Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Thinks How To Help Diya In First Rasoi

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Isha brings Diya’s gown and says it is ready, Ratan would have waited for 30 mins. Diya calls herself detective and blames herself for their unmatched Jodi. Isha asks her not to feel bad. Yash looks on. CT looks for Ratan’s kundali. Nitya says Ratan did a mistake today. Yash says both are suffering even though they don’t want to hurt anyone. CT says I will close the door, we will get some solution. Bhuvan tries to hear them. Yash says if they talk then their problems will be solved and says right now they are egoistic. Nitya tells them that they shall send them for honeymoon. Yash says they have to make them agree and share his plan. CT and Nitya say we shall send him somehow. Bhuvan tries to hear them standing on Mohak’s back and he falls down. Yash and Others understand Bhuvan

standing. CT opens the door a bit and says Diya will make sweets in her first rasoi. Bhuvan thinks of a plan and laughs.

CT asks Diya to make sweets for everyone and shows the marriage knots on the cloth. She says I know that you haven’t seen kitchen since 12 years and says wife shall know how to cook food for your husband and family. She hopes she will remember her words and don’t do any mistake. Diya signs yes. Bhuvan comes there and says tomorrow they will celebrate and says he has invited 2-3 royal families and says their prestige is in her hands now. Mohak informs Ratan about Diya to make sweets in kitchen ritual. Ratan is shocked and tells that Diya can’t make sweets, her khichdi was a disaster. If she has to make food only for me, then I would have eaten, but what to do as royal families are invited. He says she is my wife, what to do. Diya thinks she couldn’t make khichdi and roti, and thinks what to do. Ratan thinks how to cancel the first rasoi.

Diya searches for the kitchen book gifted by Yash and messes up her stuff. Ratan comes there and sees her stuff on floor. He steps on her face wash and it falls in his eyes. Diya asks him to get up and takes him to washroom. She says she will clean his face. Ratan says why you are touching me and says I will clean it. Soap falls down. Ratan steps on it and falls down again. He says it seems you won’t let me be fine. Diya also falls and asks him to give his hand. Ratan tries to get up holding tap,it comes out and speedy water falls on them.

Sakshi teases Diya. CT asks her not to make issue and asks Diya to go to guest room with Ratan. Ratan says he is going to hotel for peace. He asks Diya not to ruin their respect infront of royal families and holds his hand. CT asks Sakshi to help Ratan. She then asks Diya to be careful and says it seems you will write book on mistakes. She asks him to be careful and says sweets will be eaten by royal families too.

Later CT asks Ratan if he wants some specific sweet dish. Ratan says he wanted Tiramisu. He says Diya can’t make it, she might feel hard to make gulab jamun. Diya hears him and decides to make Italian Tiramisu.

Diya comes to her room and sees cooking book drenched in water and spoiled. Ratan dreams that Diya made Gulab Jamun and serves to royal guests. He shouts with pain eating it and keeps hand on his mouth. He gets up and thinks Diya is scaring him even in sleep. He thinks he has to stop the disaster, and thinks she must be sleeping. Diya is cooking in the kitchen and making cake.

Ratan talks to chef and asks him to replace Diya’s dish with his dish.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episod . but i like diya yash more than diya ratan but sny ways diya nd ratan are as lso good.waiting for next episod….?????

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Poor Diya, her confidence has been shot with this marriage. It seems everyone is working against her with the exception of Yash and Esha…Ratan has become very unhelpful to Diya, and he was the one who offered to marry Diya although his Dad asked him to…Haven’t seen the episode as yet, but hoping that it will be as good as the update. Thanks Ma for your unending work!

  3. i like diya ratan pair than yash diya comig episodes it seems ratan would help diya when sakshi plots against diya and both of them would go to honeymoon

  4. thanks MA for the update

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