes and says I have brought something for you. She shows apron of best chef and says I know whatever you make will be best. Ratan thinks she is very talented and can spoil even ready made food. CT asks what you are making for today. Diya says she is making Tiramisu cake and says it is his favorite. Ratan is surprised and thinks she will make it worst dish. CT asks are you sure? Diya says yes. They walk out. Ratan thinks to call chef and inform him.

CT asks Diya if she checked the ingredients in the kitchen. Bhuvan sees them coming and says he has pain in his stomach. He asks CT to get khichdi made for him. Mohak says even he is unwell and can’t have food made by Diya. Diya leaves. Bhuvan tells Mohak that he has saved him from torture. Diya goes to kitchen. Ratan calls her and thinks why she is not picking the calls. Diya picks the call. Ratan says I can help you. Diya thanks him. Ratan thinks her ego is big and she will not take his help. He says he can’t take risk and have food made by her or will not let others have it. He calls Chef and asks him to make Tiramisu cake.

Nitya and CT see Diya in kitchen and think she is working hard in kitchen. CT says we have to make them ready to go to Singapore. Diya looks at her cake and gets happy. Everyone sit to taste first rasoi of Diya. CT asks Ratan to give her gift after tasting the sweets. Sakshi teases Diya and gives best wishes to Ratan. Ratan says he is sure that Diya’s sweets will be tasty. Diya thinks she won’t break Ratan’s trust. Chef brings Cake. Diya checks it and thinks this is not my Tiramisu.

Bhuvan tells everyone that Diya made Tiramisu made by chef. CT says you made me upset today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Felt like the whole episode was in kitchen. Slow, slow, super slow. Diya fall on Ratan and he says uthiye/ hatiye ihase + precap = disappointing.

  2. Seriously hurt with ratan’s attitude.But I enjoyed diya in the whole episode.she was so cute when the cake was burnt and then it was successful her dance.She is my doll.So cute..Loved today’s whole episode as it was funny and cute.

  3. thanks for the update MA

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