Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: CT Apologizes To Ratan, Raghu Gets Killed

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yash comes to Diya and says he thought to ask her about her health, but she is working here. Diya asks what he is doing here and says you have to be in Police station. Yash says he can’t show his face to his colleagues as his parents are guilty. Diya says you are known for fulfilling your responsibility and asks him not to bother by anyone’s words. He says he is gathering courage. Diya asks him to come and have icecream with her. They go downstairs. Ratan comes home and takes the gun, thinks he can’t tell Diya. Yash and Diya sit to have icecream. Inspector comes there and tells him that his father kept CT on gun point and escaped from the Police station. Yash is shocked. Diya is also shocked.

Ratan comes to the place where Raghu called him and calls kaki maasa. He asks Raghu

not to harm her. Raghu says it is good that you came fast else she would have been shot. He asks him to sign on property papers. Ratan asks how can you aim gun at your mother. Raghu says money is big than anything else and asks him to sign. Ratan agrees to sign. CT asks him not to sign. Ratan gets the gun from Raghu and asks CT to go. CT aims gun at Ratan and says she knew he will come and that’s why she had changed the bullets in Diya’s gun. She says Raghu is her own son and blood. Diya wonders if Ratan went there and calls him. CT and Raghu ties Ratan. Raghu switches off his mobile. Diya asks Yash to search the location. Ratan asks CT if the love and affection was all fake. Raghu slaps him and asks him to sign. Ratan reads the papers and says I will sign, but you will not get anything as your son has named the papers on himself. CT gets shocked. Ratan asks her to read the papers.

Raghu tells her that he stayed separately from his family, Priya is in jail and Yash hates him, and asks what did she lose? CT is shocked and slaps him. Raghu says your game is over and is about to shoot her. Ratan gets up breaking the chair. He fights with Raghu. Raghu tries to ties rope around Ratan’s neck, but Ratan fights with him. He comes to CT and asks her to go. CT is in shock. Raghu hits Ratan with iron rod and aims gun at him. CT says you have to go though my body to reach him. Raghu shoots. Ratan moves CT and comes infront. Diya and Yash comes there. Raghu sees Inspector hitting him and faints. Yash sees Raghu dead and cries. CT also cries. Diya asks Yash to come and takes him with her.

CT thinks my sins pot is full now, I shall confess my crimes. She tells Inspector that she has to tell him something. Ratan stops her and takes her with him. CT tells Ratan that you shall get me punished for conspiring against you, and says you thought me more than your mother. She says whatever happened on engagement day was done by me, I proved diya as a traitor. She says you have asked me that if my love was fake. She says when you was born, I loved you very much. She tells that when she made the kheer for him, a cat had eaten it and died. She says Padma accused me that I tried to kill you. She says she was hurt when Padma accused her. She says then Maan singh and padma died in an accident planned by Raghu and Priya, which she doesn’t know. She says when she thought to take care of him forgetting the bitterness. Diya came as his pehredar which made her much angry and she thought to do everything possible to get the wealth. She apologizes for her wrong doings.

Ratan gives a box to Ratan and says it is given by Maan Singh for him. Ratan reads the letter in which Maan Singh asked him to marry Diya, if she remains unmarried.

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